July 25, 2018

Casper vs Helix

The Casper vs Helix mattress review is a great way to see these two popular bed in a box brands side by side. Though they each have unique qualities that set them apart they also share a few similarities. The biggest being their price point right around the $1000 mark. The Casper features an all foam build with a universal comfort option and popular following many know exactly what to expect. The Helix on the other hand is a mattress with several comfort options and is a hybrid build instead. Giving these two beds different appeal to different sleepers. Keep reading our in depth side by side Casper vs Helix mattress comparison to learn all about these two beds.

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Casper Mattress Overview: 

casper vs helixOne of the original bed-in-a-box companies, Casper brought innovation and quality to online mattress ordering. Their one-size-fits-all approach and convenient delivery process quickly made the brand a household name. All-foam materials give the Casper many properties not achievable by other elements. Most sleepers will find a comfortable sleeping position on this style of mattress. Undisrupted sleep is readily achieved while you slumber in a temperature-neutral coziness.

You’ll also experience a consistent sleeping surface, no matter where you lie. The Casper also features a stylishly designed cover that will fit most interiors. You’ll get a standard warranty and sleep trial period with the purchase of a Casper mattress. The price is affordable, but can you find the same quality for less? Find out when you read more about the Casper.

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Helix Mattress Overview: 

casper vs helixHelix has made mattress shopping easy. You can take a short quiz to find the suggested mattress that is perfect for you. With nine different styles, there is a custom comfort level for everyone. Each design includes three different foams that are adjusted to your firmness needs. These mattresses also include coil system with a reinforced perimeter. This gives you bulked up edge support and cooling properties. Even better, the coils are individually-wrapped to decrease in motion transfer.

You can even order a Helix with different firmness levels on each side. This gives your partner and you an optimized comfort experience. The shipping, warranty, and trial-period are all within bed-in-a-box company standards. How will this newer company do in a challenge against an original established brand? Continue reading to discover the answer.

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Casper vs Helix – Off Gassing & Delivery:

casper vs purpleThe Casper brand is one of the bed-in-a-box pioneers. When you place your order, a mattress will be delivered to your door in a convenient box. The mattress is compactly compressed and roll-packed inside to make for easy shipping and in-home placement.

This package will weigh around 85 pounds, so you may need help with setup. Once you’ve got your Casper right where you want it, you’ll remove it from the box. Then, unroll the mattress and remove the plastic wrapper. It will quickly expand and begin the off-gassing process.

While your new Casper takes a day or two to reach its true firmness level, you may notice some smells. If you are sensitive to odors, avoid the area during this time. Fragrances experienced should be minimal, and you can enjoy your new bed after they dissipate.

helix mattress reviewYour new Helix mattress will be delivered to your home about a week after you place your order. The shipping is included at no additional price. Each different design will vary in weight, so have a friend help with setup. You’ll simply remove the Helix from its box, position it how you see fit, unroll it, and remove the wrapping.

The mattress will take shape quickly but may take up to an entire day to fully firm up. You could experience some smells during this off-gassing process. However, the Helix is made in the USA, so any odors will be harmless. If you need to, avoid the area while the Helix breathes. After this, place your bedding and enjoy your new Helix mattress.

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Casper vs Helix – Comfort:

The Casper & Helix mattresses are going to be quite a bit different when it comes to comfort and materials.The comfort and firmness aspect is highly subjective to each sleeper. However, when comparing these beds to each other there will be a few ways of objectively approach how comfortable they may be for you.

The Casper all foam mattress comes in one universal feel that is meant to be ideal for almost everyone. The Helix mattress is a custom made hybrid bed that is configured specifically to your ideal comfort. Not only are do these beds have different approaches to comfort, they also utilize different materials that have pros and cons to each. Below we will go through the details of the materials for both mattresses to give you a better idea of what each is made of.

Casper Mattress Comfort: 

casper vs loom and leaf mattress comparisonThe Casper brand claims to be the “one perfect mattress for everyone.” While it does offer a universal comfort, certain sleepers may need a softer or firmer feel. On a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest, the Casper is a 6-6.5.

This leads to great sleep for those who prefer a back or stomach position. While back sleeping, you’ll get lumbar support and hugging at the neck and shoulders. In stomach sleeping, you will have the firmness required to prevent the back from bowing.

