February 27, 2020

Signature Hybrid vs LuuF

nest bedding alexander hybrid vs luuf mattress comparison review

Today we are taking two great mattresses and comparing them to one another to see which mattress we believe is the better buy. Those two fabulous mattresses just happen to be the Signature Hybrid Mattress by Nest Bedding and the LuuF mattress. What an awesome pair of mattresses to look at for this comparison review.

Why so great? They are two great hybrid beds that are made right here in America with quality materials and construction. Their hybrid designs are sturdy, comfortable and long lasting. They also both have 8” coil systems, and 3 different comfort options to choose from. With such similar mattresses, how could you ever choose between the two?! That is what we are here to figure out. Keep reading to get all of the details, our personal experience, and which mattress we think is the overall winner in this Signature Hybrid vs LuuF mattress comparison review.

Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding

  • nest bedding alexander hybrid mattress review13.5” Mattress | 6 Layers | 8” Coil System
  • Hybrid Construction
  • 3 Comfort Options
  • Made in USA
  • Enhanced Quantum Edge Zone Coils
  • Quality Temperature Control
  • 100 Night Trial Period
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $949 – $1,699
  • Alexander Hybrid Mattress Review

Nest Bedding makes all of their mattresses in America, including the Signature Hybrid mattress. They have a number of different mattresses and they design their all of their beds to high standards and durability.

One of the main goals that Nest Bedding has is to create mattresses that are more eco friendly. Part of that initiative is to make long lasting beds so you don’t have to buy mattresses as often. Which again is proof that spending a little more on a higher quality product is a great way to save money in the long run.

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LuuF Hybrid Mattress

  • luuf mattress coupon 13” Mattress | 7 Layers | 8 Inch Coils System
  • Hybrid Construction
  • 3 Comfort Options
  • Made in USA
  • Zoned Coil System
  • Bonus
  • 1 Year Trial Period
  • 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $799 – $1,699
  • LuuF Hybrid Mattress Review

Similar to the Signature Hybrid, the LuuF mattress is also made in America. However, with LuuF they also source their materials that they use from the US as well. So you are getting a full American product with the LuuF bed. Quality craftsmanship is something LuuF really takes pride in and it shows in the end product. Either mattress you choose from this review, you’re getting a good bed that is going to last a long time.

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Signature Hybrid vs LuuF: At A Glance

luft vs alexander hybrid mattress review

Comfort Options: LuuF
Brand Reputation: Tie
Motion Transfer: Tie
Edge Support: Tie
Pressure Relief: Tie
Sleeping Cool: Tie
Value: LuuF

It is true we are choosing LuuF as our winner. However, we really love both of these mattresses and they are so similar in so many ways. It was truly difficult for us to pick a winner. There are two features of the LuuF that tipped the scales. The first being that their comfort options are in ranges that suite more sleepers than the Alexander Hybrid comfort options. While the other is that it comes in at a lower price point.

Other than those two features these beds are very well matched in every other aspect. The devil is in the details in the LuuF vs Signature Hybrid mattress comparison review, so keep reading to get a better feel for what these mattresses are all about.

Delivery & Set Up – LuuF vs Signature Hybrid

luuf mattress delivery process Most online mattress brands are made, compacted, roll packed into a box, and then sit on a shelf for an extended period of time until you place your order. However, when you order a LuuF or Nest Bedding mattress your bed is made to order. This means your mattress is not constructed until you place your order, which means it spends far less time compacted into its shipping box. Which means there will be less new mattress smell and your bed will be sturdier overall.

The Signature Hybrid and LuuF mattresses are also both made right here in the USA, which means it will ship quickly as well. No long wait times for a mattress to ship from overseas.

While we unboxed these mattresses, we noticed very little new mattress smell, and the smell we did notice was not at all concerning because we know that Nest Bedding and LuuF both use all CertiPUR US certified foams. LuuF even makes all of their foams in the US. Which means there are no noxious chemicals that are going to be dangerous to breath in.

We still suggest allowing time for your new mattress to air out fully and give it enough time to fully expand to it’s intended firmness level. You can do this by unpacking the mattress and allowing it to firm up in a well-ventilated room for at least several hours to a full day before sleeping on it.

Alexander Hybrid vs LuuF – Materials:

comfort level scale

What is inside the Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding?

nest bedding alexander hybrid mattress We are going to get further into the details of the materials used to make the Alexander Hybrid but we do want to mention first that all of their foams are made in America and are CertiPUR US certified. Which is really just the start, Nest really does their best to use top quality materials in their mattress. So we are going to start from the bottom layer and go all the way to the top telling you what each of the 6 layers are made of.

