July 11, 2018

Purple vs SleepOvation

When we look at new mattress technology, two bed-in-a-box brands, Purple vs SleepOvation, are making waves with their ingenious designs. The Purple is a popular name, with aggressive marketing campaigns that make it a household name. This mattress combines dense foams with its Smart Comfort Grid™ to provide unheard of pressure relief qualities and cooling benefits. Another online mattress company has created a design that updates long-standing quality with new construction.

The SleepOvation separates the foam layer into smaller cubes of foam and affixes them to the top of a coil. These materials are individually pocketed for extreme precision in pain relief. This hybrid style also aids in sleeping cool. Which of these mattresses with unique designs is a better choice? Read on to find out what brand will give you a better night’s sleep in our Purple vs SleepOvation review.

purple vs sleepovation
Purple – Overview:

woman sleeping on purple mattress Have you been on the internet or watched TV in the last few years? If so, you are likely to have seen some advertising for the Purple. This mattress has a design as unique as its marketing campaign. A grid texture makes up the top layer for extreme pressure point relief. This design also gives you terrific cooling properties to help you wake feeling refreshed.

At an affordable price with financing options readily available, it’s easy to see why Purple has become so popular. Many people have gone on to participate in a viral video egg challenge. Though, we were wondering if it was not all it’s cracked up to be. How does this mattress stand up to another brand with a unique take on targeted comfort? Continue reading to find out.

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Sleepovation Overview:

sleepovation mattressYou get 700 Tiny Mattresses in one, when you purchase a SleepOvation mattress. This new take on hybrid design involves a typical combination of foam and springs. The difference is that the foam is separated into 2.25-inch by 2.25-inch cubes that each stand 3 inches tall.

Every cube is individually wrapped and attached to a fabric pocketed coil. This gives you the ultimate comfort by offering precision targeting at every point of the body. The effect cradles the spine and allows optimal sinking at the hips and shoulders. This results in superior support at the lumbar and accurate pressure point relief.

With the SleepOvation you “fix your back or get you money back”. Does this mattress deliver in the company’s promise, or is it just a gimmick? See how the Sleep Ovation stood up the Purple mattress when you continue reading below.

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purple packagedPurple Delivery & Off-Gassing:

The shipping of your new Purple mattress is included in your final pricing. It will arrive at your doorstep compressed and roll-packed in a signature purple plastic bag. Since this mattress weighs around one hundred pounds, have a friend help you out with the set-up process. Once you get your Purple where you want it, remove it from the bag. You will then unroll it and release it from the plastic wrapping. It will quickly expand and take shape.

You might experience some odors, called off-gassing, during this process. Allowing your new Purple three to five days to breath will be beneficial. This is especially necessary for those that are sensitive to smells. After this time, you should be ready to place your bedding and enjoy sleeping on your new mattress.

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backsaver moving SleepOvation Delivery & Off-Gassing:

Your new SleepOvation mattress will arrive within a two-week period. It will be compressed and shipped in a roll-packed box. You can upgrade your order to include the “back saver” box, which adds wheels to the bottom of the packaging. This is extremely beneficial for those setting up their mattress by themselves as the SleepOvation weighs around a hundred pounds. Once it is in the desired place, unrolling and removing the wrapping should be a breeze.

It could take up to two days to fully firm up, but expansion takes just moments. During this time, you could observe some “new mattress” smells. The Sleep Ovation is made in the USA, and the foams used in its construction are CertiPUR-US certified. Any odors you experience will be nontoxic and minimal in nature. If you are sensitive to unusual fragrances, it is a good idea to avoid the area during the off-gassing process.

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Purple Mattress – Materials:

The Purple mattress is made from three layers of materials unlike any other. The top layer is a 2-inch thick hyper-elastic polymer Smart Comfort Grid™. This unique design allows for great cooling benefits and supreme pressure relief. This component feels soft and supportive. You get ideal sinking at the shoulders and hips to retain your body’s natural contour.

A 3.5-inch thick transitional polyurethane foam makes up the middle layer. This segment gives the Purple a consistent feel for balanced weight distribution. It also gives this bed a responsive bounce for easy movement.

The durability and support in this mattress comes from the 4-inch thick base layer. This polyurethane foam is a high-density product with a medium-firm feel. The Purple has a responsive knit cover for stretchy softness to compliment the Smart Comfort Grid™. It is also breathable to encourage proper air flow. It has a zipper for cleaning convenience.

