February 27, 2020

Ultimate Puffy Mattress Review & Comparisons

puffy lux crystal and lilyWith any mattress purchase you want to make sure you know what you are getting. And, if you happen to be buying an online mattress, knowing every single detail is even more important. Understanding not only the mattress you are looking at, but how it compares to other popular brands, could help you decide which is best for you. Which is why with our Puffy Mattress Review gives you the thorough run down of not only what to expect with the Puffy bed, but 4 other top bed-in-a-box brands as well.

To start our review we will take a detailed look at the original Puffy mattress. But, then we will follow it up with a comparison review that features not only the Puffy, but also Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle to give you a well rounded look at what you will be investing your money into.

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Puffy Mattress Review & Comparisons Table of Contents

Puffy Mattress At A Glance

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Puffy Near Me:

Looking for a live person to help answer questions on the Puffy, Puffy Lux or Puffy Royal? Our mattress guides in our showroom located out of Austin, TX are here to help! Having tried each Puffy for themselves they can help answer any questions you have. As well as help make any purchases too. Feel free to call Our Sleep Guide at: 512-465-2714

In-Depth Puffy Mattress Review

With any of our mattress reviews we like to make sure each covers several areas of interest. By starting with an unbiased and detailed look at the build of a mattress through the materials and construction. Followed by how that translates into comfort, as well as a few other key sleeping benefits. Lastly we will look at the basics of not only this bed, but also the brand behind it. Giving you all the ammunition you need to make sure you know what you are buying and how the buying process will go.

Puffy Mattress – Materials & Build

puffy vs tuft and needleThis memory foam mattress has made a name for itself with a solid build and innovative foams. The first of now three mattresses, the original Puffy mattress is a 10″ bed. Comprised of three layers of memory foam for a universally appealing mattress that will work for almost all sleepers.

These three layers work together to provide an adaptable mattress with a balanced feel from top to bottom. Below we will not only look at each foam layer, starting from the top foam layer and working our way down this mattress, but the zip and wash cover as well. Showing you why the details in the design of the Puffy mattress make it special.

Top Layer – Cooling Cloud Foam:

puffy mattress review cooling cloud foamThis three layered mattress starts with a 2″ memory foam layer of  Cooling Cloud Foam. This foam is a patent pending gel infused memory foam that uses convection and conduction for cooler sleep. This is done by dispersing heat away from the body. Compared to traditional memory foam, the Cooling Cloud Foam allows for 8x more airflow.

Not only is this top foam layer ideal for sleeping cool, but it is also an amazing comfort layer. This conforming memory foam adapts to your body from head to toe, creating a very balanced, pressure relieving feel. As well as responsive support that is great for never feeling “stuck” as well as easily changing sleeping positions. Making this memory foam comfort layer more appealing to a variety of sleepers.

Middle Layer – ClimateComfort Foam:

puffy mattress review climate comfort foamBetween the top layer and base layer is a 2″ thick transition foam. Specifically a layer of ClimateControl Memory Foam. This layer, similar to the Cooling Cloud Foam, uses advance technology to put it several steps above standard memory foam.

To start, this foam is not only temperature resistant, but humidity resistant too. This is another way of combating not only sleeping too hot but also ensuring your mattress wicks away any excess moisture for not only a cleaner mattress, but a dry one too.

Besides the amazing temperature neutralizing aspects of this layer it is also necessary and ideal as a transition layer that helps create deep comfort. This is especially important to larger people and side sleepers who benefit from an added layer of supportive comfort foam for enhanced pressure relief.

Base Layer – Firm Core Support Foam:

puffy mattress review firm core support foamThe last layer of the three is 6″ of Firm Core Support Foam. This being the base layer that provides the bulk of support, durability and  foundation for the comfort layers.

This layer isn’t any ordinary layer of base foam though. It uses Insta-Firm technology for 4x better support than average base foams. To top it off it is also 99% more responsiveness. Meaning that it creates better balance in the mattress overall.

By using a base foam that is more responsive and supportive you will improve you sleeping posture. Creating better spinal alignment and proper support whether you sleep on your back or side.

Puffy Mattress Cover:

spill on bedWrapped around the Puffy mattress is a soft, breathable and most importantly, stain resistant cover. The cloud pattern, white top cover not only provides a smooth and silky feel but a cleaner mattress too.  While the dark gray side panels feature a diamond pattern that creates not only a durable surround, but stylish too.

The stain resistant cover is already a great addition to this cover. But, it gets even better. This cover is also a zip-and-wash cover that can easily be removed and cleaned. Which means your mattress not only has a barrier against stains but can be cleaned regularly for a healthier and fresher mattress. With so many well thought out details this three layer memory foam mattress is more than what meets the eye.

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Puffy Mattress – Comfort

Now that you know all about how the Puffy mattress is made, and with exactly what foams, understanding how it feels will make that much more sense. The comfort of this mattress is universal. Meaning that it only comes in one option that should work for the majority of sleepers.

The comfort of a mattress is usually looked at on a scale from 1 to 10. With 1 being the softest and 10 the firmest. The Puffy should come in right around a 6 to 7, depending on your size.

puffy comfort

This comfort level should be right on the edge of perfection for most sleepers. With two layers of pressure relieving and contouring memory foam balanced with solid base foam makes a medium firm feel that should work for almost every sleeper ideally. Below we will show you just how the original Puffy transitions to accommodate every sleeper and sleeping position.

Puffy Mattress for Side Sleepers:

puffy mattress review

It is proven that the most popular sleeping position is sleeping on your side. Which means having a mattress that works for side sleepers is very important. Luckily, the Puffy mattress falls in the “sweet spot” of comfort that should work for the majority sleeping positions, including side sleeping.

By using three layers opposed two makes a huge difference for creating a bed that is more accommodating to all sleepers. The top comfort layer is important, but adding a secondary transition comfort layer makes a big difference when sleeping on your side. The deep comfort that comes with the middle layer of foam helps creates cushioned support for your shoulders and hips. Allowing side sleepers to sink in just enough.

Another plus for side sleepers on the Puffy is the fact that the memory foams is pressure relieving as well as responsive. This means you get all the benefits of memory foam without the drawbacks of feel stuck in slow responding foams. This allows anyone switching from side to side to transition quicker and easier, almost feeling assisted.

Puffy Mattress for Back Sleepers:

puffy mattress reviewThough doctors and chiropractors recommend sleeping on your back, most of us find this sleeping position less naturally comfortable. But, when you have the Puffy mattress evenly distributing your weight while alleviating any pressure points all while ensure proper ergonomics, it may give you reason to not only start sleeping on your back, but actually enjoy it.

It’s hard to keep stressing the word balance, but that really is what the Puffy mattress is all about. The combination of comfort and support you’ll get with this all foam bed creates a harmonious sleeping surface. By keeping your body properly supported for more ideal posture sometimes goes unnoticed. But, the Puffy makes sure to create a bed that is ergonomically appealing to ensure comfort along with renewed rest.

Puffy Mattress for Stomach Sleepers:

puffy mattress reviewIt is hard to say enough about the adaptable comfort of this bed. Which is why it is no surprise that the Puffy is also a good fit for stomach sleepers as well. The denseness of the foams give you plenty of firm support. While also allowing you stink in just enough so your back is as neutral as possible.

The memory foam top is smooth and even with plenty of structure for proper alignment while sleeping face down. The memory foam again cradles, but is just buoyant enough to push back where necessary to make sure you are comfortable all night long.

Puffy Mattress for Combination Sleepers:

It almost seems to go without saying that the Puffy mattress is a great choice for combination sleepers. As well as couples who share a bed. Because it so readily adapts to all sleeping positions it makes it great for almost anyone. It is definitely made with every sleeper in mind, which translates to a very accommodating mattress. Making this a mattress ideal for anyone who wants a balanced memory foam mattress that will work with them and never against them.

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Puffy Mattress for Overweight & Larger Sleepers:

Best Mattresses for Heavy PeopleIf you are a larger person who likes a more medium firmness memory foam bed than the Puffy is one to consider. The more medium-firm feel of this bed will be just a tad softer to a larger person or couple, making a very accommodating medium feel.

The density and durability of the foam also contributes to the longevity you can expect from this mattress if you are a heavy person. The middle layer of memory foam also benefits larger sleepers. By providing the necessary deep comfort as a barrier between the top comfort and base foam. Giving you plenty of comfort along with good support too.

Though we would say if you are a larger framed person that sleeping on your stomach on the Puffy may be less ideal, you certainly will enjoy it if you are a back and side sleeper.

Our Real Life Puffy Mattress Experience: 

When it comes to our personal experience sleeping on the Puffy mattress we were very happy. Typically trying out a memory foam mattress you think you know what you are getting before you even try it. However, we were pleasantly surprised with the contouring feel of the Puffy that was very balanced with just enough responsiveness. Allowing us to have amazing pressure relief without feeling stuck.

mom kid and baby on bed

The comfort level was perfect for both of us. While Justin sleeps on his back and I sleep on my side and stomach we typically struggle to find a mattress that truly accommodates both of us. However, the just medium-firm comfort we found in the Puffy really worked for both of us. Creating plenty of necessary support but also the right amount of comfort to sink in where needed and feel lifted where needed.

When it comes to 10″ all foam mattresses this one certainly stood out in comparison to so many others. The key words to take away from our experience with this mattress are “balanced” and “adaptable” to say the least. If you are looking for a memory foam mattress that allows you to sleep in every position and feels like it is made just for you, the Puffy is a great option. Especially for the price it comes in at too! Make sure to save even more with out exclusive Puffy discount code below too.Puffy Lux

Puffy Mattress – Sleeping Benefits

Though comfort and support may be the most important aspects of a new mattress, there are several other sleeping benefits your new mattress should provide. When it comes to the Puffy bed you should have great motion isolation, a temperature neutral sleeping surface and solid perimeters for a fully usable mattress. Below we will go through just how each of these areas will perform with the Puffy memory foam mattress.

