February 25, 2020

Casper vs Cocoon by Sealy

Cocoon Mattress vs Casper Mattress

Today we are putting to great bed-in-a-box mattresses to the test. The Cocoon by Sealy and the Original Casper Mattress. These are two all-foam mattresses are both great options for anyone looking to purchase a low-price sturdy mattress that is going to provide lots of support and comfort. While these beds seem to have a lot in common, there are different advantages to buying one over the other as they have different strengths in performance. Keep reading to get more information and better determine which is the right mattress for you.

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Why Choose The Casper Mattress?

  • casper mattress vs cocoon winner12” Mattress | 4 Foam Layers
  • All Foam Construction (Hybrid Version Available)
  • True Medium Feel
  • Responsive Foams
  • Zoned Comfort Support Foam
  • Free In House Set Up
  • Pressure Relief for Shoulders
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $595 – $1,290
  • Casper Mattress Review

Looking for a classic all-foam mattress with an adaptive feel and pressure relief? Welcome to the Casper mattress and get ready to sit back, relax, and get some great sleep. This Medium-Firm 12” mattress is made up of four foam layers and zoned support. While Casper has come out with a hybrid version of their original mattress, we will be comparing the Cocoon to the All-Foam Casper mattress today.

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Why Choose The Cocoon Mattress?

  • cocoon mattress vs casper winner10” Mattress | 3 Foam Layers
  • All-Foam Construction
  • 2 Comfort Options (Medium-Soft & Extra Firm)
  • Great Edge Support
  • Limits Motion Transfer
  • Reliable Mattress Brand
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $600 – $1,150
  • Cocoon Mattress Review

Sealy is a well-established household name that is now getting into the bed-in-a-box world of mattresses with their Cocoon by Sealy bed. So far, we are impressed! They created this solid 10” all-foam mattress with three contouring layers of foam and memory foam. This is a supportive yet pressure relieving mattress that is ready to play ball. Keep reading to see which mattress we pick for our winner in this Casper vs Cocoon mattress review.

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Which Mattress is Better? – Cocoon vs Casper

Cocoon mattress is better than the casper mattress find out whyComfort Options: Cocoon
Quick Responsiveness: Casper
Contouring Comfort: Cocoon
Brand Reputation: Tie
Motion Transfer: Cocoon
Edge Support: Cocoon
Pressure Relief: Cocoon
Sleeping Cool: Casper
Value: Cocoon
OVERALL: Cocoon by Sealy!

Both of these beds are quality all-foam mattresses that pack a big punch when it comes to comfort. They both have their own qualities that make them unique, the Casper sleeps just a tad cooler (although we like the cooling Cocoon Chill cover) and it also has a more responsive feel than the Cocoon.

While the Cocoon does a great job at eliminating movement throughout the bed and has fabulous edge support for an all foam mattress. However, at the end of the day it is all of this combined with the price of the Cocoon mattress that really brings it home for us.

The Cocoon bed by Sealy is overall a more comfortable mattress that actually comes in at a truly great price, and that’s not even counting current discounts and our coupons. Which is why we choose Cocoon for our overall winner. Keep reading to get all of the details on materials and comfort to see why we believe it is the better buy.

Casper Mattress vs Cocoon – Delivery & Set Up:

cocoon mattress box deliveryCasper is one of the first brands people think of when you mention online bed-in-a-box mattress brands. Which is for good reason, they have paved the way with other front runners like Purple with loads of advertising and low prices. Sealy however is known for making great mattresses and is new to the online ordering mattress world. However, both have made these all foam mattresses that deliver to your door quickly and easily.

Whether you buy a Casper or a Cocoon mattress you can expect your bed to arrive at your home within a week or so. The unpacking process is rather similar overall, although we did find that the Casper had a bit more “new mattress smell” then the Cocoon mattress.

We believe this is due to the fact that Casper is assembled overseas while the Cocoon mattress is assembled in the USA. Casper and Cocoon both use all CertiPUR-US® certified as safe foams, so any smells that come out of either the Casper or the Cocoon mattress will be safe and should dissipate quickly.

We suggest leaving your new mattress to air out and firm up for at least several hours in a well-ventilated room before sleeping on it overnight. This will simply help to get a true feel for the mattress as well as to minimize the scent.

