February 21, 2020

Helix Luxe vs Winkbeds

Today we are going to write a comparison review on two rather awesome hybrid beds, the Helix Luxe vs WinkBed. Each bed has its own unique plus they both come in many different comfort options. Which means if you’re looking for a great hybrid mattress, there will be a viable option for you out of these two beds. There is a little something for everyone here.

winkbeds vs helix luxe mattress

Helix Luxe Mattress Overview:

  • helix luxe mattress comfort compared to the winkbed mattress14” Mattress Height | 6 Layers
  • Hybrid Construction
  • Made In USA
  • 6 Comfort Options
  • Gel Memory Foam Comfort Layer
  • Pocketed Coil System
  • Conforming Comfort
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • 15 Year Warranty
  • Price: $995 – $2,199
  • Helix Luxe Mattress Review

Helix Luxe is one of the more versatile mattresses we have come across. It comes in 6 different comfort option to choose from. That is a lot of different options for you to choose from that there is bound to be the perfect match for you. They have 2 Soft, 2 Medium, and 2 Firm options that vary in adaptive support and contouring comfort. This is a great mattress that we think you’re really going to like.

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Winkbeds Mattress Overview:

  • winkbeds mattress comparison comfort helix luxe13.5” Mattress Height | 7 Layers
  • Hybrid Construction
  • Made In USA
  • 4 Firmness Options
  • Features a Dual Coil System
  • 7 Zones for Stability and Comfort
  • 120 Night Trial Period
  • Full Replacement Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $1,049 – $1,849
  • WinkBeds Mattress Review

WinkBeds is a hybrid mattress that pairs some of the top-quality foams and coil system together in order to give you some of the best sleep of your life. It comes with 4 different comfort options including their Plus model that provides extra support for all of our lovely plus size sleepers out there. Overall this is a great hybrid mattress that we have really enjoyed testing out and highly recommend. Keep reading to get more info on how the WinkBed and Helix Luxe mattresses compare.

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Helix Luxe vs WinkBeds – WINNER At A Glance:

  • Motion Isolation – Helix Luxe
  • Edge Support – WinkBed
  • Sleeping Cool – Tie
  • Solid Support – WinkBed
  • Conforming Comfort – Helix Luxe
  • Value – Tie
  • Warranty & Trial Period – WinkBeds
  • Overall – EVERYONE WINS!
which mattress is better overall? winkbeds or helix luxe

WinkBeds vs Helix Luxe – Winner

its a tie! the helix luxe vs winkbeds mattress reviewOf course a tie is never the definitive answer that everyone really wants. However, these two mattresses are so similar in overall quality in comfort and construction that it ends up being a matter of what type of comfort your prefer. The WinkBed mattress has a much more supportive feel to it, the dual doil system really makes this a sturdy feeling bed. WinkBeds has 4 different comfort options to choose from so everyone whether you like your bed soft or extra firm can get extra support while they sleep.

While the Helix Luxe feel more contouring memory foam feel that allows the mattress to shape to your individual body shape. Some people prefer this feeling over a supportive mattress with a pillow top. The Helix has 6 different comfort options to choose from, ranging from soft to firm. So either mattress you choose everyone can pick their own version of the mattress that has the comfort level they prefer most.

We love that you can really customize your comfort preference with either of these quality American made mattresses. With the WinkBeds vs Helix Luxe Comparison Review, the winner truly is everyone. Everyone who loves a great night’s sleep that is. Keep reading to get all of the details on these two great mattress options.

Helix Luxe vs WinkBed – Delivery & Unboxing:

helix luxe vs winkbeds delivery optionsBoth the Helix and the WinkBed mattresses will be delivered to your home within several weeks of our purchase online. One thing we really like about both the Helix Luxe and WinkBed mattresses is that they are both made in America. This enhances the level of quality in the mattress. While also cutting down on the amount of time your mattress will spend boxed up. This also means that the bed will have less of that “new mattress smell”

Once your mattress makes it to your home be sure you have a friend to help you bring it into your home and the room you desire to set it up in. We suggest keeping fans and windows open so your mattress can air out properly. While both of these beds are made in America, they will still have a bit of a scent to them and we suggest allowing them to air out and firm up before your sleep on it.

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WinkBed vs Helix Luxe – Materials & Construction:

Helix Luxe – Materials

helix materials and constructionIn every Helix Luxe Mattress you will find the same set of materials and construction. Yet, they have 6 different comfort options available. So How do they manage to pull this off you ask? They simply use different density levels of foam in order to change the firmness level along with how adaptive/supportive the feel of the bed is. This is a simple and impactful way to create different comfort options for the same mattress style.