Minimized Motion Transfer:

puffy mattress graphicIf partner disturbance is high on you list of importance than the Puffy will also be high on your list of great mattress options. This mattress uses three layers of dense foam. Each readily absorbing movement for hardly any excess vibrations. Making motion transfer a thing of the past.

The build of most all foam beds to a great job of isolating motion. However, the materials and build of the Puffy bed go above and beyond. By using two layers of true memory foam you get very minimal, to literally no motion transfer. The base foam also does an impressive job of minimizing motion. Giving you a bed from top to bottom that eliminates movements. Making it ideal for anyone who is a light sleeper or sleeps with someone who has a different schedule or happens to toss and turn more than average.

Cooler Sleep: 

While memory foam is most often associated with sleeping warm you’ll be surprised how this luckily is not the case with the Puffy matress. By using the latest cooling technology into the materials of this mattress you get a surprisingly cool memory foam bed.

puffy vs puffy lux review less heat

The top layer of the Puffy is a patent pending cooling cloud foam. The science behind convection and conduction go into the design of this foam. Allowing for heat to be dissipated and pulled away from the body. This top layer is also infused with gel that increases airflow to 8x greater than a typical memory foam mattress.

The middle layer of the Puffy, the ClimateComfort foam also helps neutralize the sleep surface. By offering a humidity and temperature resistant foam you get yet another layer that helps this mattress sleep cooler. Literally working to help combat climate fluctuations that may interrupt sleep.

While the base foam is supportive and dense creating plenty of solid and resistant support that won’t let you sink in too far. And the cover’s breathability also works hand in hand with the rest of the layers for maximum cooling. With every aspect of the Puffy mattress carefully thought out to ensure your plenty cool from the time you go to bed until you wake up.

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Durable Edge Support:

When it comes to edge support the perimeter of a bed can have a lot to say about how a mattress will perform long term. Though it may seem irrelevant the edges of a mattress tend to give you a good look at the durability, quality and longevity you can expect from a mattress. If you have a mattress with more sturdy edges you can typically directly link it to better materials and build.

puffy tag with clouds

Not only will the edges supersede the overall durability, but also give you an idea of how the bed will perform from a couple different areas. With good edge support you are able to fully use the entire surface of the mattress for consistent comfort and support. Meaning you can sleep all the way up to the edge.

It also means that you will be able to get in and out of bed easier. When we get in and out of bed we directly put pressure and weight on the edge of the bed. If it is more structured you should easily be able to get in and out of bed, and almost have a bit of assistance. Lastly, you should also be able to sit on the edge from time to time. Though we never recommend using your bed as though it were a chair or couch we all use the bed from time to time for sitting.

Having a solid perimeter, is clearly important, and the edges of the original Puffy mattress do a good job of creating a fully usable sleeping surface. As well as provides a solid and sturdy edge for getting in and out of bed. Though this mattress does better than most all foam mattresses, it still however may lack the sturdy feel of foam edge encasement or reinforced coils like hybrid or innerspring mattresses offer. Making sitting on this bed for any period of time less ideal.
Puffy Lux

Puffy Mattress – Buying Basics

Now that you know the details of the Puffy mattress, from the materials to the comfort and all the ways it will benefit your sleep, we can go through the basics of the brand and mattress. When it comes to buying a mattress online you have a few added benefits that you wouldn’t get if you purchased through a store. Below is more on the process of ordering the Puffy mattress and what you can expect from delivery to the trial period, as well as the best Puffy coupons and details on price and financing.

Great Value: 

puffy bed with familyPuffy has made sleeping on a cloud as easy as can be! If you want a sublime memory foam mattress that is ideally balanced and comfortable at an modest price, than this bed is for you. The universal feel quickly molds to you and easily changes with your sleeping needs. Always providing enough support and ample comfort that will relieve pressure.

For such an amazing mattress you may think you also have to pay your fair share. However the affordability of the Puffy mattress adds to its appeal. The most popular size, a queen Puffy mattress is priced at $1,150. The other sizes range from $795 for a Twin and up to $1350 for a King.  Included in that price is a 101 night sleep trial and an amazing lifetime warranty. As well as free shipping and free returns.

If you are looking for a new online memory foam mattress that checks the boxes we highly suggest the original Puffy Mattress. You can’t go wrong with this USA made mattress that offers a true memory foam feel that offers just a bit of responsiveness too. As well as superb motion isolation and sleeps quite temperature neutral. Learn more at Puffy.com.

mattress coupons buttonBest Puffy Mattress Coupon:

When you have a mattress that already offers so much it is hard to imagine it could get any better. However, it can and it does! Currently you can save big on your new Puffy with the latest Puffy coupon code. Just follow the link below to take advantage of the best $300 Puffy mattress discount to make your mattress super affordable. And, for a limited time also get a FREE Puffy pillow too!

Puffy Financing Option:

If you are ready for a new Puffy mattress but your budget isn’t, don’t worry. Partnered with Klarna, Puffy is able to offer financing on their mattress purchases. You will even get 12 months interest free, which means you can pay off your new mattress before you even have to accumulate and additional interest. The process is very easy and it’s very easy to sign up. Just go to the mattress product page at Puffy.com. Enter your information and see if you qualify. These easy one stop shopping allows you to have the buying power you need now.

Easy Delivery:

puffy mattress review

One of the biggest appeals to online shopping is the ease of delivery. With technology you can literally have a mattress compressed, wrapped and shipped to your front door. On top of that it is FREE! This mattress is made in the USA and ships via Fed-Ex. It is scheduled to arrive about 2-5 business days from the date it is ordered. Once it shows up at your front door, you can take it from there with the simple unboxing and set-up process.

Simple Unboxing & Set-Up:

Now that your mattress has been delivered it is ready to set up. All you need to do is get the box to where it needs to go, take the rolled mattress out and cut the plastic away and watch it expand. It is literally as simple as that.

A few things to note though. The mattress box is fairly compact, but it is still relatively large, heavier and a little awkward, so two sets of hands are better than one.

Also, when you take the mattress out we recommend putting it on your base or foundation before cutting the plastic away. That way it is positioned and ready once the plastic is removed. When you do cut the plastic it will initially expand very quickly, however, the mattress does take several hours to fully firm up. We even suggest waiting about 24 to 48 hours before expecting the truest feel of the bed.

Also, once you cut open the plastic there may be a few “new mattress” smells. Much of the scent is the smell of the tight plastic that it is wrapped in. However, there will also be a few odors that dissipate from the mattress too. They will be very minimal, but we always recommend giving the bed a few hours to fully air. And if you happen to be more sensitive to smells, we suggest opening a window or leaving the room.

See how easy the unboxing process of the Puffy mattress is in our video below!

Puffy Bases and Frames:

puffy mattress reviewIf you don’t already have a frame or base to put your new mattress on than you’re in luck. Not only does Puffy offer three mattress options, the original Puffy, Puffy Lux and Puffy Royal. They also have several options of bases and frames. Including an adjustable base, Puffy bed frame and Puffy foundation. Learn more about the Puffy base options at Puffy.com.

The Puffy mattress would work great on any of the available frame options from Puffy. Otherwise, if you already have a base or would prefer different option, there are several to choose from. As long as it provides a flat, level surface that can withstand several hundred pounds, you’re good to go. To find a foundation that would work for you check out our frames & bases reviews too.

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Puffy Trial Period & Warranty: 

puffy mattress reviewThe Puffy mattress has a 101 night sleep trial period. This trial period allows for more than enough time to try this bed out. Giving you and your body roughly 3 months to adjust to the new and improved feel of your memory foam bed.

It is good to note that you should take advantage of really testing this mattress during this time. Anytime you get a new mattress your body needs several weeks to even months to full adjust. If for some reason you get to the end of your trial period and it isn’t a good fit, no big deal Puffy will easily work with you to return and refund your purchase.

This mattress has a lifetime warranty which goes above and beyond what the standard warranty for the mattress industry is. This warranty shows that Puffy really backs their product. Covering any abnormal defects or manufacturing errors. Minus the average wear and tear of a mattress. This provides consumers with the confidence that this is a mattress that the company will stand behind.

If you are looking for more specifics for the Puffy mattress trial period and warranty find out more at Puffy.com or for a helpful tool check out Our Mattress Warranty & Trial Period Guide.

Other Puffy Mattresses:

While the Puffy is considered the original Puffy mattress there are now two other Puffy mattresses too. The Puffy Lux is a 12″ upgraded version of the original Puffy. Featuring an added layer of comfort to create an even more contouring and just slightly more accommodating mattress. This mattress is almost as popular as the original. See how they directly compare in our Puffy vs Puffy Lux comparison review.

The latest addition to the Puffy family is the Puffy Royal mattress. This 14″ thick mattress adds yet another layer for a total of 5 layers of memory foams for an out of this world feel. With enhancements and added technology for an amazing pressure reliving bed that is also one of the best cooling memory foam mattress options too. With any of the Puffy beds you can’t go wrong!

puffy, puffy lux and puffy royal

Puffy Customer Service:

Also, Puffy not only has a great product but is a wonderful brand that gives back to the community. They make jumping on the bed a fun way to donate mattresses to children in need. Learn more about their “Jump for Kids” mattress donation program HERE!

