July 30, 2018

Purple vs Nectar

Nothing beats sleep. Except maybe better sleep. Don’t settle for sleep, get better sleep. Find out which mattress will provide that in our Purple vs Nectar review. Both offer a comfortable all memory foam mattress delivered straight to your door. The Purple is perhaps more famous as a brand than it is a color. It’s success is only equally matched by its comfort. The Nectar is comfortable, yet affordable, so you can have a good night’s sleep, without breaking the bank. If you’re not sure which to choose, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading below for an in-depth Purple vs Nectar mattress review, and let your best sleep begin.

purple and nectar mattress side by side
Purple Mattress Overview:

woman enjoying music on a purple mattressThe Purple Mattress is so popular as a mattress brand, you might even forget that it’s a color. It’s name is almost  as quirky as it’s design, but with great success. The Purple has a unique, polymer grid beneath the surface. This feature is a one of a kind and we love it!

The grid maintains coolness from the moment you slip into bed while also being the ultimate pressure relief. Purple mattress offers a unique mattress, promising comfort, and the convenience of being shipped right to your door. The only thing left to do is for you to try it out. Take it from the hundreds of other people using Purple mattress, you won’t be disappointed!

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Nectar Mattress Overview:

nectar in a staged roomYet another dominant online brand, the Nectar gained its popularity in 2017 and isn’t slowing down. In fact, Nectar grew so rapidly, some people had to wait to receive their $850 memory foam mattress. In 2018, the Nectar company is now prepared to keep up with their demand.

As they should be, since the Nectar is ideal for most sleepers and sleeping positions, that’s a whole lot of mattresses! The Nectar is also made to relieve pressure while maintaining ergonomic alignment. It is made of a cooler foam to dissipate heat and the best part, it’s friendly on your wallet.

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Purple vs Nectar – Delivery & Unboxing:

purple mattress wrapped and standing upWhen you’re shopping online, delivery and unboxing is just as important as what you purchase. That’s why Purple and Nectar mattress brands have perfected their delivery and unboxing system. Your Purple mattress will arrive in a unique purple plastic bag. Despite its charming color, the mattress weighs about 110 lbs and you will need assistance to maneuver it. Once you get it where it needs to be, remove the plastic and watch your mattress come to life.

While your mattress expands, you may notice a little off-gassing, but this should be very slight since the Purple mattress is made in the USA. It is recommended to have a window open during the unboxing process, and for the next few days. Per a real-life review, the Purple did have a lingering smell, but it was not a noxious one and only lasted 3-5 days.

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The biggest difference with the Nectar mattress is that it is made in China and shipped to the US. Although your Nectar mattress won’t take any longer to arrive at your door, the materials may be less healthy and sustainable. The Nectar weighs in at about 70 lbs, but you may still want assistance getting it where it needs to be. After, simply remove it from the box and carefully cut it open.

Right away, the mattress will expand about 50%. Give your mattress at least 24- 48 hours to fully expand and reach its comfort potential. This is the perfect amount of time to allow off-gassing anyway. Due to its far journey and long packaging time, you may notice some fumes with your Nectar. Open a window while the mattress is expanding and this should solve the smell problem.

Purple Mattress Materials:

purple polymer smart gridThe Purple gives you 9.5” of pure, one of a kind comfort. It has 3 layers of combined polymer and foam, and you will love each layer. The first is a 2” hyper-elastic polymer grid. This patented Purple grid provides you with the ultimate pressure relief, alleviating pressure points for the best support and sink. The grid also allows for a much cooler sleeping surface than typical foam. The open grid structure allows for optimal air circulation. So if you’re naturally a warm sleeper, this may be the mattress for you.

The middle layer is 3.5” of transitional foam. This performs just as it is named. It works with the top layer while deep comfort to travel through it. The middle layer is the balancing act and also distributes weight evenly over the mattress. The final layer is 4” of base foam. It creates a foundation to support the entire mattress from top to bottom. The base layer also adds durability and longevity to the life of the Purple mattress.

Finally, wrap it all up in a breathable polyester-blend zippers cover, and you have the compete Purple mattress. It is composed of 69% polyester, 27% viscose, and 4% Lycra. This makes the cover breathable and soft, with great response.  The cover is conveniently washable and uniquely printed with diamonds to keep it quirky. Sound too good to be true yet?

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Nectar Mattress Materials:

The Nectar gives you a few more inches than the Purple for a total of 11”. It includes four layers and a cover, all of which are designed with you (the sleeper) in mind. The cover is a TENCEL cooling cover. It promotes air circulation, heat wicking, and is bedbug resistant.

The first foam layer is a quilted gel memory foam. This is intended to give the mattress loft and air circulation while contouring perfectly to your body. The next foam layer is a typical gel memory foam that distributes weight evenly and provides pressure relief. The third layer is an adaptive hi-core memory foam. This recovery foam supports the body while proving rebound and bounce. Finally, the breathing base layer supports all the other layers and creates a stable foundation. For a budget-friendly mattress, that’s a whole lot of comfort for a great price.

nectar mattress layersPurple Mattress Comfort:

trying purpleWhen you sleep on the Purple mattress, you’ll get a universal, one size fits all comfort level. The mattress is a medium feel that is rated 5.5 – 6 on a 1-10 firmness scale. The Purple is designed to be ultra-comfortable, but the unique grid design may take some getting used to. After that, it is ideal for most sleepers and sleeping positions.

