Mattress Review Lytton Sleep Mattress Review

lytton sleep mattress reviewLooking for a luxury online mattress that is still affordable, durable and comfortable? Than the Lytton Sleep Mattress may be for you. This new online bed-in-a-box is offering a 13″ thick hybrid mattresses that is available in a true medium feel and a medium-firm feel. Giving you two great beds that offer an ideal combination of support and comfort.

The overall design is simple, yet solid. Pairing two layers of comfort foams over a 8″ thick coil system. Creating balance, pressure relief and adaptability to work with every sleeper. Our Lytton mattress review will go through all the details of this new online mattress brand to see if it’s for you.

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In-Depth Lytton Sleep Mattress Review

Below we will go through several aspects of this mattress to give you a thorough analysis of this bed. We will start by looking at the materials to see how it is constructed and with what. This helps give us a better idea of how it should feel as well as perform. Lastly we will cover the basics of buying the Lytton Sleep mattress so you know exactly what to expect.

Materials – What Is The Lytton Mattress Made Of?

Just how is this bed constructed and with what? We will look at every layer of this mattress to understand how how the materials and build will translate to better sleep. By understanding the construction of a mattress if gives us better insight on how it should also perform. We will work from the top down of this 13″ mattress starting with the cover.


lytton sleep mattress coverThis mattress is covered in an organic cotton cover that is hand tufted to keep everything in place. This breathable material is not only great for air flow but also soft and comfortable. The sides of this mattress use a more durable fabric for better wear. Included is handles on each side to help move and rotate the mattress when needed too.

lytton mattress materials

Gel Memory Foam Layer:

Under the cover is the first layer of comfort foam. This 1″ layer of memory foam is infused with gel for great pressure relief that also helps pull heat away.

Serene Foam Layer:

Next is a 3″ layer of Serene foam. This thicker layer of foam offers a great alternative to memory foam. With a more balanced feel you will get pressure relief along with just enough responsiveness. Creating a layer of deep comfort that is also easy to move on and just soft enough without lacking support.

Quantum Coil Layer:

The main support layer of this mattress is a 8″ thick Quantum Edge coil system. These pocketed coils are individually wrapped and move independently for more precise support. As well as create ample air flow and minimal motion transfer. Along with providing solid edges for a more stable sleep surface.

Base Foam:

The very base of this mattress consists of 1″ of dense base foam. This last layer provides a stable and sturdy base for the coils to rest on. Creating a solid platform to make sure each material is able to optimally perform.

All together the materials and build of the Lytton Sleep mattress are able to offer a luxury feeling mattress that is straightforward with it’s simple and effective design. Allowing this premium mattress to also be very affordable.

lytton sleep materials

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Comfort – How Does The Lytton Sleep Mattress Feel?

When buying a mattress the comfort may one of the most important aspects. If you don’t enjoy the mattress, or feel well supported and comfortable, it isn’t a good fit. With the Lytton Sleep Mattress they try to appeal to every sleeper by offering two feels, or firmness options, that should give every sleeper the ideal comfort they are looking for.

Serene – Plush Comfort:

serene plushThe Serene, or Plush, Lytton mattress option will be the most popular choice. The almost perfect medium feel will adapt to most any sleeper. Giving you a great feel with adequate support and plenty of give. The just soft enough feel will easily accommodate side sleepers. While being a great option for back sleepers too. Even the occasional stomach sleeper will find the support more than ample.

This choice is most ideal for combination sleepers and couples as well. The balanced feel that should work with most every shape, size and sleeping style is best when it comes to working for just about everyone. Though if you are on the larger side, we would suggest the more ample firmness of the Serene Plus option.

Serene Plus – Firm Comfort:

serene plus firmThe Serene Plush option, also considered the Firm, will be a great option for anyone who likes a slightly firmer feel. Though this mattress may be still considered a medium-firm, it certainly does border on firm. Making this Lytton mattress most ideal for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who like a more supported feel.

