April 28, 2020

Best Mattress for Athletes

For anyone who lives an active lifestyle, sleep is not just about rest. It is also about down time to allow your body to repair so you can get up the next day stronger and ready to take on the next challenge. From training to competing, it is vital that you get the recovery you need so you can perform at your best. Which is why our Best Mattress for Athletes list gives you several great options for your new bed.

best mattress for athletes

When it comes to finding a great mattress for athletes what’s different? You still need a solid, well supported sleep surface. Along with layers of ideal comfort to create the best feeling bed for your body. However, with mattresses intended for athletes there are a few additional details that brands focusing on adding to help active bodies rest better while they sleep.

We have taken into consideration every mattress that is specifically made for athletes, or active individuals. We have compared the materials of the mattresses, their comfort level as well as their performance. Not only do each of these beds work great for athletes, but also for anyone looking for a supportive and comfortable mattress with some added benefits. See our recommendations below and learn more about each of these amazing beds.

Our Top 7 Mattresses for Athletes

  1. Bear Hybrid Mattress | BEST Overall | BUY HERE!
  2. Bear Pro Mattress | BEST for Side Sleepers | BUY HERE!
  3. Original Bear Mattress | BEST for Stomach Sleepers | BUY HERE!
  4. Spartan Mattress | BEST Luxury | BUY HERE!
  5. Propel Mattress | BEST for Combination Sleepers | BUY HERE!
  6. Molecule 1 Mattress | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!
  7. Molecule 2 Mattress | Latest Coupon Automatically Applied | BUY HERE!

Best Mattress for Athletes Guide

Below is a bit more about each bed featured on our list. These mini reviews will give you a quick glimpse as to why these mattresses intended for athletes may or may not be a good fit for you.

#1 – Bear Hybrid: Best Overall 

top mattresses for athletes The Bear Hybrid is a major crowd pleaser. The incredibly well balanced Medium-Firm comfort is ideal for most sleeps and sleeping positions. It allows for a good amount of pressure relief without sacrificing support. It is a super thick 14″ bed that uses several layers of dense yet contouring foam over an 8″ thick reinforced edge coil system.

top bear mattress for edge and side supportThe Celliant technology fabric used for the cover of the Bear Mattresses including the Bear Hybrid, is one of the key elements making this mattress so great for athletes. The Celliant Technology takes the energy from your body, turns it into infrared energy and then sends it back towards your body. This is supposed to help your muscles speed up recovery time between workouts and leave you waking up with an extra boost of energy.

On top of the great materials and feel this mattress is also an exceptional value. Coming in at a very affordable price point. Along with several other key sleeping benefits like minimized motion transfer, solid edge support and a temperature neutral mattress that will help you not only recover but also sleep cool. This mattress really checks all the boxes.

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Learn more about this amazing mattress for athletes in our Bear Hybrid Mattress.

#2 – Bear Pro: Best for Athletic Side Sleepers

favorite beds for professional athletes

The Bear Pro is the newest addition to the Bear Mattress Brand. It has an all-foam design and a true Medium comfort feel. The Bear Pro consists of 4 layers of foam adding up to a 12″ thick mattress and Bear’s infamous Celliant technology cover. The top layer of foam in the Bear Pro mattress is infused with copper. The copper infusion helps to keep the mattress cool while also creating an antiviral and antibacterial environment.

The true medium feel of the Bear Pro is going to make it a great option for side sleepers who needs plenty of pressure relief. Which is wonderful for any side sleeper who has woken up with shoulder pain, numb arms, or an awful crick in their neck. No one wants to get up and work out when you wake up in pain like that. Yet, another reason why the Bear Pro is such a great choice for athletes.

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Learn more details about this 12″ thick all foam mattress in our Bear Pro Mattress Review

#3 – Original Bear: Best for Athletic Sleepers on a Budget

best beds for active bodies

The Original Bear mattress is an all-foam bed with a Medium-Firm comfort feel. This is going to be a great mattress for anyone who typically sleeps on their stomach or back and appreciate a good amount of support in their bed. The firm support offered by this mattress keeps your hips from sinking too far in while sleeping on your stomach. This keeps your lower back from bowing.

The Original Bear utilizes the same Celliant tech fabric to cover that tops all of their mattresses. So you get the same infrared energy benefits that you would get out of the other two more expensive options from Bear. Their Original mattress is by far their most cost effective option out of the Bear Mattress Brand.

While most sleepers will naturally be drawn to the other two mattresses for their softer feel that is most sought after and some of their extra comfort features. One benefit that the Original mattress does have is it’s firmer feel. A common belief between athletes is that a firmer mattress will help maintain proper spinal alignment than softer beds.

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Learn more about this mattress in our Original Bear Mattress Review.

#4 – Spartan by Brooklyn Bedding: Best for Athletic Couples

best mattress for athletes

The Spartan by Brooklyn Bedding is a hybrid style mattress that consists of 4 foam layers, 8″ individually encased coils, and their Smart Fabric Performance Cover. The coil system is great for adaptable support, while the foam layers allow for a great amount of pressure relief.

