February 20, 2020

DreamCloud vs WinkBeds

When you are looking to purchase a luxury high end mattress, you likely don’t think of purchasing a mattress online first. However, as technology has progressed there are more and more luxury hybrid mattresses that provide loads of lofty comfort that can be delivered to your door without having to visit a single mattress salesman. Now that has to sound pretty tempting.

Today we are comparing two luxury hybrid mattresses, the DreamCloud vs WinkBeds. Both are large and in charge, these are not the sort of beds you think of when you are talking about an online mattress brand. We are going to compare how each mattress holds up to our different comfort requirements and determine whether we consider the WinkBeds or DreamCloud mattress to be the best buy. Keep reading all the way through the review to get all of the details as well as links to the latest coupons and deals.

dreamcloud vs winkbeds mattress comparison review

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DreamCloud Mattress Overview

  • is the dreamcloud better than the winkbed15” Mattress | 5 Layers
  • Hybrid Construction
  • Luxury Firm Feel
  • Firmness Level
  • Cushioning Memory Foam
  • 365 Night Trial Period
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $799 – $1,499
  • DreamCloud Mattress Review

The DreamCloud is a hefty bed coming in at 15”. One big difference between the DreamCloud and the WinkBed that we will talk about a lot in this review is that the WinkBed is made right here in the USA.

While the DreamCloud is actually made stored and shipped from overseas in China. While many well made products come from China, typically for mattresses this can be a sign of lower quality materials and craftsmanship, as well as more time wrapped up in a box.

So while this is a comfortable bed that has many features that we would typically consider to be beneficial in a mattress. This is not the highest quality of mattress and it does show in how it performs. Keep reading to learn more about what we mean by that.

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WinkBed Mattress Overview

  • is the winkbed better than the dreamcloud mattress13.5” Mattress Height | 7 Layers
  • Hybrid Construction
  • Made In USA
  • 4 Firmness Options
  • Features a Dual Coil System
  • 7 Zones for Stability and Comfort
  • 120 Night Trial Period
  • Full Replacement Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $1,049 – $1,849
  • WinkBeds Mattress Review

This is the original mattress design from WinkBeds, they have since come out with two other models that we also highly recommend looking into. The WinkBed is so wonderful because of a few simple reasons. WinkBed makes their mattresses in the USA using high quality materials, and have solid comfortable construction.

They also have 4 different comfort options which includes their extra sturdy Plus model which is made specifically to add durability and comfort for plus sized people. They know how to make a quality mattress that is going to last and work for all different shapes sizes and preferences. We love these beds and we think you will too.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

DreamCloud vs WinkBeds Mattress – At A Glance

  • which mattress is better? winkbed or dreamcloud?Sleeping Cool – WinkBeds
  • Edge Support –  WinkBeds
  • Motion Isolation – Tie
  • Quality of Materials –  WinkBeds
  • Value –  WinkBeds
  • New Mattress Smell – Winkbeds
  • Warranty & Trial Period – Tie

So there it is, WinkBeds is our overall winner for the DreamCloud vs WinkBeds Mattress review. But you can’t stop there! In order to choose the perfect mattress, you have to know why we choose the winner for each category in order to be sure you would choose the same way we did.

Keep reading to get all of the details on what makes WinkBeds or best pick and what makes these two mattresses so popular. We will start with what literally makes these mattress what they are, their materials and construction.

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud – Materials and Construction:

DreamCloud Materials & Construction –

As we mentioned earlier, DreamCloud’s materials are not quite as hefty as you would imagine them to be. Even when we picked up and brought this 15” hybrid mattress into the bedroom it did not have the same weight as other beds of it’s construction and size. We believe it is the quality and density of the materials being low that makes this a lighter weight mattress than we anticipated.

The top layers consist of a euro style pillow top, the plushness of the pillow top is made out of a gel-infused memory foam. Memory foam is great for relieving pressure points, although it can create a sinking feeling in the mattress. In order to avoid this, they kept the memory foam layer very thin and put a supportive dense layer of foam between the memory foam and the coil system.

