July 30, 2018

Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux

When it comes to sleep, comfort options these days are limitless. There are hundreds of mattresses to choose from with different firmness options. With so many choices it can be difficult to decide. Not sure if you prefer innerspring or memory foam? Maybe a hybrid? Well we are putting up two mattresses that specialize in cooling and pressure relief to the test. Even though one is all foam and the other is a hybrid there are several similarities. And, obvious differences too. Continue reading our Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux comparison for an in-depth review, and surely the choice will be clear.

Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Overview:

brooklyn aurora vs puffy luxThere’s a reason for its royal name. The Brooklyn Aurora is the highest quality mattress of Brooklyn Bedding and allows three comfort options. Three options means you’re sure to have sleep fit for a king. The Brooklyn Aurora is a latex alternative hybrid mattress that uses innovative technology to combine memory foam and coil. This gives you a unique mattress perfect for relief and comfort, but also the durability to provide years of great sleep.

The #1 benefit of a hybrid mattress? You get all the perks without breaking the bank. From edge support to sleeping cool, limited motion transfer and comfort, the Brooklyn Aurora has the dreamiest qualities for a down-to-earth price. The TitanFlex and TitanCool materials ensure you are getting the best quality. While the 120-day trial period plus 10-year warranty ensures Brooklyn Bedding is committed to that quality. If you’re looking for luxury comfort that will last, the Brooklyn Aurora is the mattress for you.

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Puffy Lux Mattress Overview:

brooklyn aurora vs puffy luxYou know you’re buying a quality mattress when the Puffy Lux is created as an upgrade to the original Puffy. Puffy mattresses have been in high demand in 2017 and 2018. This mattress is a true memory foam that includes the. Plush Cloud Foam and Core Support Foam of the Puffy. But with the Puffy Lux, you also get a 2” layer of Plush Cloud Foam. That’s 12” of  pure memory foam comfort for all sleeping positions and sizes.

With the Puffy Lux, you can say hello to the coolest memory foam you’ve ever had. In addition to its cooling layers, the Puffy Lux is also wrapped in a breathable cover that stays cool to the touch. And staying cool isn’t the only benefit! The Puffy Lux offers minimal sleep disturbance, durability, edge support, and at an unbeatable price. The Puffy Lux is comparable to the Tempur-Pedic which is 2 to 3 times more for your wallet. If you love the feel of a classic memory foam, but want to beat the heat, the Puffy Lux is your perfect match!

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Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux – Delivery & Unboxing:

brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridThere is nothing more magical than having the Brooklyn Aurora delivered straight to your door. It will arrive in a compact box approximately 100+ lbs., so make sure you have an extra set of hands. Once your mattress is in its desired location, take it out of the box and remove the plastic. Although it recommends 24 to fully expand and firm up, per one couple’s review, it only took a few minutes to expand and a couple hours to firm up.

Like any other mattress in a box, you may notice a little off-gassing while it expands. But with the Brooklyn Aurora, this will be very little because it is made in the US. If you are hyper sensitive to smells you may open a window for a few hours, but rest assured that there are no noxious fumes.

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puffy vs tuloThe best thing you’ll get with the Puffy Lux is free shipping delivered straight to your door in 2-5 days. The Puffy Lux is also fairly heavy at about 90 lbs. so you will want the extra help to maneuver it. Once you have the mattress in place, remove the box and plastic. As the foams expand you may notice a slight smell from the plastic wrap.

The Puffy Lux is made in the US, with the highest quality, Certi-PUR foams, so the odor will be minimal. But if you are extra sensitive to smells, an open window will speed the process. Keep in mind that the foams take approximately 24 to 48 hours to fully expand, so your perfect night’s sleep is only a day away.

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Brooklyn Aurora Mattress Materials:

The high quality Brooklyn Aurora mattress is made up of 6 layers of foam and coils, to give you a total of 13”. The first three layers of memory foam sit atop the very durable coil system. The very first layer is 1.5” and 4 lbs. of CopperFlex foam with TitalCool technology. The TitalCool is a phase change materials and a cooling surface for added temperature control. This foam is highly responsive, but immediately cooling, which makes it a great top layer. The first layer will also be adjusted accordingly for comfort with each firmness; soft, medium, or firm.

The second layer is 2” or 4 lb. TitanFlex foam. It has the same properties as the first layer, but added firmness for more support and pressure relief. The third foam layer is a breathable layer of 1” Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This layer minimizes motion transfer, provides additional support, and added comfort. It will also hug and contour your body perfectly. It is important to have this third layer of foam because it is the perfect transition between the more responsive TitanFlex layers to the coil system.

