April 28, 2020

Top 10 Casper Bedroom Accessories

the top best casper accessories

Casper is first and foremost a mattress brand, they make bed-in-a-box mattresses that conveniently ship to your door. These same mattresses are also now hitting shelves at your local Target and other retail locations, allowing you to buy a mattress while running errands.

However, Casper offers a lot more for your bedroom than just mattresses. They now have a full line of bedding accessories, from sheets to hybrid pillows and beyond. We have rated our Casper Top 10 Bedroom Accessories for our readers. Check them all out to find new accessories from Casper to make your bedroom extra cozy.

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10) Dog Beds

The Casper Dog Beds just barely made it onto our list of Top Casper Accessories and here is why. You will likely won’t spend any time on this Casper Dog Bed, but your dog will! The more comfortable your fluffy friend is, the better you’re going to sleep. This is especially true if you have been struggling to get sleep because you are stuck sharing your bed with your pet. These dog beds from Casper come in three different sizes and use the same quality foams found in their mattresses. It is also easy to clean and comes in three different colors.

the best casper dog bed

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9) Casper Airy Linen Quilt

This Linen Quilt from Casper is a delight. The pre-washed and broken in linen is oh so soft and cozy. The linen is made out of 100% Belgian flax linen, which is the top of the line for flax. This blanket from Casper has a lightweight breathable quality, making it perfect for summer or layering in the winter. The quality of the linen used in this blanket is strong and will continue to get more and more comfortable as you use it.

linen blanket by casper

8) Casper Sheets

All of the sheets offered by Casper are made out of Cotton and weaved into different finishes. The Supima Cotton sheets are crisp and cool, they give the feel of hotel sheets. Their Sateen Cotton Sheets are silky soft to the touch and have a luxurious feel. While their Weightless Cotton Sheets are extra breathable and have that barely there feel. Whichever feel you go for you’re going to get a quality set of cotton sheets.

casper bedding set sheets

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7) Casper Mattress Topper

This mattress topper from Casper combines the buoyant support of two latex foam layers that is topped with a flush memory foam layer. The combination of these foams creates a soft and supportive mattress topper that allow for plenty of pressure relief without feeling like you’re sinking straight through your topper to the mattress below. If you are needing a little extra comfort for your bed, this is a great addition to any mattress.

top casper mattress topper

6) Adjustable Base

Sure, you could lay flat and love your mattress. However, buying an adjustable base like this one from Casper can greatly enhance your comfort in bed. You can comfortably sit up to read a book or watch TV. Or you can lift your legs to reduce swelling, lift your back to keep from snoring. There are so many potential benefits that we could go on and on. The Casper Adjustable Base Pro also comes with massage feature that can help work out those sore spots. This is a total luxury addition to your bedroom.

upgrade your bedroom with casper

5) Casper Weighted Blanket

The Casper Weighted Blanket provides all the benefits of deep pressure therapy from the comfort of your own home. Covered in a breathable cotton cover. A weighted blanket has become a go to product in many households and it comes as no surprise. The comforting effect you get while sleeping under a weighted blanket is truly fantastic. Click the link to view our full Casper Weighted Blanket Review.

casper weighted blanket

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4) Casper Mattress Protector

While there is nothing inherently exciting about a mattress protector, it is something we encourage everyone to purchase. Not only will a good mattress protector (like this one from Casper) make your mattress last far longer than it would without a mattress protector, it will also enhances the comfort of your bed. While other mattress protectors make you feel hot due to lack of airflow, the Casper Mattress Protector has micro-pores which keep spills out while allowing for air to move through. This keeps you feeling easy breezy throughout the night while protecting your mattress.

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3) Original Casper Pillows

There are three different Casper pillows their Down Pillow, Foam Pillow, and their Original Pillow. The pillow that made it to the 2nd spot of our Top Favorite Accessories from Casper list is the Original Casper Pillow. This is because we especially like the Original Casper Pillow’s hybrid design. This means that it has an internal core pillow which is surrounded by a softer plush outer pillow. This makes for a soft and supportive pillow.

best pillow by casper

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2) Casper Humidity Fighting Duvet

Casper has combined some of the top materials used in bedding to create a super duvet. They took a cotton shell and filled it with merino wool and down fill. These materials combined help to keep out humidity while also keeping the sleeper temperature neutral. Wool is wonderful for bedding as it is a temperature regulator, meaning that not only will it keep you warm but it can help keep you cool as well.

casper humidity duvet blanket

1) Casper Glow Light

This is a bedside light like you have never seen before. It slowly dims at night in order to lull you to sleep. In the morning the light will slowly turn on to simulate the sun rising. This light works with your internal clock and helps you go to sleep and wake up naturally. No more obnoxious alarm clocks startling you awake. Instead you can wake up slowly and naturally allowing you to feel well rested all day long.

casper glow light benefits

Casper Top 10 Bedroom Accessories – Final Thoughts:

Casper is constantly coming out with new accessories to help you sleep more comfortably. This list features our top favorites, but they have many more. Be sure to check out the other bedding accessories from Casper as well as their mattresses. It takes more than just a great bed for great sleep. All of these accessories will enhance your bedrooms comfort and help you get the best sleep possible.

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the top best casper accessories

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