Accessory Review Purple PowerBase: Adjustable Bed Frame

the powerbase by purple and reverie review

There is a new Adjustable Bed Frame in town from the well loved Purple brand. The PowerBase by Purple is a frame you will want to check out for sure. It is one of the most advanced designs we have seen out of an adjustable frame. Sturdy, easy to use, and full of comfort features. If you want to know why everyone is looking at the Purples PowerBase, then keep reading. We will go through what we love about this base as well as reasons why it may not be right for you. All to help you determine which adjustable base is the perfect fit for your best sleep.

Purple PowerBase Features:

  • review for the adjustable bed frame by purpleAdjustable Head & Foot of bed
  • Zero-Gravity Position
  • Under Bed Lighting
  • USB Ports
  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Purple App Control
  • Resonant Frequency Massage
  • Customizable Preset Positions
  • Free White Glove Delivery & Set Up
  • 20-Year Limited Warranty
  • Price: $1,399 – $2,798

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Purple Adjustable Base – Construction:

adjustable base by purple reviewWhen it comes to adjustable bed frames, you would be surprised as to how many different designs and models there are out there. The Purple PowerBase is one of the most advanced when it comes to the latest and greatest technology out there. The base is dense and stable and serves as a box spring for your mattress. It is built to change the position for the head and foot of the bed.

Purple’s adjustable base is a bit different in the way that they keep your mattress from slipping or moving as you change your sleeping position. Instead of using metal bars or plastic supports at the foot of the bed, they have a new grip section on the surface of the PowerBase. This grippy texture holds onto the bottom of the mattress and keeps it in the right location. We like this feature as it makes it easier to change your fitted sheets as well as looking for attractive overall.

The feet of the Purple Power Base are all adjustable in height, not only is this nice for customizing your desired bed height. It is also useful for those wishing to use a decorative bed frame, you can then ensure the adjustable base will fit within your frame nicely.

Purple PowerBase – Ease of Use:

purple powerbase appThe world of adjustable bases has come a long way from the manual adjusting frames. Now getting into your perfect position is as easy as a push of a button. Purple has a simple to use wireless remote control that you can use. Or if you like, you can even use their very own app to control your bed frame as well.

We found this was rather straight forward to use. We especially enjoy that you can create your very own custom presetting. Which means you can design your all time favorite position and get back to it anytime you like with one click of a button. No more toggling back and forth to try and get your just right position.

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Purple Adjustable Bed – Extra Features:

This bed is full of features that you never knew you needed. The under bed lighting is more useful than we thought it would be. It is gentle enough to use during that midnight bathroom break to not wake your partner while simultaneously lighting your path back to bed. Goodbye stubbed toes and tripping hazards.

massage features on the powerbase by purple review

But lets get to the by far, most popular extra feature in the PowerBase by Purple, the resonant frequency massage. However, this is Reverie teamed up with Purple so of course it isn’t just any old massage technology. The PowerBase uses vibrations to massage your body into relaxation. They claim these vibrations reach the bodies resonance frequencies. Which is a specific frequency of vibrations for optimal relaxation in the body.

On top of all of this they even have USB ports on the bed frame. Which allows you to charge your phone or e-readers right from the side of your bed. Making it easier than ever to relax and hang out in bed. Feel free to play on your tablet, or use any of your other chargeable devices from the comfort of your bed.

Purple Power Bed – Value:

We have reviewed a number of different adjustable bases from the simple to the luxurious. The Power Base by Purple is definitely on the luxurious side of the spectrum. It has all of the bells and whistles you could as for from an adjustable bed frame. However, the price does reflect this as well. It is one of the most luxurious in price as well as design. Whether or not it is worth the price is up to how you will use your adjustable base.

purple powerbase adjustable bed

If you really want all of the massage features and the ability to control your bed frame via an app on your phone, then it is absolutely worth it. However, if you are just looking to simply change your sleeping position from time to time, then there are other more simple designs that will just the job done at a lower price. The choice is yours.

  • Twin XL: $1399
  • Queen: $1499
  • King: $2798
  • Split King: $2798

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Trial Period & Warranty:

Purple does not offer a trial period, returns, or a warranty for their adjustable power base. Reverie (the manufacturer of the base) does offer a limited 20 year warranty for the Purple PowerBase. Which is one reason why it is important to know for sure this is the base you want before you purchase. One thing Purple does provide for their customers who purchase the Purple PowerBase, is free white glove delivery and set up. You can rest easy knowing someone else will do all of the hard work for you, so all you will need to do is sit back and relax once their done. Easy as pie.

Compatible Purple Mattresses:

which mattresses work with the purple adjustalbe bed frame Great news! If you already own or if you’re looking into purchasing a Purple mattress to go along with your new adjustable bed frame, you’re in luck! All of the mattresses made by Purple are adjustable base compatible. Even their hybrid premier will sit nicely on their PowerBase.

If you are looking to put a different mattress on top of your Purple PowerBase, that works too! As long as you check with your manufacturer that the mattress you own is compatible to be used with an adjustable bed frame, then you are ready to go.

Still searching for which Purple mattress is the right choice for you? Check out our reviews on the Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid 2, and even the Purple Premier 3 and Purple Premier 4 mattresses. Or you can visit our Purple Brand Comparison page to compare all of the Purple Mattress offerings side by side. Click the link below to get the latest deals for the Purple Mattresses.

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Purple PowerBase – Overall:

The PowerBase by Purple is a sturdy and high tech piece of machinery. This is a great adjustable base for anyone looking to get a top of the line adjustable bed frame. From it’s sturdy design to all of it’s many extra comfort and convenience features, this is a tough one to beat. Although it is on the higher price range, which means it is best suited for those who really want to use all of the bells and whistles.

the powerbase by purple review

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