July 9, 2018

Saatva vs LuuF

When it comes to sleep, nothing should get between you and comfort. Unless it’s more comfort. How do you choose between two top rated mattresses? This is the predicament with the Saatva vs LuuF hybrid mattresses. The differences are slim and the comfort is extreme. You’re splitting hairs when choosing between comfortable and comfortable. But if you want to know how to sleep your very best, continue reading below for an in-depth comparison of the Saatva vs LuuF mattress comparison review.

saatva vs luuf
Saatva Mattress Overview:

saatva vs luftIf you thought buying a mattress online means only the memory foam, bed-in-a-box option, guess again. The Saatva offers a coil on coil, ultra-premium mattress delivered right to your door. Saatva is everything you want in buying a mattress. It offers three comfort options, geared towards optimal support and pressure relief. It is made of the highest quality materials. And finally the Saatva Mattress offers customer service you won’t believe.

As if it could get any better, the Saatva also offers two thicknesses. It comes in 11.5” and 14.5”, allowing you to change the thickness without changing the feel. This mattress naturally sleeps  cool, since coil mattresses hardly retain heat. The coils are even individually wrapped for limited motion transfer. Top it off with a 15-year warranty and 120-night sleep trial and the Saatva is your every dream come true. You will not be disappointed with the Saatva. That is, unless you don’t try it at all.

Jump to the full Saatva review HERE. Or get the latest pricing and shop at Saatva.com.

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LuuF Mattress Overview:

luuf mattress coupon The LuuF hybrid mattress may not be as well know as Saatva, but that doesn’t mean there is any kind of lack of quality with this well built mattress. Thanks to their years of experience on the manufacturing end, LuuF knew what it takes to create a perfect mattress. The 14”+ plush, durable mattress will exceed your standards. The layers of gel and graphite infused foams provide maximum comfort and coolness.

The LuuF will give you a perfect medium feel thanks to its individually wrapped coils. These coils reduce motion transfer. It also reinforces the border for outstanding edge support. Creating the perfect mattress for anyone. You get quality you can feel, durability and luxury delivered right to your door. Not to mention the 10-year warranty and 100-night sleep trial. Keep reading to see what else both of these thick hybrids have to offer in our Saatva vs LuuF review.

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Saatva vs LuuF – Delivery & Unbxoing: 

saatva mattress reviewUnlike roll packaged memory foams, the integrity of the Saatva’s materials is kept in tact by a premium white glove delivery service. Made in the US, the mattress already has minimal off-gassing. But this free and customer centered delivery service, also eliminates most any extra odor. You may want to let the mattress breathe for a minute, but there will be substantially less noxious fumes. Especially compared to most roll packed mattress.

The white glove delivery service is more than convenient for you. The two-man crew will schedule delivery based off your preference. Simply tell the, where to put the mattress and enjoy the result. you also have no down time waiting for this bed to expand. It is ready to go as soon as it is set up.

Although it is not your standard roll packed memory foam mattress, the LuuF will still need to be taken out of the box. The LuuF is 120 lbs of solid materials, so make sure you have some help moving it around. Once you have it where it needs to be, simply remove the plastic. The mattress should only take a few minutes to come to initially expand. But a good 24 hours to full firm up and offer a true feel.

The LuuF will not be completely free of fumes, but no noxious gasses will overwhelm you either. If you are especially sensitive you may let the mattress breathe for several hours or open a window. Regardless you need to let it expand and fully firm up, so letting it alone for several hours before putting the bedding on is ideal.

Ready to try this super thick and dense hybrid mattress? Learn more at LuuFBeds.com. Or get individualized comfort and free white glove delivery from Saatva.com.

saatva mattress materialsSaatva Mattress Materials:

The Saatva offers two thickness options 11.5” and 14.5”, but the mattress will feel the same, with the same materials as well. Your thickness choice should be aesthetically pleasing and functional,  it as for the rest of the mattress, the Saatva has you covered.

The top layer is always a euro style pillow top. This comfortable layer is built into the top and gives a soft, plush feel. Under that is a 1” of memory foam for lumbar support enhancement. This layer is specifically designed to alleviate pressure and tension in the lower back. Following this layer is the first set of coils. In a queen system there would be 884 individually wrapped coils, so that it may respond and contour to your body. The coil layer is both supportive and luxurious. You’d have to feel it to believe it.

The base system is made up of 416 (in a queen) coils Everflex coils. The coils are hourglass shaped for durability and to prevent sagging. This means they support your body while also maintaining the foundation. For even more durability, there is a dual perimeter edge support system. This also gives a full edge to edge sleeping surface and creates a solid yet uniform area. Finally the 100% organic cotton cover pulls it all together. It’s natural softness provides an extra layer of comfort and the clean white cover makes it aesthetically pleasing. Who ever knew you could have a mattress that is both beautiful and comfortable?