Starting at the bottom there is a base layer of support foam. This is a dense layer of foam that gives a foundation for the coil system to work off of. Then of course is their 16 gauge Quantum Edge Zone Pocketed Support Coils. This coil system is zoned to provide ultimate support and pressure relief where you need it. The is extra supportive around the perimeter of the mattress in order to give loads of edge support whether you are sleeping right up to the edge of the mattress or sitting on the side.

Next is a layer of Smartflow Support Foam. This is a great encasing transition foam that supports the softer comfort foams above it from falling into the coil system. Next up is a layer of Nest Bedding’s TitanChill Endurance Foam. This is a hyper-elastic foam that is full of responsive comfort. This means it is going to move with you and is quick to respond to your changing positions.

Finally there is a comfort layer of memory foam which is quilted with the top cover. This memory foam is infused with gel in order to keep it as cool as possible. While the material for the cover is made out of their thermic phase change fabric. This fabric uses phase change technology to move heat away from the body and keep their sleeper nice and cool.

nest bedding mattress


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What is the LuuF mattress made of?

luft mattress reviewLuuF also sources many of their materials in America and all of their foams are CertiPUR-US Certified. So let’s get right into the specifics starting with the base layers and going right up to the top.

Luuf Mattress Materials The LuuF mattress starts with a simple layer of dense base foam which supports the coil system. LuuF uses Bolsa coils in their coil system, and each coil is wrapped individually in order to limit the amount of motion transfer throughout the bed. The LuuF coil system has 5 different zones including extra support around the edges.

Next up is a 1” transition layer of foam. They use a Serene foam which they claim is for air support. This is a great foam for deep pressure relief. Next up is a thicker 2” layer of graphene infused memory foam. The infusion helps to draw heat away from the surface of the mattress in order to keep the sleeper nice and cool.

Next of is a layer that consists of three thin layers of gel-infused cooling foam. This layer is quilted with LuuF’s signature breathable soft fabric.

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Signature Hybrid vs LuuF Mattress – Comfort:

How comfortable is the Signature Hybrid mattress?

nest bedding comfort comparison reviewThere are three different comfort options offered by both the Signature Hybrid and the LuuF mattress. Which we really like about both of these beds. This is because different people prefer to have different firmness levels in their bed. While everyone need a good amount of overall support that each comfort option provides. Being able to choose how soft of firm your mattress feels is a great feature for a bed to have.

The Signature Hybrid by Nest Bedding comes in a Soft, Medium, and a Firm comfort option. Personally, we found that the Soft was very soft 4, the Medium was more for a medium soft 4-5, while their Firm option was closer to a medium-firm 5.5 – 6.6 feel.

These numbers are based off of our 1-10 soft to firm scale which you can find featured above. For most sleepers we suggest staying around the Medium-Firm realm as it works with most sleeping positions. So we would suggest their Firm comfort option most and maybe their Medium if you are a side sleeper and love a softer feel to your mattress.

We like the Firm comfort option however; we wish the name reflected how we feel the comfort level truly is. Now that being said comfort and softness level tends to be relative. Although we have slept on a lot of beds. So keep this in mind while choosing your mattress comfort level, Nest Bedding may be softer than they describe.

Is the LuuF Mattress comfortable?

luft mattress comparison comfortOn to the comfort options for LuuF! Like we mentioned previously, the LuuF mattress also comes in three different comfort options, Plush, Luxury Firm, and Firm. We personally found that their Plush option is around a 4-5 which we would describe as a medium-soft feel. Their Luxury-Firm, 5-5.5 which is just a tad softer than a medium firmness level. Then comes their Firm is more of a 5.5-6 and we would call it a medium-firm feel that we love. All of these comfort options really fall into a zone that we would say is in the range of what will be comfortable for most sleepers.

In other words, we don’t believe their Plush will be too soft for anyone who likes a softer mattress, and their Firm shouldn’t feel too firm for anyone who wants lots of extra support. Pretty much Goldilocks would be in heaven with these comfort options from LuuF.

Motion Transfer:

nest bedding comfort comparison reviewIf you are hoping to find a mattress that will keep you sleeping still even as a pack of children jump up and down, then these are not the beds for you. All-foam mattresses are the ultimate defense against motion transfer.