The Helix Luxe bed starts with a base layer of their DuraDense Foam. This layer gives their mattress a solid foundation to build off of. Next up is their individually wrapped coil system that they have zoned for extra support and comfort. This gives you more support where you need it, like around the edges, and more contouring where you need in like near your shoulders.

Next up is a layer of polyfoam to give a soft transition between the coil system and the comfort layers. This is made out of a high-grade polyfoam. Then there is the next layer of Memory Plus Foam, this high density memory foam provides plenty of contouring comfort plus optimal support. Next up are the final two comfort layers.

First is the Helix Dynamic Foam, very similar feel to memory foam yet this foam stays much more cool and draws heat away from the body instead of holding onto it. Completing this mattress is the extra breathable pillow top cover, made with silk soft Tencel fabric. Making this an overall very comfortable hybrid mattress that utilizes the best of foam and a coil system.

which mattress has better materials, winkbeds or helix luxe

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WinkBed – Materials

winkbeds mattress which has better materials?The WinkBed and Helix mattresses have very similar materials with a few main differences overall including a second micro coil system in the WinkBed. Stick around while we go through all of the different materials used in the WinkBed layer by layer and explain what makes it different from the Helix bed.

Starting at the base of the WinkBed, they have a thin dense layer of base foam supporting the coil system. The main coil system in the WinkBed mattress is also zoned to give extra back support and has reinforced edges to provide loads of edge support. Like the Helix Luxe, the WinkBed’s coils are individually wrapped to help limit the amount of motion is transferred throughout the bed.

Next up is another thin layer of foam, this provides a good transition layer between coil systems. On top of this is the micro coil system which is something the Helix mattress does not have. The micro coil system provides an extra adaptable comfort that is durable and long lasting. It gives a good amount of pressure relieving support. This is a difficult feature for materials like foam alone to accomplish.

Next up is WinkBed’s gel infused Hypersoft Foam. This is an aerated Hypersoft foam is different than memory foam because it helps to keep the surface of the bed temperature neutral. The Helix has very light tufting on the top of their mattress, while WinkBeds has a fully quilted top layer. This euro-style pillow top is filled with gel infused Hypersoft foam and topped with silk soft Tencel fabric. Making this a sturdy, adaptive and oh so comfortable mattress.

what are the materials used in the winkbed mattress?

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Helix Luxe vs WinkBeds – Comfort

Helix Luxe – Comfort Options:

helix luxe mattress comfort optionsSoft – Sunset Luxe & Moonlight Luxe

While both of these Helix mattress comfort options are considered soft, the Sunset Luxe brings more pressure relief for side sleepers. While the Moonlight Luxe provides more support, which is good for stomach and back sleepers.

Medium – Midnight Luxe & Dusk Luxe

A Medium firmness level is typically they best for the majority of people. Midnight Luxe is going to have more pressure relief while the Dusk Luxe is the more supportive option. According to the Helix their Midnight Luxe mattress is the most popular bed.

Firm – Twilight Luxe & Dawn Luxe

Once again Helix went for a comfort option that is more supportive and another that is more contouring. The Twilight Luxe firm option will be batter for anyone who likes that contouring feel. While the Dawn Luxe is going to be the most firm and supportive Helix Luxe mattress of them all.

what helix luxe mattress should i choose

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WinkBeds – Comfort Options:

which mattress is better winkbeds orSofter –

WinkBeds scale of soft to firm goes from a 0-10, with zero being the softest ever and 10 being the most firm. WinkBeds puts their Softer comfort option at a 4.5 on this scale and we would agree. It is for those who love a cushioning soft mattress and want all of the pressure relief possible while still having some support.

This is going to be a great option for those who sleep on their sides. While back sleeper who enjoy super soft beds will like this as well. Although stomach sleepers beware, this will likely be far too soft for the amount of support you need under your hips to keep your back from bowing.

Luxury Firm –

winkbeds mattress comparison edge supportThe Luxury Firm is the comfort option that we would recommend for most customers. It is also WinkBeds top selling firmness level. This is because it hit right in that zone of having a great amount of support and pressure relief that is comfortable for most people. It’s not too soft and not to firm. WinkBeds rates the Luxury Firm option as a 6.5” which is right in that Medium-Firm zone that we love. Making it great for all sleeping positions, which works very well for couples too.

Firmer –

The firmer option is the firmest option out of the original WinkBeds design. (The following Plus option has a slightly different construction and materials) This is going to be great for back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and anyone who like that ultra-supportive firm feeling bed. They rate it as a 7.5 out of 10 on the firmness scale. We find that while it still has some contouring that most side sleepers will find this option to be too stiff for their hips and shoulders.