Puffy Lux

Puffy As Seen On Ellen:

puffy mattress ellen showPuffy is famous! TV personality Ellen Degeneres featured the original Puffy bed on her show, Ellen. not only that, but if you happened to be in the audience that day you also go a Puffy bed for your very own. This allowed for Puffy to really put it’s name out there as one of the popular online mattress brands and gain some extra exposure. Though the Puffy foam mattress was already a very recognizable brand, the instant gratification sent this bed into new territory.

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Puffy Mattress Comparisons: Puffy vs Purple, Casper, Nectar & Tuft and Needle

Now that you know all about the Puffy mattress how does it compare to the other poplar brands out there? Below we will explore how we feel the Puffy compares to Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle. By looking at each of these brands similar to how we reviewed the Puffy mattress above. Keep reading to see if the Puffy mattress is the best option for you.

puffy purple casper nectar tuft and needle

Before We Jump To The Detailed Comparisons…

Before you get too far… this part of the review is VERY informative, and it will take a few minutes to read. So if you are truly interested in knowing the differences between the Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar & Tuft and Needle, than you will get plenty of in depth information reading the FULL comparison.

However, if you don’t have a ton of time and you want a brief, to-the-point recommendation we have each mattress listed in order of our overall rating found below. Along with a few brief points as to why each mattress stands out from the rest.

puffy mattress wins Puffy Mattress – Best Mattress Overall, Most Comfortable Mattress, Best for Motion Isolation & Edge Support:
  • The Puffy Bed has a great universal feel that is adaptable, contouring and relieves pressure points. Creating a memory foam feel without being too slow and just slightly responsive. Making it ideal for all sleepers.
  • The motion isolation on this mattress is superior, for memory foam is stays fairly temperature neutral and offers good edge support too.
  • Overall, compared to the other brands below offering a mattress that will work best for the majority of sleepers.
  • Puffy Video Review
Purple Mattress – Best Mattress for Sleeping Cool:
  • The Purple Bed is also a great option. It is a great choice for anyone who is a warmer sleeper and also likes great pressure relief.
  • It does lack when it comes to motion isolation, edge support and adaptability. Making it less ideal for anyone who needs more support, especially larger sleepers.
  • Purple Video Review
Tuft & Needle Mattress – Best Value Mattress:
  • The Tuft and Needle original mattress comes in at the most affordable price. And though it doesn’t offer some of the benefits of the above two mattresses it sleeps well, especially for the price.
  • Offering a medium-firm feel that may be lacking the balance necessary for side sleepers, but sleeping semi-cool and doing fine for isolating motion and decent edge support.
  • Tuft & Needle Video Review
Casper Mattress: Best Mattress For Side Sleepers
  • The Casper Bed really kind of comes in okay in all categories. Not offering anything overly memorable, but still being a fine mattress that will work well for all sleeping positions.
  • Casper Video Review
Nectar Mattress: Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers
  • The Nectar Bed is the one of these 5 options that is least impressive. The feel is so slow responding that it leaves a ditch behind. The foams sleep warm and the motion isolation and edge support are okay.
  • Nectar Video Review

Keep reading for all the details! We will break down the materials, comfort, sleeping benefits and general information on each one of these mattresses.

Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar & Tuft and Needle Mattress Overviews

Before we get down to the knitty gritty it is important to know some of the basics on each of these brands. Below is a quick overview of each mattress we will be comparing, including a brief description of the Puffy. Seeing the bigger picture can sometimes help us understand more of the details.

Puffy Mattress Overview: One of the Best Memory Foam Mattress 2020

picture of a puffy mattressThe mattress that is the star of this comparison review is the Puffy. This three layer memory foam bed isn’t called Puffy by coincidence. This mattress was dreamed up to feel like you are sleeping on a cloud. With ideally pressure relieving layers that mold to your body to relax your from the time you eyes close to when you wake.

Not only is this mattress made to be perfectly comfortable, but also technology focused for the most innovative and best performing foams too. Memory foam is many times associated with sleeping hot and very little heat dissipation. Not with the Puffy. With this memory foam mattress the focus is on getting all the benefits of memory foam while leaving the negatives at the door.

puffy mattress white decorThis bed checks the boxes for comfort, support and sleeping cool and that is just the beginning. The meticulously crafted Puffy is also in a winner for isolating motion to almost non-existent. And the edge support is surprisingly solid. The most amazing part is that this multi-layered memory foam bed isn’t outrageously priced either. Coming in at a very affordable price that is sure to be easy on your wallet all while being easy on you back.

All of these things make Puffy a reliable brand and mattress but they even go a step further to stand out. Puffy’s push to give back to the community with their “jump for kids” program elevates them to a whole new level, especially when compared to some many other brands. They make jumping on the bed, literally, a fun way to donate a mattress to children in need. Giving back with the help of all their supportive and happy sleepers.

Want to learn more about the Puffy Bed? Feel free to jump to our full Puffy Mattress Review. Or shop the Puffy Bed now at Puffy.com

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Purple Mattress Overview: Best Cooling Mattress

picture of a purple mattressThe Purple mattress has gained its reputation through vast marketing efforts and it’s very eye-catching purple materials including a unique Smart Comfort polymer grid top layer. This grid is a different feel that allows the Purple to have a mattress that doesn’t feel like the majority of all foam beds.

Purple’s grid is intended for relieving pressure and staying cool with its open patchwork like spaces. This mattress has sparked much curiosity and is usually loved or not by those who try it. In the last year this brand has also expanded and also introduced the Purple Hybrid. A new model with three varying feels and thicknesses to accommodate even more sleepers.

Interested in what else we have to say about the Purple Bed? Read the full Purple Mattress Review. Or visit Purple.com.

Casper Mattress Overview: Best Mattress for Side Sleeping

man laying on bed girl sitting next to bedCasper may be considered the O-G of the online mattress industry. But, how do they compare now with so much added competition? There 12 inch, four layer mattress has been altered over the years to a slightly downgraded version from the first. Meaning that the price hasn’t changed but the quality has. Clearly with this some of the benefits may be a little lacking. And the feel and durability are certainly in question.

Even still, this brand has a devoted following that believes this one perfected feeling mattress is the best bed you could buy online. We can’t help but notice it looking more and more average with so many other options. Especially that are less expensive or offer more benefits. This is why it is important to understand how much you are paying for something is going to the actual product opposed to the brand name.

Curious to hear more about the brand that launched before the rest? Read our in-depth Casper Mattress Review. Or visit Casper.com.

Nectar Mattress Overview: Best Mattress for Stomach Sleeping

nectar bed white decorSurprisingly Nectar is even newer to the online bedding industry than Puffy is. But, you would never know with how saturated the market is with their memory foam bed. This mattress may be thicker than all the rest with an 11 inch profile, but it also is the only one NOT USA made. Which for so many reasons gives us hesitation with what to expect long term and short term from this mattress.

Regardless of where this mattress is made the one universal feel of this one may be leaving many sleepers wanting something else. The memory foam feel of this bed takes “slow responding” to a whole new level. With a super unresponsive feel that is soft initially on the top but lacks in true deep comfort the one comfort option of this mattress certainly won’t appeal to everyone.

With so many other options and brands that use American made materials and manufacturing it is hard to buy something that you aren’t 100% sure of. Especially if it isn’t even that great feeling on top of it.

Find out more about the Nectar bed in our complete and unbiased Nectar Mattress Review. Or visit Nectarsleep.com.

Nectar Mattress Coupon

Tuft and Needle Mattress Overview: Best Mattress on a Budget

tuft and needle box next to bedOut of all the options the Tuft and Needle is certainly the least expensive. This company has always focused on providing a mattress at a very affordable price point. However, when you offer a mattress at such aggressive pricing it is very unlikely that it will offer the same benefits, feel and longevity as other slightly more expensive beds.

The Tuft and Needle is only 2 layers and comes in at 10 inches. It is a one size fits all medium-firm feel, but borders on being almost a bit too firm. It also is a poly foam mattress, so no memory foam or specialty foams are featured in this bed. Though for the price this mattress will perform just fine, it certainly attests to the phrase “you get what you pay for.”

Think the budget savvy Tuft & Needle Mattress may be for you? Learn more in our Tuft and Needle Mattress Review. Or visit their website at TuftandNeedle.com.

Why Choose Puffy? 

puffy jump for kids

Now that you’ve gotten a taste for what each of these brands has to offer we can really dig into how they compare to the Puffy mattress. When we conduct our mattress reviews we focus on different areas of how the mattresses perform. Whether it be the comfort of each and how that translates to various sleepers. Or how well they do at isolating motion, sleeping cool and providing good edge support.

We also like to look at the materials and construction of the mattresses. Understanding how a mattress is made and what with gives you a better idea of the quality, durability and life expectancy to get.

And lastly we take into consideration the companies themselves and what they offer beyond their mattress. Many times this includes customer services, trial periods and warranties and even the delivery process.

To start we like to look at the components of the beds. This gives you the most objective starting point as well as gives you an understanding of how these layers effect the feel and various benefits of each mattress too.

One thing that the Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle mattresses have in common is the fact that they are all foam beds. Below we will get into the details of what exactly those foams are.

What Is Each Mattress Made Out Of?

Each of these five mattresses could easily be considered the most popular and recognizable all foam bed-in-a-boxes currently on the market. Though each has its own distinctions and appeal it is good to see them all at once to really get a better understanding of what sets each apart.

Puffy Mattress Materials: 

puffy mattress inside disectionWhen it comes to the Puffy mattress you already read about how the materials and construction create a very well thought out design. The Puffy bed has been meticulously put together with materials and layering for the optimal bed in regards to support, comfort and performance.

