July 2, 2018

Leesa vs Cocoon

In the Cocoon vs Leesa mattress comparison, we look at two long-standing companies. Each of these brands has come up with ways to combat the heat retaining properties of memory foam. They also measure the same and have an aesthetically pleasing design. The Cocoon Classic comes in two different firmness levels to personalize your mattress shopping experience.

You can also get both options in the Cocoon Chill, which has an upgraded cover. The Leesa mattress provides a universal comfort feel to make the buying process easy. While these two brands have commonalities, it’s the differences that make each stand out in its own way. Continue reading to see all the specific qualities that will make one better than the other for your individual needs.

Leesa Mattress Overview:

leesa vs cocoonThe Leesa mattress is a 10-inch thick all foam mattress. It is made with three layers of high-density foams for comfort and durability. The top layer encourages cooling benefits and provides responsiveness. The next layer is a contouring memory foam that relieves aches and pains. The bottom layer is a solid foam foundation that supports your entire body for healthy sleep.

This mattress provides a universal comfort feel that should suit most sleepers with any position preference. It kind of feels in between that of a memory foam bed and an innerspring bed without the bounce. So if you’re not a big fan of memory foam, but you want a bed that’s softer than an innerspring mattress, Leesa may be the perfect option for you. You can purchase this bed in a queen size for less than a thousand dollars. How does the Leesa mattress stand up to the Cocoon Classic and Cocoon Chill? Read on to find out all the positive and negative aspects, making your choice a no-brainer.

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Cocoon by Sealy Mattress Overview:

leesa vs cocoonThe Cocoon mattress by Sealy comes in two different versions that are each available in two different comfort options. You can select a soft version or firm set up with either the Cocoon Classic or the Cocoon Chill. Three layers of foam come together to create the 10-inch thick bed in any of these combinations.

The top sheet of memory foam provides contoured comfort that will “cocoon” perfectly to your body. The transitional layer of foam creates your chosen level of firmness. A solid base foam gives you supported strength for durability and healthy spinal alignment. You can bring home a Cocoon Classic or Cocoon Chill in either firm or soft for under $1,000.

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Leesa – Delivery and Off Gassing:

leesa vs nectarThis mattress company completes all their manufacturing in the United States. Every purchase is made to order and includes free shipping through UPS. The box weighing around 70 pounds will arrive within a week compressed in a roll-packed box. If you can’t complete your Leesa set-up by yourself, upgrade to the white glove service for a small fee.

The initial expansion could take a few moments, and the Leesa will need a day or two to fully firm up. During this time, you could notice some new mattress smells. This off-gassing experience won’t be toxic or too overpowering. If you are more sensitive to smells give your Leesa some extended time to air out. Proper ventilation should ensure you have a pleasant experience.

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Cocoon – Delivery and Off Gassing:

cocoon chill mattress reviewAs with most bed-in-a-box companies, standard shipping of the Cocoon mattress is included in your purchase price. Your compressed and roll-packed box should arrive quickly in a compact packaging. A fit person may be able to manage setup by themselves, as the Cocoon only weighs around 60 pounds. Don’t be ashamed of asking for help from a friend, as maneuvering a large mattress can be challenging. Once your Cocoon is removed from the box, simply unroll it and remove the wrapping. It will rapidly expand within a few minutes, and it will firm up over the next day or two.

During your set up process and the first few days, you may notice a smell. This off-gassing experience should be minimal and is non-toxic. Ensure the room for your Cocoon gets plenty of ventilation and wait a full day before placing your bedding. This will give you new mattress time to breathe and air out. If you are more sensitive to smells, you could avoid the area for a while as the odor dissipates.

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Leesa – Comfort:

leesa vs puffyOn a firmness scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest, the Leesa rates around a 6. A medium firm feel such as this creates a universal feel that can be comfortable for most. Stomach sleepers will have the firmness needed to prevent bowing at the back. Back sleepers will have outstanding levels of lumbar support with give at the neck and shoulders to help prevent neck pain. Side sleepers will have a gentle sinking at the hip and shoulder for pressure point relief.

