Mattress Review Puffy Royal Mattress

Memory foam mattresses once ruled to online mattress market. However, with thicker and plusher hybrids, latex hybrids and specialty mattresses making a solid dent, memory foam mattresses have grown less and less popular. But, the Puffy Royal Mattress memory foam mattress isn’t just any all foam bed-in-a-box.

This 14″ super thick 5 layer foam mattress uses premium materials, advanced technology and provides hotel like plushness for the most luxurious memory foam mattress out there. Not only is the feel and support like a heavenly cloud, but the airflow and cooling factor just elevate the experience. To learn more about this unique online bed, keep reading our Puffy Royal Mattress Review.

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Puffy Royal At A Glance

Not looking for a long winded review? No worries, let us break down the details in a quick at a glance highlights of the Puffy Royal mattress. Than, if you need more information you can either continue reading, or just jump over to Puffy.com directly.

  • puffy royal mattress review 14″ Thick | 5 Foam Layers + Cover
  • Universal Medium Soft Feel
  • Most Ideal for Side Sleepers
  • Sleeping Cool: Good
  • Motion Transfer: Fantastic
  • Edge Support: Okay
  • 101 Night Trial & Lifetime Warranty
  • USA Made + FREE Shipping
  • Price With Latest Coupon: $1,345-$2,695

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Detailed Puffy Royal Bed Review

When it comes to what the online mattress brand Puffy offers there is the original 10″ Puffy and the 12″ Puffy Lux. But, they decided to take their memory foam only line up one step further and introduced the 14″ Puffy Royal. This latest addition offers even more technology, a thicker profile, more layers and upgrades that include zoned support, advanced airflow and reflexive pressure relief.

puffy, puffy lux and puffy royal

With a mattress with so many details you’ll surely want to know what makes this mattress worth the price tag. Below we will take a look at not only the materials of the Puffy Royal, but also the comfort and how it translates to your sleep. Along with the additional sleeping benefits of this bed. And lastly the basics and logistics of ordering an online mattress with Puffy.com.

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What’s Inside The Puffy Royal Mattress?

puffy royal materialsWhen it comes to super thick and luxurious memory foam beds, your options are limited. Honestly, the Puffy Royal is one of the few softer and thicker all foam online beds we have ever tried. Most memory foam beds never exceed 12″ thick. Making this foam bed unique with it’s 5 innovative foam layers and impressive 14″ thick build. Keep reading to learn how each of these layers will help you get the sleep you need and crave.

Unique Comfort Layers:

This mattress is all about comfort. Driven by innovation and plushness, the Puffy Royal uses 4 complex comfort layers to make a mattress that delivers where others may fall short. Each layer ensures that they not only provide amazing pressure relief and optimal cooling properties. But they all work in conjunction to create a soft and contouring balance with just enough support.

The very top of this mattress starts with a cooling memory foam layer. The 1.5″ layer of foam creates amazing heat dissipation and dispersion with the infusion of cooling beads.

puffy royal top layer

Directly under this are not one, but two pressure relieving layers of cooling memory foam. Each providing a contouring feel with one-of-a-kind properties to enhance the deep comfort of this bed. Equally balanced by just enough responsiveness to ensure you never feel stuck, like traditional memory foam. Each with innovative temperature and climate regulating technology to keep this bed cool.

The fourth comfort layer, and the one that really sets the Puffy Royal apart, is a uniquely designed foam layer that has strategically cut grooves and channels that create superior breathability and airflow. But, also are zoned to focus on providing perfect alignment, sleeping posture and enhanced comfort for the most cloud like sleep you’ve ever had.

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Solid Support Layer & Cool Cover:

puffy royal layersThe firm core support foam used in this mattress is one of the better base foams on the market. Not only do you 7″ of solid and durable foam for ideal support. It is 99% more responsive with its Insta-Firm technology. This advanced technology also helps this base foam to be 4 times more supportive than standard base foam too. Making it hard to beat and a great layer for longevity and years of solid sleep.

To top all of these amazing layers off , literally, is the well designed and detailed Puffy Royal Cover. The details in the new Puffy. This upgraded cover offers a thicker, more plush feel than those of the other Puffy mattresses. Giving a luxurious premium feel that certainly make it stand out. Making this less of a cover and more of an additional layer.

Not only is this cover thicker, it is also tailored to fit the Puffy Royal mattress perfectly. Allowing the feel and fit to enhance the premium qualities as well as easy to adjust with the zipper. To go even further, this cover is not only super breathable and sublimely soft, but also stain resistant and easy to clean. As well as safe and durable with an Oeko-Tex® Standard 100 Certification. Making this cover something you’d expect from a fairy tale.

What Is The Comfort Of The Puffy Royal?

The Puffy Royal comes in one universally appealing comfort level. This 14″ thick bed pairs 7″ of comfort with 7″ of firm support to create a medium-soft to medium feel that is going to highly appeal to side sleepers and back sleepers looking for the royal treatment of sleep.

puffy royal best for all sleepersThis mattress is a bit on the softer side, but that doesn’t mean that is won’t appeal to many. By the unique design you will have a middle layer of support that offers 5 specially zoned precision pressure relief areas that alleviates pressure exactly where it is needed. This creates enhanced spinal support in your lumbar and back region as well as a slightly softer feel under your shoulders, neck, head and feet for the best pressure relief.

