July 6, 2018

Saatva vs Brooklyn Aurora

The Saatva mattress and the Brooklyn Aurora mattress both have three different levels of firmness to choose from. Offering a soft, medium, and firm choice that will be suitable to different sleeping positions. However, they use very different materials that offer unique benefits. If the advantages would be in your favor, it is important to consider these two selections carefully. Your overall weight could make the durability of one of these choices a better option than the other. If you tend to sleep warm, one mattress will surely prevail. Our Saatva vs Brooklyn Bedding Aurora review will help you figure out which of these two beds fits your individual needs.

Saatva – Overview:

saatva vs brooklyn auroraThe Saatva is a hybrid mattress with many different options to create a customized comfort for everyone. Starting with three different levels of firmness to choose from, you get contour and support selected perfectly for your needs. You can also choose how tall you would like your Saatva. Two layers of different coil sets create support with extreme durability. A contouring sheet of memory foam makes for outstanding pressure point relief and an organic cotton cover for a soft feel.

Finished off with a euro top and breathable cover, the Saatva delivers high quality. Speaking of delivering, they include white glove delivery service in your purchase price. The Saatva does an amazing job at reducing motion transfer and giving you edge support for consistent sleep. This bed makes an excellent choice for larger people because of its extreme durability and strong support systems. Saatva’s reputation proceeds itself with its amazing customer service and line of durable, well made mattresses. Including their memory foam Loom and Leaf mattress as well as the 100% latex bed, the Zenhaven too.

Check out the full review of the Saatva and shop this luxury bed at Saatva.com

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Brooklyn Aurora – Overview:

saatva vs brooklyn auroraThe Brooklyn Aurora is the top of the line hybrid mattress from Brooklyn Bedding. An upgraded version of their Brooklyn Signature mattress with added thickness and cooling properties to make it even better. With three different comfort levels to choose from and a durable coil system, you’ll have ideal support and comfort. With the same reduction in motion transfer, cooling properties, and edge support no matter your firmness selection. A perfect pairing of foams and pocketed coils have created an ultimately unique comfort for sleeping the night away in bliss.

If you tend to sleep warmer, you will love the cooling effects of this mattress. Phase changing materials and gels utilized in the cover and foams compliment the amazing airflow of the coil system. Your purchase of the Brooklyn Aurora even includes free pillows and sheets for added value. Continue reading our comparison review to see how it stacked up against the Saatva mattress.

Check out the full review of the Brooklyn Aurora and shop this ultra cool bed at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Saatva vs Brooklyn Aurora – Delivery and Off Gassing:

saatva mattress reviewUnlike most online mattress companies, Saatva is delivered by a white glove service. This includes a hand-delivery, the disposal of any trash, and the removal of your old mattress and box spring. You won’t be waiting days for the Saatva to expand and firm up like with other bed-in-a-box brands.

Since they never compress the Saatva and they make it in the USA, you will have minimal to no off-gassing. The only abnormal smell you may notice will come from the plastic wrapping. You could also perceive some new mattress fragrances. Allow your new mattress a few hours to air out before placing bedding if this is bothersome to you. Since they never compress the Saatva into a small box, your product won’t lose integrity in the shipping process. We feel you will be impressed with the quality customer service and durable products that Saatva provides.

saatva vs brooklyn auroraYou will need a second set of hands to help you set up your new Brooklyn Aurora. This bed-in-a-box weights easily over one hundred pounds. Your new mattress will ship for free in a compressed and roll-packed box. Once you have it unrolled and unwrapped, it could take up to a day to fully expand and firm up.

During that time, you shouldn’t notice much off-gassing. Since it is made to order in the USA it won’t be shipped internationally or sit awaiting your purchase. You may sense a “new mattress” odor that could be bothersome to those sensitive to smells. Allow for a day or two of airing out before placing your bedding to prevent any unpleasant experiences with off-gassing.

Saatva vs Brooklyn Aurora – Materials & Comfort:

Below we will break down the materials and comfort options of these two mattresses. Though comfort is very subjective a combination of the materials and firmness description should help provide a better idea of how each will feel for you. Giving a subjective subject a more objective insight. Especially with the use of the firmness scale to help determine which of several firmness level options is best for you and your sleeping positions.

softness scale meter
saatva mattress materialsSaatva – Materials:

The Saatva has durable parts in every aspect to give you a supportive mattress that won’t wear out. This bed consists of four layers of premium materials. The top layer on every Saatva is a 2.5-inch thick euro style pillow top that they build into the cover. This gives you a soft cushioning feel. The next layer of the Saatva is a 1-inch thick memory foam that relieves pressure points. This lumbar support enhancement contours for perfect grooving at the lower back, neck, and shoulders for superior spinal alignment, making this one of the great mattresses for back pain.