The overall thickness of the Puffy bed is 10 inches and uses three foam layers. The top two layers of various memory foams, giving you not just one, but two layers of adaptable and pressure relieving foams. Each of these foams also has their own unique properties to ensure the best comfort and feature the latest technology.

How do the materials of the Puffy compare to the other brands? Below we will go through the layers of the Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle mattresses to give you an idea of how they are similar, different and what makes each unique.

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Puffy Lux

Purple Mattress Materials:

purple polymer smart gridEven though the Purple is considered and all foam bed it may be the most unique one of this bunch. Because of this it also makes it more and less appealing depending on what you’re looking for. To start, this mattress is the thinnest of the five we are comparing. Coming in at just 9.5″ thick – on a good day.

It also features three layers under it’s iconic polyester-blend white cover. Including a base foam and middle transition foam layer. However, the most interesting layer is the purple polymer top layer. This one of a kind smart comfort grid’s claim to fame is providing superior pressure relief and its ability to stay cool.

Purple Comfort Grid:

purple mattress review corner shot our sleep guideThe 2 inch Purple Smart Grid is unlike any foam layer out there. This hyper-elastic polymer is a patented comfort layer that focuses on relieving pressure points and evenly distributing weight. Helping the sleeper find a restful night with a unique approach and feel.

This layer also has plenty of open space allowing for ample airflow and heat dissipation. Creating a top layer that barely retains any heat and allows for sleeping too warm to be less of a concern.

Purple Grid White Powder:

Though this may be considered a complaint or concern found in a later section, it is worth noting such a popular topic sooner than later. One the polymer smart grid is a white powdering coating. This substance is NOT harmful, nor does it cause cancer or any other illness. It is a natural powder specifically used to ensure the polymer doesn’t bind or stick together.

purple mattress white powderThis is especially important when the mattress is compressed and rolled for shipping. Since the polymer does have a natural stickiness to it that could result in improper expansion and performance. Even damage, if not for the use of this non-toxic coating. For full details on this substance and what it is exactly visit the blog post: Purple Mattress: White Powder Explained.

Purple Mattress Support Layers:

Under the iconic Purple Smart Grid layer is the Plush Comfort transition foam as well as the Firm Support foam. Both contributing to the construction of the bed in their own way. The middle layer of 3.5 inches of transition foam helps provide deep comfort as well as additional support. This layer is important for side sleepers to make sure their shoulders and hips have cushioned support.

purple bed dissectionThe base layer of the Purple bed uses 4 inches of foundation foam. Though initially this foam feels plenty sufficient the long term durability of only 4 inches may be in question. Typically base foams tend to average between 6 to 7 inches, with this one quite a bit thinner. The base foam is where the solid feel and support tend to come from. And the longevity of a mattress is usually tied to the stability of the base or foundation.

Casper Mattress Materials:

casper mattress materialsNow when it comes to online mattresses who hasn’t heard of Casper? Probably very few. However, do you know exactly what is in a Casper? Probably not, but you’re about to find out. This mattress is again all foam, four various layers to be exact.

Top Two Comfort Layers:

The construction of the Casper hasn’t altered, however, the materials have been slightly modified over the years. Taking out a more premium latex foam top layer and replacing with a breathable and more responsive poly foam.

casper mattress interiorThough this layer is meant to mimic the feel and benefits of latex it isn’t the real deal. Which if anyone knows latex knows it is more durable, sleeps cooler and costs more than poly foam. So if you were one of the lucky owners of an original Casper mattress and than bought an updated version, they may slightly vary in quality and feel.

Under the top layer of Casper’s latex alternative comfort foam is a another layer of memory foam. Like any memory foam it is added to relieve pressure for restful sleep as well as help keep tossing and turning to a minimum. These two comfort layers work in tandem to adapt to your bodies needs and make for a comfortable feel.

Transition and Base Layers:

Below the two top comfort layers is yet another layer of foam. This one being a transition layer that happens to also be zoned. This basically means that the center third of this layer is firmer while either side is slightly softer. Creating a deep comfort layer that is slightly softer under your shoulders and slightly firmer under you hips.

bed graph

All three of these specifically thought out foams sit over a base layer. The core support foam should be enough to create years of durability but may lack when it comes to the longevity of the Casper mattress. Ultimately this foundation does provide a solid and firm feel for the softer comfort foams to sit on. Together making a well balanced yet supportive mattress.

Wrapping the Casper mattress is a fairly thick cover. With a softer white surface and a more durable side surround that makes the Casper more recognizable.

Nectar Mattress Materials:

puffy vs nectarWhen it comes to the Nectar Sleep mattress you are faced with another foam mattress option. Including several layers of memory foams over a base foam. Creating three visible foam layers as well as an added quilted foam layer that is attached to the cover. All together making it about 11 inches thick. For this mattress a few things stand out when looking at the materials. The quality and construction.

Nectar Mattress Layers:

When you look at so many mattresses you really have to scrutinize the differences between them. Even as far as cutting back the cover to really see what you’re working with. When it comes to the Nectar it actually doesn’t look quite like it is advertised when it comes to the layers. Below is a picture on the left of how the Nectar materials are advertised on their website. And on the right is how they actually look. For some reason the thicknesses of each layer don’t quite look the same.

mattrress matterial graphIt is clear that the cover and very top quilted layer are joined making them appear as one layer, but the top layer and middle layer of foams look like they vary in thickness. This may or may not be true for all the Nectar mattresses, but it certainly makes us wonder if buying a mattress made overseas is a going to result in the best product.

Regardless, the Nectar Mattress has about 3 inches of memory foam over another 1 inch layer of gel infused memory foam. Sitting on top of about 6 inches of base foam. The cover is made of breathable TENCEL and has about 1 inch of quilted gel memory foam attached. Overall making a mattress that offers a slow responding memory foam feel and offers a slightly thicker profile than some of the other beds. As well as an uneasy feeling not knowing if these foams would pass the USA health and safety standards.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Materials:

tuft and needle mattressAnyone on a budget looking for an online bed probably knows of Tuft and Needle. Focusing on the niche mattress market of affordable beds this company has carved out a name for itself.

By keeping their design simple and straightforward they are able to offer a 10 inch, two layer mattress that may not offer the same benefits, but will still appeal to plenty of sleepers.

Tuft and Needle Layers & Cover:

Keeping costs in check may mean that you aren’t going to get some of the more premium materials like memory foam or polymer grids. This is true for the Tuft and Needle mattress. The top layer is a patented poly foam layer known as T&N Adaptive Foam. This 3 inch layer is made to mimic the pressure relieving feel of memory foam as well as offer just a bit of buoyancy like latex. Resulting in a more balanced comfort foam. It also features cooling gel beads for less heat retention too.

This three inch comfort layer rests directly on top of the 7 inch base foam. Eliminating a middle, or transition layer, creating a firmer feel that doesn’t offer a deep comfort layer that is usually best for side sleepers and larger sleepers. The base foam is fairly dense and should support the weight of its sleepers. Providing support and a sturdy foundation.

casper vs tuft and needle

To top off this cost conscious mattress is a simple yet soft knit cover. This cover is a polyester and micro polyamide blend that is lighter feel but also fast drying. This helps keep the mattress moisture free and sleeping cooler.

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How Comfortable Is Each Mattress?

girl waking upNow that you have had a chance to get a good look at the materials of these mattresses, now we can get to the fun stuff. Just how comfortable is the Puffy mattress? And how does it compare to the Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle?

Let’s not forget about the other sleeping benefits too. Like how will each of these mattresses perform when it comes to isolating motion, sleeping cool and providing a sturdy edge for sleeping and sitting use? Keep reading to find out!

Mattress Comfort:

soft and firmThis may be the number one selling point of any mattress. Just how comfortable it is. However, that means very different things for every sleeper. Depending on your size, shape and how you sleep may alter your preference in mattresses.

When it comes to comparing the comfort of the Puffy with the Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle we would like to focus on two areas. First, the more objective firmness level of each mattress. And secondly, our more subjective and personal insight into our experience sleeping on each one.

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Mattress Comfort Scale:

Looking at the scale below you can see two extremes, soft and firm. Typically a mattress won’t be at the far ends of the spectrum, but more in the middle. Specifically usually just slightly firmer than the middle, in the “sweet spot” if you will. This works most ideally for average sized back sleepers, side sleepers and stomach sleepers. This range is right around a 5.5 to 6.5 and is typically referred to medium-firm or luxury firm. Now, if you are a larger sleeper you may need a more supportive or firmer mattress too. This would typically push your range up just a bit to be around a 6.5 to 7.5.

soft and firm scale

Once you get to either side of this most ideal feel you do tend to have a less accommodating mattress. However, if it happens to correlate with your dominate sleeping position, it may be better yet. For example, if you sleep on your side 80% of the time a mattress that is around a 5 or considered a medium, may be more comfortable for you. And if you always sleep on your stomach finding a mattress that is closer to an 8 might appeal to you more.

universal comfortNow when it comes to the Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle mattresses they will all be offered in one option. This is typically what they consider a universal feel that should appeal to the majority. Below we will go through each of these mattresses and evaluate where they fall on the comfort scale and how that translates to you. As well as our personal opinion on how comfortable each mattress was for us.

Puffy Mattress Comfort:

puffy lux crystal and lilyThe Puffy mattress will fall onto the firmness scale right between a 6 to 7. Depending on your shape and size, the comfort will adapt accordingly and. This is right in that zone that makes it ideal for ALL sleepers! With an accommodating feel that works great whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach. It also is great for combination sleepers, couples as well as larger or bigger sleepers too.

