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bear pro mattress review

Thick, luxurious memory foam mattresses seem like they cost more and more. However, the Bear Pro mattress is proving that you don’t have to overspend to get an amazing mattress. This latest addition to the Bear mattress lineup is a 12″ thick, four layer mattress. Though there are some serious upgrades you still get the amazing Celliant cover Bear is known for. As well as affordable prices, solid quality and ideal comfort. Keep reading to learn all you can expect in our Bear Pro Mattress Review.

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Detailed Bear Pro Mattress Review:

Below we will go through all the ins and outs of this mattress. Giving you amazing insight to the design and construction of the Bear Pro. Along with how you can expect it to feel and perform. And, key basic information to understand when ordering a mattress online.

Materials – What is the Bear Pro Made Of?

The Bear Pro mattress is an all foam mattress constructed of 4 layers of foam and paired with a performance cover. Together they equal a 12″ mattress with a universal feel. Below we will look at each layer to give you more insight of how this mattress is made, and what with. To give you a detailed look inside.

Celliant Performance Cover:

bear celliant sheet reviewWhat sets all the Bear Mattresses apart is their Celliant mattress covers. Between the Bear Pro, Bear Hybrid and original Bear mattress each one uses the same amazing technology. Celliant is a patented fabric technology that uses the natural energy of the body and turns it into infrared light and then redirects this infrared light back into your body’s tissues and muscles.

The results of Celliant go beyond just improved sleep. It has been known to regulate temperature, improve performance and allow your body to recover faster. Using this materials directly in the cover of the Bear Pro mattress allows for you and your body to benefit from this innovative fabric.

The top cover of the Bear Pro mattress is soft and breathable as well. Maximizing the benefits of it’s Celliant properties with the soft feel for ample comfort and performance. While the side panels of the mattress are a more durable fabric that are appropriate and more resilient. And the cover can even be removed with it’s zipper. Giving this cover as much function as it has design.

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1″ Copper Infused Memory Foam:

bear pro materialsThe top foam layer of Copper Infused Memory Foam is unlike any layer of the other Bear mattresses. This layer is specific just to the Bear Pro. A layer that utilizes the amazing natural properties of copper with the pressure relieving feel of memory foam for ultimate comfort, coolness and cleanliness.

The benefits of copper are ample. With a natural ability to pull heat away and antimicrobial and antibacterial properties for a super clean and fresh feel. It has even been linked to healing the body. Giving this mattress two amazing materials with healing benefits. The fact that it is introduced in memory foam also means you get amazing comfort. With ideal pressure relief and contouring right where you need and want it.

1.5″ Gel Memory Foam:

The second foam layer is also memory foam. This layer happens to be Gel Memory Foam which creates extra contour and even better pressure relief. With help from a gel infusion to help remove unwanted body heat. As well as a more open cell structure for better heat dissipation too. The benefits of dual layers of memory foam will help you feel even more comfort without ever losing support.

bear pro2.5″ Responsive Transition Foam:

The third layer of foam is a transition foam. This layer is just responsive enough to give a little bit of push back under the memory foam. Creating a balanced feeling that also lends itself to the deep comfort of this mattress too.

7″ High-Density Support Foam:

Having a strong and sturdy base not only creates long lasting durability and stability, but a support layer too. This base layer uses high density foam to ensure no sinkage or sagging. While giving a sturdy foundation for the comfort layers to optimally perform.

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Comfort – How Does the Bear Pro Feel?

bear pro mattress reviewThe universal medium-firm feel of the Bear Pro is going to be about as perfect as you can get. The optimal feel of this mattress is in what many consider the “sweet spot” of mattress comfort. When you can find a mattress that accommodates all sleeping styles, as well as all size and shaped sleepers, you really have something special.

This is exactly what the Bear Pro does. It allows almost everyone to have an amazing sleeping experience that provides balance. As well as a very adaptable comfort that conforms to you and your needs.

Benefits – What Can I Expect from the Bear Pro?

We know it’s comfortable but how else will I benefit from sleeping on the Bear Pro mattress? Below is just what you can expect when it comes to isolating motion, sleeping cool and the perimeter support of this new mattress.

Motion Transfer:

bear pro mattressLet’s be honest. Memory foam mattress certainly have limited issues when it comes to motion transfer. Layers of dense memory foam typically absorb motion almost immediately. Giving the Bear Pro high marks when it comes to isolating motion. Meaning anyone who shares a mattress or often times is woken up by their partner tossing and turning won’t have much to worry about.

Temperature Regulation:

Typically you’ll find memory foam mattresses to hold heat more than hybrid or latex mattresses. However, the innovative qualities of the Bear Pro make it much better than standard memory foam mattresses. The use of Celliant, Copper and Gel in the memory foams make for an all foam bed that actually sleeps fairly temperature neutral.

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Edge Support:

bear pro sitting on the edge of a mattressEdge support showcases the quality and durability of a mattresses materials and construction. Having proper edge support allows you to fully use the mattress for sleeping. As well as offers a solid perimeter for easily getting in and out of the bed. Along with a stable edge for occasional sitting too.

The new Bear Pro mattress uses 7″ of solid base foam to ensure a very durable base. Each of the comfort foams are also great quality and offer a sturdy feel. Creating a solid and very usable surface from edge to edge. Not only does this Bear mattress provide great sleeping edge support, it also will make getting in and out of bed very easy and will lend itself to sitting too. Giving the overall edge of this mattress high marks.

Is The Bear Pro For Me?

Now that you know more about this mattress are you ready to buy? If you are new to buying a mattress online, you may have some initial hesitation. What if you don’t like it? How does a mattress get delivered? Is it worth the money? Below we will go through all the “must knows” of buying the Bear Pro online mattress.


bear mattress boxFREE and EASY! Online mattress shopping really is as easy as it can be. The great thing is that you don’t have to pay a large fee to have it shipped right to your door. It is included with the price of your new mattress. And will come compressed in a box right at your doorstep. All you have to do is get it inside and to your bedroom.

Then, all you do is remove the roll packed mattress from the box and cut the plastic away. You’ll have a new mattress ready to go in a few minutes. Now, though it is amazing how quickly it looks like it expands it does take several hours to fully firm up. So make sure you give it a bit more time before sleeping on. But, it really is that simple.

Value & Financing:

When it comes to the value of a mattress it is important to look beyond the price alone. Value is more or less what you are getting for the price you’re paying. When it comes to mattresses, price points vary so understanding the quality, materials and design of the mattress before hearing the price will give you a better idea if it is actually a good value.

The Bear Pro is going to come in at a very affordable price. The most popular size, a Queen, comes in at $1295 And that’s before any promotions or coupons. Making this 12″ mattress a great value. Four layers of premium foams and a revolutionary cover make this mattress a universal feel that works for almost all sleepers. With sleeping benefits that will impress and a solid, reputable company to ensure you’re getting the best.

Even though the price and value of this mattress are great if you do need help paying for your new bed financing is available. Bear is partnered with Affirm to offer some easy payment options to help you sleep better sooner. Learn more at BearMattress.com.


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  • Trial Period – 365 Nights
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Shipping – FREE

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Bear Mattress Coupon | 35% OFF

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 365 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $895
  • Twin XL $995
  • Full $1195
  • Queen $1295
  • King $1495
  • Cal King $1495
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