Learn more and shop the Casper mattress HERE and the Cocoon Chill by Sealy HERE

Casper vs Cocoon – Materials:

What a mattress is made of makes a big difference on how it performs, if you have an all foam bed it will behave differently than a hybrid mattress. Even two different all-foam beds like the Casper and Cocoon mattresses will feel different because they use different types of foam and other materials in order to create a different feel to their bed. Keep reading to get all of the details on what makes the Cocoon and Casper mattress unique.

What is Inside of the Casper Mattress?

casper mattress materialsCasper made their original mattress with a four-layer all-foam design. Starting with a base layer of dense support foam. This bottom layer of foam serves as the foundation for the rest of the mattress. Next up is one of the coolest layers in the Casper mattress, their zoned transition foam layer. This layer of foam is made up of different foam densities in order to provide more support where you need it most, along with more pressure relief that it is needed as well. This creates a mattress that gives you more of what you need right where you need it.

Next up is a layer of high-density memory foam. This gives Casper a good amount of cushioning without getting too warm, by having a cooler foam layer on top of the memory foam. This top layer of foam is an open-cell foam. The open-cell texture is what brings more airflow into the top of the mattress which helps keep the sleeper nice and cool. The top layer of foam on the Casper mattress also acts more like a latex foam than a memory foam, by this we mean that it has a much more adaptive feel.

For all those who dislike that “sinking” feeling that some memory foam mattresses have, you will enjoy how quick the Casper response to your movements. To top off the Casper mattress they use a stretchy cover that is soft to the touch and breathable.

What is Inside of the Cocoon by Sealy Mattress?

Cocoon has the simpler design out of the two mattresses we are looking at today. It consists of three foam layers, a comfort top layer, transition layer, and a base layer of foam. When you have such a simple design, the quality of materials you choose to put into your mattress will completely change the overall feel of the bed. Thankfully Sealy is experienced in the mattress world and they made some great choices with the Cocoon Chill mattress.

Sealy begins with a base 6” layer of dense supportive foam. This layer provides loads of support from edge to edge of the Cocoon mattress. Next up is their 2” layer of transition foam, this is vital for deep pressure relief and preventing any “bottoming out” feeling. (Bottoming out is when you sink straight through a comfort layer in a mattress and feel the firm base layer below.) Which is why the transition layer is key to overall mattress comfort and support.

Finally, there is the top comfort layer of foam in the Cocoon mattress. They choose a memory foam for their top layer of foam. This memory foam really conforms to the contours of your body.

cocoon mattress layers

cocoon chill by sealy

Cocoon Mattress vs Casper – Comfort:

mattress firmness scale

Cocoon Comfort

cocoon mattress and casper comfortOne benefit for buying a Cocoon mattress over the Casper, is that it comes in two different comfort options for you to choose from. Sealy offers a Medium-Soft comfort option along with an Extra-Firm version as well. When we slept on the Medium-Soft option (the more popular of the two comfort options) we found that it slept around a 5-5.5 on our firmness scale of 1 being soft and 10 being the most firm. While their Extra Firm was around an 8.5.

The Medium-Soft option is a much more versatile comfort option that will suite far more sleepers than the Extra-Firm comfort option will. We suggest the Medium-Soft option for average sized sleepers who enjoy sleeping on their back or side and want a medium firmness level with lots of pressure relief.

While the Extra-Firm option is going to be better suited for average to large sized sleepers who prefer sleeping on their back or stomach. Side sleepers, the Extra-Firm is going to be too firm for you. While the Medium-Soft option will be too soft for stomach sleepers.

Interested in trying out the Cocoon Chill by Sealy for yourself? Learn more at Cocoonbysealy.com.

Casper Comfort

casper mattress comfortWhile Casper only comes in one comfort option, it just so happens to land right in our favorite sweet spot for mattress firmness, Medium-Firm. This is the level that tends to work best for the vast majority of sleepers no matter what size or sleeping position preference. Casper hits at a 5.5-6 on our firmness scale. This gives the mattress a rather universal feel. It as also more of a responsive mattress than the Cocoon, which is great for anyone who likes to switch positions throughout the night.

If you want loads of pressure relief and prefer a softer feeling mattress, then the Cocoon Medium-Soft, however for most people the single comfort option works rather well.

Interested in trying an original bed in a box with the Casper? Learn more and shop at Casper.com.

Motion Transfer – Casper Mattress vs Cocoon:

casper vs cocoon

All-Foam mattresses are typically the best way to go when it comes to looking for a mattress that will limit the amount of movement that travels throughout the mattress. This is due to the fact that coil systems inside of hybrid mattresses very adapting durable comfort, however they also create movement through mattresses. All-foam beds like the Cocoon and Casper mattresses tend to due a much better job at eliminating motion transfer.