One of the many things that sets the Puffy apart is the balanced feel of this bed. Often times many associate the feeling of memory foam with a lack of response, making you feel stuck. However, the innovative foams in the Puffy create just enough buoyancy to make switching up your sleeping position a breeze. Making this mattress one of the best memory foam mattress options out there.

To top it off the combination of memory foams still make the pressure relief you get undeniable. By eliminating the negative aspects of memory foam and pairing it with a supportive base foam you get a mattress that checks all the boxes for providing ideal comfort.

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Purple Mattress Comfort: 

laying on purpleThe Purple bed mattress will be closer to a 5.5 on the firmness scale. Bordering right on the edge of the ideal feel may result in a lack of support. Especially if you are larger or sleep on your stomach. This mattress will work best for back and side sleepers, while stomach sleepers may find their back bowing in discomfort.

When it comes to how the materials in this mattress feel you will get a more responsive feel from the polymer grid. Creating plenty of push back when your weight is applied evenly for good pressure relief. However, you may also feel less consistency in this top layer, literally allowing you to feel the grid pattern underneath the cover.

The additional layers work well for adding to the deep comfort of the Purple. But between the thinner base layer and the smart grid’s collapsible feel it may have you questioning how long the Purple will comfortably last.

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Casper Mattress Comfort: 

casper box woman and babyWhen it comes to the Casper’s universal comfort feel you may, or may not be surprised, with the initial firmness level. Falling on the comfort scale right around the 6 to 6.5 mark. Making it transition well between side, back and stomach sleeping for an average size adult. The Casper’s use of multiple comfort layers gives it a soft enough feel without being too soft. Though this mattress may border on not providing enough support for a larger sleeper.

When it comes to how the materials alleviate pressure points you may feel less impressed. The Casper doesn’t contour and push back against your body like the Puffy and Purple. Which helps you not only feel plenty of support but also evenly distribute your bodies weight for maximum comfort. The firmness and feel of the Casper also fall short when it comes to the quality foams you need for years of good sleep. However, this mattress is still one of the most popular online mattress to date.

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Nectar Mattress Comfort:

man and woman laying on nectarThe Nectar mattress is yet another medium-firm feeling bed that will come in around a 6.5 to 7 feel on the soft to firm scale. Making it a mattress that will most appeal to stomach and back sleepers. Side sleepers may lack enough cushioned support on this bed. And the durability of these materials will certainly fall short for providing adequate support for larger sleepers.

Though the range of firmness will work for many sleepers the actual feel of the materials may be less ideal. The Nectar is VERY slow responding memory foam mattress. To the point of feeling stuck. And if you are able to change positions it will take several seconds for the mattress to re-conform. Giving this mattress a huge disadvantage for side sleepers and larger sleepers who this will work against.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Comfort:

Tuft & Needle mattressThe two layers that make up the Tuft and Needle mattress do give it a slightly firmer feel than the rest. Leaning it closer to a 7 to 7.5 that will appeal to back and stomach sleepers, but will leave side sleepers lacking the deep comfort for necessary pressure relief.

Even though firm, the T&N mattress also leaves overweight sleepers with a less desirable sleeping surface too. Again, the lack of a transition layer along with poly foams that won’t have the durability for longevity leave the comfort falling short.

If you are a back or stomach sleeper looking for a feel that is just a bit plush and you don’t mind less contour, than it will work fine. The top layer is slightly responsive and does a pretty good job when it comes to pressure relief too. The base foam is plenty thick to create a solid feel, but again, the lack of a middle layer does take away from the bed. Leaving this mattress as a simple designed affordable option that you shouldn’t expect premium comfort from.

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Our Mattress Comfort Ranking:

As far as our personal opinion on the comfort of each of these mattresses go we have ranked them as follows:

Puffy Lux#1 Puffy
  • To us the overall adaptability and ideal firmness level of the Puffy stood out. It worked great for all sleeping positions for both of us as well as had a very contouring and relieved pressure points, yet we never felt stuck. This made changing from side to side easy and offered great weight distribution too. Overall offering an ideal level of comfort and great support.
#2 Purple
  • This mattress offered a unique feel that did deliver on pressure relief. However, it lacked in necessary support for stomach sleeping especially. And the polymer grid was slightly noticeable at times and did feel like it collapsed just a bit even after just a week of sleeping on it.
#3 Tuft & Needle
  • This mattress had a nice feeling top layer but the lack of any kind of transition layer made side sleeping very difficult. The base foam was solid and made for a decent sleeping surface for back and stomach sleepers. Overall, it was just a tad too firm and also lacked feeling when it came to alleviating pressure.
#4 Casper
  • This mattress is fairly balanced when it comes to feel. Sleeping in all positions was fairly comfortable but it didn’t have quite the same level of pressure relief that we experienced from the Puffy or Purple. It also felt like it lacked long term durability and would develop indents sooner than later.
#5 Nectar
  • Now there is slow responding memory foam and than there is the Nectar. Not only is this mattress slightly borderline too firm, but extremely slow responding to the point of leaving a crater every time you changed positions. The memory foams felt like they weren’t working together as well as they could leaving an overall firm yet unsupported feel.

*Please keep in mind that these ratings are purely based on our personal sleeping experience, which may certainly differ from others.

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How Will Each Mattress Perform?

Mattress Reviews – Motion Transfer:

glass of wine sitting on a bedSome may wonder what is motion transfer, or motion isolation, and why would that impact a mattresses performance. Simply put this category looks at how much movement will travel through the bed when you get in and out, are tossing and turning or apply even greater force. This helps answer questions like “will my partner disturb me when they get up?” or “if I’m a lighter sleepers will tossing and turning be noticeable?”

One of the best associations when it comes to motion transfer is the memorable wine glass test on the mattress while someone is jumping on it. If it spills, motion isolation is minimal. But, if it doesn’t move, than motion isolation is fantastic.

So just how did we find the Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft and Needle mattress to do for eliminating vibrations? Keep reading to find out which mattress is going to pass the wine glass test, and which ones don’t.

Our Motion Isolation Ranking:

When it comes to the order for how these mattresses preformed for eliminating motion transfer they came in as:

  1. Puffy Mattress
  2. Nectar Sleep Mattress
  3. Casper Mattress
  4. Tuft & Needle Mattress
  5. Purple Bed Mattress

man and woman cuddlingFor isolating motion it doesn’t take science to feel more or less movement, just two people who share the bed. While sleeping on each of these mattresses we noticed how well the worked at reducing vibrations.

Not only for the average motion transfer, from tossing and turning or getting in and out of bed. But also when you apply more force if jumping or springing out. And, of course how do these mattresses perform during sex. Below is a bit more insight how each of these brands performed for us and why we ranked them as so.

Puffy Motion Transfer:

puffy mattress When it comes to motion transfer there really isn’t much to compare. The Puffy mattresses top layers of true memory foam quickly absorb and eliminate almost all motion transfer. Even though they have enough response for easy moving, they still quickly absorb and dissipate motion. Allowing partner disturbance is almost non-existent.

We doubt there will be much tossing and turning, but if there is your partner won’t feel it. The Puffy bed also responds well to more forceful movements. Jumping onto the bed or springing out doesn’t overly increase any transfer of vibrations. Proving that when you have not one, but two layers of balanced memory foam, along with a dense and durable base foam, you create a mattress that is made for awesome motion isolation.

You also won’t have any complaints on how the Puffy mattress performs while being intimate either. The foams give enough push back to help you move easily. And the lack of excess movement allows you to feel more connected to your partner, opposed to altering your rhythm because you are bouncing around. Making the overall experience better for both parties.

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Nectar Motion Transfer:

nectar mattress reviewWith the Nectar the dense and unresponsive foams actually lend a hand to helping keep vibrations at bay. Because the foams on this bed are so conforming, motion tends to deaden upon hitting it instantly. Creating very little partner disturbance and regardless of if you have different schedules or toss and turn. Again, even greater forces of energy aren’t really going to travel over the sleeping surface.

However, though the Nectar doesn’t produce excess motion it also doesn’t necessarily work quite as well during sex. Feeling stuck in the mattress doesn’t make it easy to move around or alter positions. And though it might provide a more resilient feeling it also is so unmoving that it feels like the mattress is working against you and your partner.

Casper Motion Transfer:

woman laying on bedThough the Casper doesn’t add to the motion transfer of the mattress it also isn’t quite as great at reducing it as the Puffy bed is. The more responsive top layer takes away from the absorbing second layer of memory foam. This allows a little more motion to travel through the surface before being interrupted by the layer below.

Not creating an abundant amount of vibration but for an all foam mattress, more than many others. If you are an especially light sleeper or are woken up easily by your partner moving, an alternative option would be better.

That being said, the Casper isn’t half bad while getting it on though. The top layers are balanced to allow for just enough push back but enough sink too. Making it comfortable for whoever is on top as well as who is on the bottom. The only drawback is the feeling of support on the Casper during sex. It may feel like your knees may bottom out a little and hit the base foam.

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Tuft & Needle Motion Transfer:

a couple laying on a Tuft & NeedleThe Tuft and Needle has a few things working against it when it comes to isolation motion. The fact that it is firmer. And the fact that it has a more responsive top comfort layer. Though it is still an all foam bed that is going to naturally produce less vibrations, it isn’t going to do quite as well as several other options.

Anytime a mattress is firmer it will be more resilient and in turn not do as well as reducing excess movement. And, the top comfort layer is somewhat balanced, so you won’t have a super springy feel, but it also isn’t quite as deadening as memory foam.

