Mattress Review TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress

tempur-cloud mattress review Have you heard? Tempur-pedic has officially entered the online bed-in-a-box market. Though all their mattresses are available online they have now created a NEW mattress for fast shipping direct to your door. The TEMPUR-Cloud mattress is the newly designed Tempurpedic bed that is affordable as well as comfortable and the first of its kind from this brand. Offering you a luxury experience from a brand you know and trust.

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Tempur-Cloud At A Glance

Before we get into all the details of our Tempur-Cloud mattress review we want to start by sharing a few basics on this newer online bed. When you hear TEMPUR-Pedic you tend to think of a few things. Thick, dense memory foam and higher price tags. However, with the Tempur-Cloud you’ll still get a memory foam mattress, however, the foam may feel a little lighter and softer. As well as a price tag that is also more affordable. Making this mattress unique for this brand in several ways.

  • tempur-cloud mattress review 10″ Thickness | 3 Foam Layers+ Cover
  • Universal Medium to Medium-Firm Comfort
  • 40% More Pressure Relief Than Competitors
  • Proprietary TEMPUR-Pedic Materials & Technology
  • FREE Shipping
  • 90 Day Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • USA Designed & Made
  • Price Range: $1,699 – $2,399

Interested in learning more about this mattress? Keep reading or hop over to TempurPedic.com

In-Depth TEMPUR-Cloud by Tempur-Pedic Mattress Review

Below we will look into what sets this mattress apart in our TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress Review. We will break down our detailed mattress review by first looking at the materials that make up this bed. Then we’ll jump into how the comfort of this bed will work for all sleepers, including side, stomach and back sleepers. Along with couples, combination and larger framed sleepers.

Included in our review is other aspects of how this bed will perform. Specifically how well it isolates motion, how it does at sleeping temperature neutral as well as the quality of perimeter support. Lastly we will wrap up by looking at the basics of what comes along with ordering an online mattress with Tempur-pedic.

What Is The TEMPUR-Cloud Made From?

tempurpedic space materials What makes Tempurpedic mattresses so special? If you’ve never felt one than it might be hard to understand. But if you have than you already know that this mattress uses foams that aren’t quite like any others out there.

The best way to describe it is a dense foam that is very controlled in how it responds to your body. At first it almost feels hard, but then it slowly responds to your body and creates a supportive yet amazing pressure relieving feel.

Tempur-pedic has achieved this unique feel with its patented foams that were actually developed by NASA. The original material was used to absorb g-force pressure of astronauts during shuttle launches. The foams used in the mattress use the same technology but have been altered to perform for sleep. Giving you some amazing technology not found in any other mattress.

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TEMPUR-Cloud Difference:

tempur cloud motion transfer This Tempur-Pedic mattress uses a total of 3 layers of foam to create this 10″ thick mattress. The biggest difference of this Tempur-Pedic mattress is the fact that it uses slightly different materials that are more ideal for fast-shipping and doorstep delivery.

Because this mattress is compressed and rolled the foams need to be slightly more pliable. However, you also don’t want a mattress to change in feel or quality after compressing. Which means that this mattress will still offer a feel similar feel to other Tempur-pedic mattresses. But, will be slightly softer and more responsive than the you’d expect.

Not necessarily a bad thing in my opinion. I personally like a mattress that is more balanced and less dense than standard TEMPUR-Pedic beds, just something to keep in mind.

TEMPUR-Cloud Layers:

Starting at the top you’ll get 2.5″ of Tempur Comfort Foam. This layer is slightly softer and more responsive. Allowing your body to have a bit more cushion and creates better adaptability for all sleepers.

tempur cloud edge support The middle layer consists of 2.5″ of Tempur Support Foam. This is the foam feel that most Tempurpedic sleepers are use to. This is the foam that is slightly denser in feel but as you settle in allows for great pressure relief. This layer paired with the softer layer of foam in this mattress creates a more ideal balance of support and comfort that provides a more universal comfort.

Lastly you’ll get a 5″ layer of Base Foam. The base foam ensures you not only get long lasting support throughout the night but also over the years. By using durable foam that allows the top layers to optimally perform for long lasting comfort.

All of this is wrapped in a cover that fully encompasses the mattress. With a softer knit you’ll get a feel that is not only very breathable but also moisture wicking for cooler sleep all night long. Creating materials that are perfectly paired together to get you better sleep on an all foam mattress unlike any other.

tempur-cloud materials

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How Comfortable Is The TEMPUR-Cloud Mattress?

