July 24, 2018

Purple vs Purple Hybrid (2, 3 & 4) Mattress Comparison

By now, many are familiar with the mattress brand Purple. After a strong marketing barrage with an interesting concept, it became a popular choice in online mattresses. Today, you can find scores of videos online of customers trying out the “egg challenge” for themselves. After successful sales in the original design, Purple wanted to try out a hybrid design to cover more bases. Using the same unique hyper-elastic polymer grid, can the addition of a coil set make this bed even better? Read our Purple vs Purple hybrid comparison to see if the newcomer can beat the predecessor in this popular mattress line.

purple vs purple hybrid

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Purple – Overview:

purple vs purple hybridThe Purple mattress provides a unique experience in comfort and cooling properties. This design features a grid in the top layer that is made from a hyper-elastic polymer. This gives you open pockets for maximum airflow. You also get enough pressure relief to keep an egg from cracking underneath you weight. This material works to evenly distribute your body for pain relief and contouring that adapts to you.

Reading through our comparison article, you’ll see what this style of bed lacks and where it stands out the most. Could a new design pick up where the original left off? Find out if the original Purple mattress become obsolete now that the hybrid version is available.

Purple Hybrid – Overview:

purple vs purple hybridThe Purple brand wanted to create a mattress that followed a hybrid style while incorporating their grid technology. The Purple Hybrid cam about to solve some of the previous misgivings of the original Purple. It also provides a higher-end experience with selections for your comfort level to customize your mattress.

Edge support and motion transfer may not have been completely solved with the upgrades, but sleeping cool got even better. Find out more about how the new Purple Hybrid did and didn’t improve from the original Purple by reading on.

Check out the full review of the Purple HERE and the Purple Hybrid HERE!

Purple vs Purple Hybrid – Delivery and Off-Gassing:

purple vs bearYour new Purple mattress will arrive in the exclusive Purple bad at no additional charge. It is compressed and roll-packed for convenient shipping. This 110-pound bed will need two people to set it up, so call in a friend for help. Once you’ve placed it in the desired location, you’ll remove it from the Purple bag and begin to unroll it.

After this, remove the wrapping, and watch it expand. It should come to life in a matter of moments. Though, it could take a day or two to fully firm up. During this time, you will likely notice some off-gassing odors. We recommend opening a window and avoiding the area, especially if you are sensitive to smells. Within three to five days, the fragrance should dissipate. Then, you can begin to enjoy your new Purple mattress.

You will have an almost-identical experience with delivery and off-gassing as you do with the original Purple. You still get free shipping with your purchase. Your Purple Hybrid will arrive in the signature Purple bag. It is compressed and roll-packed for convenience. Follow the same steps to get your new Purple Hybrid unboxed and set up. The main difference you will notice is in the weight of this mattress. It will be less or more depending on your selection of grid thickness. Your off-gassing experience will be noticeable but shouldn’t be anything noxious. After a day or two, you can place your bedding for your first night on your Purple Hybrid.

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Purple – Comfort:

purple polymer smart gridThis mattress rates a 5.5 to 6 on a firmness scale, where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest. This universal “one size fits all” level of comfort accommodates most sleeping positions and body shapes and sizes. Back sleepers will have adequate lumbar support with cradling at the neck and shoulders. Side sleepers will get optimal sinking at the hip and shoulder for pressure point relief. Stomach sleepers might need a firmer mattress, as your back tends to bow with the Purple.

Heavier people might feel as though they sink in further but can find good comfort in side and back sleeping. The Smart Comfort Grid™ won’t feel like any other mattress that you’ve experienced before. It is imperative to adjust to this bed for a few days before forming an opinion. The grid texture gives you a sensation that can’t compare to memory foams or latex.

Purple Hybrid – Comfort:

new purple 2 mattressPurple knows that no two people are the same. That’s why they offer three different options for customized comfort. This mattress is available with different thickness of the top layer to give you perfect balance between softness and firmness.

The thicker the grid, the softer the feel. If you like to sleep on your back or stomach, go with the thinnest option. If you sleep primarily on your side, you will enjoy the thickest option. You will still have the same great pressure relief that will evenly distribute your weight.

The addition of a coil system gives you increased support where it is needed. This creates better lumbar support and spinal alignment. This responsive bed won’t leave you feeling stuck in one position for too long. The cover is breathable and soft to the touch.

Purple Mattress – Materials:

The Purple mattress features a one-of-a-kind design, combining foam and a polymer. The top layer features the Purple Smart Comfort Grid™. This is the 2-inch thick hyper-elastic polymer grid is designed for pressure relief. It contours to the body to perfectly distribute your weight. Open areas in the grid allow for maximum air circulation.

The next layer is a transitional foam that measures 3.5 inches thick. It continues the feel of deep comfort by continuing the distribution of body weight to give you balanced sleep. The base layer is 4-inch thick foam that adds a supportive durability to the overall feel. Purple features a zippered cover made from a breathable polyester-blend fabric. It showcases Purple branding along with a diamond pattern.

purple materials

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Purple Hybrid Mattress – Materials:

The Purple Hybrid is the completely revamped style as an answer to what the original was missing. Just like in the predecessor, the hybrid version has a top layer comprised of the Smart Comfort Grid™. However, you get the option to choose between a 2, 3, or 4-inch thick segment to provide your ideal level of firmness. This material works in the same way, no matter your choice, to provide ideal pressure point relief.