With the T&N bed you may find that it works pretty good during sex too. The firmer feel does give you some resistance and pushback that creates a more solid surface. Though this is best when your weight is more evenly distributed. When you do apply more weight to a smaller area it does easily push down to the base foam, which isn’t super comfy.

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Purple Motion Transfer:

blonde girl headset purple wearing headphonesThe smart comfort grid of the Purple mattress certainly helps in the comfort and sleeping cool aspects of this mattress. However, the use of an elastic-polymer in the top of the bed doesn’t work quite as well for motion isolation. The buoyancy of the Purple mattress materials doesn’t necessarily create a huge problem. But when directly comparing it to other brands, you notice a difference.

The one thing that does help keep the motion transfer from becoming disruptive is the fact that there is a grid. The less surface that is connected helps reduce vibrations from travelling too far.

When it comes to having sex on the Purple mattress it is kind of a catch 22. The surface is responsive allowing you to feel like you can move easily. However, the gaps in the grid paired with the less resilient feel of the top layer kind of collapsing under too much weight, makes for a shift in strategy. It isn’t the worst, but certainly not the best.

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Mattress Reviews – Sleeping Cool:

mattress coilsSleeping cool is an area that almost all bedding brands try to hone in on. Making claims that their mattress is the coolest or least heat retaining. There are certain materials and mattress builds and styles that work for and against heat retention. While hybrid mattresses are great at dissipating heat. And latex mattresses allow for more airflow sometimes more conventional foam bed-in-a-box brands fall short in providing a cool sleeping surface.

As you already know, the mattresses we are comparing are all foam mattresses. None of which feature springs, coils or even latex foams.  Anytime you have a mattress that uses only foam, especially poly and memory foam, retaining heat may be more likely.coolest of the cool award

Each of these beds tries to incorporate qualities and materials to help them sleep more temperature neutral. But just how well do these added properties really work? When it comes to sleeping cool who takes the prize between the Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle mattress. Find out now!

Our Sleeping Cool Ranking:

Clearly if you are a warmer sleeper this category is more important to you. But even if you’re not, having a mattress that sleeps more temperature neutral will improve your sleeping experience. While sleeping on each of these beds we noticed less heat retention to more heat retention in the following order:

  1. Purple
  2. Puffy
  3. Tuft & Needle
  4. Casper
  5. Nectar

our rating guideClearly this is based on our account and hands on experience with each unique bed. But how cool or warm a mattress sleeps also has a lot to do with the materials, construction and firmness levels too. Giving you a combination of facts paired with experience for the most unbiased and honest feedback. Below we will explain why the Purple and Puffy mattress sleep cooler. And why the Tuft and Needle, Casper and Nectar aren’t as cool.

Why Purple is Cooler:

woman laying on purple mattress pinkIf there are two things to remember about the Purple bed and how it stands out it is in pressure relief and sleeping cool. And it certainly holds true to both. The Purple mattress prides itself on the benefits of its unique polymer smart grid comfort layer. Not only does this layer provide comfort, but the grid design allows for plenty of airflow and heat dissipation. Making sleeping cool much easier than most other foam mattresses.

The middle and foundation of this mattress are denser poly foams that may hold a little heat. But the surface foam is where it counts the most on this bed. Since the Purple grid helps keep the temperature neutral without needing any help from the additional bed layers. Along with the one-of-a-kind design of the Purple mattress itself is also the breathable and responsive knit cover. Never trapping heat behind the surface layer.

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Why Puffy is Cooler:

puffy vs puffy lux review less heatThe Puffy mattress incorporates cooling technology in every material of this mattress. The top layer of the memory foam layer is a patent-pending cooling cloud foam. It uses convection and conduction to dissipate heat and keep it away from the body. It’s also infused with a gel that increases the airflow 8x more than standard foam mattresses.

The newest addition to the Puffy is a transition layer of memory foam that creates yet another layer of pressure relief but with its own unique qualities of cooling aspects. This foam uses another kind of technology that has advanced temperature and humidity resistance. This layer combats any climate changes to help you sleep even more comfortable and uninterrupted.

The base foam is dense and supportive to create a solid base. It won’t allow you to sink into the mattress too much and keeps you closer to the surface. This allows for less heat to build around the body. The cover is also breathable to aid in keeping cool. All of this allows for the mattress to maintain ideal temperature, especially for memory foam, that can compete with most any bed for exceptionally cool sleeping.

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Why Tuft & Needle isn’t as Cool:

man laying down reading on bedThough by no means the worst at sleeping cool the Tuft and Needle isn’t going to be your best option if you are a warm sleeper either. The aspects that help this mattress not warm up too much are the gel infused comfort foam. This is not only infused with gel but also graphite, a naturally occurring material that helps pull heat away form the body. Together they work with the polyfoam layer to keep a fairly temperature neutral feel.

The firmness level of the T&N bed also helps you from sinking in too far and in turn creating less surface of your body to retain heat from. It also keeps you riding above the mattress for better airflow. And the thin yet breathable cover also helps from trapping heat under the surface. Though these all aid in alleviating heat the benefits aren’t going to keep you sleeping as cool as other options. However, if sleeping warm isn’t a concern, than you really shouldn’t have a problem sleeping comfortably in the Tuft and Needle mattress.

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Why Casper isn’t as Cool:

casper mattress reviewSimilar to the Tuft and Needle mattress the Casper isn’t too bad at maintaining a somewhat temperature neutral surface. But, it also isn’t meant for someone who truly wants to sleep cool either. By keeping the memory foam under the top layer of more breathable polyfoam you do help keep a barrier between the sleeper and more heat retaining memory foam. However, because the foam above still holds some heat it does get trapped in the memory foam with no place for it to go.

The fact that the Casper mattress isn’t as firm and lets you sink in a bit more also adds to sleeping warmer. The fact that you don’t feel too stuck in it may help offset this, but it still will leave you sleeping even warmer, especially if you already run hot. If you aren’t particularly a warm sleeper than it won’t be overly noticeable. But, if you are, than steering clear of this all foam option will probably be best.

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Why Nectar is NOT Cool:

best mattresses for warm sleepersBy far out of all of the five mattresses we are comparing the Nectar slept the warmest. Even though some layers are infused with gel to help neutralize heat, there are a few too many other factors working against it. First off traditional memory foam easily absorbs heat and when paired with more memory foam you are looking at plenty of heat build up. Especially when you aren’t using the latest technology to help create more breathable and heat dissipating memory foam.

Secondly, the Nectar is a VERY slow responding mattress. So, feeling stuck on top of already warm memory foam really keeps the temperature rising.

Third, the fact that there is no place for the quickly and abundant heat to dissipate with a foam base increased the temperature. And to top it off the thicker cover offers little breathability and yet another area of no airflow. All of these factors combine to make a sweaty, heat filled night on the Nectar mattress.

Mattress Reviews – Edge Support:

sitting on edge of bedEdge support may or may not be something that is a big concern to you. However, the edge support of a mattress can tell you a lot about it. Not only does it apply to how well you can utilize the full mattress for sleeping. It also gives you insight into the durability, long term hold up and quality of the bed. Including the materials and construction. As well as if you can utilize the edge for sitting from time to time.

When it comes to each of these mattresses we must admit, none of them offer amazing edge support. The Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft and Needle feature layers of foams that are more prone to break down under stress. Which is exactly what happens when you are right up to the edge sleeping or sitting.

However, from these 5 beds the Puffy offers the most supportive and consistent feel, especially for sleeping. Ranking these mattresses beyond the Puffy isn’t really going to make a difference. So instead we will just go over our experience and what you should expect from perimeter support.

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Puffy Mattress:

puffy mattress reviewAgain, the Puffy mattress outperformed the Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft and Needle in edge support too. With not only a more ample and sturdy base layer than several other beds, but also more durable and solid comfort layers. Creating a mattress that has better overall durability and enhanced perimeter support.

The consistency of the Puffy mattress is really where it stands out. You don’t feel a noticeable difference from the center to the edge. Which really is a testament to the construction and materials. It allows you to use every inch of the Puffy bed comfortably for sleeping. Without feeling a feel a change in support or firmness.

And when it comes to sitting, though the Puffy doesn’t offer the same feel you would get from a reinforced perimeter, it still is reliable. Letting you sit as needed to perform daily tasks like putting on socks or getting in and out of bed. Making it pull ahead yet again.

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Purple Mattress:

purple bag on edgeAs previously mentioned the Purple bed really excels in two areas, comfort and sleeping cool. However, when it comes to edge support it definitely has you asking for more. It actually has quite a bit less support around the edges. Even while sleeping you don’t want to get too close to the edge or you may experience a “rolling out of the bed” type feel.

Unfortunately this makes for a mattress that doesn’t allow you to really use the full surface for sleeping. Which for couples can make it a little tricky if you are already low on space. It also lacks a feeling of consistency because of the grid. This is really emphasized the closer you get to the edge as well.

Sitting on the edge of the Purple is definitely not recommended either. With an edge that even while fully distributing your weight feels inadequate, sitting around the perimeter is even less supported. Making this one aspect of the Purple that leaves lots of room for improvement. Or leans us towards a different mattress option all together… like the Puffy.

Casper Mattress:

casper mattressThe Casper may be an original but that doesn’t mean it is perfected. Especially when looking at the support you get around the edge. One of the first things we noticed with the Casper, besides the terrible off gassing, was the lack of edge support. Even after letting this mattress fully firm up the edges still felt lacking.

Once laying evenly across the surface the support felt a little better towards the edge, but still doesn’t allow full use of the mattress. When you have a good solid edge you can really amplify your sleeping real estate. Getting right to the edge if needed. But if you are limited by even a few inches, you take away a lot, especially if you are sharing a mattress.

