November 26, 2019

Brooklyn Bedding Aurora vs Signature Mattress Review

The Brooklyn Signature vs Aurora mattress review is a great match up. The Aurora and Signature mattress are both hybrid beds designed by Brooklyn Bedding. While they share similarities in some materials and quality, they also have many different features that make them unique and distinct. The combination makes it great for comparing the two in order to determine which is better for you. Our Brooklyn Bedding Aurora vs Signature mattress review will go through key points of each mattress, starting with a condensed at a glance comparison as well as an in-depth review comparing the two. This is a great pairing so let’s get to it.

signature hybrid vs aurora brooklyn bedding beds review

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Quick Glance Comparison

Brooklyn Bedding Signature:

  • comparison review signature vs aurora11.5” Thick – 5 Layers
  • Made in America
  • 3 Comfort Options
  • Solid Construction
  • Latex-Style Comfort
  • Very Low Motion Transfer
  • Great Value for Your Money
  • Trial Period: 120 Days
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Price: $599 – $1249

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Brooklyn Bedding Aurora:

  • aigniture vs aurora mattress review13” Thick – 6 Layers
  • Made in America
  • 3 Comfort Options
  • Solid Construction
  • Latex-Style Comfort
  • Sleeps Cool
  • Loads of Edge Support
  • Trial Period: 120 Days
  • Warranty: 10 Years
  • Price: $999 – $2124

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The Winner:

which is better the signature or the aurora mattress from brooklyn beddingMaterials: Aurora
Motion Transfer: Signature
Edge Support: Signature
Sleeping Cool: Aurora
Overall Comfort: Aurora
Delivery & Setup: Tie
Value: Signature
Trial Period & Warranty: Tie

Winner: Brooklyn Bedding Aurora

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Aurora vs Signature – Materials

When it comes to the overall quality of build and materials these beds will be rather similar. Since they are both made by Brooklyn Bedding, these beds are coming out of the same factories

Both the Aurora and the Signature mattress come from the same mattress brand Brooklyn Bedding. This company is known for their quality materials and premium comfort. So you know you are getting a great mattress made out of quality materials no matter which mattress you choose. However, Brooklyn Bedding did change the materials and feel on these beds.

Signature Materials & Construction:

The original Signature mattress by Brooklyn Bedding is actually an all foam mattress. (See our review for the all-foam mattress

Base Layer

aurora mattress materialsThe bottom layer of foam on the Brooklyn Bedding Aurora mattress is made out of 1” density foam. This layer may be small but it gives a level of support to the coil system above.

Coil System

6” Individually Encased Ascension X Coils, this coil system provides the bulk of the reactive support to this mattress. It is a big improvement over the original all-foam version of this bed. While coils are known to add lots of movement to a mattress Brooklyn Bedding has individually encased each coil, this limits the amount of motion transfer throughout the bed, while retaining motion where you need it. This makes it easier to reposition yourself in the bed without having that “stuck” feeling that some all-foam beds give.

Transition Layer

2” Energex Support, this transitional layer is made out of a high density foam this adds a layer od deep compression and comfort between the coils and the rest of the mattress.

Comfort Layer

2” Titanflex Foam, this two inch layer is made out of their patented hyper-elastic Titanflex foam. This foam has the immediate response and comfort of a Latex, with the contouring comfort of a memory foam. This foam is infused with TitaniumGel, which helps to keep their sleepers cool, while also having antibacterial properties.


Premium Quilted Top. This cover is made out of cotton and is quilted into the mattress. This quilting adds a premium feel to the bed and keeps the cover from sagging or floating around. The cotton keeps the mattress nice and breathable and is soft to the touch.

signature hybrid brooklyn bedding mattress materials

Aurora Materials & Construction:

The Aurora is a loftier 13” thick and consists of a total of 6 layers. We are going to start with the base of the bed and work our way up the mattress.

Base Layer

The Aurora has the same 1” base layer of density foam that can be found in the Signature mattress. This gives an even foundation for the Coil system to push up against.

Coil System

benefits of the encased coil system8” Individually Encased Ascension X Coils. This coils system is made out of the same materials as the Signature Mattress, only with an added 2”. Which may not seem like a lot but it adds a lot of reactive comfort to the bed.

Transition Layer

1” Swirl Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. Instead of the dense transitional layer of foam on the Signature, Brooklyn Bedding added a cushioning memory foam in the Aurora to give even more of a plush, cooler, deep compression support to their mattress.

Comfort Layer 1

2” Titanflex Foam. This layer is the same you will find in the Signature, two inches of Titanflex Foam. This foam provides the same cool immediate response technology to keep you moving comfortable within the bed.

Comfort Layer 2

1.5” Copperflex with Titancool. This layer is unique to the Aurora Mattress. This layer has a phase change surface infusion with conductive properties. This draws heat away from the body in order to keep each individual sleeper at their own comfortable temperature. The copper infusion helps to keep the sleeper cool, while also creating an antibacterial sleeping surface.


Brooklyn Bedding stepped up their game yet again in the Aurora mattress materials. This cover is also a quilted cotton fabric. However, they also added their water-based surface infusion TitanCool technology to the top of the Aurora’s cover. This keeps those sleeping on the Aurora Mattress sleeping at optimal temperature all night long.

Materials & Construction Winner: Aurora!

materials and construction comparison of the aurora signature mattress

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Aurora vs Signature – Benefits

Edge Support:  

what makes the aurora mattress better than the signature mattressIf you are looking for a solid sleep surface from edge to edge, both the Aurora and the Signature really supply plenty of support and you will be able to sleep right up to the edge on either of these beds with no problem.

