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Accessory Review Purple Plush Pillow Review

Do you go through pillow firmness mood swings? Do you want a firm supportive pillow one night and a fluffy cloud the next? Than the new Purple Plush Pillow is for you. This “smart fluff” poly filled pillow is totally customizable.

You can easily change the firmness level with one quick zip. Lighter and fluffier than the original Purple Pillow, the Plush Pillow is more similar to the traditional pillow feeling we are all so familiar with.

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plush purple firmness reviewThe filling for this fluffy pillow is made of what Purple refers to as “oh-so-huggable ‘smart fluff’”. This “smart fluff” consists of 3 denier interlocking poly fiber balls. The cover is made of 60% Lyocell and 40% Nylon. They even applied a moisture-wicking treatment to the cover to keep you nice and dry.

This materials make for an adjustable pillow that can contour and groove to your shoulders and neck. As well as use a variety of materials that are breathable to sleep cooler. As well as offer a smooth and soft cover that amplify the feel of the fill even more.

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purple pillow reviewThis is pillow is all about the comfort. Arguably the coolest feature of the Purple Plush Pillow is the firmness adjusting zipper. They have designed this pillow to have custom comfort. When you zip the pillow up you get a firmer feeling pillow. On the other hand if you unzip the pillow you will allow air in, creating a softer more cushy feeling pillow.

The struggle with many traditional poly filled pillows is that they break down over time and loose their desirable fluffy feeling. This is why Purple came up with the “smart fluff” technology. The objective of this technology is to keep your pillow fluffy for as long as possible.


purple plush pillow zipperLike the original Purple Pillow, the Plush Pillow comes in only one size option. The Purple Plush Pillow is 26 inches long by 18 inches wide. Which is slightly smaller than a Standard which is typically 26”x20”. The price for their pillow is $49. This is a steal compared to its brother, the original Purple Pillow, which comes in at $99.

While you are not getting the technology of the original Purple Pillow, you are however getting a more traditional feel that is typically easier to adjust to. With the Purple Plush Pillow you are getting two pillow firmness options in one all for the low price of $45. The purchase price also includes free shipping, a 100 night trial and a 1 year warranty. It is difficult to know if you’re going to enjoy a pillow until you sleep on it. That is why purple has a 100 night trial so you have plenty of time to decide if this is the right pillow for you.

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Purple suggests you fluff your Plush Pillow at least once a week to keep it at its fluffiest. They also suggest covering with their pillow cases to keep them fresh and clean.  To wash, they suggest machine washing on a cold gentle cycle. Wash with light colors, if needed use non-chlorine bleach, and run on the spin cycle twice to extract as much water before drying as possible.

To dry, Purple suggests using the tumble dry on low heat. They also suggest using a dryer ball to keep your pillow fluffy.


This pillow is a great option for someone who wants Purple technology with a more traditional style pillow. It is much lighter and fluffier than the original Purple Pillow. If you want a big pillow, unfortunately you won’t be able to get that from Purple. However, another great benefit to this pillow is having the ability and ease of changing your pillows firmness level. You will never have to choose between buying a firm or soft pillow again. With this pillow, you get both.

The cool cover is also great for keeping your head cool at night. Not to mention the “smart fluff” technology that ensures your pillow stays fluffier for longer. They even put a moisture wicking treatment on the cover of the pillow to keep you dry. They really thought of everything.

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