While sleeping you notice a change in feel the closer you get to the edge of the Casper. And sitting it is even more noticeable. Creating a feeling of being ejected or sliding right off the side. If you are looking for a fully usable bed with good edge support it is best to look elsewhere.

Tuft and Needle Mattress:

casper essential vs tuft and needleEven though the Tuft and Needle mattress is on the firmer side you would think that it helps with edge support. However, that isn’t the case with this mattress. Now remember, this bed is a budget friendly buy, which means there will be areas that lack. Edge support is definitely one of them.

While sleeping and evenly distributing your weight you are able to use the majority of the mattress. Getting right up to the edge will start to loose support. Making you want to stay in a few inches and taking away from the overall usable space. If you sleep alone in the center, no big deal. But if you share a full or queen size mattress, this may take away from your sleeping zone.

Where the lack of edge support was most noticeable, like with every mattress, is while sitting. The original T&N isn’t the bed you want if you need it for sitting for any time period. Even briefly you will feel a quick change of support below. Leaving this all foam option strictly as a mattress for sleeping.

Nectar Mattress:

Surprisingly the Nectar is on the cusp of having okay edge support. The thickness and density of the foams help contribute to less sinking near the perimeter. Once you evenly distribute your weight it also feels like it will let you fully use the sleeping surface.

white bed grey rimHowever, the quality and slow response of the top layers make it feel like it slowly starts rolling you out of the bed after a period of time. This slow ejection feel makes it far less consistent and really questionable on how it will perform over a longer period of time.

Sitting on the Nectar bed offers a similar effect. At first it feels like it is supporting you, but then the foams start to slowly dip and give way. Making it unreliable and less than ideal for necessary edge support for both sleeping and sitting.

What Comes With Each Mattress?

purple mattressNow that you have had a chance to understand how the Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle mattresses are made. As well as an idea of how they will feel and benefit your sleep. We can take a closer look at the price, as well as value of each bed.

Not to mention some of the logistical aspects like shipping and delivery. And even the customer service each company provides from trial periods, returns and warranties to common customer complaints and feedback. This way you know what comes with each mattress and if it is worth a try.


The price of each of these mattresses vary slightly. However, the value looks beyond just the price. When searching for the “best value” you have to weigh a few areas beyond just price. Specifically for mattresses you also need to look at quality, durability and feel. These can all be determined by what you have already read above.

The materials, comfort and benefits of each these beds plays hand in hand with the price to determine if it is a good value. Understanding this makes the price either more or less appealing when you know exactly what you’re getting for what you’re paying.

value formula
Puffy Mattress Price:

When it comes to the price of the Puffy you are safe under the $1000 mark. At least for the queen size that comes in at just $900 after our $300 coupon. For the most recent pricing on every size of the Puffy mattress just head over to their website. Regardless of which size you opt for you can use our coupon to save too.

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puffy vs puffy lux review wraped upNow, for value of the Puffy it is important to remember everything you’ve read and how it compares to the price. With this mattress you get a comfortable and supportive memory foam mattress. Made with durable and reliable materials that will amplify the feel. It will offer exceptional motion isolation, perform well for sleeping cool and for an all foam bed provide good edge support too. Making the price tag much more appealing and the value of the Puffy mattress outstanding.

This isn’t even including the other perks. Like the 101 night trial period, free shipping and returns or the lifetime warranty. As well as great customer service and care and financing is available if needed. All of which will be elaborated on below.

Interested in the Puffy mattress? Learn more, shop and make sure to save $300 at Puffy.com

Puffy Lux
Purple Mattress Price:

rainbow over white bedThe Purple is just shy of $1000 by only a $1. Which is $999 for this unique mattress in a queen size. Clearly the prices vary depending on your choice of Twin XL, Queen, King or Cal King Purple mattress. For the most up to date pricing and promotions head over to their website.

If you are interested in a bed that is unlike any you’ve slept on in the past. As well as offers great pressure relief and comfortably sleep cool, than the Purple is one for you. Though the edge support is lacking and the motion isolation isn’t the best, we still feel that the value of this bed is good. Even if some of what you’re paying for is marketing, this mattress still offers something special that certainly appeals to many.

On top of that the Purple bed mattress also comes with a 100 night trial period to test it out. As well as a 10 year warranty and free shipping and returns. Also, for those looking to finance, no worries you can do that too.

Interested in the Purple mattress? Learn more and shop this one of a kind mattress at Purple.com.

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Casper Mattress Price:

casper vs tuloIf you are interested in the Casper mattress you will be looking to spend about $995 for a queen size. That doesn’t include the latest coupons, including our $100 savings with code: SLEEPGUIDE to bring it to $995. To see what the price is in a Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King or Cal King size hop over to their website.

Though we may feel that there are some other options that give you more bang for your buck. That doesn’t mean that some sleepers prefer the established original online mattress that Casper has. It will still offer a comfortable sleeping surface at an affordable price. And the benefits will still be sufficient. Also, you get 100 nights to test drive your new Casper along with a 10 year warranty. And as always, shipping and returns are included. Along with financing options.

Looking to shop and save on your new Casper Mattress? Learn more at Casper.com

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Nectar Mattress Price:

puffy vs nectarThe Nectar is a more affordable option at $824 in a queen size. But, for a little more money the perks and benefits you’ll find in other brands are well worth it. Especially when we are talking about something as important as your sleep. Though if you really like a slower responding memory foam mattress the Nectar Sleep bed may be the right fit for you.

Available in every mattress size you can choose what one will work best for you. And with every Nectar mattress purchase you’ll receive a generous 365 night trial, forever warranty as well as free shipping and returns and financial assistance.

Learn more about this memory foam mattress at Nectarsleep.com.

Tuft & Needle Mattress Price:

nectar vs tuft and needleIf the purse strings are tight and financing a more expensive bed isn’t for you, than the Tuft and Needle will surely please. At only $595 for queen size you won’t have to break the bank to get some rest. Even though this mattress may not offer the benefits as some slightly more expensive options, we still feel for this price it is a good value.

To check out the pricing on every size option just head over to the Tuft and Needle website. With each mattress purchase you also have a money back guarantee, free shipping, 100 night risk free trial and 10 year warranty.

Learn more about the Tuft and Needle mattress and purchase yours at TuftandNeedle.com.

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puffy mattress review in the cloudsIncluded with every one of these mattresses is free delivery. Upon order your mattress is compressed and rolled to fit into a manageable box. Each of which will be shipped through either Fed-Ex or UPS in a timely manner.

Each will roughly arrive anywhere from 2 to 10 business days. Depending on which brand you order from the shipping time frame and carrier will vary. Below we have what the typical options for each brand are.

  • Puffy Mattress Delivery: Fed-Ex – 2-5 business days
  • Purple Mattress Delivery: Carrier Not Specified
  • Casper Mattress Delivery: UPS & In Home Delivery Service Available
  • Nectar Mattress Delivery: Carrier Not Specified & In Home Delivery
  • Tuft & Needle Mattress Delivery: Carrier Not Specified

Unboxing and Set Up:

two men carrying bed woman directingEach mattress will show up right at your door in a relatively compact box. The unboxing and set up process couldn’t be more simple. What you need to do is bring it to the room you’ll be setting it up. Remove the rolled mattress from the box. And carefully cut away the plastic.

Each mattress should initially inflate fairly quick. However, we do suggest waiting several hours before sleeping on any of them. And a good 24 to 48 hours to let them fully expand. And when it comes to set up just keep in mind the weight of each bed. This may make it necessary to have a second person help.

  • Puffy Mattress Weight: 70 pounds/Queen Size
  • Purple Mattress Weight: 110 pounds/Queen Size
  • Casper Mattress Weight: 71 pounds/Queen Size
  • Nectar Mattress Weight: 74 pounds/Queen Size
  • Tuft & Needle Mattress Weight: 64 pounds/Queen Size

Off Gassing:

our rating guideDuring the mattress unboxing process you may notice some fumes that are released. Most of these odors are not harmful and a combination of “new” mattress smell and plastic. Though some of these mattresses produce stronger and more off putting scents during unboxing. And even take several days before they fully dissipate. Sometime these odors are referred to as off-gassing.

Each of these mattresses vary slightly when it comes to how strong their off-gassing odors are and how long they take to dissipate. There are also a few factors that may reduce or increase these smells too.

Trial Periods:

mattress warranty & sleep trialWith almost every online bed-in-a-box comes a at home trial period. This allows you to buy a mattress site unseen and experience just how well you can sleep on it before 100% committing. Typically with any mattress it take several days and even weeks to adjust to a new mattress. However, if by 6-8 weeks in your are in discomfort that you didn’t experience prior to your new mattress, than you may have a bed that isn’t for you.

Below is the trial period you will get for each of these brands. This shows the amount of time upon delivery you have to return the bed if it doesn’t work out. If you are unable to contact them in this designated window you will no longer be able to return the mattress.

  • Puffy Trial Period – 101 Nights
  • Purple Trial Period – 100 Nights
  • Casper Trial Period – 100 Nights
  • Nectar Trial Period – 365 Nights
  • Tuft & Needle Trial Period – 100 Nights


puffy warrantyWith any mattress, online or in store, you will have a warranty that comes with it. Typically warranties cover any manufacturing flaws or defects. As well as any abnormal wear or tear that isn’t typical with average mattress use. Each brand offers a minimum of 10 years for a warranty. For many, warranties are also prorated. This means that the natural wear and life expected is taken into consideration as the years progress.