The next layer is a set of 884 individually wrapped coils. This system gives you targeted support in all the right places. The next set of coils creates most of the support in your Saatva. The 416 Everflex coils are shaped like hourglasses to prevent sagging, making for a fantastic foundation.

The perimeter of the Saatva is enforced with a dual perimeter edge support system. This addition provides a consistent sleeping surface while it works double-duty to protect the coil systems. The Saatva is wrapped in a one hundred percent organic cotton cover that is breathable and soft to the touch. The design of this bed is all about luxury without sacrificing supportive strength and durability.

Interested in the durable support of a Saatva? Shop and get the latest pricing at Saatva.com.

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Brooklyn Aurora – Materials:

The Brooklyn Aurora consists of 6 different layers of coils and foams in a 13-inch thick design. The first layer of comfort foams is a 1.5-inch thick 4-pound density CopperFlex Foam. This latex alternative includes phase changing materials for cooling benefits. It will contour to your body while remaining responsive for easily changing positions. This layer will change slightly with each firmness option to provide you ideal levels of comfort.

The next layer of foam is also a 4-pound TitanFlax Foam that is 2 inches thick. It provides the same properties as the top layer with more support and pressure relief. The third layer of foam is a 1-inch thick breathable Visco-Elastic Memory Foam. This contouring segment is also selected according to firmness level option. It creates an even transition to the coil system below.

The eight-inch thick Quantum Edge Encased Coil System generates adequate support and airflow. The coils are all individually wrapped to reduce motion transfer that can be common with hybrid mattresses. Under the coil system is a 1-inch thick dense base foam that gives the Brooklyn Aurora a sturdy foundation.

You will also find the TitanCool technology in the cover made from a soft and breathable fabric. This premium smooth weave cover is stretched perfectly to prevent bunching and sagging. The sides of the Brooklyn Aurora are covered with a velvety fabric and include handles for easy moving.

brooklyn aurora

Interested in a cooler sleep with the Brooklyn Aurora? Shop and get the latest pricing at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Saatva – Comfort:

saatva mattress reviewThere are three different comfort level options to individualize your sleeping experience with the Saatva mattress. The plush soft option rates at a 3 on a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest. This is the best mattress for side sleepers to get optimal levels of sinking at the hip and shoulder. This leads to outstanding pressure point relief.

The luxury firm option rates 5.5 to 6 on the firmness scale, making this a universal feel. Couples with different sleeping position preferences will enjoy the compromise of supportive contour this firmness provides. The firm option is an 8 on the firmness scale. This is the best choice for people of larger proportions to get long-standing durability that supports you for total comfort. The three selections are available in 14.5 or 11.5-inch thickness to fulfill your aesthetic needs for perfect interior design.

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Brooklyn Aurora – Comfort:

brooklyn auroraThere are three different firmness options for the Brooklyn Aurora as well. You can select from soft, medium, and firm. These score 4, 6, and 8 respectively on a firmness scale where 1 is softest and 10 is firmest. The soft choice will work well for side and back sleepers who enjoy deep contour. Contouring pressure point relief will have you sleeping like a baby in no time.

The medium option should be the perfect balance of support and pressure relief for most people. Choosing a universal feel mattress is a great idea for couples who like different sleeping positions. The firm selection is an outstanding mattress for stomach sleepers and back sleepers who prefer firm support. Proper spinal alignment is easily achieved by the supportive core and dense foams.

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Saatva vs Brooklyn Aurora – Motion Transfer:

saatva vs big figEven though the Saatva is a hybrid mattress, you shouldn’t experience much in the way of motion transfer. Initially, the euro style pillow top creates a cushioned contour that will absorb a good deal of movement. The next layer of memory foam will work to further dissipate vibrations before they reach the coil sets. Since the top layer of coils is individually wrapped, the motion will not transfer from one to the next easily. This type of reaction can typically be seen in other brands. You should enjoy sleeping undisturbed on the Saatva.

Hybrid mattresses are not usually known for their ability to reduce motion transfer. The Brooklyn Aurora is a different story, using a design that combats this typical issue. The top layers of foam have more of a responsive quality than comparable memory foams. However, you still shouldn’t notice much movement transitioning across the surface of this mattress. The transitional layer of memory foam will absorb much of the motion transfer. The coils are individually pocketed to prevent vibrations from dispersing like a domino effect. Overall, the Brooklyn Bedding company has done an admirable in designing this comfortable mattress.

Saatva – Sleeping Cool:

saatva mattress reviewHybrid mattresses do much better than all-foam options at reducing heat while you sleep. The Saatva falls into this category, even though it has a layer of memory foam. Because this material doesn’t sit directly against you, you get a cooler sleep than with other mattresses containing memory foams. The euro style pillow top supplies a breathable cushioning layer between you and the memory foam. The first coil set is located under the memory foam layer. Here, air can escape creating circulation throughout the whole mattress. If any heat is left at this point, there is another coil system to encourage even more airflow.