Next up is the individually pocketed coil system. This provides plenty of support and durability while also limiting motion transfer by being individually pocketed instead of one large coiled piece. This also gives the mattress better edge support than all-foam mattresses.

Finally, they have one more support layer of foam before the bottom cover. While they claim to have 6 different layers, if you do not include the encasing covers, we really see this as being a 4 layer mattress internally.

dreamcloud mattress layers

WinkBeds Materials & Construction –

The quality build and materials on the WinkBeds mattress is honestly hard to beat. It is such a well made mattress and right away you can feel the quality and durability of this bed. There are a lot of layers to this mattress to strap in and listen up.

The WinkBed starts out with a thin layer of base foam that helps support the 7-zone coil system. Not only are these coils individually wrapped to keep motion transfer down, they are also reinforced around the edges of the bed AND zoned to provide extra support where it is needed and extra pressure relief where it is needed as well.

Then there is another layer of foam to provide support to the second micro layer of coils that are also individually wrapped. These teeny tiny coils provide for extra pressure relief that is responsive and durable. Then there are three more layers of gel-infused Hypersoft Foam. While this foam is just as soft as a memory foam, instead of retaining heat it actually pulls heat away from the body.

Then there is the euro style quilted pillowtop which also is filled with the same Hypersoft Foam and topped with their cool soft Tencel fabric. The mattress is then wrapped in their signature polka dot ribbon, the cherry on top of this delightful mattress.

winkbeds mattress layers and materials reviewed

Pick your perfectly comfortable dual coiled mattress and get the latest pricing at  WinkBeds.com.

DreamCloud vs WinkBeds– Delivery and Unboxing:

which mattress will get to me faster?For the most part the delivery process for the WinkBed and DreamCloud mattresses is rather similar. You order your mattress online and your mattress will be delivered to your door within a few weeks. However, there are some big differences on what happens before then and what options you have to choose from.

Before you order your mattress the DreamCloud has already been made, compacted down, shipped back to America to sit in storage until you make your purchase. It is then processed and shipped to your door. DreamCloud also offers white glove delivery service for an additional cost but it is a great service for anyone who needs it.

WinkBeds process is rather different, every mattress is made to order. Which means that your mattress is not even made until you place your order. Then it is made in the USA, and shipped out of their factories to your home. Which means that the mattress is in a box for a significantly shorter period of time, allowing for a much stronger better smelling mattress. We found that the DreamCloud had significantly more “new mattress” smell than the WinkBed and the small amount of scent then the WinkBed did have was much better overall.

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DreamClouds vs WinkBeds – Comfort

Comfort, it is the whole reason we buy a mattress in the first place. So which mattress is more comfortable overall? Well there are so many different takes on that answer.

You have to consider personal preference, size, and even how you sleep. We will go through what type of comfort you can get out of each bed to help you determine which mattress the DreamCloud or the WinkBed will be more comfortable for you.

How Comfortable is the DreamCloud Mattress?

is the dreamcloud mattress worth it?We would have to say that the firmness level for the DreamCloud mattress is somewhere around Medium-Firm to a Luxury Firm comfort level depending on your personal experience of the bed and how much you weigh. (The heavier you are the softer a mattress will feel) This comfort option will typically work best for predominately back and stomach sleepers. For most side sleepers the DreamCloud mattress is going to be too firm for your hips and shoulders.

However, this level of support is great for stomach sleepers because it will keep your hips from dipping into the mattress and causing your back to bow. Instead you will be supported and have better alignment. Back sleepers will also get plenty of lumbar support on the DreamCloud making it great for anyone who likes that luxury firm feel.

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How Comfortable is the WinkBed Mattress?

is the winkbed mattress comfortable?WinkBed does not simply have one comfort option to choose from, instead they have 4 different firmness levels. The Plus option even has a slightly altered construction to suite the larger sized sleepers even better. Even with all of these different comfort options, we think that they are all rather comfortable because they all use such high-quality materials.

We love that WinkBed has a number of different firmness options for folks to choose from. It allows this great mattress to work for a number of different people no matter which position you prefer to sleep in or your size. There is something perfect for your mama bears, papa bears, and even your baby bears.