Unfortunatly this may be less ideal for combination. And will be only ideal for couples who tend to sleep on their backs and stomachs. Though it is still great if that is what you prefer. If you are a heavy or bigger person the slightly firmer feel will actually be ideal. The mattress may feel just a bit softer, giving it a more accommodating feel if you are a larger sleeper.

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Benefits – How Will The Lytton Mattress Perform?

Beyond comfort and materials what can you expect from your new mattress? Below we will dive into the other areas that are important to consider when purchasing a new bed.

Motion Transfer:

lytton bed review

When it comes to sharing a mattress motion transfer can be an area that makes or breaks a choice. Especially if one party tends to toss and turn, is a lighter sleeper or you have different sleep schedules. Making isolating motion a great advantage to have in a new bed.

The Lytton Sleep Mattress uses a combination of individually wrapped coils with two layers of comfort foams. Though this mattress is responsive it shouldn’t be overly bouncy. Making it a good choice for a hybrid mattress that shouldn’t create any noticeable motion transfer. Though there is a natural spring to this mattress, unless you are very sensitive you should find this mattress to work well.

Temperature Regulation:

The materials in the Lytton mattress work together to make for a cooler mattress. The coils are great for providing plenty of air flow and heat dissipation. While the thick layer of serene foam was specifically chosen for its more temperature neutral properties. Even the memory foam has a gel infusion to help pull heat away. While the organic cotton cover is naturally breathable and moisture wicking. Allowing each layer to contribute to making a cool mattress.

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Edge Support:

lytton sleep crystal coveA telltale sign of a solid build is the perimeter support. The edge of a mattress is where the most stress is put, so having a mattress that is more than sturdy around the sides is best. Not only does this give you a stable surface for getting in and out of bed, it also gives you an area for sitting from time to time. And most importantly it provides a fully usable sleeping surface.

The materials and construction of the Lytton Sleep mattress should make it one that does well when it comes to edge support. The solid coil system paired with the dense and durable foam layers should give you not only a very even surface, but one that will have little give around the perimeter. Allowing you to fully use the mattress from every aspect of sleeping and sitting.

Basics – What To Expect With Your Lytton Sleep Bed:

The concept of buying a mattress online is more and more accepted with each passing day. Because of the fact that each company has a purchasing model set up to not only make the mattress buying process easy, but also guarantees satisfaction. By offering several added perks, that are now considered standard, when ordering a mattress on the internet you have little risk in trying a new bed before trying it. Below are what you can expect when ordering your new Lytton mattress to ensure you have the best experience, regardless of whether the mattress works for you or not.

Delivery & Unboxing:

  • Free Delivery via ground shipment
  • Delivery is roughly 2-3 weeks from order date
  • Free Returns
  • Easy Unboxing Process (See Below!)
unbox lytton


The Lytton Sleep Mattress prides itself on the fact that it is more affordable. This thick hybrid bed is a more premium feel that also comes in at a more affordable price point. The slightly softer Serene Mattress comes in at $1299 for a queen. While the firmer Serene Plus Mattress comes in at $1499 for a queen. Included with this price is free shipping and returns. As well as a 100 night sleep trial along with a 10 warranty.


When it comes to the value you are getting a more substantial mattress at a relatively affordable price. however, what increases the value is utilizing the most current Lytton mattress coupon. Below you will find a link to the latest Lytton Sleep discount code that will help bring the price of this mattress down a bit more.

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  • Trial Period – 100 Nights
  • Warranty – 20 Years
  • Free Shipping & Returns
  • USA Designed & Made
lytton sleep mattress lytton sleep bed

$250 Lytton Sleep Mattress Coupon Code: OURSLEEPGUIDE250

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 20 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $999-$1199
  • Twin XL $999-$1199
  • Full $1099-$1299
  • Queen $1299-$1499
  • King $1399-$1699
  • Cal King $1399-$1699
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