Purple Mattress side view


Find out more about the Purple with our in-depth mattress review! Or go to Purple.com to purchase yours NOW!

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SleepOvation Mattress Reviews – Materials:

The Sleep Ovation puts a new spin on traditional hybrid mattress design. The style and construction of this bed has led to the components referenced as “Tiny Mattresses”. For every 2.25 square inch, the SleepOvation is made from a combination of foam attached to a spring. 3-inch tall cubes of high-density foam, called a Cushion Pockets, are individually wrapped and affixed atop Cushion Pocket Springs.

These 8-inch tall coil is made from .078 high carbon steel and are encased in a fabric pocket. There are 700 Tiny Mattresses in each queen-sized SleepOvation for targeted contouring and superior support. The cover of this mattress is equipped with miniature cushion pads that cover the top of the Tiny Mattresses. This knit cover has engineered air channels and has a convenient zipper. This allows you to remove the cover for deep cleaning purposes.

cushion pocket

Find out more about the SleepOvation with our in-depth mattress review! Or to shop this one of a kind bed visit SleepOvation.com!

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Purple Bed – Comfort:

laying down on a purpleYou will get excellent pressure point relief, but the different feel of the Purple might not be everyone’s cup of tea. You will find that this mattress is good for most sleeping positions. Some stomach sleepers and heavier people will find that it lacks the firm support for deep comfort.

On a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest, the Purple is a 5.5 to a 6. This universal approach gives side and back sleepers ideal contouring at the shoulder and hip. These sleeping positions will feel nice levels of lumbar support and spinal alignment. It’s hard comparing the unique feel of Purple to any other bed, since it’s the only one of its kind.

You may have seen some marketing about the Purple mattress and an egg test. This is a good way to represent the comfort you will feel from the pressure relief of this bed. A quick search on the internet will generate loads of videos where real people tried this challenge for themselves. Are you brave enough to join them in trying the Purple egg challenge for yourself?

SleepOvation Bed– Comfort:

dog on a mattressNo other mattress in the bed-in-a-box industry has the remarkable comforting qualities of the SleepOvation. The design combines an individual cube of foam affixed to the top of a coil. These separate working parts will compress individually to target areas of your body that need the most pressure relief. This creates a cradling effect at the level of each vertebrae for deluxe lumbar support and spinal alignment.

The SleepOvation has 700 different zones for pain relief at every square inch of your body. The exclusive style accommodates people of all shapes and sizes. This technology also encourages a responsiveness for changing positions with easy. The flexible support may not be firm enough for stomach sleepers to get a firm feeling needed for comfortable sleep. Stomach and side sleepers, however, will get a grooving contour with enough firmness for luxurious comfort.

Purple vs SleepOvation – Motion Transfer:

As with most all-foam mattresses, you will notice little motion transfer while sleeping on the Purple. The three layers of polymer and foams quickly absorb any vibrations that occur when you or your partner change positions. The Smart Comfort Grid™ isolates movement as the material stretches and flexes. Any motion that has penetrated this layer is quickly deadened by the polyurethane foams below. This is beneficial for those that get up frequently throughout the night or have a different schedule than their partner. The Purple will allow you to sleep undisturbed by motion transfer.

dog next to sleepovationEven though you are more likely to feel motion transfer in hybrid mattresses, the Sleep Ovation provides a different experience. Each Tiny Mattress is individually wrapped. Because each spring and foam cube pairing are separate from each Cushion Pocket Spring, you will have less disturbances. Movement from your partner will likely not make it across to your side. It works by compressing according to your weight at each individual spring.

This targeted method keeps vibrations from shifting across the bed. With other hybrid mattresses, movement jumps from spring to spring as the foam shifts on top. You still have responsiveness to help you reposition as needed throughout the night. Only, the bounce you might feel is isolated to each individual spring and coil member. With it, you will wake well-rested from an uninterrupted sleep.

Purple vs SleepOvation – Sleeping Cool:

purple mattress bare foamThe layers and cover of the Purple were selected due to their temperature-neutral nature. The open grid design of the Smart Comfort Grid™ provides open airflow where warmth transitions downward through the channels. Since the cover used on the Purple is thinner, there is more breathability and easier reduction of heat.