However, the kicker is that even the firmness option of Luxury Firm to Firm (the options that match the DreamCloud mattress best) are also simply more comfortable versions of that firmness level. They provide better cooling, pressure relief, and are more supportive.

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DreamCloud vs WinkBeds – Motion Transfer:

which mattress is better at isolating movementTypically for anyone looking to really limit the amount of motion transfer there is in their mattress to look at an all-foam bed. However, if you love the feel of a hybrid mattress and that has limited motion transfer, then the DreamCloud and WinkBed mattresses are both great options for you.

Both WinkBed and DreamCloud individually wrap each of their coils in order to isolate pressure being put down onto a given spot within the mattress. This is unlike old school hybrid mattresses that intertwined their coil systems, this created a wave effect, when pressure was put down or let off in any point of the bed it would wave throughout the entire mattress. This is not the case in these beds at all.

While you may feel a bit more vibrations throughout these beds than you would your standard all-foam mattresses, the effect will not be very disruptive at all.

DreamCloud vs WinkBed – Sleeping Cool:

sleeping cool with winkbedsWhen it comes to sleeping cool, we love a good hybrid mattress. This is because their coil systems allow for loads of airflow throughout the bed. This gives a lot of space for heat to dissipate and make the mattress a more temperature neutral sleeping space. However, you can still heat up on a hybrid mattress if the comfort layers are not breathable or hold onto a lot of heat.

The DreamCloud does hold on to a bit more heat in general. This is due to the memory foam comfort layers at the top of the bed. While they do infuse their foam with gel, we found that it slept a bit warmer than the WinkBed.

This is likely due to the fact that WinkBed uses their HyperSoft foam which is infused with gel and unlike memory foam, it has a way of drawing heat away from the body in order to keep the sleeper cooler. They also have an extra breathable Tencel cover that they say is cooler than linen and softer than silk. This breathable material also helps to keep you cool.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

WinkBeds vs DreamCloud Mattress – Edge Support:

why we love the dreamcloud mattressThis is yet another win for WinkBeds. Their coil system has two layers of reinforced steel coils that provide extra support around the edges of the mattress. This system is highly effective and gets big bonus points from us for edge support. This not only makes the WinkBeds sleeping surface supportive from edge to edge but also nice for sitting on the side of the bed.

If you do not want to sit on the side of your mattress for extended periods of time and you’re really just looking for sleeping surface support, then the DreamCloud while give you more then enough support for the average person.

DreamCloud vs WinkBeds – Value:

Picking a mattress with the most value involves more than just the price tag. We want to choose the mattress that gives you the most bang for your buck. While is why we pick the WinkBeds as your best buy between the DreamCloud vs WinkBeds, even though it is the pricier option. This is because it simply provides so much more comfort, quality, and durability for your dollar. Be sure to use our mattress coupons to get the latest deals and save some extra cash.

is the winkbed the best mattressWinkBeds Prices (BEFORE Coupons!)

Twin: $1,049
Twin XL:
California King:

*The Plus version of the WinkBeds mattress does have a different price point than the other comfort options. Learn more on our WinkBeds Plus Mattress Review.

Interested in the WinkBed? Learn more and shop at WinkBeds.com.

WinkBeds Mattress Coupon | $300 OFF

do we like the dreamcloud bedDreamCloud Prices (BEFORE Coupons!)

Twin: $948
Twin XL:
California King:

Head over to our DreamCloud Mattress Review to watch our video review and learn more!

DreamCloud vs WinkBeds – Our Pick!

If you haven’t already guessed it at this point, then here it is. WinkBed is our homerun winner in this comparison review with the DreamCloud Mattress. While they have what seems to be similar construction and comfort levels there are just so much reasons to love the WinkBed mattress more.

WinkBeds are made in America with such high end materials, plus they have four different comfort levels to choose from, and an amazing full mattress replacement warranty. We just can’t get enough of WinkBed and we know there is a comfort option that is perfect for everyone. Absolutely a mattress to check out, we highly recommend it.

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why we love the winkbed
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