A thin layer of Specialized Comfort Foam comes next. This transitional sheet of memory foam is the ideal firmness between cushion and support. Responsive Support Coils make up the next section, providing durability and an effect that counterbalances the softness of the top layers. This is all wrapped together in a breathable Comfort-Stretch Cover that works with the grid to give you adaptable comfort. The Plexus Side Panels of the hybrid are a breathable, mesh-based fabric that allows for even more airflow.

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Purple vs Purple Hybrid – Motion Transfer:

trying purpleWhen you want a mattress that is good at reducing motion transfer, you should look to purchase an all-foam design. Luckily, the original Purple mattress falls into this category. The Smart Comfort Grid™ is a responsive material, but the sensations of movement shouldn’t spread very far. The layer of memory foam underneath this should absorb much of any other vibrations that have reached it. The dense base foam continues to isolate motion transfer. Overall, you will get a restful night of sleep with minimal disturbances when you choose the Purple.

You’ll generally sense more motion transfer in a hybrid bed compared to an all-foam mattress. With the Purple Hybrid, you have a coil system and a polymer grid layer. Together, these do not provide an uninterrupted sleep. Although, the layer of transitional foam absorbs much of the vibrations. You may want to consider another option if you are a light sleeper or need to get up frequently throughout the night. If this isn’t completely necessary for you to enjoy your mattress, the Purple Hybrid can still be a decent choice for you.

Purple vs Purple Hybrid – Sleeping Cool:

purple polymer smart gridThe Smart Comfort Grid™ of the Purple does more than just provide ultimate comfort. It gives you cooling benefits as well, so you can wake feeling refreshed. The open grid allows for warm air to travel away from the body. This creates amazing air circulation. The hyper-elastic polymer grid is responsive to keep you from feeling stuck in one position. This means you can find a cooler spot in no time at all.

It is also a barrier between your body and the poly foam layer. Some mattress companies put this material in the top layer to provide pressure relief. Unfortunately, this component generally retains heat. The Purple is also wrapped in a breathable cover made from temperature-neutral fibers. It is pulled taught to keep it from bunching up or sagging, which can leave warmth trapped around your body.

The hybrid version of the Purple mattress will give you cooling benefits from the same materials. The Smart Comfort Grid™ gives you open channels for warm air to work their way away from your body. 7.5-inch tall coils leave plenty of space for the heat to escape through the Plexus Side Panels mesh material. In short, the hybrid does even better at the already amazing sleeping cool benefits of the original Purple. This mattress should remain temperature neutral throughout the night. Your body heat will be evenly distributed just as well as your weight with these optimal materials.

Purple vs Purple Hybrid – Edge Support:

purple mattressEdge support can be a great way to tell how durable a mattress is. If you only sense a minimal sinking when sitting at the side, then you probably have a high-quality bed. The Purple does a great job at distributing your body weight, giving you a fully usable sleeping surface. Your partner and you can stretch out and sleep right at the edge without feeling like you’ll roll out.

You can also sit at the sides for a short time to get ready in the mornings. However, we don’t recommend sitting there for too long as you won’t get much support. If this feature is important to your mattress purchase, you might want to consider a traditional innerspring mattress. You can also search for a bed that includes a foam encasement or heavy border wire.

The Purple Hybrid might do a smidge better in edge support. The coil set gives you added support. However, these are not reinforced around the perimeter to create a more solid edge for sitting. The Smart Comfort Grid™ has many open cells that give into your weight. This causes more sinking at the point of direct contact. You can still sleep close to the side without feeling like you’ll roll out due to the even weight distribution. You can get as much space as needed from each other if your partner and you like to stretch out.

Purple vs Purple Hybrid – Value:

At $999 for a queen size, the Purple is an affordable price. Though, we think you could find a comparable or better mattress for even less. If you purchase a Purple mattress, you get free shipping in the exclusive Purple bag. You also get a 100-night sleep trial to make sure it’s the perfect mattress for you. During this time, if you decide that you’re unhappy, you can return the Purple. A ten-year warranty is standard for online mattresses, but this backs up any defects you may find during this time.

With three different options, the Purple Hybrid is available at three different price points. In a queen size, the price ranges from $1,599 to $2,799 depending on the thickness of your grid. You still get free shipping in the signature Purple bag. This comes along with a 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. The coil set adds more durability, and you get a customized design for your comfort needs. The price of the hybrid is much more than the original mattress. We feel it did only slightly better, so your extra money might not be worth it.

Purple vs Purple Hybrid – Our Pick!

purple mattressIt’s hard to compare the original Purple to any other mattress. However, using the same grid design, the Purple Hybrid includes a coil system to increase value. The added support still didn’t put a dent in the lack of edge support. It may even be a step backwards in motion transfer. What the hybrid does do better than the original Purple is promoting a cooler sleep and deeper comfort.

We already felt that the first Purple was a bit steep in price. With a range that reaches up to $2,799, we can’t say anything better about the hybrid version. If we had to pick, we’d say that the hybrid is a better choice. It might still be worth it to do research to see if you can find better quality for cheaper.

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