February 24, 2020

Purple vs Leesa Mattress

purple vs leesa mattress

Today we are going to be looking at two of the original online mattress brands Purple and Leesa! These two brands have created a number of different mattresses now. However, we are going to be comparing their original Purple and original Leesa mattresses. These beds are rather similar in design however they have a few key differences that make big changes in performance for these two beds. Stick around to see which we choose to be our overall winner.

You can see our winner in each category in our Purple vs Leesa: At A Glance section, or keep reading to get all of the details on why we picked each winner and whether or not our winner is the right mattress for you.

Why Choose Purple Mattress

  • reasons to purchase the purple over the casper9.25” – 2 Foam Layers + Purple Grid
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Loads of Pressure Relief
  • Sleeps Cool
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty
  • Price: $649 – $1498
  • Full Purple Mattress Review

Purple has made quite the name for themselves with their unique solution to pressure relief in a mattress. Their polymer grid is a cheap solution to staying cool and relieving aches and pains. The original Purple is now their base model and they have come out with several more “upgrades” that come with extra features, and a slightly higher price tag. Yet all of them have some form of their signature Purple Polymer Grid.

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Check out our complete review of the Purple mattress HERE! Or head to our unboxing video HERE!

Why Choose Leesa Mattress

  • the original leesa mattress why to buy10” – 3 Layers of Foam
  • Medium Feel
  • Responsive Foam Feel
  • Made in the USA:  With domestic and imported materials
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $599 – $1199
  • Full Original Leesa Mattress Review.

The Original Leesa mattress is an all-foam bed made with comfort in mind. Leesa takes quality materials and bring them to America where the mattress is constructed, packed up, and shipped across the country and beyond. The Leesa is a well-priced bed that has a simple construction, and yet provides a great deal of quality comfort.  We believe this is a great option for anyone looking for a simple all foam mattress. Keep reading our Leesa Mattress vs Purple comparison review to find out who our overall winner is in each category.

Check out our complete review of the Leesa mattress HERE!

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Purple vs Leesa – At A Glance:

  • purple bag on edgeSleeping Cool – Purple
  • Edge Support – Leesa
  • Motion Isolation – Leesa
  • Quality of Materials – Leesa
  • Pressure Relief – Purple
  • Value – Leesa
  • Shipping & Delivery – Tie
  • Warranty & Trial Period – Tie

The Purple vs Leesa comparison is so much up to personal preference. If your two main concerns are sleeping cool, and pressure relief then you very well may prefer the Purple mattress. However, we found that overall we prefer the feel, quality, and comfort of the Leesa mattress. It surprisingly even comes in at a lower price point than the Purple mattress. To get more info on why we picked the Leesa, read on to get all of the details. Also be sure to check out our latest discounts and coupons to save more on your next mattress.

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Purple vs Leesa – Delivery & Set Up:

purple vs bearOverall the delivery process is rather similar between these two mattresses. The Purple mattress and Leesa mattress will be shipped to your home within a couple weeks after your place your order. They bed will be compressed and rolled into a compact box for ease of transportation. Be sure to have at least two people lifting and moving the mattress, as these boxes tend to be rather heavy.

Set up is rather straight forward, if you want to see a video be sure to check out our YouTube channel to see our unboxing videos. During set up, we notice a big difference between different mattresses and the smell they have.

Depending on the materials, where the mattress was made, and how long it stayed in the box will make a big difference on how intense the new mattress smell will be.

loom and leaf vs leesa

While all mattresses will eventually air out, it can be irritating to sleep on and potentially noxious if the materials used contain certain chemicals.

We found that the Leesa mattress had very little smell to it. The amount of new mattress scent we noticed dissipated rather quickly. Leesa does make their mattresses in America with higher quality foams which means that any smell it does have will be minimal and safe.

The Purple mattress we did find had a slightly stronger new mattress smell. We do suggest allowing the Purple bed to air out for at least several hours in a well-ventilated room before sleeping on it. Partially this is because it is made overseas and shipped out, while the polymer grid has a bit of a scent more than foams typically have.

