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The Purple brand is an innovative mattress brand that has changed the way we look at mattresses and bedding. The Purple Grid is a unique technology that provides cool comfort & pressure relief throughout the top of your mattress. Now you can get the same breathable contouring feel in your pillow. The Purple Pillow utilizes a version of the purple grid made specifically to support your head and neck as you sleep. Keep reading our review over the Purple Pillow to learn what it is all about and who we think it would work best for.

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purple pillow review from our sleep guide

Purple Pillow At A Glance:

  • Size Options: 1 Universal Size
  • Trial Period: 100 Night
  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Free Shipping
  • Purple Grid
  • Moisture-Wicking Cover
  • Adjustable Pillow Boosters
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-Toxic
  • Made In USA
  • Works Best For: Stomach Sleepers & Back Sleepers
  • Latest Pricing Found Here! 

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Materials & Design:

the layers and materials of the purple pillowThe Purple Mattress Brand seems to do just about everything a little bit differently. Their Purple Pillow is no exception. This unique pillow design features their signature Purple Grid. However, they did make a few changes in order to make it work well for a pillow. Purple took their grid from their mattress designs and changed it slightly to work ideally for the lighter weight of your head and neck. Because a head and neck is much lighter than a body as a whole, the grid is softer in order to provide the proper amount of pressure relief.

The cover is made out of a breathable Hyper Stretch Mesh material. This is made out of a blend of Nylon and Spandex. This mesh cover really allows you to get the maximum benefits of the grid pillow underneath as it allows for ultimate airflow and stretch.

The Purple Pillow does have a rather low profile which works better for some sleeping positions than others. We will get further into those details in the next section on comfort. However, if you do find you are wanting a boost in comfort, then you may be interested in learning more about the Purple Pillow Boosters. They are a new addition to the Purple collection that are made specifically to give the Purple Pillow a quick and easy boost in loft height.

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Is The Purple Pillow Comfortable?

is it a comfortable pillow for stomach sleepers?The Purple Pillow is such a distinctive design that is unlike most other pillows. With such a unique feel to this pillow, it will not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, we love that they have a long trial period option. This is a great pillow to try before you fully commit to having it as your pillow.

As you can see, the Purple Pillow has a very thin profile when compared to the average every day pillow that we all are so accustomed to. This is going to make this a great pillow for all our stomach sleepers out there. When you sleep on your stomach, lofty pillows tend to cause a lot of strain on the neck. The Purple Pillow’s low profile allow your head to rest closer to the mattress which is great for stomach and also back sleepers. The breathable grid allows for plenty of airflow which can also make breathing easier when sleeping on your stomach.

will back sleepers enjoy the purple grid pillow?Back sleepers will also find this pillow rather comfortable as the grid supplies a good amount of support and pressure relief for the back of the head. However, if you primarily sleep on your side then this pillow is not going to be a great fit for you. Typically, side sleepers need a higher loft in their pillows as their neck and head need more support in order to maintain proper spinal alignment. If you find you need an added boost in loft height, try getting one of the Purple Pillow Boosters. These little guys are a new addition and they give your pillow an added boost in height. If you are a taller person or mostly sleep on your back then these are a great low-cost way to adjust this pillow to work perfectly for your needs.

Overall, this cool breathable pillow is going to be a great option for stomach and back sleepers. We highly recommend taking advantage of their trial period to test it out for yourself.

Care Instructions:

a purple grid comfort and feelIf you are wanting a hypoallergenic pillow that can be completely washed, then this is going to be a great pillow for you. Purple has designed every aspect of this pillow to be able to easily washed. First, we would suggest washing your cover. Purple care instructions say to remove the cover and from the grid cushion and then machine wash with like colors in cold water, then simply tumble dry on low. The cushion can simply be hand washed in water soapy water. Then allow to air dry completely before continuing use.

Even the pillow boosters are washable. Purple recommends hand washing with gentle detergent and tumble drying on normal. Avoid any products containing bleach. While you may have to wash all of these components separately, we were surprised that every piece is completely washable and rather simple to keep clean.

The Purple Pillow Value:

purple grid pillow comfort low profileMost of the pillows that we review are around or over $100 per pillow. While there are a number of pillows on the market that would cost less, we would place our bets that none of them are quite like the Purple Pillow. This unique pillow design makes for a sleeping experience unlike any other. We love that Purple has such an extensive trial period of 100 nights to really give you the chance to test out whether or not this pillow is right for you. They also have a 1-year warranty to ensure quality. Overall, this is a pricier pillow. However, if it ends up being the comfort you are looking for, then it is well worth it.

Purple Pillow: $109
Additional Purple Pillow Boosters: $10

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The Purple Pillow Review – Overall:

This pillow is a must try. This unique style will likely be a hit or miss depending on if you enjoy the feel of a Purple grid or not. Which means the Purple trial period is going to be your best friend. The low profile of this pillow really makes it better suited for back or stomach sleepers. While side sleepers will likely want to check out the Purple Harmony Pillow instead. However, those who love the feel of the Purple Mattress are bound to enjoy the feel of the Purple Pillow. The Purple Grid really does something unique with this pillow that is unlike anything else we have tried before. Be sure to click the purple button above to start shopping now and get the latest pricing and promotions!

great pillows for back sleepers and stomach sleepers

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