However, LuuF and Alexander Hybrid both do a really good job at eliminating movement throughout the bed, especially for hybrid mattresses. They both contain individually pocketed coils, which helps to provide pressure relief and durable support while limiting movement to the one space where pressure is being applied.

Signature Hybrid and LuuF also both feature multiple layers of transition and comfort foams which also deaden a lot of vibrations and smaller movements throughout the bed. So anyone who is simply hoping to sleep undisturbed as their partner gets in or out of bed, we believe either the LuuF or the Alexander Hybrid will both provide you enough motion isolation that you will be happy with.

Sleeping Cool:

Hybrid mattresses are great for sleeping cool because they allow a lot of airflow throughout the mattress. Although when you’re looking at a mattress with foam comfort layers it is good to look for other materials and upgrades have been made in order to keep the mattress cool throughout the night. LuuF and Nest Bedding have done just that with these hybrid mattresses. Keeping reading to get the details on each.

LuuF – Sleeping Cool

review luft mattress Keep in mind that the LuuF mattress comes in three different comfort options. When you snuggle into a softer mattress, more surface area of your body will be covered by the mattress, this in turn will keep you warmer throughout the night. While firmer options keep you laying on top of the mattress which allows for more airflow to cool you off throughout the night. The same will be true with the comfort options for the Signature Hybrid mattress.

LuuF uses several different materials in order to keep their mattress nice and cool. Starting with their cover which is breathable and quilted for extra airflow throughout the top of the mattress. The comfort layers of memory foam in the LuuF mattress is infused with a cooling gel. While the transitional layer if infused with graphine, these infusions help to pull heat down toward the coil system where the heat can then escape from the mattress.

We found that this process worked rather well and kept the mattress nice and temperature neutral throughout the night.

Signature Hybrid – Sleeping Cool

review alexander hybrid mattressNest Bedding also uses cooling materials in order to keep the Signature Hybrid mattress temperature neutral. Starting a thermic phase change fabric for the cover of the mattress. This cover actually uses phase change technology in order to keep the cover feeling cool for extended periods of time.

While the memory foam used in their top comfort layer is infused with a cooling gel. The next layer of foam is called their TitanChill Endurance Foam which also helps to pull heat away from the sleeper to stay nice and cool.

Truly both of these mattresses do a great job at remaining cool throughout the night. Much of this is due to their hybrid design. Coil systems do a lot of good for keeping a mattress from heating up. So if sleeping cool is a priority for you, we think you will be happy with either the Signature Hybrid or the LuuF mattress.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Edge Support:

edge support mattress comfortThese are some great mattresses for edge support. The LuuF and Signature Hybrid mattresses both have zoned coil systems that feature reinforced edges. Which means they have extra support right on the edges in order to make the sleeping surface even and supported from edge to edge. We found very little difference in comfort and support on either of these mattresses even when we laid right up to the edge of the bed.

You may experience a bit of dipping into the comfort layers when you sit on the side of the mattress however this will be minimal. Also, keep in mind that the softer comfort options will allow for more compression around the edge of the mattress than the medium to firm comfort options will. Although the reinforced coil systems really hold up the overall integrity of the mattresses well.

Value – Signature Hybrid vs LuuF:

The LuuF and Signature Hybrid mattresses are both such comfortable beds that have such similar qualities. Which is why we are so impressed that LuuF is able to have a good dip in price compared to Nest Bedding’s Signature Hybrid. Typically, we rate a mattresses quality vs price in order to determine which mattress has the better value.

However, with the level of comfort and durability being so even between these two beds it really comes down to price. Which gives the LuuF the better value between the Alexander Hybrid and LuuF mattress.

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Signature Hybrid vs LuuF Mattress: Overall

When we really look at the different attributes of the LuuF and Alexander Hybrid mattresses, you will find that overall these beds have very similar levels of quality, design, strength, and overall are very well matched beds. They even have the same amount of comfort options for you to choose from.

Which makes it a very close call. The main difference being the more versatile comfort options from LuuF paired with their lower price point. It is these two features that has us recommending the LuuF mattress over the Alexander Hybrid. Other than that, these are very comparable mattresses that we highly recommend trying out.

For more comparisons on any of our mattresses make sure you check out our Mattress Comparison Tool. This will give you a really quick side by side glance at your choice of four mattresses. This is a great way to help narrow down your top contenders and see the differences of each.

favorite mattress luuf luft

For the full review of each of these mattresses check them out here: LuuF Hybrid Review & Nest Bedding’s Signature Hybrid Review. Also have question for us? Feel free to contact us!