Accessory Review Casper Weighted Blanket

While the Casper Brand is primarily known for their mattresses, they also have a wide range of bedding accessories including their very own weighted blanket. If you are a fan or weighted blankets or the Casper brand, then stick around. We are going to go through all the details of this blanket as well as give you a full review. All to help you determine whether the Casper Weighted Blanket is the right choice for you.

casper weighted blanket review

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Casper Weighted Blanket At A Glance

  • Weight Options: 10lbs, 15lbs, or 20lbs
  • Size Options: 50”x70” Throw Blanket
  • Free Shipping
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 1-year Limited Warranty

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Materials & Design:

Quilted blanket glass beadsThere are many different designs for weighted blankets out there. Casper has taken a traditional approach to creating a weighted blanket, which is a quilted design with a breathable outer shell material.

Starting with the internal fill of the blanket that creates the weight. Casper uses a fine glass beads in their weighted blankets. It is very small, which helps to limit the amount of noise the blankets make as you shift around underneath it.

polyester fill covered in cottonNext is a polyester batting that creates a soft quilted blanket fluffy feel to the Casper Weighted Blanket. This also helps to dampen any noise from the internal glass beads. We like this section of the blanket because it adds some extra cushiony comfort to the blanket. This is all lined in a polyester material in order to keep the batting and glass beads all inside the blanket.

Finally, there is the outer shell of the blanket. This is the material that you will touch and feel on the outside. It is made out of a 200 TC cotton material. This is a soft breathable cotton material that helps wick away moisture and if very comfortable.

Weight & Color Options:

three color options blush, grey, blueThe Casper Weighted Blanket comes in three beautiful colors to choose from. The first is a very light slate gray color, next is a beautiful dusty rose color which is very popular in interior design at the moment. Then there is their signature and original dark navy blue color. Giving everyone a little something beautiful to pick from.

While all of these blankets are the same size, you do get three weight options to pick from. There is a 10lb, 20lb, and 30lb option. All of which come in a throw blanket size for individuals. Typically, it is recommended that adults start with a blanket that is roughly 10% of your body weight. If you are not used to a weighted blanket and you are in between sizes, it is recommended to size down until you get used to how it feels.

Is The Casper Weighted Blanket Comfortable To Use?

is the casper weighted blanket comfortable?This is a rather comfortable weighted blanket to sleep with. It is going to be a good option for those who get hot if they sleep under a fluffy fleece blanket. This is because the Casper is covered in a very breathable cotton cover with about a 205TC.

The inner lining is made out of a polyester in order to keep all of the beds inside the blanket. This could potentially trap in some heat if you are very sensitive to heating up quickly.

We love pairing the blanket design on top of sheets in order to keep it fresh and clean. Overall this is a simple yet very effective weighted blanket. Most of the comfort is going to be provided from the even pressure throughout the Casper blanket.

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Is The Casper Weighted Blanket Easy To Keep Clean?

is it easy to keep clean?Weighted blankets are heavy and by their construction can sometimes be difficult to machine wash. The Casper Weighted Blanket is not designed to be safe to wash or dry in a machine. Instead, if you spill or stain your blanket, Casper recommends spot cleaning gently with a mild detergent.

When you are spot treating your Casper blanket, try to be sure that you do not get the spot too damp. Only wet enough to remove the spot, then allow your blanket to air dry completely before you continue use. Do not iron your Casper blanket as it can potentially damage it.

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Why Should You Buy The Casper Weighted Blanket?

is the casper weighted blanket washable?If you are looking for a way to decompress, let go of stress, and relieve anxiety. Then a weighted blanket like this one from Casper is a really great option for you. The pressure applied from a weighted blanket has a way of helping to reduce stress and help induce sleep.

The Casper Weighted Blanket has a good design at a rather reasonable price. Making it a great option for anyone looking to try a weighted blanket at home. The size variation is really nice as well, each blanket is individually sized in a throw blanket style. The weight options are 10, 15, and 20 pounds, which is a good spread and should work for most adults. Making this a versatile weighted blanket that many will be able to use and enjoy.

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Casper Weighted Blanket – Value:

cotton cover is breathableMost weighted blankets are going to be pricier than your average throw blanket. This is because they have to be made in a specific way for performance purposes. It also provides that deep pressure that feels oh so good. The Casper Weighted Blanket is reasonably priced, although we do wish for that price that it came with an optional duvet cover. Keep in mind that the shipping is free, and you do get a 100-night trial period, and a 1-year warranty with purchase price! Click the button below to shop now!

  • 10lb Casper Weighted Blanket: $169
  • 15lb Casper Weighted Blanket: $179
  • 20lb Casper Weighted Blanket: $189

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Casper Weighted Blanket Review – Overall:

This weighted blanket by Casper Mattress is a great go to blanket. It is the perfect size to use on the couch, or in bed. It is a great throw blanket size which means you get a great concentration of the weight right where you need it. The quilted design with a cotton cover is rather standard for most weighted blankets.

Although it does not come with a removeable/washable duvet cover, and you can only spot treat this blanket, which may deter some buyers. We like to use this with a cotton sheet in between in order to keep it fresh and clean. Overall, this is a great weighted blanket and if you want a simple straight forward weighted blanket, then this is a good option for you.

overall opinion review over the casper weighted blanket

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