Back sleepers are in luck because the Purple mattress provides good lumbar support and good pressure relief, while contouring to your back and neck. For side sleepers, the grid design gives the perfect amount of sink for your shoulder and hips, without feeling too soft. Stomach sleepers on the other hand, may not love the Purple if you like more support on your stomach. The open-grid may leave your back bowing a little. This also pertains to heavier people, sleeping on your stomach may be out of the question.

In all cases, the Purple mattress is worth a try because it is a totally different animal than anything you’ve experienced. It is sure to beat out your old spring mattress, so give it a try!

Nectar Mattress Comfort:

couple laying on nectar mattressThe Nectar is also a universal feel, coming in at medium-firm. This mattress ranges from a 5.5- 7 on a 1- 10 firmness scale, with variations depending on your size and shape. If you like a slower responding, all-foam feel, this mattress is the one for you. As detailed above, there are several foam layers in the Nectar to cocoon your body. This is great for pressure relief, but may give you that stuck in the mud feeling. Compared to the Purple, the Nectar will sleep much warmer, so if you’re already a warm sleeper, you may want to rethink.

The Nectar offers a true memory foam feel, so it should be suitable for many. The mattress is manufactured in China which may beg questions of the quality of materials. But with a 365- night sleep trial plus super low price, you won’t lose a thing for trying it.

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Purple vs Nectar – Motion Transfer:

blank nectar bedWhen it comes to motion transfer, less is more. You want less motion transfer in a mattress to get more sleep. Especially if you’re sleeping with a partner, which most of us do, you don’t want their sleepless nights to turn into your sleepless nights. Most memory foam mattresses will have little motion transfer, so how does the unique polymer grid of the Purple compare? Per a real life review, there was minimal motion transfer and therefore minimal sleep disturbance

Similarly, the all-foam Nectar mattress absorbs vibrations quickly so you barely feel movement. For light sleepers, partners with different, sleep schedules, or parents that get up and feed the baby multiple times a night, limited motion transfer is a must. Fortunately, you have two choices when it comes to motion transfer because both mattresses are top- notch!

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Purple vs Nectar – Sleeping Cool:

Another important factor for good quality sleep is sleeping cool. No one wants to wake up in the middle of the night sweating, so sleeping cool is a must have. The Purple mattress is guaranteed to sleep cool like no other, due to its unique design. The open grid provides ample space for circulation and air flow. Pair that with a thin breathable cover and there’s no way you could wake up sweating, except maybe a cold sweat.

On the other hand, memory foams naturally do not sleep cool. Most memory foams try to include properties that will turn down the temperature a little, but it’s still foam. The quality of the Nectar mattress may beg to question if it is able to add these properties, but it does attempt two cooling features. One is its firmness level. Since the Nectar is more firm, this will prevent you from sinking, and sleeping towards the top of the mattress will keep you cool. Two is its cover, which is a softer more breathable material that wicks away moisture. Still, if you’re a warmer than average sleeper, the Purple triumphs at sleeping cool.

Purple vs Nectar – Edge Support:

wrapped purple mattress leaning on bedEdge support is often a forgotten category. It determines if the edges of a mattress are suitable for sleeping, sitting, or both. As you can imagine, the open-grid form of the Purple mattress makes it fall short when it comes to sitting on the edge. It is less supportive than a dense foam mattress and does not have the border wire of a spring and coil mattress. However, if you’re worried about sleeping surface, you should be able to sleep on the edge of the Purple, without feeling like you’re sliding off. The Purple scores a 3.95 out of 5 for edge support.

The Nectar comes pretty close for edge support. Similar to the Purple, you will be able to use the entire surface edge to edge for sleeping, but sitting is less successful. Sitting on the edge of the Nectar mattress, you will fee, it compress beneath you and not be able to sit for very long. This section is unrated.

When it comes to edge support neither of these beds are going to have the best. If that is what you want and a memory foam mattress too than find the best in our Best Memory Foam Mattresses page. All of these beds offer ample and supportive sleeping surfaces and solid edge support to boot. 

Purple vs Nectar – Value:

The Nectar might take the bait when it comes to choosing the less expensive option, but neither mattress is the perfect quality for their price. The Purple is $999 for a  queen, but you may be paying more for the brand than the mattress. Although it is a unique design, its materials are just okay for the price you pay.

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The Nectar is a little lower at $850 for the base price, plus typically there are added coupons. You won’t get stellar-quality materials with the Nectar either, so at least you’re paying a little less, which increases its value.

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Purple vs Nectar – Trial Period & Warranty:

purple mattress owners manualTrial period and warranty are highly important when choosing a mattress, especially online. If you aren’t satisfied with the mattress, the least you should be able to do is return it easily. Fortunately, both the Purple and Nectar offer this luxury. The Purple offers the standard 100 night sleep trial plus ten year warranty. This allows you plenty of time to see if the mattress is a good fit, while also indicating that the company stands behind their product.

The Nectar offers a little more with 365 night trial period, and lifetime warranty. These are highly generous offers, not to mention their customer service team will make it easy to get you a full refund if you dislike the mattress.

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Purple vs Nectar – Summary:

No matter what, quality always beats quantity. So, the Nectar may give you more inches, more layers, and a better trial period/ warranty combo, but those are just numbers. When it gets down to the sleepy side of things, the Purple is going to provide more comfort, better quality materials made in the USA, and a cooler night’s sleep. It’s worth staying up with the trends, the Purple’s unique polymer grid may just be the mattress design of the future.

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