Ready to feel the support of a dual coil system? Shop the Saatva and get the latest pricing at Saatva.com.

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LuuF Hybrid Mattress Materials:

The LuuF mattress is also 14” thick and has 4 layers plus a cover. With the LuuF hybrid mattress, you’re given comfort from the cover down. The cover is made with a gel infused quilting foam and Dacron high loft fibers. This creates severs inches of cool, breathable, plush comfort.

The first layer gives you 1” of graphite infused open cell memory foam. This layer keeps you extra cool while relieving pressure points and evenly distributing body weight. Next is the 2” layer of transition foam for extra deep comfort and support.

The 8” core of the LuuF is the coil system. It is made up of 1074 (queen) innersprings. This layer is perfect for dissipating heart and providing ultimate support. The coils are individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer and provide support exactly where it is needed. Finally, you get durability and longevity with the 1” layer of dense support foam.

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Saatva – Comfort:

saatva mattressWhen you have three options to choose from, the Saatva is 100% comfort. Choose from plush soft, luxury firm, and firm. Most customers choose luxury firm because it is right in the middle (medium), which makes it perfect for all shapes and sizes. On a firmness scale, the luxury firm is a 5.5- 6. This makes the mattress ideal form stomach, back, and side sleepers. It is solid and supportive, yet flexible and adaptable. It’s the best of both worlds. All worlds.

If you would like to go with the plush option, this is the softest mattress. It is recommended for predominantly side sleepers or back sleepers who like a soft feel. The plush mattress will have a firmness of 3. It will still be supportive,  but with more sink so that your body feels cocooned.

If you are predominantly a stomach sleeper, you may want to choose the firm, which scales in at about 8.  The extra firmness allows you to sleep mostly in the surface without sinking in. This is also ideal if you are a heavier person. If you are larger, the luxury firm and firm will both support you. The foams are dense, durable, and long-lasting.

Having three ideal feels really gives you a choice to find the best fit for you. Making the Saatva comfortable for any sleeper who is looking for a solid well built innerspring bed. The combination of two coil systems and just enough foam provides long lasting durable support with a flexibility that easily moves with your body. As well as plushness to relieve pressure and evenly distribute weight.

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LuuF Hybrid – Comfort:

LuuF mattress bed in a box review The LuuF is 14” of 100% luxury mattress. The mattress has a solid innerspring core with layers of premium foam on top, and is perfect for anyone.  Back sleepers have enough support, so that the mattress cradles your lumbar and shoulders. Side sleepers have plenty of cushion to allow their shoulder and hip to sink in. Even stomach sleepers have it made because the top few layers of foam against the coil system provide enough support to keep your back from bowing.

The LuuF is 120 lbs of mattress and 14” thick. This makes it ideal for heavier persons too. The sturdy, durable mattress has ample support and plenty of comfort. The thick hybrid mattress had a true medium-firm feel. It comes in at a 5.5-6 on the firmness scale, which means it is just in the middle and just right. The solid support is everywhere throughout the mattress, but so is the ample plush as well. 

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Saatva vs LuuF – Motion Transfer:

saatva mattress reviewMotion transfer is very limited with the Saatva. Coil mattresses naturally have more spring, but the individually wrapped coils really decrease the vibrations. The additional memory foam layer above the coils is not only for comfort, but also for absorbing vibrations as well. The euro pillow top cover adds a nice cushion, but is also a layer of defense against movement. For regular toss and turners, you will not feel your partner shifting at night in the Saatva Mattress. We know you love your partner, but no one wants their sleep disturbed.

The LuuF is evenly matched when it comes to motion transfer. They individually wrapped its coils with a 1” foam, plus 3” quilted cover. Lastly there is a dense foam between the top and coil system. And the more dense, the less vibrations travel through the mattress. All of these characteristics greatly reduce motion transfer. If you feel any vibrations, it certainly won’t be enough to disturb you or your partner.

Though both of these coiled mattresses may offer an easy to move on buoyancy provided by the springs, isolating motion is also well done. Making either option ideal for anyone who shares a mattress, lighter sleepers and anyone looking for minimizing vibrations in their sleeping surface.

LuuF vs Saatva  – Sleeping Cool: 

edge support mattress comfort luufSleeping cool is a key component when customers shop for a new mattress. If you are a naturally warm sleeper, a coil mattress is a perfect fit. The Saatva is unique in that it offers a coil on coil system which creates even more space, making it even more breathable. Air flow is maximized in the Saatva and heat is quickly dissipated. The coil system is also right below the memory foam, which will quickly eliminate any heat created by the foam.

