Accessory Review Purple Plush Pillow Review

The Purple Mattress Brand really enjoys making their own spin on bedding products. The Plush Purple Pillow is a great example of this. They look to classic plush pillow look and feel and added their own signature Purple touch to it. Keep reading to learn what they did to make this pillow unique, as well as who we think this pillow would work best for. Or simply click the button below to start shopping now!

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purple plush pillow review

Purple Plush Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: Standard or King
  • Multi-Pack Option
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Free Shipping
  • Smart Fluff
  • Lyocell & Nylon Blend
  • Non-Toxic
  • Adjustable Comfort
  • Works Best For: Back Sleepers & Side Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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Materials & Design:

smart fluff bouncy feel poly fillThe Purple Plush Pillow is much more traditional when compared to the other pillow options available from Purple. The fluffy fill used in this pillow is made out of a special fiber blend they call Smart Fluff. This Smart Fluff fill is made out of interlocking denier poly fiber puff balls. These poly fiber puff balls give the pillow extra bounce and support. We found that it has a quick responsive feel to it.

If you go back and forth between preferring a soft or firm pillow, then we have great news for you. The Purple Plush Pillow has an adjustable feature that allows you to either gives your pillow a fluffier or firmer feel. This is done by two zippers on the long sides of the pillow. When unzipped a mesh is revealed and the pillow expands and becomes softer. When fully zipped, the pillow is more compact and has a firmer feel. We love this feature because it is so quick and easy to change up the feel of your pillow you could adjust it anytime you like.

The cover of the Purple Plush Pillow is made out of a breathable Lyocell & Nylon blend. This cover is cool and soft. The unzipped section has a mesh portion that allows for even more airflow throughout the pillow as well.

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Is The Plush Purple Pillow Comfortable?

firm zipper closed optionOne great thing is that the Plush Purple Pillow has a very likeable familiar feel to it. This is unlike the original Purple Pillow that features their Purple Grid technology. This pillow is an easy blind buy because it has a rather familiar feel to its traditional style. However, Purple of course needed to give their own spin to this classic style. The zipper feature adds an extra ability to customize your pillow to suite you and your needs. If you prefer your pillow to have a thinner profile and feel a bit more firm, then keep it zipped up. While those who are looking for a softer feel with a higher profile are going to love unzipping and fluffing up this pillow.

soft open zipper feelWe found this pillow to be nice and breathable which helps a lot when if comes to keeping your pillow from retaining heat. The zipper open option seemed to do even better as there is more airflow with this option.

When it comes to who we think this pillow would work best for, we are going to say that most side sleepers and back sleepers are going to enjoy this pillow most. This is because of the traditional size, loft, and feel of the pillow. Although it is breathable enough that some stomach sleepers may also enjoy this pillow even though it is more as low loft as many of the other pillows that we typically recommend for stomach sleepers.

Care Instructions:

adjustable purple pillow zipperKeeping your pillow fresh and clean is important if you want to keep your pillow feeling great for years to come. Which is why we always check to see what the care instructions look like for pillows whenever we review them. Some pillows are much easier to keep clean than others. Thankfully the Plush Purple Pillow is very easy to clean. Purple recommends fluffing your plush pillow regularly as it help to keep the pillow light and fluffy.

To wash simply throw in the washing machine with like colors on a cold gentle cycle. If you prefer to use a bleach product, they suggest using non-chlorine bleach. Then run your machine with an extra spin cycle to try and remove as much water as possible before putting in the dryer. Purple suggests tumble drying your pillow on a low heat setting. Dryer balls make for a great addition as they help keep your pillow fluffy and remove extra moisture.

Purple Plush Pillow Value:

unique twist on a traditional style pillowOut of all the different pillows from Purple, their Plush Purple Pillow has the lowest price tag. This pillow has a simple yet very effective design. It is an easy upgrade to the traditional style pillows out there.

If you are really wanting to get the signature feel of a Purple product, then we recommend upgrading to the original Purple Pillow or their Harmony pillow. Both of which feature a version of the Purple Grid. However, if you are wanting a classic pillow feel with a touch of adjustable comfort, then this pillow is worth every penny. Don’t forget that you also get a 100 night trial period along with a 1 year warranty

Standard: $49
King: $64

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Purple Plush Pillow Review – Overall:

The Purple Plush Pillow is a traditional style pillow with a signature Purple twist. The zippers on the long sides of the pillow allow for an adjustable feel. This allows you to either make your pillow have a softer or firmer feel. We think this will work best for back and side sleepers, although some stomach sleepers may enjoy this as well if they do not mind the medium/high loft. It is the lowest price pillow from Purple, and is a great option for those on a budget. Be sure to click the button above for latest discounts, pricing, and to start shopping now.

is the plush purple pillow comfortable?

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