Plus –

This comfort option has some enhanced materials and extra third part testing done in order to ensure this mattress is made to give long lasting support for all of our larger sleepers out there. While this is the firmest option on the standard firmness scale coming in at an 8 on that traditional scale, the Plus will actually provide a 6.5 medium firm (that sweet spot) for anyone weighing around 300lbs or more.

With more pressure being applied to the surface of the mattress, the bed will react differently, which means the comfort level is relative to how much you weigh. They use Patented 3-Zone TexasQUAD individually wrapped support coils in this mattress in order to give durable support and comfort that is tested to last for decades. We love this bed for our plus sized sleepers and we highly recommend it if you’re looking for a mattress with loads of durable support.

comfort options from winkbeds mattress company

Want to see how this mattress compares to other’s made for Plus Sized Sleepers? Check out our post Best Mattresses Heavy People to find more beds like this one.

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Helix Luxe vs WinkBed – Motion Transfer:

which mattress is better at isolating movement winkbed or helixWhen it comes to motion transfer throughout the bed, what you want most is solid materials that absorb vibrations instead of letting them continue in a big wave. Foam is typically a great material at limiting motion transfer.

Coil systems on the other hand typically are known for allowing quite a bit of movement throughout a mattress. However, both the WinkBed and Helix Luxe have individually wrapped coils. This means that unlike interwoven coil systems, the movement in limited to the individual coils you are pressure on instead of the creating a wave effect like old school coil systems.

Sine the Helix has only one smaller coil system with more foam layers, it does a slightly better job at eliminating vibrations and motion throughout the mattress. The foam layers they have give a more contouring feel that is dense and helps soak up any extra movement throughout the top of the mattress. Overall it does a great job at eliminating motion transfer for a hybrid mattress.

WinkBed vs Helix Luxe – Sleeping Cool: 

helix luxe vs winkbed mattressBoth the Helix Luxe and the WinkBeds do a great job at keeping the bed a neutral sleeping temperature. Our bodies give off heat as we sleep and if there is no place for the heat to escape within your mattress, then it is going to get rather toasty and could even wake you up throughout the night. WinkBed and Helix Luxe are both hybrid mattresses, the coil systems provide loads of airflow and space which allows heat to escape.

They also have different cooling materials like WinkBeds Hypersoft Gel Infused Foam, and Helix Luxe has a soft breathable cover. If you choose one of the softer options keep in mind that the more you sink into a mattress the less airflow you will have around your body and the more likely you are to heat up throughout the night.

Helix Luxe vs WinkBed – Edge Support: 

edge support on the helix luxe bedOnce again both the Helix Luxe and the WinkBed do a great job at another category. This time it’s edge support. Since these beds both have sturdy hybrid constructions, they really do a great job at giving solid support throughout the entirety of the bed. Sleep surface will be supportive for all of the comfort options as well. Although we would like to note that If you choose the softer mattress options you will feel some more “sinking” as you sit or lay on the edge of your bed, however even the softer options will be supportive enough for the entire sleeping surface.

While they both do a great job we would consider the WinkBed mattress to take the win for edge support. The contouring comfort materials in the Helix Luxe do sink a little bit around the edges (hardly noticeable) Meanwhile the WinkBeds mattress has reinforced coils that provide extremely sturdy edge support.

Helix Luxe vs WinkBeds – Value:

These two quality hybrid mattresses come in right around the same price range. Which we believe is an appropriate price range for the quality of these mattresses. We also have coupon codes for each so be sure to click the button to get even better deals on these already well priced beds.

Helix Luxe Price (Before Coupons!)

Twin: $995
Twin XL:
California King:

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WinkBed Price (Before Coupons!)

Twin: $1,049
Twin XL:
California King:

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WinkBeds vs Helix Luxe- Trial Period & Warranty:

Don’t forget that both of these mattresses comes with free shipping. The WinkBeds has a lifetime full replacement warranty along with a 120 night trial period. While Helix gives you a 15 year warranty with a 100 night trial period. This allows you to really get to know your new mattress before you commit to keeping it forever.

Helix Luxe vs WinkBed – Summary:

We could spend all day and night nit picking apart the Helix Luxe and WinkBed mattresses to try and find which one is better and why. At the end of the day they are both great hybrid beds that we highly recommend.

What we find to be the determining factor between the WinkBeds and Helix Luxe is what type of feel are you looking for. If you desire a mattress that really contours to the shape of your body then you should absolutely check out the Helix Luxe mattress.

While if you are searching for a mattress that has premium support and solid feel to it’s construction then you will love the WinkBed. These beds really match rather evenly, it all comes down to personal preference with these two.

winkbeds vs helix luxe mattress

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