The Aurora and Signature mattresses also have plenty of sitting edge support as well. However, the Signature has a firmer, more dense transitional foam instead of the memory foam of the Aurora. It also has a shorter coil system, giving it less bounce. Plus the Aurora has an added comfort layers.

All of these combined give the Signature just slightly better edge support at the end of the day. However, like we said earlier, both of these mattresses give loads of sleeping surface edge support.

Edge Support Winner – Signature

Motion Transfer:

benefits to purchasing the signature hybrid mattress from brooklyn beddingTypically, Hybrid mattresses tend to have more motion transfer than memory foam or all foam beds. However, Brooklyn Bedding made sure to individually encase each coil to limit motion transfer, while keeping the benefits of a coil system.

Both the Aurora and Signature bed have the same pocketed coil system in their bed, with the only difference being that the Aurora is taller by 2 inches. While the Aurora does have an extra layer of comfort in-between the sleeper and the coil system, we found that this does give the Aurora a more adaptive feel that has slightly more motion transfer throughout the bed. Giving the Signature the upper hand for keeping motion isolated.

Motion Transfer Winner – Signature

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Sleeping Cool:

edge support comparison signature and aurora mattressBoth the Aurora and the Signature mattress will offer many similar benefits, the biggest difference will be the cooling aspects the Aurora provides over the Signature. Though both are going to do a fine job of sleeping cool the Aurora will do an exceptional job, especially if you are a very warm sleeper.

The Aurora takes into account every aspect of providing a cool sleeping surface all night long. Using not only tried and true hybrid construction but incorporating the latest technology to as well. This is what gives the Aurora the win for sleeping cool.

Sleeping Cool Winner: Aurora

Overall Comfort:

The Signature and the Aurora come in three different comfort options to choose from. Soft, Medium, or Firm. Typically, Medium if the best option for most sleeping positions, however the softer spectrum is great for pressure relief for Side Sleepers. While the Firmer option tends to be better for stomach sleepers. While most back sleepers can do with whichever they prefer.

Signature Comfort Options

The Signature comes in slightly firmer on the scale for each comfort option.
Soft – 4, Medium – 6, and Firm – 8. This is on a scale where 1 is super soft and 10 is the most firm. We personally tested the Medium comfort option and found that the Medium-Firm feel was very comfortable and great for most all sleeping positions. If you are particularly sensitive to pressure points and you sleep on your side, then you may want to look at the Soft or the Aurora Medium option.

firmness comfort scale brooklyn bedding
Aurora Comfort Options

The Aurora comfort options are slightly softer overall than the Signature due to its extra comfort layers. Soft – 3, Medium – 5, and Firm 7. These are truer Soft, Medium, and Firm feeling options. We loved the Medium option and how versatile its comfort is. This is their most popular option.

soft medium firm options brooklyn bedding

When it comes to overall comfort it is difficult to choose because comfort can be so subjective. However, with the added pressure relief and cooling properties of the Aurora, it is our pick for the winner of overall comfort.

Overall Comfort Winner: Aurora

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Aurora vs Signature – Mattress Basics

Besides the pricing, the majority of these mattress basics will be the same for these two beds. This is due the fact that Signature and Aurora are both made by the same mattress brand, Brooklyn Bedding. However, we will go through the details and highlight any differences that you may need to take note of.

Delivery & Unboxing

delivery and unboxing for the brooklyn bedding mattressesThe beds both come with free shipping, within a few weeks of your purchase your mattress will be delivered to your door compacted into a box. Just like most online mattress companies. You can then take the box into the desired bedroom, up pack and watch it come back to life as it fills with air and firms up. We always suggest giving any compacted mattress several hours to firm up and air out before sleeping on it. These beds firmed up rather quickly and we were able to sleep on them the same night.

Since these beds are made in America we found that the new mattress scent was rather minimal and simply putting on a fan and allowing it to air out for a few hours did the trick and got rid of most of any lingering smells.

The Aurora will naturally be slightly heavier, as it is a larger mattress with more layers and a thicker coil system. However, this does not significantly impact the unboxing or set up process. These beds get a tie for the Delivery & Unboxing category.

Delivery & Unboxing Winner: Tie!

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Price & Coupons:

Outside of the materials and build, the price is the most significant difference between these two mattress options. Although we do have coupons for both beds available through the buttons below.


brooklyhn signature vs bear hybridTwin – $599
Twin XL – $699
Full – $849
Queen – $949
King – $1249
California King – $1249


Twin – $999
Twin XL – $1249
Full – $1549
Queen – $1699
King – $2124
California King – $2124

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For the same cost of a Twin XL Aurora mattress you could be getting a King size Signature mattress. Which is truly does put the Aurora mattress in a different price range all together. While we think the price of the Aurora is fair for what you are getting, the prices on the Signature mattress are at a really great value for your money. You are getting a great bed at a great value. Which is why Signature gets the win for the Value category.

Value Winner: Signature

Trial Period & Warranty:

Both beds come with a 10 year warranty and a 120 night trial period. This gives you more than enough time to fully try out the bed and determine whether or not it will work for you. As well as give you great assurance that your mattress is going to have lasting quality with your warranty.

Aurora vs Signature Mattress – Our Verdict:

We really enjoyed sleeping on both of these mattresses. They are both very comfortable beds with solid pocketed coil systems and loads of contouring comfort. However, when you compare them directly it is easy to see the upgrades made in the Aurora that gives it a plusher and more premium feel to the overall mattress. Which is why our final pick for the overall winner is the Aurora mattress.

If you like a firmer feeling bed and you are looking for quality build over comfort features, then the Signature is a great buy at an even better price. So we highly suggest both beds and looking into their individual perks to determine which mattress is the right one for you.

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which bed wins the aurora or signature

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