Even areas of the body that sink in further get to experience the ample air circulation provided by the Purple. Without a coil system backing up this technology, you can find other mattresses that do just as well sleeping cool. Still, we’d recommend this mattress for warm sleepers.

laying down on mattress One outstanding benefit of the SleepOvation is the cool night of sleep you get every evening. Due to the design, channels run between every row and column of tiny Mmattresses. This creates a pathway for warmer air to penetrate down directly between the foam cubes. The air circulation then travels through openings in the coils. A design like this is also beneficial to cleaning. You can run your vacuum hose right between each block of foam and coil after unzipping the mattress cover.

This construction paired with a breathable stretch knit cover makes this mattress ideal for warm sleepers. With the SleepOvation mattress, you feel as though you are sleeping in the bed rather than sleeping on top of it. This gives you a softer feel, so having cooling tendencies is a necessity. Luckily this mattress has you covered. We’d recommend the Sleep Ovation for warm sleepers who want a softer feel.

Sleeping cool won’t be a problem on either of these mattresses. Get your Purple at Purple.com. Or the innovative SleepOvation at SleepOvation.com

SleepOvation vs Purple – Edge Support:

purple mattress package inside roomThe Purple mattress gives you consistency for sleeping wherever you want. The surface of this bed will feel the same at the perimeter as it does in the middle. Paired with minimal motion transfer, this mattress is good for those who share their bed with a partner or pet. You get the same comfort while sleeping in the middle or stretched out.

While sitting at the side, you will notice less support than you would get from a traditional innerspring mattress. This is not usually something that would make or break your decision. However, the Purple might not be perfect you if you sit at the side of your bed for long periods.

While the design of the SleepOvation has given this mattress many positive qualities, edge support is not one of them. Disappointedly so, as this bed checks off every other area of comparison. Each coil is paired with a separate block of foam. This leads to little in the way of consistency for sitting at the sides. You will encounter noticeable sinking if you try to sit along the perimeter for longer periods.

While you are sleeping, you do get a usable edge. You shouldn’t feel like you are going to roll out because of the even weight distribution. People who share their bed will have the support needed to stretch out. You will have the ability to use every square inch of the Sleep Ovation for sleeping purposes. This factor is saving news, as most don’t need to sit at the edge of their bed for long times.

SleepOvation vs Purple – Value:

The Purple is a more affordable choice for most average households. The total cost for a queen size is $999. If that price is out of your reach, there are financing options available. This will include your free shipping in a compressed and roll-packed Purple bag. You also get a worry-free 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

If you like the idea of new mattress technology and sleeping cool above other factors, the Purple is wonderful. Still, we feel that you could find a comparable or better mattress than the Purple at a lower price point. It also takes some time to get used to the way the Smart Comfort Grid™ feels.

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A queen-sized Sleep Ovation mattress is priced at $1749. Shipping comes at no extra cost. You also receive a worry-free 100-night sleep trial to ensure you are happy with your selection. Included in your purchase is a 10-year warranty, which is standard in this industry.

We enjoyed this bed for its pain relief properties and sleeping cool benefits. It is made with high-quality materials that are easy to maintain. Adaptable comfort will make this a great selection for all shapes and sizes of people. You can save lots of $$$ too by using our exclusive coupon, to find the latest discount amount just click HERE!

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Purple vs SleepOvation – Our Pick!

dog and person on bedThe unique takes on design make comparing the Purple vs SleepOvation a perfect match. The Smart Comfort Grid™ of the Purple will be suitable for almost all sleepers, offering extreme pressure relief. The open grid also provides excellent airflow for outstanding cooling benefits. However a few downfalls may make this mattress far less desirable.

SleepOvation creates precision pain relief using their 700 “Tiny Mattresses” to target every square inch of your body. You get comparable cooling effects with unrestricted air circulation. The focus on proper alignment and support really sets this bed apart. Making you and your sleep the #1 priority.

Though the Purple may come in at a more reasonable price, our exclusive coupon for the Sleep Ovation mattress doesn’t make it that much more expensive. Giving it the overall edge and making it our pick of the two. Both offer one-of-a-kind designs that will appeal to many, but the details and ingenuity of the SleepOvation won us over.

Still unsure? Check out the FULL review of the Purple HERE and the SleepOvation HERE!

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