November 20, 2019

Casper vs Purple

Casper and Purple are two of the most well-known brand names in the online mattress world. We are going to compare these two well loved mattresses to one another in order to pick the Our Sleep Guide winner of the Casper vs Purple comparison review. Casper Original does come in two different options, the All-Foam version and a Hybrid version as well. For the purposes of this comparison review we will be directly comparing the Purple Mattress to the Casper All-Foam version. Read the full comparison review to get all of the details on why which mattress wins in each category as well as help you decide which mattress is the right choice for you.

purple vs casper comparison review

Why Choose Casper

  • casper vs purple mattress reviewsSolid Edge Support
  • Isolates Motion
  • Consistent Traditional Feel
  • Zoned Comfort
  • Offers In Home Set Up
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $595 – $1195

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Why Choose Purple

  • reasons to purchase the purple over the casperVery Responsive
  • Isolates Motion
  • Purple Comfort Smart Grid Technology
  • Sleeps Very Cool
  • Pressure Relieving Comfort
  • 100 Night Sleep Trial
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $649 – $1498

Want to jump right to the full review? Find the Purple Mattress Review or shop at Purple.com!

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Who Wins? Which Mattress is Better?

  • purple vs casper reviewEdge Support – Casper
  • Sleeping Cool – Purple
  • Motion Transfer – Tie
  • Consistent Foam Feel – Casper
  • Pressure Relief – Purple
  • Responsive Feel – Purple
  • Comfort – Casper
  • Trial Period & Warranty – Tie
  • Delivery – Casper
  • Value – Casper
  • Winner – Everyone Wins!

If we had to pick a winner we might lean toward Casper. However these beds are truly well matched and what works for you may not work for someone else. Especially with Purples unique feel, some folks swear by it while others just don’t like it. Which is why we suggest getting the details and picking what sounds like it will suit your needs best. Keep reading to find out which mattress exceeds in which categories, and why.

Casper Materials & Construction

reasons to buy the casper over the purpleThe 12” thick All-Foam Casper Mattress is made out of 4 main layers. Starting with the base of High-density memory foam, giving the bed it’s foundation. Next is the zoned supportive foam layer. This layer is designed to give extra support where you need it most, and contouring pressure relief where you need it as well.

On top of this layer is a pressure relieving foam that cradles your joints. This layer of Casper foam has open cell technology which allows heat a place to escape the mattress.

The mattress is encased in a soft polyester cover. The top part of this cover can be removed for washing, but should not be placed in the dryer, as it will shrink and no longer fit.

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Purple Materials & Construction

purple vs casper materials and construction qualityPurple is a 9.5” foam-based mattress that they top with their trademarked 2” Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid. This grid provides pressure relieving support and keeps your body elevated above the foam in order to stay cool.

Underneath the Hyper-Elastic Polymer grid, are two comfort layers of foam making up 3.5”. The first foam layer is made out of a poly foam. This layer provides ideal support, cushioning, and pressure relief.

The second comfort layer of foam is intended to help distribute weight evenly over the mattress. Finally, there is the 4” base layer of foam which creates a foundation. This foundation is firm and supports the top comfort layers.

Purple covers their mattress in a polyester-blend zippered cover. This cover is made out of a 69% Polyester, 27% Viscose & 4% Lycra blend. The cover on this mattress is breathable, soft and has a nice response to it. ***Please take note that while this cover has a zipper it is not recommended that you remove it for cleaning. Spot cleaning is always the recommended care instruction.

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Casper vs Purple – Mattress Comfort

ultimate guide to firmness of a mattress

Purple Comfort

Purple has a rather unique comfort feel unlike any other mattress. It is very dividing for different people. Some absolutely adore the pressure relieving Purple Grid on the top of the bed. While others find it feels too different or uncomfortable. Besides the feeling of the top layer of the

Purple mattress it has a medium firm feel roughly on the This firmness level falls into the category of a medium to medium-firm feel. Roughly around a 5 to 6 on a scale of 1 to 10. With 1 being the lowest and 10 being firmest. This is a sweet soft for most bed owners and works for a lot of different sleepers. This is a good thing considering the Purple only comes in one comfort option.

purple mattress comfort and support
Casper Comfort

The Casper Mattress has a much more familiar, solid foam feel to it. The overall firmness of the Casper bed lands on a 5 making it true Medium feeling mattress. Overall this is a comfortable mattress that works well for most back sleepers and side sleepers. It may be a little too soft for stomach sleepers.

One awesome feature that the Casper has put into their mattress is a comfort layer of foam that is zoned. Meaning that it is softer where you need more give and firmer where sleepers often need more support. This makes the Casper great for a larger amount of sleepers out there. Which is why we are giving the win for Comfort to Casper.

zoned comfort in the casper mattress

Casper vs Purple – Benefits

Edge Support:

best mattress comparisonThere are two main reasons why a person will want edge support out of their mattress. There is edge support for sitting, or sleeping. Not all folks care much about edge support. It all depends on what you use your bed for. If you sleep alone and never spend much time on the edge of your bed, then this won’t matter to you all that much. However, If you sleep on a full or queen mattress with a partner, or spend time playing video games on the end of your bed, then you’re going to want as much edge support at possible.

top bed in a box online mattress brandsWe found that the Casper has a pretty decent edge support for average sized sleepers on the sleeping surface. However, the edge support for sitting on the side of the bed was lacking, and if you plan to sit on the side of your mattress for an extended period of time, you probably won’t get the support you need out of the Casper.