The following two layers makeup the durability of the mattress. The core of the mattress is 8” of thick Quantum Edge Encased Coil System. Each coil is individually wrapped in fabric. This creates numerous benefits including: easy movement, great support, heat dissipation, and the perfect pressure relief. The final layer is 1” thick of dense base support foam. It provides a solid and firm foundation while giving a flat surface to the coil layer, so that it may do its job.

Finally, you’ll love the sleek and durable cover on the Brooklyn Aurora. The soft and breathable cover uses the TitanCool technology to keep the mattress cool against your skin. The cover is velvety soft to the touch and even has handles to make it easy to move. All of these layers create a comfortable durable mattress that will change the way you sleep forever.

brooklyn bedding aurora vs signature mattres

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Puffy Lux Mattress Materials:

puffy lux layersThe Puffy Lux is 12” of genuine quality and comfort. It uses the same layers as the original, but with an added layer that truly changes your sleep. The added layer of Plush Cloud Foam gives that extra plushness, so you truly feel like you are sleeping on a cloud.

The first layer is 3” of the Cooling Cloud Foam. This foam consists of a gel infused visco polyurethane foam (non-latex). It uses convection and conduction to remove heat away from your body. It is gel infused which creates 8x more airflow than standard foam. This means you’re sleeping comfortable and cool.

The second layer is exclusive to the Puffy Lux, it is a Dual Cloud Foam, it is made to be ultra adaptive in order to take resistance away from your pressure points.

While the third layer is all about keeping you cool, they made it out of the ClimateComfort Foam. Ultra breathable, this layer also helps with relieving pressure points. However it also helps to move heat away from the body.

The fourth and final layer is 7” of the Firm Core Support Foam. This layer provides strength and durability making it ideal for all sleeping sizes. It uses Insta-Firm technology that provides 99% better responsiveness and 4x the support. With the Puffy Lux you get it all for all sleepers, sleeping positions, and sizes.

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Brooklyn Aurora Comfort:

brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Aurora spells comfort with superior support and optimal contouring. You can easily feel the pressure relief, without a feeling of being stuck. The Brooklyn Aurora gives you three amazing firmness options, all measured on a 1to 10 firmness scale; soft, medium, and firm.

The soft will give you approximately 3 on the firmness scale. It is perfect for side and back sleepers. This option is slightly softer on top and allows your hip and shoulders to sink in a bit more easily. The medium option gives you a 5 on the firmness scale. As it should be, the medium would be ideal for any sleeper/ sleeping position because it is soft enough for contouring, but firm enough for support. Of course, the medium option is the most popular for the Brooklyn Aurora.

Lastly, the firm option measures about a 7. This option is best for stomach and back sleepers because the firmness creates a little more cushion so you don’t sink in too much. A firm mattress is also best for heavier persons because it won’t feel too soft. No matter which option you choose, you’re getting the highest quality comfort with the Brooklyn Aurora. 

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Puffy Lux Comfort:

puffy lux mattress reviewAlthough it may share a partial name with the original, when it comes to comfort, the Puffy Lux stands out from its counterpart. The added 2” of Plush Cloud Foam makes a difference you can feel. The Puffy Lux is designed to be at that “sweet spot” between medium and firm, which makes it ideal for all sleeping positions, unless you like a little more softness on your side. The 5.5- 7 score creates adaptable support, pressure relief, and optimal comfort.

The top layer of a Cooling Cloud Foam is specifically ideal for relieving pressure points and distributing weight. But when you add the Plush Cloud Foam beneath, you get deep comfort. Because the Puffy Lux gives you just enough sink without sacrificing support, it is ideal for back, side, stomach sleepers, and couples. The Puffy Lux goes above and beyond by taking into account every point on your body. The combination of firm support and cloud-like top layers, make this mattress ideal for your every sleeping need. If you sleep in any way, shape, or position, the Puffy Lux is the mattress for you.

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Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux – Motion Transfer:

puffy lux mattress reviewWhen it comes to motion transfer, Brooklyn Bedding will never disappoint. Both the Brooklyn Aurora and Puffy Lux are unbeatable when it comes to motion transfer. When you think of the coil system beneath the Brooklyn Aurora, you may be thinking the mattress has more spring that anything. But the memory foam in addition to the individually wrapped coils means they will reduce any movement in the mattress.

The goal is for the Brooklyn Aurora to be easy to move on without any partner disturbance. The transition layer in between the foam and coils makes sure of this. It acts as a barrier between the TitanFlex and the coils. For a hybrid mattress, you wouldn’t even know it’s a hybrid mattress thanks to its smooth motion transfer.