The top three comfort layers are perfectly paired together to respond and adapt to your body almost immediately. Making these memory foam layers a welcomed upgrade to the slow responding and heat retaining traditional memory foams NOT used in this bed. Partnering with a solid base foam that will stabilize and support your body to create a sleep surface that works and moves with your body while you sleep. Getting you better rest and allow you to wake up feeling refreshed and more rested.

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Who Will Enjoy Sleeping On The Puffy Royal Mattress? 

The Puffy Royal is the softest of the Puffy mattress options. This bed comes in right around a 4-5 on the firmness scale, making it a solid medium to medium-soft feeling bed. While offering great pressure relief and plenty of sink, you will feel aligned and well supported too.

mattress firmness scale

This mattress is most ideally going to appeal to anyone who is a dominate side sleeper. As well as any back sleepers who like a more zero gravity like feel. This bed lets you sink in, but in such a weightless way that you feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. Intentionally so I would say!

The Puffy Royal will also appeal to anyone who is more average or smaller framed and looking for a memory foam bed that is softer than almost any other on the online market. There is something truly plush and luxurious about this bed that will leave anyone looking for a more contouring feel smitten.

Puffy Royal Mattress Benefits

puffy royal mattress reviewWe all know that between comfort and price, we sometimes don’t look at what other benefits are offered in a new mattress. However, there are several other key aspects to keep in mind when buying a new bed. For example, how does the mattress work for minimizing partner disturbance? Or will it retain heat or sleep cool? And will the perimeter offer good edge support? These are all other areas that can be deal breakers or tie breakers when choosing an online mattress.

Motion Isolation:

Partner disturbance and motion isolation may be crucial if you share a mattress. Especially if you are a light sleeper or share a queen size bed. And, without a doubt, it you want a mattress with literally NO motion transfer, the Puffy Royal will perform.

With the combination of 5 layers creating 14 solid inches of mattress, any little movement will be readily absorbed. Making this mattress an absolute dream for anyone sensitive to movement or that sleeps with someone who tosses and turns. The added thickness and multiple layers of memory foam will ensure you won’t feel any vibrations, giving this bed top marks for motion isolation.

Temperature Regulation:

puffy royal coolest memory foam mattressMost of the time when a mattress is all foam and is on the softer side it tends to hold heat. But, the Puffy Royal got out in front of this obstacle head on. With every layer in this bed driven by the latest technology to ensure that each would create a level of heat reduction and temperature regulation sets this memory foam mattress apart from the pact. Offering one of the rare cooling gel memory foam mattresses that actually delivers on its promise.

Each layer of the Puffy Royal offers a unique cooling property. Ranging from climate control, moisture wicking and humidity and temperature resistant.To cooling gel beads for better heat dissipation. As well as the science of convection and conduction to pull heat away. Each foam has its special attributes. And the most special layer of the Puffy Royal, the middle of the bed that features specially designed channels for heat dissipation and airflow. From top to bottom, this mattress proves to work in harmony to make a cool memory foam mattress that is hard to find.

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Edge Support:

puffy mattress royal bedEdge support is another area to consider in a new mattress. When you have a mattress with solid edges you not only get a more usable bed, but you also get a glimpse of the overall the durability and quality. Good edge support plays a vital role in several areas. For starters, it gives you a fully usable sleep surface that doesn’t limit using the edges for sleep. When you have solid edges you don’t have to worry about weakend support or comfort when you do sleep on the edge, and can get the full use of your bed.

Next, solid edge support also allows you to get in and out of bed with ease too. When you have a solid edge you can not only easily get in and out but also feel like you aren’t going to roll out of the bed either. To top it off a good solid edge you should even add of a bit of assistance. Lastly, sturdy perimeter support also means you have a surface that you can occasionally sit on too. Which is helpful for day to day tasks.

All in all, the Puffy Royal is a thicker and softer bed, but still offers stable edges. It proves to be a winner for creating a fully usable sleep surface. However, when too much weight is in an area, the foams do squish giving you a little less support while seated.

Puffy Royal Mattress Basics

With each of the Puffy Mattresses you’ll have several added perks. Not only are you working with an established company that has perfect the comfort of memory foam mattresses, but guarantees your happiness. See what else comes with your new Puffy Royal mattress.

  • relaxing on the royal purple mattressDelivery – FREE
  • Trial Period – 101 Nights
  • Returns – FREE
  • Warranty – Lifetime
  • Works On Any Surface
  • Financing Available
  • 100% American Made
  • Puffy Donation Program

Learn more about the amazing NEW! Puffy Royal Mattress at Puffy.com.

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Puffy Royal Mattress Recap

If you want a superbly thick and luxurious memory foam mattress than the Puffy Royal won’t disappoint. This 14″ thick 5 layer all foam bed from Puffy offers a universal feel that is the ultimate for pressure relief. While the advanced technology found in the materials and build give create a much cooler memory foam bed and support that will never let you down. With so many 10″ so-so bed-in-a-box mattresses on the market isn’t it time to get a premium mattress?

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 101 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty Lifetime Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1645
  • Twin XL $1745
  • Full $2445
  • Queen $2695
  • King $2995
  • Cal King $2995
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