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Accessory Review Casper Mattress Protector

Casper says it is time to “Everything Proof” your mattress with their new mattress protector. You already know and love their mattresses, now they have a way for you to protect your mattress. So if you are looking for a cover that is going to keep your mattress looking brand new, keep reading.

casper mattress protector review


comfortable material protecting mattressThe top of the Casper Mattress Protector is made out of a Polyester and Spandex blend. This soft material keeps you feeling cozy and dry while it protects the mattress bellow. The skirting of the mattress protector is a Polyester, Nylon, and Spandex Polyethylene that always air in and out while keeping the protector snug on the mattress.

Protection Level:

With the Casper Mattress Protector your bed will remain like new underneath. It will be protected from just about everything. Whether it is liquids, allergens, dirt, or stains trying to get to your mattress, it will be unable to penetrate the Casper Mattress Protector.

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comfortable mattress protector by casperOne of the great conundrums of a mattress protector is to try and keep the breathable feel necessary for a cool and comfortable feeling mattress, while also making the protector waterproof. In order to do this Casper put microscopic ventilation through their waterproof layer. Big enough to let air flow through and small enough to keep water out. This is how they keep their protector completely waterproof, and yet still breathable. This is vital for keeping their sleepers cool at night.

A big plus to this mattress protector is that it does not make crinkly noises when you shift around on your bed. This protector also aims to keep that just right fit, even your thin mattresses to your thicker beds up to 16″ will fit comfortably in this mattress protector.


casper mattress cover reviewThe prices for these mattress protectors are very similar to others on the market. (Some of which are not even waterproof.) Making this mattress protector the better option.

  • Twin: $85
  • Twin XL: $85
  • Full: $95
  • Queen: $95
  • King: $105
  • Cal King: $105

The purchase price includes free shipping within the Continental US and Canada. You also get a 1 year limited warranty. So if your mattress protector doesn’t stand up to the test, Casper will cover you!

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A little uniquely, Casper suggests washing and drying your mattress protector a couple times before you even use it. This is to ensure it fits extra snug to your mattress. They say it may take several washing and drying sessions for it to fit just right

Casper also suggests washing it on warm and tumble dry on low. They also urge you not to be tempted to dry with high heat as this will cause shrinkage and may cause delamination. They also suggest avoiding dry cleaning all together.

Casper Mattress Protector Overall:

With the Casper Mattress Protector, you no longer have to live in fear of muddy paws and splashing glasses of red wine, because you will be able to sleep soundly knowing your mattress is safe.

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mattress protector by casper review

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