Side sleepers might sense the Casper as too firm to get enough sinking at the hip and shoulder for comfort. Heavier sleepers may sense this mattress on the softer side, so they could need more firmness for proper spinal alignment. Relentless, the Casper is a good fit for many consumers.

Helix Mattress Comfort: 

helix mattress reviewThe Helix is very special in that it gives you a multitude of options for ideal comfort. None of the Helix mattresses will lack support, but each one will have ideal feels to accommodate various sleepers. Included are nine different options to make sure you get the perfect firmness level. Six of the options feature consistent comfort for the entire bed. While two of the specialty mattresses offer dual comfort for partners with different sleeping preferences. And the last specialty mattress available is ideal for big and tall sleepers.

The standard six available choices include the Sunset, Moonlight, Midnight, Dusk, Twilight and Dawn. The Sunset has a plusher feel that is ideal for side sleepers who are average or petite persons. The Moonlight provides the same soft feel as the Sunset, only for those who are large-framed. The Midnight is suitable for average to smaller people who sleep in all positions and prefer a medium feel.

helix mattress reviewThe Dusk is for larger persons who prefer to sleep in all positions. Average-sized persons who like the feeling of extra support will also enjoy the Dusk. The Twilight is geared towards average or smaller persons who sleep on their backs of stomachs. The Dawn is the firmest option available. It is great for those who are larger and prefer a firm feel. It is also great for those who are smaller and prefer a very firm feel.

The dual comfort options available are the Dual Balanced and the Dual extra. Offering a softer side and firmer side to appeal to different sleepers who share abed. While the Helix Nightfall is a specialty mattress created for heavier and taller people. This mattress has increased support as well as an added layer making it more durable and even a little thicker.

Casper – Materials & Construction:

Casper is an all-foam mattress that measures 12 inches thick. A dense thick foam is complimented with three thinner layers of varying foams. The top segment is a sheet of breathable comfort foam. It provides the Casper with a responsive nature with a soft feel. It prevents you from sinking too far and is breathable to add to heat reduction qualities.

The next material is a density memory foam. It relieves pressure points with contouring properties. After this comes a density transitional poly foam. Deep comfort is achieved through even weight distribution that creates healthy alignment and pain relief.

The final component of the Casper is a foundation of density poly foam base. This increases the durability of the Casper by giving the other foams a solid foundation. A premium, woven polyester cover optimally wraps the Casper with soft-to-the-touch comfort. It features a gray and white color scheme.

casper vs tomorrow

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Helix – Materials and Construction:

The materials for the Helix are almost the same in each variation (excluding the Nightfall). Four layers stack up to create a 10-inch thick mattress in each design. The top two layers are made from foam. A memory foam lies directly on top to provide you with contouring pressure relief. The next layer is a Helix Dynamic foam that adds a responsive bounce. These components feature different densities to create alternate firmness levels in each kind of Helix.

A coil system comes next in the list of materials. The 6-inch thick pocketed coil set with reinforced perimeters is the same in each design. It lends support and deep comfort. The base foam varies like the top two layers to provide more or less core support for each mattress. All of the Helix mattresses also come with a soft and durable cover. This cover is great for easy washing since it can be easily zippered off , removed and thrown into your washing machine.

The Nightfall mattress’s construction and materials are much different than the other offerings from Helix. In this style, five layers create a 12-inch thick bed. The Helix Dynamic foam makes up the topmost component. Next, comes a layer of dense memory foam, followed by a sheet of deep comfort transitional foam. The Nightfall is finished off with an XL wrapped coil system and extremely dense base foam. Now, heavier sleepers can get support and comfort.

casper vs helix

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Casper vs Helix – Motion Transfer:

The Casper provides a night of minimal disturbances. This is no surprise since all-foam mattresses tend to provide the best results in isolating motion transfer. Four different layers will quickly absorb any movement created by repositioning.

casper wave mattressWith the Casper, your spouse can get in and out of bed without the fear of disrupting your sleep. Vibrations won’t travel far with so many sheets of foam to stop them. Even if you have a pet that likes to move around a lot in your bed, you should sleep soundly. The Casper is an excellent choice for a light sleeper.

Even though Helix mattresses feature coil systems, your experience in motion transfer should remain minimal. This is due to the dense nature of the foams utilized in their construction. They work to deaden any vibrations that should travel across the bed.