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Purple Mattress vs Leesa – Materials:

What is the Purple Mattress made of?

purple mattress materialsPurple is still one of the most unique mattresses that there is on the market. This is all due to their Purple Polymer Grid. This grid system sits on top of their two foam layers. When you first lay down on a Purple mattress it is the grid that you will notice immediately as different from your standard mattress.

This layer provides two of the Purple mattress’s best features, sleeping cool and pressure relief. The grid helps to keep large pockets of air between you and the foam layers of the bed. While it also uses column buckling to give you loads of pressure relief in order to keep your spine is alignment without painful pressure on your joints.

The bottom layer of the Purple mattress is made out of a dense base foam. This is a firm supportive layer that provides a solid foundation for the rest of the mattress. The second layer of foam is a transition layer that helps prevent a bottoming out feel. It is slightly softer than the base foam. Then finally there is a Purple Grid that is covered in the signature SoftFlex cover which is breathable and stretchy in order to compliment the purple mattress as much as possible. It is made out of a Viscos, Polyester, and Lycra blend.

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What is the Leesa Mattress made of?

The Leesa has a more traditional design using more standard mattress materials. The Original Leesa mattress has an all foam construction. They use CertiPUR US certified foams from top to bottom. Their base foam is made out of a dense supportive 6” layer of 1.8 density foam. On top of this layer is their transitional memory foam.

This is a 2” layer of contouring foam that helps eliminate vibrations throughout the bed and allows plenty of pressure relief without hitting the bottom of the mattress. Their final layer of foam is made out of their cooling foam that has a 3.0 density and is nice and airy. The cover that Leesa has on their mattress is oh so soft and features their signature three grey stripe design.

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Leesa Mattress vs Purple – Comfort:

mattress firmness scale

How Comfortable is the Purple Mattress?

purple polymer smart gridThere are a number of different features that combine to make a mattress comfortable. Sleeping temperate, support, pressure relief, soft cover all of these come together in order to create a comfortable sleeping surface. Purple does a fabulous job at creating a contouring and cool sleeping surface. Their Purple Grid keeps allows for loads of pressure relieving comfort and plenty of breathability which keeps the mattress sleeping at a neutral temperature.

As far as firmness level goes, we give the purple a rating of 5-6 with 1 being the softest possible and 10 being the most firm. Which gives the Purple mattress a Medium-Firm feel. We love this Medium-Firm feel for a mattress because it is that not too soft not too firm level that works for the majority of sleepers. Especially paired with the pressure relief of the Purple Grid, many people will be able to sleep comfortably on the Purple mattress.

However, we must note that the Purple mattress has a very unique feel that is rather different than what people are used to. When you lay on top of a Purple mattress you can feel the texture of their polymer grid, while this does not bother most people, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Keep this in mind when looking into the Purple mattress.

How Comfortable is the Leesa Mattress?

leesa vs reviewThe Leesa mattress is going to have their all-foam design, this is going to have a much more traditional feel to the top of the mattress than the Purple bed. If you are one of the handful of people who truly dislike being able to feel the texture of the Purple grid, the traditional feel is going to be a big bonus feature of the Leesa Mattress. We gave the overall firmness level a 5 on the firmness scale of 1-10. Giving the Leesa Mattress a Medium firmness.

The Leesa bed also provides a good amount of pressure relief and really contours to the shape of your body. A complaint commonly made about mattresses with this kind of design and feel is that it is very slow to adapt and conform to your body as you change positions. This is not the case with the Leesa mattress. We found that it adapted very quickly as we changed positions, which is a great bonus.

Leesa Mattress vs Purple – Our Comfort Preference:

leesa mattress reviewWe find that either of these beds would be particularly comfortable for average to lighter weight people who sleep predominately on their back or side. These beds will likely not be firm enough for stomach sleepers, especially if you carry a little more weight overall.