Wondering about whether it is softer or firmer? The Spartan mattress actually comes in three different comfort options. A soft, medium, and firm. Making it easier for anyone to pick a Spartan mattress that is just right for them. We found that the materials used in the Spartan mattress allow for a very balanced feel that allows for pressure relief while maintaining a great amount of support.

Of course we have to talk about one of the main features of this mattress that makes it so great for athletes, the Performance Cover made out of Smart Fabric. This fabric uses Far Infrared Rays (FIR) technology. How this works is that it absorbs the heat coming off of your body, and turns it into infrared rays that go back toward your body for quick and effective recovery.

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Want to learn more about the Spartan Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding? Click the link to read our full review!

#5 – Propel by Brooklyn Bedding: Best for Hot Athletic Sleepers

propel mattress for athletes

There are a lot of similarities between the Propel and the Spartan mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding. They both use a performance fabric for Far Infrared Ray Technology. They are both hybrid mattresses with multiple layers of comfort foam that are infused with different things like cooling gels and copper. Both the Propel and the Spartan also use Brooklyn Bedding’s Titan Cool technology to keep their sleepers at an optimal sleeping temperature. Which leads us to figuring out how these two mattresses differ.

One main difference between these two beds is that the Propel comes in one universal feel. Thankfully it comes in a Medium-Firm comfort option which works best for most individuals. Whether you like to sleep on your stomach, back, or side you will likely find the Propel to be comfortable.

The Propel is also slightly thinner and less substantial than the Spartan, which is partially due to it’s 6″ encased coil system vs the Spartans 8″ coil system. The main difference between the two? PRICE! The Spartan is nearly double the price of the Propel.

We found that these mattresses performed rather similarly overall. However, if  you are looking to save some money the Propel is a great option for you.

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Click the link to watch our video review over the Propel Mattress by Brooklyn Bedding.

#6 – Molecule 1: Best for Athletic Back Sleepers

great bed for runners

The Molecule 1 mattress is an all-foam bed that has a medium firmness level that provides loads of pressure relief. Some all-foam mattresses will create a “bottoming out” feel which happens when a bed does not have substantial transition layers for deep pressure relief and support. This is NOT the case with the original Molecule mattress. It has lots of foam layers that target areas to provide extra support while still allowing for pressure relief right where you need it.

So what makes the Molecule 1 mattress beneficial to athletes? One is that this mattress has a supportive structure that is going to provide proper spinal alignment. The Molecule mattress design focuses on creating a sleeping space that is perfect for optimal recovery. They even have an internal layer of foam that is called RECOVERYFLO™. This layer of foam has zoned support in order to create a bed that will provide support only right where you need it without being too firm on your shoulders or hips. If you’re looking for a price effective all-foam mattress that stays cool and supportive, then this is a great bed for you.

Molecule Mattress Coupon

Head over to our full review to learn more about the benefits of sleeping on the Molecule Mattress.

#7 – Molecule 2: Best for Athletic Combination Sleepers

More Coming Soon!

Mattresses & Brands Dedicated to Athletes

Bear Mattress Brand:

bear celliant sheet reviewBefore we get into the details of the different individual mattresses, we wanted to talk about the Bear Mattress Brand. These mattresses are great for everyone, but they are wonderful for athletes. Each mattress made by Bear uses something called Celliant® technology.

This technology uses infrared energy to promote sleep, and aid in faster recovery. From copper cooling infusions to their Celliant technology, mattresses by Bear easily jump to the top of our list for mattress that are great for athletes and active bodies.

They even have a program working with athletes who use their mattresses. There is an entire list of baseball players, body builders, runners, etc who are at the top of their field and sleep on a Bear bed. All that being said lets get into the different mattresses offered by Bear and their unique benefits.

top mattresses for recovery

Bear Mattress Coupon | 35% OFF

Not sure which Bear mattress to pick from? Head over to our Bear Mattress Brand Comparison Review in order directly compare each mattress.

Brooklyn Bedding Mattress Brand:

brooklyn bedding great for for active people

Brooklyn Bedding is another mattress brand that has designed multiple beds that work very well for athletes. All of their mattresses are manufactured right here in the USA. Brooklyn Bedding currently has over a dozen mattresses that they offer which vary in style and price to suite different sleepers needs. The Spartan and Propel mattresses by Brooklyn Bedding are both designed to work well for athletes and active bodies. Anyone who is looking for a mattress that can deliver serious recovery benefits.

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Molecule Mattress Brand:

More Coming Soon!

Best Mattress for Athletes – Final Thoughts

Active bodies deserves a great mattress, all of these beds on our list are made to create a sleeping environment that is perfect for rest and recovery. Which is exactly what hard working bodies need so you can get up and perform at your best the next day. When it comes down to choosing the best of the best, we are truly stuck between two choices, the Bear Hybrid and Spartan.

These beds have all of the bells and whistles along with solid hybrid construction that is great for providing long lasting support and strength. We especially like that you can choose your firmness level with the Spartan mattress. Although the Bear Pro and Propel are both solid contenders as well. While the Molecule and Original Bear mattress are especially great options for anyone on a tight budget.

best mattress for athletes

We hope this list helps you find the best possible mattress for your hard working body to take a rest and recuperate.  If you have any lingering questions, or if you would like a personal recommendation then be sure to send us a message through our Contact Us page. We would love to help you find your perfect mattress.