  • Puffy Warranty – Lifetime Warranty
  • Purple Warranty – 10 Years
  • Casper Warranty – 10 Years
  • Nectar Warranty – Lifetime Warranty
  • Tuft & Needle Warranty – 10 Years

Customer Service & Complaints:

All of these beds are very popular brands. However, they aren’t necessarily for everyone. Before purchasing it is good to know what common complaints and concerns are for each bed. Luckily, each of these brands offer trial periods and free returns to ensure your satisfaction even if you aren’t happy with your purchase. They also both have suitable warranties to guarantee the life of the mattresses too. And lets not forget, each has a customer service team in place around the clock to help you with any questions or concerns.


customer support womanThe Puffy mattress comes with a 100 night trial period and lifetime warranty. 100 days is a little over 3 months and will be plenty of time to see if this memory foam bed is a good fit. Anyone who hasn’t slept on a memory foam mattress may need the full 100 days to see if it is for them.

If you have slept on a similar mattress than it should only take a few days. Either way, you will be taken care of by Puffy and your mattress will easily be donated and refunded.

The top complaints with the Puffy are that you may oversleep and not be able to get up on time! Or that memory foam isn’t for you. Memory foam isn’t for everyone and may be a bit dense and slower responding. The Puffy may not appeal to very warm sleepers either.

Even though sleeps cooler than most memory foam mattresses, it is still not going to be for someone who sleeps very warm. If you want a bit of spring or you’re a hot sleeper, the Puffy bed may not be for you.

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busienss people thumbs upThe Purple mattress also comes with a 100 night trial period and a 10-year warranty. This again should allow for sufficient time to try the mattress out and see if it is for you. If not, Purple is also very easy to work with to get your full refund to you in the designated time frame.

Some of the biggest complaints with the Purple is the lack of support, especially from the top grid and edge. As well as the inconsistent feel of the polymer top layer and not be easily adapted to.

It also is a little on the thinner side at 9.5″ and lacks durability and quality when compared to several other brands, including the Puffy. This mattress tends to be either loved or hated. You just have to know which side of the spectrum you fall on.

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Like the Purple, the Casper gives you a 10 year warranty window along with a 100 night trial period. Casper was one of, if not, the first to offer trial periods for online mattresses. Thus allowing you to try it out before 100% committing. Taking the stress and hassle of buying a mattress sight unseen out of the equation.

casper customer serviceHowever, many who don’t like the Casper felt like it lacked support. Especially if you are larger, share a mattress with a partner or just like a firmer, more supportive feel.

Another common complaint is the fact that Casper changed their materials from the original bed. Once offering a combination of latex and memory foam they slightly downgraded by removing the latex and replacing it with a less durable and buoyant poly foam. Not only changing the feel slightly, but also the quality.

Lastly, the Casper also may have stronger off gassing odors than many other online mattress brands. We personally found the Casper to have one of the highest off gassing outputs to date. Leaving almost our entire house with a less than desirable smell that took over a week to dissipate. And the mattress itself took almost a month to fully dissipate.

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One thing that Nectar does come with that the other options don’t is a 365 night trial. This full year long window really gives you more than ample opportunity to make sure it is a good fit. They also offer a forever warranty covering any major defects too.

nectar mattress complaintsBut, with any bed there are going to be some complaints. The biggest issue with the Nectar is the fact that it is NOT USA made. It is manufactured overseas in China. Thus allowing the price to stay down. This may cause concern in several areas, the most obvious being quality. With much less regulations over materials, processes and overall production you may be getting a product that isn’t what you hoped it was.

This also may cause more off gassing. Not only with the fact that it is made elsewhere, but the fact that it is rolled up in a box much longer. Potentially up to 8 weeks before even getting to the states. And than sitting in a warehouse until it is shipped to you. This has also been a bit of an issue in the past for Nectar with getting product in a timely manner. However, that problem does seemed to be nipped in the bud.

Our biggest complaint with the Nectar happened to be the feel of this mattress. It had a very un-adaptive comfort that really didn’t work well for side or stomach sleeping. It also was very slow responding and left you in a ditch. Which isn’t comfortable and causes even more heat retention.

Tuft & Needle:

tuft and needle complaintsThe Tuft and Needle will have the more standard 100 nights and 10 year warranty similar to most brands. Again, if you don’t care for it the process of returning is simple and easy, especially for you.

The reasons you may return this mattress is because it may be lacking in ideal comfort you may need. Specifically for side sleepers. The fact that it is only two layers and doesn’t offer a transition foam does make it a firmer, less pressure relieving option while sleeping on your side.

The T&N Mattress also offers less perimeter support which may impact anyone who needs the edges for support. Though this mattress doesn’t offer some of the upgraded features that other beds have, it is intended to be more cost effective, so most people understand they are getting what they pay for.

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Mattress Coupons – Puffy, Purple, Casper, Nectar and Tuft & Needle

When it comes to these beds we can honestly say that both have their own unique appeal. The ease of buying online and having a mattress shipped right to your door can be an easy process but also stressful if you aren’t sure what is best for you. The Puffy and Purple and two popular brands that each offer something special.

Why Puffy?

puffy logoIf you want a memory foam mattress, similar to a Tempurpedic feel, but without the costly price tag, the Puffy mattress would be an excellent option. This very pressure relieving and adaptable mattress offers a durable and consistent feel. Along with supportive foams that offer plenty of benefits. With not one, but two layers of memory foam the Puffy bed is now even more appealing and adaptable.

It also includes temperature regulation that most memory foam lacks, superior motion isolation and an overall solid build that creates an even and a consistent surface that allows you to fully enjoy every inch of the mattress. All at a price point under $1000 with great customer service too. Making the Puffy mattress a great value and sleeping surface almost anyone would appreciate.

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Why Purple?

purple mattress reviewNow the Purple also has its own unique appeal that many will gravitate towards as well. The one of a kind feel of the polymer grid certainly lends itself to pressure relief and sleeping cool too. However, this bed does fall short if you need quality motion isolation and if you prefer a more solid perimeter and consistent feel. The price is not too much more but is an additional $99.

$900 OFF Purple Mattress Coupon HERE!

Why Casper?

casper logoIf you are sold on the original bed in a box you will get a mattress that offers a balanced all foam feel. It does well for isolation motion and providing a consistent sleeping surface. However, the off gassing makes it less appealing and the forgettable benefits of this bed make it somewhat more about the name than the actual mattress. Coming in right under the $1000 price point works with most peoples budgets and the fact that it has had a solid reputation does help this bed-in-a-box.

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Why Tuft and Needle?

tuft & needle mattressOut of all of these mattresses the Tuft & Needle is the least expensive. Under $600 for a queen size saves you on average $400 compared to many other 10″ all foam beds. If you like a medium-firm feel that borders on firm that has little motion isolation, doesn’t sleep overly hot and really delivers on price, than it is a great option. Just remember, that even though this bed is less expensive you aren’t getting the more premium foam layers and some of the benefits you’ll find in slightly more expensive options.

Up to $800 OFF Tuft & Needle Coupon HERE!

Why Nectar?

nectar mattress reviewIf you like a very slow responding memory foam mattress that is also inexpensive than the Nectar will appeal to you. It also will have very good motion isolation and semi solid edges. With a price tag at $824 before coupons, it will fit into some sleepers budgets a little easier. But, you may be compromising comfort, durability and support that a only few hundred extra dollars could get you.

Our Ultimate Choice: 

learn more about puffyAt the end when choosing between these two beds we enjoyed sleeping on the Puffy more than the Purple mattress. It has a much more appealing feel as well as ample support where needed. It also relieves pressure and has an adaptable surface that curves to your body. Both mattresses are true to their unique qualities and are going to come in right at the same price. However, with the additional discounts offered by Puffy, you do get a better deal and value too. Make sure to use code: OSG250 to get your extra savings!

Buy the internet’s BEST mattress, NOW! Just follow this link to puffy.com!

Need more help?

justin and crystal our sleep guideFor more comparison reviews make sure you check out our Mattress Comparison Page. This will give you access to all of our comparison reviews. Including Puffy vs Casper, Puffy vs Leesa and Puffy vs Nectar. As well as Purple vs SleepOvation, Purple vs Casper and Purple vs Puffy Lux.

Also, check out our Mattress Comparison Tool too for a really quick side by side glance at up to four of any of our mattresses at once. This is a great way to help narrow down your top contenders and see the differences of each. If you enjoyed this comparison review, you can check out the dedicated bed reviews below.

Not sure where to start? No problem! Let us help you start your mattress search with Our Mattress Guide to take out any confusion.

For the full review of each of these mattresses check them out here: Puffy Mattress Review & Purple Mattress Review. Always remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help you find the perfect bed. If you have any questions about your search always feel free to contact us.

Our Unbiased View:

Considering our years of hands on mattress experience, as well as having tried all of these brands first hand, we can offer a unique insight. Knowing what customers often look for and find appealing allows us to better guide you. While comparing these mattresses we look at several categories to see just how each bed stacks up.

We strive to give our honest and unbiased opinion of how each of these beds performs. Allowing us to give you the best help we can. Keep reading to learn how the Puffy mattress reviews against its competition. As well as save with several great coupons for all of these online mattress brands.

Curious what to look for when trusting online reviews? Our Unbiased Mattress Reviews guide has some great insight!

Puffy Video Review:

Purple Video Review:

Puffy Mattress Rating
  • Off Gassing & Delivery
  • Comfort
  • Materials & Construction
  • Motion Transfer
  • Sleeping Cool
  • Edge Support
  • Value
  • Trial Period
  • Warranty

Overall Puffy Rating:

Overall the original Puffy Mattress is going to provide a balanced and adaptable memory foam that uses technology to ensure a great feel, a cooler mattress and solid build for a long lasting bed.