When it comes to the Purple, edge support is not it’s strong point. We round that you need to sleep a good hands width away from the edge of the bed to avoid any “roll off” feeling on the sleep surface. For sitting on the side of the bed, this isn’t going to give you much support at all. You’ll be able to tie your shoes really quickly, but that is just about it.

So while edge support is not a strength for either of these beds Casper had slightly better support on the sleeping surface, which is why it takes the win in this category.

If edge support is something that is important to you check out our Best Hybrid Mattresses.

Motion Transfer:

the top mattress brands competing for the title of winnerWith the Purple and Casper being All-Foam mattresses, motion transfer is really where all foam beds really shine. Both of these beds have very little motion transfer throughout the bed. Making them great for couples or anyone who has pets, children, or a spouse who sleeps in the same bed as they do.

While you may notice the Purple’s grid layer has a bit of bounce to it, it still does a great job at deadening most vibrations and small movements. These beds are both so great with motion transfer that they get a tie for this round.

Sleeping Cool:

will purple or casper be the bestWhile motion transfer is a definite win for All-Foam beds, sleeping cool is typically a downfall. Foam tends to hold onto heat, and without a coil system of a hybrid mattress, it can be difficult for the heat to have a place to escape and dissipate.

When Casper upgraded their materials on the original mattress a few years back they did switch to an open cell foam that does allow more air to move throughout the bed, which will keep you cooler than other foams. However, we did experience the Casper did sleep warmer than other beds.

This is another area where the Hyper-Polymer Grid technology really makes a difference in how you sleep. The grid helps to lift the sleeper off of the foam base, allowing much more air to flow in and out of the bed, keeping its sleeper much cooler. Which is why Purple takes the win for sleeping cool.

Casper vs Purple Mattress Basics

Delivery & Unboxing

casper offer in home set up and deliveryAs far as delivery goes both standard options for the Casper and Purple mattress are relatively similar in process. You order your mattress online and Casper or Purple will deliver your mattress to your door as week or two later.  vacuum packed and rolled into a box. Since they compact these beds into boxes, so they will be rather heavy and we do suggest that you ask a friend to help you with any set up.

However, one cool Delivery option that Casper offers, that Purple does not offer, is a delivery with in home set up. They way you don’t have to lift a finger in order to get your new Casper mattress right where you need it. This is a big point for Casper, as some individuals really need this option.

New Mattress Smell

purple mattress delivery and set upYou will notice while you are unpacking either of these mattresses, that there will be a new mattress scent in the air. We suggest running a fan or opening a window in order to allow these smells to dissipate. We also highly suggest you allow any bed in a box at least a few hours to air out and firm up before you sleep on it.

While both the Casper and the Purple mattress had some scent to them. We must admit that the Purple seemed to have more than the Casper and it took over a week to start to fade away. We think this may have something to do with the Hyper-Polymer Grid creating this smell.

While it should not be harmful to sleep on the bed as it still has a scent, some may find it difficult to sleep on at first. Rest assured that the smell will dissipate in time.

Value & Financing

casper mattress sideThe Casper’s price ranges from $595 – $1195 depending on price for the All-Foam version. While the Purple costs around $649 – $1498. While these prices may change or adjust slightly from time to time, they are rather reasonable prices for online mattress brands. Both companies also now have finance options available so you can get your mattress now and pay it off in smaller amount instead of having to pay up front.

We always like to evaluate the value of the mattress compared to the price it has been given and see how things shakes out. While Casper and Purple are very well known and well marketed brands, there is a reason that both companies have come out with beefed up and improved mattress options. While their beds are comfortable and get the job done, there is now a lot more competition out there in the same price range. With Casper costing slightly less than the Purple, we give it the win for value.

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Trial Period & Warranty:

The Purple and Casper tie for the win on Trial Period and Warranty. Both brands offer a 100 night trial period and a 10 year warranty. While these may seem extensive it is rather standard for the online mattress industry. 100 days will be more than enough time to for you to adjust to your new mattress. While a 10 year warranty should be give you confidence that your mattress is going to last you a long time. Take note that all warranties account for the natural wear and tear for normal use as time goes by.

Casper vs Purple Mattress – Our Verdict:

These two beds are well known and liked by a lot of people. They are also rather evenly matched in a lot of categories, with only slight variations in strengths. We went back and forth on picking a winner between these two and ultimately decided that everyone wins!

The Purple and Casper mattress are really rather comparable in quality, comfort, and price. When it comes down to picking between the two it all has to do with your personal preferences. Do you like the feel and comfort of the Purple Hyper-Polymer Grid? How it keeps you cool and relieves pressure points? Or do you prefer the consistent foam feel of the Casper and it’s zoned comfort features? The choice is all yours.

purple vs casper comparison review

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