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Accessory Review Purple Pillow Review

standard purple pillowThe Purple pillow is like a mini version of their innovative mattress made for your sleepy head. Just imagine having all of the benefits of the mattress supporting your head and neck. Using the Purple pillow may feel like a dream, but the key to its comfort is all thanks to science.

The most supportive pillow to complement the most supportive mattress, cradles the two things you need cradled most; your head and your neck. This pillow is designed to keep you cool and comfortable.

So you can say goodbye to feathers that poke you in the night, mid-night fluffing sessions, and saggy memory foam.

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purple mattress pillow insidesThe Purple pillow has three important components. From the inside out, the first is the Smart Comfort Grid for reinforced neck support. This layer has firmer, reinforced edges ideal for neck support, no matter what way you turn the pillow. They create this layer using their trademarked Hyper Elastic Polymer.

Next is the Soft Comfort Grid for extra softness under your head. This layer is extra soft in the middle so your head can sink in for consistent comfort. On the outside is the Hyperstretch Mesh cooling cover. This cover is made of a Nylon and Spandex blend and has a small zipper for easy washing. This layer is the most important because it works with the previous layer and its extra breathable for superior cooling comfort.

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pruple pillow gridPurple designed this pillow to have the same comfort and benefits that their mattress contains. They utilized the same Smart Comfort Grid technology they have in their mattress, only with slight changes to make it fit your head.

They changed the square design to a smaller triangle pattern and made the center extra soft in order to cradle your head as you sleep. While the center of the pillow is softer to provide comfort, they made the edges slightly firmer in order to give your head and neck optimal support.

The cover is a mesh style cover to ensure it is extra breathable in order to keep you cool all night long. The Purple pillow is rather flat and thin compared to a traditional style pillow. This is designed purposefully to provide optimal spine alignment while you sleep. However, it might not suite everyone’s personal preference.

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Purple Pillow – Now Adjustable!

adjustable comfort pillow boosterThe beloved Purple Pillow is now adjustable with Purple’s new Pillow Boosters. The original Purple Pillow has a rather low profile which truly works best for stomach sleepers as well as some back sleepers. The Purple Pillow Boosters are inserts that can be place inside of the purple pillow case.

These boosters add height to your pillow, making it more comfortable for taller people who need the extra size, more back sleepers, and even some side sleepers will now be able to enjoy the original Purple Pillow comfortably. Having an option for adjusting the comfort of your pillow makes it far more likely to suit your needs, you can even add multiple pillow boosters for even extra loft.


The Purple Pillow comes in one size that costs $99. This price includes free shipping, a 100 night free trial, and a 1 year limited warranty. This means you can give this pillow a real try to figure out if it is the one for you. If it isn’t you are free to return it during that trial period for a full refund. Purchase price also covers return shipping if you end up needing it. This is great value for the amount of technology you’re getting in this incredibly comfortable pillow.

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the purple pillow reviewOther key factors of this pillow include: optimal head support, incredible cooling as air passes through the unique Purple grid design, and a pillow that will, never lose its shape. As if that’s not enough, the Purple pillow is also hypoallergenic, nontoxic, totally durable, and made in the USA. Real users claim that it’s the best pillow ever, and that neck support is out of this world.

You’ll notice the difference between a Purple pillow and an average pillow immediately, and never want to go back. The Purple solves all typical sleeping problems including difficulty falling asleep, overheating, and neck tension. With the Purple pillow, the sleep you’ve been dreaming of becomes a reality.


If you love the style and comfort of The Purple Mattress, you will adore this pillow. They designed this pillow for prime comfort by making it align your spine. We think you are going to really love it. However, if you try it out and decide you like the feeling of a traditional pillow better, we suggest you check out the Purple’s Plush Pillow.

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