When it comes to our personal preference, we would pick the Leesa as being the most comfortable between the Purple and Leesa. This is because we enjoy the contouring comfort of the Leesa, along with it’s ability to provide a good amount of lumbar support. Keep in mind that this is simply our personal opinion and you may in fact prefer the Purple mattress. Read on to get more information and better determine which is the best mattress for you.

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Purple vs Leesa – Motion Transfer:

traditional style memoryfoam pros consIf you are looking for a mattress that is going to minimize motion transfer throughout your bed, then you have come to the right place. Both the Leesa and Purple mattress do a good job at limiting the amount of vibration that go throughout the bed.

Although we must say that the Leesa is a clear winner in this category. While Purple does a decent job, the Leesa kills any motion that dares enter your mattress. This is mostly due to the top two layers of foam.

We really tested this out with lots of pushing rolling and bouncing on the bed with little to no movement transferred to the other sleeper. The Leesa mattress truly does a fantastic job at absorbing that extra motion and stopping it in it’s tracks.

Purple Mattress vs Leesa – Sleeping Cool:

Typically if you are wanting a mattress that is truly great at staying nice and cool throughout the night, we would point you in the direction of a hybrid mattress as they provide loads of airflow for heat to escape through. Although, we were pleasantly surprised with how these to beds performed in this department, especially the Purple mattress. The polymer grid keeps a good amount of air between you and the foam layers below. This allows for heat to get out of the bed before it gets trapped and heat up the bed.

We did find that they Leesa mattress warms up more than the Purple mattress did. This is partially due to it’s all foam construction along with the fact that it contours to your body. Since the Leesa has that lovely feeling of sinking and contouring around the shape of your body, the mattress ends up hugging and touching more surface of your skin, which then hold in more of your body heat. So if you really are hoping to find a mattress that sleeps cool, we would tell you to look at the Purple over the Leesa in this case.

Leesa vs Purple – Edge Support:

leesa mattress reviewWhen we are looking at all-foam mattresses, we are going to focus on sleeping surface edge support more than the support of sitting on the edge of a mattress. Typically, you don’t want to use the edge of your mattress for sitting on for extended periods of time.

We found that the signature column buckling of the Purple polymer grid really increases at the edges of the mattress, which can cause a bit of roll out when you lay close to the edge of the mattress. While the Leesa mattress on the other hand actually maintains it’s feel and support up to the edge of the mattress rather well.

Again, neither of these mattresses will provide loads of support for sitting on the side of your bed, however the Leesa does a good job at providing a good amount of support throughout the entire sleeping surface of the mattress.

Purple vs Leesa – Value:

Purple Prices: (BEFORE Coupons!)

Twin: $649
Twin XL:
California King:
Split King: $1498

purple mattress comparison review leesa

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Leesa Prices: (BEFORE Coupons!)

leesa mattress vs purple bedTwin: $599
Twin XL:
California King:

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When we do these comparison reviews, often it turns out that our overall winner also happens to be the more expensive option out of the two mattresses. However, when it comes to the Purple vs Leesa comparison review, this is not how it turned out.

While it is a close call, the Leesa mattress is our overall winner, and it just so happens to be at a lower price point. Which just so happens to make picking the mattress with the better value a rather easy choice. Leesa wins for having the better value for the mattress. We find you are getting more comfort out of your mattress for your money when you buy the Leesa mattress.

Purple vs Leesa Summary:

leesa mattress review

The Leesa and Purple mattress both come to around 10” in height with all foam base layers. The Leesa is finished with their cooling foam comfort layer while the Purple has their signature polymer grid. They are both on the more affordable end of the spectrum and have a similar delivery, trial period, and warranty. Although they do have some main differences between the two. Leesa has more of a contouring comfort, motion isolation, and better edge support. While the Purple mattress tends to sleep much cooler than the Leesa mattress, and provides loads of pressure relief.

At the end of the day we prefer the overall comfort and quality of the Leesa mattress. Although, there depending on your personal preferences, the Purple mattress could be a great option for you. Especially if you love the feel and benefits of Purple’s polymer grid.

If you want a personal recommendation, we would love you help you out! Simply email us through our Contact Us page and we will help you out anyway we can.

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