When it comes to the comfort of the new bed-in-a-box TempurCloud mattress you should be quite delighted. This mattress is offered in one universal medium feel that should appeal to almost every sleeper.

By using a combination of materials that give you the deep pressure relief that Tempupedic mattresses are known for. But, also a slightly softer and more responsive feel that sleepers have a tendency to find very appealing than the typical dense feel that Tempurpedic is known for. Making this mattress slightly more appealing when it comes to comfort.

tempur-cloud comfort

Who Can Sleep on The Tempur-Cloud?

This mattress prides itself on being very adaptable. Which means that the comfort is ideal for everyone because it is able to conform to your bodies shape, weight and temperature. Which means this mattress offers personalized comfort and support for everyone.

Tempur-cloud bed in a box

Meaning that side sleepers will find plenty of pressure relief for your shoulders and hips while not lacking support. Back sleepers will have a contouring feel that will support their lumbar and shoulders. And even stomach sleepers will get ample support that is still soft enough to create a neutral posture.

This makes it ideal for combination sleepers. As well as couples looking for a mattress that neither sleeper has to compromise their comfort for. The Tempur-Cloud is a mattress that will work for the vast majority of sleepers. Those of us who like a truly firmer feel may find this to lack the support you crave. It also borders on being too soft for larger people who need a more resilient feeling mattress.

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Tempur-Cloud Mattress Performance

Now that you know more about the comfort and materials of this bed it is easy to see why so many will enjoy it. But, what else can you expect from this online drop shipped mattress? Plenty!

Motion Isolation:

tempurpedic box One of the best things about this mattress is its nearly zero motion transfer. Partner disturbance is not going to be a problem in this mattress. Even the lightest sleeper would hardly feel you tossing and turning less than a foot away. The amazing foams used in this bed readily absorb motion creating a bed that offers little to no motion transfer.

Sleeping Cool:

Though traditional memory foam tends to sleep on the warmer side this is far from traditional. The TEMPUR-Cloud mattress uses high grade memory foam that is not only great at relieving pressure but also adjusting to your bodies temperature to better combat sleeping warm. The new generation foams create better breathability and temperature neutralization to ensure you have a cool memory foam mattress.

Edge Support:

Another advantage of a Tempur-pedic mattress and its denser foams is the fact that these foams are usually more solid and more consistent. Meaning that the perimeter support offers a sturdy feel. This not only allows you to fully use your mattress while sleeping. But also provides a durable edge for getting in and out of bed. As well as even the occasional sitting on the edge won’t cause your mattress to break down on the ends or side.

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TEMPUR-Pedic Basics:

unboxing the Tempur-Cloud When it comes to their first official online mattress Tempurpedic isn’t venturing too far from their existing bread and butter. Which is a memory foam mattresses that offer superior pressure relief. As well as a more premium feel. Though this may come at a higher price tag than other all foam mattresses out there.

The TEMPUR-Cloud starts at $1,699 and ranges up to $2,399 for a King size. The most popular size is a Queen which comes in at $1999. Included with your new Tempur-Pedic mattress you’ll also get the following:

  • FREE Shipping & FREE Returns
  • 90 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Exclusive Coupons (Found Below!)
  • Easy Delivery & Set-Up
  • Financing Options Available

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Learn more about the TEMPUR-Cloud mattress, as well as what comes with your new bed at TempurPedic.com.

TempurCloud Mattress Overview:

Their patented memory foam will still be the star of the show with this mattress. Offering amazing pressure relief and ideal comfort and support. As well as an emphasis on reducing motion transfer and temperature regulation too. Making this 10″ mattress not far off from all other online competitors goals.

However, the new Tempur-Cloud will be much like what Tempur-Pedic is known to offer. This time they deliver the mattress in a convenient box dropped at your door. Giving you easy access to this high-end memory foam mattress that is just a click away!

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More is coming soon about the newest Tempurpedic bed in a box. In the meantime check out some of our favorite online mattresses. And compare these online beds against each other with our mattress comparison tool too. And, if you have any questions, please contact us, we are always happy to help!

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 90 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1699
  • Twin XL $1699
  • Full $1899
  • Queen $1999
  • King $2399
  • Cal King $2399
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