However, there is a clear winner between the two for this category. The Cocoon does a better job at eliminating movement throughout the bed. This is due to the dense memory foam used in the mattress. This really stops motion and vibration in its tracks. While the Casper mattress is good with motion transfer on the whole, you will notice a bit more movement throughout the bed as it does have a more adaptive feel throughout the top layer of the mattress. Which is why we give the Cocoon the win for Motion Transfer.

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Sleeping Cool – Casper vs Cocoon:

casper corner comfort comparison

Having a temperature neutral sleeping environment is an important aspect of comfort. It is difficult to get a great nights sleep if you keep waking up all hot and sweaty. While we typically suggest getting a hybrid mattress if you are concerned about sleeping cool, these all foam mattresses have made a few changes to their design in order to stay as cool as possible.

When looking for a mattress that sleeps cool the thing we suggest looking for most is airflow. The more air going through a mattress, the more space there is for heat to escape the mattress.

Does the Casper Mattress Sleep Cool?

casper mattress is comfortable compared to the cocoonIt is the top layer closest to the body that Casper really focuses on for keeping their sleepers cool. They use an open cell foam that provides lots a free-flowing air right up where you are sleeping which allows for any built up heat to escape out of the mattress.

They also use a lightweight woven cover that is nice and breathable as well. Since you don’t sink too far into the Casper mattress, this also helps to keep you from warming up throughout the night.

Does the Cocoon Mattress Sleep Cool?

cocoon mattress edge support overall reviewThe Cocoon does make a few precautions in order to keep their sleepers at a neutral temperature, however we found that it did warm up more than the Casper mattress did. This is because of all of the conforming memory foam that hugs the buddy.

It simply holds onto that heat more. However, they do have a Chill mattress cover. This cover uses thermic phase changing technology in order to try and pull heat away from your body as you sleep. While we love this cover and do find it helpful, Casper still takes the win for Sleeping Cool.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

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Edge Support – Casper Mattress vs Cocoon:

casper vs cocoon

Typically edge support is not a category where all-foam mattresses really shine. Neither the Cocoon or the Casper have any border enhancements or coils systems to give their edges loads of support, especially when you are sitting on the side of the bed. However, which you are sleeping up to the edge of either the Casper or the Cocoon mattress you are going to have plenty of edge support as far as sleeping surface goes.

If you are really wanting as much edge support as possible out of these two mattresses, we would suggest looking at the firm comfort option for the Cocoon mattress. This really does give you more support with the firm option than the softer version and will provide more than enough edge support when it comes to sleeping surface.

Value – Cocoon Mattress vs Casper:

When we look at these two beds they have a lot of similarities, although the Cocoon is going to provide a very similar feel to the Casper mattress while also consistently coming in at a lower price. These prices include shipping but do not reflect any current promotions or any of our coupons! So be sure to click our button and links in order to get our latest deals and mattress coupons.

Casper Prices (BEFORE Coupon Code!)

Twin: $ 595
Twin XL: $695
Full: $995
Queen: $1,095
King: $1,295
California King: $1,295

If you decide on the Casper make sure you use our exclusive $100 coupon with code: SLEEPGUIDE at Casper.com.

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Cocoon Prices (BEFORE Coupon Code!)

Twin: $ 600
Twin XL: $650
Full: $760
Queen: $930
King: $1,150
California King: $1,150


The Cocoon is a great deal for a comfortable all foam mattress. We can offer you our exclusive discount to save $100 on your new mattress. Make sure you take advantage of our exclusive coupon code: OSG100 at CocoonbySealy.com.

cocoon chill by sealy

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Casper vs Cocoon – Overall: 

If you love the feel and comfort that an all-foam mattress can supply, then either the Cocoon or Casper mattress are going to do a great job. They are rather similar mattresses while they have slightly different strengths.

Overall, they both do a great job at providing the comfort of a foam mattress. If you prefer a cool, more adaptive feeling mattress, then you might want to take a closer look at the Casper mattress. While if you are search for a true memory foam feel with different comfort options, then the Cocoon is really a great buy.

Since the Casper and Cocoon mattress are both rather similar as far as quality and comfort, the final aspect that tips the scales for us is the price. Cocoon’s prices are lower and that’s not even including our coupons. If you want a well-priced all-foam bed, the Cocoon is a great choice.

cocoon mattress vs casper mattress review
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