As a memory foam, the Puffy Lux naturally takes the gold. It avoids materials like latex or coils that are naturally more buoyant. The foams are firm enough to support you, but soft enough to cocoon you. This stops vibrations from traveling, dead in their tracks. The thick, dense, base layers are the key for minimal sleep disturbance for partners or even the lightest sleeper. The Puffy Lux is the perfect amount of luxury and support while isolating motion. We promise you’ll get the best night’s sleep.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux – Sleeping Cool:

brooklyn auroraSleeping cool is ideal for a great night’s sleep, but can be hard to accomplish with memory foam. However both the Brooklyn Aurora and PuffyLux put sleeping cool first. For the Brooklyn Aurora, the first two layers of TitanFlex foam are a latex alternative that is naturally aerated and non-heat absorbing. In addition, the top uses a TitanCool, a water based surface that uses high conductivity to draw heat away.

Sound cool enough yet? If not, you can’t forget the added TitaniumGel which increases breathability. The coil system is also perfect for sleeping cool because the space between the coils allows for a place for heat to escape to. Finally, the velvety cover is infused with phase changing material that wicks away moisture and keeps it cool to the touch. It is clear to see that the Brooklyn Aurora has taken many steps to ensure coolness, in fact it is rated the #1 mattress for hot sleepers. Now that’s tough to beat

Since the Brooklyn Aurora is rated #1, anything else can only be second. However, the Puffy Lux also puts in its greatest coolness efforts. You know the Puffy Lux Sleeps Cool with its patented Cooling Cloud Foam. Although memory foams typically sleep warm, this layer was specifically designed to create 8x more airflow. Not to mention the gel infusion uses convection and conduction to remove heat away from your body and out of the mattress.

This means you get the true memory foam feel without sacrificing coolness. In addition the foundation of dense core supports foam ensures that you don’t sink in. This always makes for sleeping cool when you can sleep on top of and not in the mattress. Finally, like the Brooklyn Aurora, the cover on the Puffy Lux is also cool to the touch, for that initial cool feeling as you slip into bed.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux – Edge Support:

brooklyn auroraAs a hybrid mattress the Brooklyn Aurora is going to beat out the Puffy Lux for edge support. You can utilize the Brooklyn Aurora from edge to edge. The Quantum coils create solid support, while also giving the mattress a reinforced perimeter. The Brooklyn Aurora is consistent across the top, while giving you extra support when sitting on the edge.

It is hard to beat the high durability of the Brooklyn Aurora, but the Puffy Lux has a lot to offer. The entire perimeter and surface is usable sleeping space. The quality, dense foams that make up the Puffy Lux create consistency and durability that your body will thank you for. Surprisingly, the Puffy Lux is even supportive enough for the casual side sitting.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux – Value:

Considering the outstanding quality of the Brooklyn Aurora and Puffy Lux, you get great value with each mattress. The Brooklyn Aurora comes in at $1699 for a queen, but with our exclusive additional 20% off coupon, it’s only $1359. Just use code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20 to save plenty on this cool bed. Combine great quality with free shipping, 120-night sleep trial, and  a 10-year warranty. You’ve got all the value you can get! Shop for yours now at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Similarly, the price for the high quality Puffy Lux is unbeatable. The Puffy Lux offers a queen mattress for $1795, but with our $300 off coupon that price is only $1495! The Puffy Lux also comes with free shipping, 101-night sleep trial, and limited lifetime warranty. The added thickness and comfort of the Puffy Lux makes it the best value of most memory foams. So you definitely want to snag yours today at Puffy.com.

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On a tight budget? Maybe the less expensive Brooklyn Signature is a better fit. Or the original Puffy Lux Mattress Reviews.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialAs mentioned above, when it comes to trial period, the Brooklyn Aurora and Puffy Lux go tit for tat. The Brooklyn Aurora offers a 120- night sleep trial, while the Puffy Lux is 101- nights. Regardless, both are greater than the standard 100-night and truthfully, you won’t even need that long to fall in love with these mattresses.

As for warranty, the Puffy Lux offers a great limited lifetime warranty! This includes full replacement of the mattress within the first 10 years as long as it is in the original owner’s possession. After the first 10 years, any malfunctions will be repaired or replaced. This unique warranty just goes to show how committed the Puffy Lux and Brooklyn Bedding is to your best sleep. The Brooklyn Aurora gives you a standard 10-year warranty, but you just can’t beat a lifetime.

Brooklyn Aurora vs Puffy Lux – Summary:

It’s difficult to choose between apples and oranges; a hybrid and a memory foam. They may seem like completely different animals, but when you’re evaluating the Brooklyn Aurora and Puffy Lux as a simple mattress, the Brooklyn Aurora will have a slightly greater edge. The Brooklyn Aurora is going to be cooler, with more edge support, and greater durability just because it is a hybrid with coil system. Plus, the firmness options make it individualized for the sleeper. It is also a fraction cheaper and every dollar counts. The Brooklyn Aurora is truly the mattress of royalty, but the Puffy Lux will have you sleeping on a cloud.

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