You can increase the heat reduction qualities of your Saatva by ordering the luxury firm or firm option. This will keep you from sinking into the mattress too far where warm air can become trapped around you. Without any other heat dissipating materials utilized, the Saatva is still a great choice for those that sleep warmer.

Learn more about top pick for Larger Sleepers, the Saatva mattress, with our in-depth mattress review.

Brooklyn Aurora – Sleeping Cool:

brooklyn auroraThis mattress already has an advantage in the bed-in-a-box industry with a hybrid combination of foams and coils. The Brooklyn Aurora takes sleeping cool to the next step by incorporating even more cooling elements into its design. Starting with the cover, phase changing material wicks away moisture and stays cool to the touch as you sleep. This breathable material is pulled tightly to prevent bunching and sagging that can trap heat around your body.

The top two layers of TitanFlex Foam will not retain heat like other latex materials. The are naturally aerated to encourage proper heat dissipation. A TitanCool water-based surface uses high conductivity to pull heat away from the body. CopperFlex promotes breathability. Any heat that has made it through these layers will quickly escape through air channels created by the coil system. The Brooklyn Aurora is currently the number one mattress for its sleeping cool properties.

Learn more about our #1 mattress pick for Hot Sleepers, the Brooklyn Aurora, with our in-depth mattress review.

Saatva vs Brooklyn Aurora – Edge Support:

saatva mattress reviewIf the ability to sit at the side of your bed is important to you, consider the Saatva. While it is not recommended to use any mattress for sitting purposes on a regular basis, you get solid support. You will get minimal sinking in comparison to other mattresses using memory foams. The dual perimeter foam encased edge support system creates consistency for sleeping all the way up to the edge. You will never feel like you are going to roll out of this bed. This support is regardless to how spread out you and your partner like to sleep. This increased stability lends to the durable quality you will get with your Saatva.

A strong coil set gives the Brooklyn Aurora a leg-up from all-foam mattresses. You’ll be able to spread out and sleep all the way up to the edge. There’s no fear of feeling like you’ll roll out with this awesome hybrid. Couples can stretch out and use every square inch of this bed. You can also sit comfortably on the edge of your Brooklyn Aurora due to the durable design. They constructed the Brooklyn Aurora with high-quality materials. This means you can sit on the Brooklyn Aurora with minimal sinking for short periods.

Saatva vs Brooklyn Aurora – Value:

Saatva gives you high-quality materials and customer service at an affordable price. This luxurious brand can be yours in a queen size for $1099. With this price, you get a 120-night sleep trial and a 15-year warranty. They also include FREE white glove delivery service in your purchase price.

This includes your full set-up, any trash clean-up needed, and the removal of your old mattress and box spring. Knowing that the Saatva is extremely durable and provides luxury-style comfort, this mattress is a tremendous value. Even with no added promotions, the price is hard to beat. Get yours now at Saatva.com.

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The price for the Brooklyn Aurora mattress is slightly higher at $1699 for a queen size. Still, your value is just as comparable. Included with your purchase is free shipping, two free latex pillows, and a free set of bamboo sheets. Not to mention a thick and well-made mattress that will sleep very cool from evening until morning. And give you plenty of benefits to sleep well every night.

You also receive a 120-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty. Make sure to take advantage of our exclusive 20% OFF mattress coupons, making this mattress a steal at just $1359! Just use the code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20 at BrooklynBedding.com to make this mattress a very affordable and competitively priced option.

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Saatva vs Brooklyn Aurora – Our Pick!

brooklyn auroraBy now, you have likely figured out the benefits for each of these mattresses. They both provide even comparisons in most areas of review. Though, they each stand out for different qualities that could make your choice monumental for optimal sleep.

If you are a heavier person, you will be better off with the durable support of the Saatva mattress. It can withstand up to 300 pounds on each side of the bed for a total of 600 pounds. Also, if you have a slightly stricter budget the Saatva is under that $1000 price point. It also comes with a longer trial period and warranty too. And lets not forget great customer service and satisfaction.

If you sleep warm, the Brooklyn Aurora will give you a better sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed with the cooling materials that have made this mattress our top-rated option for sleeping cool. It also comes in three perfect options for comfort and high-quality materials in every layer. Not to mention form a company that has a solid reputation and outstanding products too.

You really can’t go wrong with either of these beds. Both have top rating reviews in we found both beds to be amazing to sleep on. See for yourself in our full review of the Saatva HERE and the Brooklyn Aurora HERE!

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