The coil sets in each Helix are comprised of individually-wrapped innersprings. This isolates movement created when changing positions or getting in and out of bed. There is little to no partner disturbance present in this great mattress line. Couples will love the support and comfort doubled by the reduction in motion transfer that the Helix provides.

Casper vs Helix – Sleeping Cool: 

A few provisions have been made in the Casper to give you a cooler night’s sleep. First, the cover is made with a breathable woven stretch knit cover. It wraps around the structure just right to prevent bunching and sagging that can lead to heat retention.

helix mattress reviewThe foams have a firmer feel to keep you from sinking too far. This leads to increased airflow directly around the body. The top layer of foam is also an open cell material that draws heat away from the body. Together, these factors have given the Casper a regulated temperature experience for most users. However, very warm sleepers may be better suited for a more breathable and heat dissipating hybrid, like the Helix.

The Helix boasts several factors that aid in heat reduction. Though foams tend to retain heat, the coil system increases air circulation. Warm air can escape through the openings between each coil. This alleviates the warmth collected in the foam layers above.

Each mattress includes a top cover layer and a lower cover layer to increase breathability. You can upgrade the cover on your Helix to include the cooling cover option. This pulls heat away from the body to generate a cool touch. You can select a firmer version from this line to prevent warm air from becoming trapped due to excessive sinking. With the Helix, you will wake feeling refreshed after your night of temperature-neutral sleep.

Casper vs Helix – Edge Support:

Edge support is an important factor to carefully consider during the process of purchasing your next mattress. This factor can tell you the true quality and overall durability of the brand you are examining. With the Casper, you will find the edge support gives you a totally usable sleeping surface. You shouldn’t experience a rolling out sensation when lying at the sides or ends.

However, when sitting at the side you might feel yourself sinking in. We don’t recommend sitting at the edge of a mattress for prolonged periods. Still, this is important to mention for those that sit while readying for bed or waking in the mornings.

With the Helix mattress you’ll experience a high-end feel in edge support. All-foam styles tend to sink in at the sides, so the addition of a coil system is a great start. Helix takes it one step further with reinforced coils around the perimeter for more durability. Creating a very consistent sleeping surface that will leave you full use of the mattress. Whether you want to sleep in the middle or right up to the edge you will feel the same quality of support.

Though we never recommend sitting on the sides for long, you will have a stronger support. The reinforced perimeter and dense foam layers make the Helix a more durable feel than the Casper offers. This is true for both sleeping and sitting, giving the edge in edge support to Helix.

Casper vs Helix – Value:

A new Casper mattress can be yours in a queen size for just $995. This price point includes your shipping in a convenient compressed box. You’ll also receive a 10-year warranty, should you experience any problems with your Casper. Make sure this mattress is the perfect fit for you with the complimentary 100-night sleep trial. Save $100 on your purchase with our exclusive coupon code: SLEEPGUIDE. These offering make the Casper a reasonable value. Though, we feel you’ll get a better product for the same or less with a little bit of proper research.

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The Helix company was able to keep their prices competitive, even with luxury materials used. Your purchase price will differ dependent on the style you choose. A queen size will cost anywhere from $995 to $1,190. Upgrading to the cooling cove will comes at an additional charge. Your final price will include convenient shipping directly to your door. You also get a 10-year warranty that covers defects and flaws. You can try out the Helix worry-free during your 100-night sleep trial. Having a customizing experience in mattress purchasing increases the value of the Helix.

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Casper vs Helix – Our Pick:

helix matress reviewThe Casper mattress is an excellent selection in an affordable price range. It will provide you with a comfort level that suits most sleepers in almost any sleeping position. You’ll get outstanding isolation of motion transfer and an almost temperature-neutral sleep. It gives you a fully usable sleeping surface but lacks in support for sitting at the sides.

The Helix mattress has nine different options to give you customized comfort, no matter your needs. High-density foams stop vibrations from traveling across the mattress. You can upgrade to a cooling cover to improve heat reduction properties. The coil system is reinforced around the perimeter for improved edge support. Helix is also made in the USA.

These brands are priced right at the same amount and include the same free shipping, sleep-trial, and warranty. For these reasons, the Helix is just a better purchase in comparison to the Casper.

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