The Saatva knows there’s no such thing as too much cool. So, the euro pillow top and organic cotton cover, also contribute to the mattresses coolness. These elements give separation to the memory foam and are naturally more breathable materials. If you’re still concerned about heat, there is also a difference in firmness. The more soft, the more sink. And the more sink, the more the mattress cocoons you to create heat. Choose between a luxury firm or firm, if you want to remain on the surface of the mattress and have the coolest sleep ever.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our in depth Saatva Review or shop at Saatva.com.

The LuuF is similar when it comes to sleeping cool. The individually wrapped coils give breathability and plenty of air circulation. Like the Saatva, the LuuF is your answer if you’re a naturally warm sleeper. Any coil mattress will eliminate heat much better than an all foam one. LuuF infused the memory foam with graphite to keep the foam from being naturally warm. In addition, they infused the 3” quilted cover with gel and high quality Dacron fibers to wick away moisture. With all of these ingenious characteristics, your temperature will be maintained and coolness is no question.

Want to learn more? Take a look at our in depth LuuF Review or shop at LuuFBeds.com.

Saatva vs LuuF – Edge Support:

Edge support may sometimes go unnoticed initially, but is something that will be recognized in time. Especially if you have minimal support around the perimeter. Not having good edge support not only leads to minimal use of the entire sleeping surface it also can prevent you from sitting on the edge form time to time. Both of these beds do superb when it comes to providing durable and solid edges.

saatva mattress reviewThe Saatva offers a dual perimeter foam encased support system, around the entire bed. The encasement makes the sleeping surface usable from edge to edge for the entire life of the bed. And why wouldn’t you want to use every square inch of your luxury mattress? This means there will be no difference sleeping on the edge or in the middle. The best part is unlike most all foam mattresses, the Saatva encasement also allows you to sit on the edge with ease. Since they don’t roll up the Saatva, it really increases the durability of the materials. This is key for cresting great edge support.

Once again, the LuuF will not disappoint either. The LuuF will have a very stable sleeping surface from edge to edge. However, it is not your typical coil mattress that makes it extra supportive. The LuuF uses a higher gauge still coil around the perimeter of the mattress than in the center, to give you that added support. This means sitting on the edge will be firm, unlike most boxed mattresses. You want to use every inch of sleeping surface when you have a mattress like the LuuF. Sleep anywhere you’d like without that “rolling out of bed” feel.

Making both the Saatva and LuuF hybrid mattresses superior in this category. And giving little differentiation when deciding which will do better. So, again both will not let you down. Literally!

Saatva vs LuuF – Value:

The Saatva and LuuF mattresses are comparing two great things, so in the end, what’s the difference? If you’re still having a tough time deciding, value may NOT be your answer. The Saatva comes in at $1199 for a queen and so does the LuuF at $1299 too. However, with the latest LuuF Coupon the price drops to be more affordable than the Saatva, giving it slight edge in the price department.

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However, the key difference with the value may be the other perks you get with the Saatva. Including FREE white glove delivery. As well as a 120-night sleeping trial where the LuuF offers 100 nights. The Saatva also offers a longer warranty. As well as arguably better or more durable materials. The LuuF also offers free shipping and the feel and durability are quite amazing. The LuuF might also appeal more to side sleepers or anyone looking for a more balanced feel. So though there may be a few areas of difference both are OUTSTANDING values that you can’t go wrong with.

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Saatva vs LuuF – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialIt is within these last categories, that the Saatva takes the prize. The LuuF is a quality mattress, but customer service, trial period and warranty make the difference. With the Saatva, you get an additional 20 nights more than most standard trial periods. However, if you decide either mattress is not perfect for you, both brands have a simple return process.

Since they both designed the Saatva and LuuF with such high quality materials, the warranty should be the last thing on your mind. The fact of the matter is that the Saatva Warranty is 15 years, whereas the LuuF warranty is 10. The Saatva gives you more options in thickness and firmness, with higher quality materials. It is also cheaper and it’s white glove delivery is free.

Saatva vs LuuF – Summary:

We can certainly say that both mattresses are fabulous from top to bottom. The Saatva offers multiple comfort options with the best customer service and amazing value and durability. The LuuF hybrid offers an almost perfect feeling solid mattress that is well worth every penny and won’t disappoint. We have no problem recommending either of these options for any sleeper looking for a great product for a great price.

luuf hybrid mattress for big people

If you want a hybrid mattress that checks every box you’ll find the Saatva or the LuuF will do just that. And than some!

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