People of larger proportions may feel that this bed is closer to a medium feel. Having another layer of essential support foam over the sheet of memory foam keeps you from sinking in too far. This gives the Leesa a responsiveness that prevents you from feeling stuck. This top layer also provides cooling benefits to give you an even more comfortable slumber.

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Cocoon by Sealy Mattress – Comfort:

casper vs cocoonThe Cocoon mattress got its name from the contouring properties of its high-quality memory foam. With two options for different firmness levels, all sleepers should find it a great fit. On a scale where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest, the soft option rates at a 5. This rating is suitable to side sleepers who like to feel a deeper sinking at the shoulder and hip. Back sleepers who enjoy a softer feel should enjoy this option. You feel as though you sleep in the bed as opposed to on top of it. The soft version may not be firm enough for stomach sleepers to get a solid support.

The firm option rates at a 7.5 to an 8 on the firmness scale. This may be too firm a mattress for side sleepers to have adequate pressure relief. Though, it is ideal for back sleepers wanting a more structured feel and a good mattress for stomach sleepers who need better spinal alignment. With two options to individualize your firmness level, the Cocoon is great for sleeping in any position. Upgrade to the Cocoon Chill for additional cooling elements that will make your night even more comfortable.

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Leesa Mattress – Materials:

The Leesa mattress is very similar to the Cocoon mattress in materials and design. This bed is comprised of three layers of distinct foams that create a 10-inch thick mattress. The top segment is a 2-inch thick performance foam. The next layer is a 2-inch thick 3-pound density Contouring Memory Foam. Pressure points are eased with hugging comfort.

The final section of the Leesa is 6-inches of 1.8-density recovery foam layer. You can rest assured that you will get proper spinal alignment and support at the lumbar. This mattress has a breathable cover that is soft to the touch. It is wrapped tightly to prevent bunching and sagging. Featuring a gray and white stripe design, the Leesa adds just as much style as it does function.

leesa mattress materials

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Cocoon by Sealy Mattress – Materials:

With either the firm mattress option or the soft option, you will get the same great materials in your Cocoon mattress. The top layer is 2-inch thick Perfect Fit Memory Foam. Your body will get a gentle hugging sensation from this contouring section. This reduces pain at pressure points. The next segment is the 2-inch thick Comfort Layer. This transitional material is made from polyfoam to give the mattress a responsive element. It is also the layer of foam that gives your Cocoon its soft or firm feel according to your selection. The bottom layer is the Essential Support Foam. It is 6-inches thick for durability that will align your spine correctly for years to come.

The Cocoon Classic’s cover is made from a cotton and polyester blend that lends softness and breathability in the design. The Cocoon Chill option uses a phase changing material to wick away moisture and stay cool to the touch. This option is also available in a firm and soft option. Altogether, these materials make up the 10-inch thick Cocoon by Sealy. With any combination you choose, you get a quality mattress that gives you exceptional sleep.

casper vs cocoon

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Leesa vs Cocoon – Motion Transfer:

leesa mattress reviewAll-foam mattresses are the beacon for a well-rested night. This material readily absorbs any vibrations from readjusting or getting up throughout the night. Luckily, the Leesa mattress is made from only foam materials. This generally provides the best reduction in motion transfer. This mattress stood its ground – responsive comfort layer and all. Any time you or your partner changes positions throughout the night, the Leesa will absorb those movements. The vibrations will be fully eliminated before reaching the other side.

This makes the Cocoon a wonderful choice if you are a light sleeper or share your bed. The top layer of memory foam will immediately soak up any motion. Anything that penetrates this layer will be deadened by the middle and bottom layers of foam. You will get totally uninterrupted sleep with either the Cocoon Classic or the Cocoon Chill. All in all the Cocoon or Leesa make for a great mattress for isolating motion.

Leesa vs Cocoon – Sleeping Cool:

best mattresses for back painThe Leesa mattress gets to work at keeping you cool right away with the fabric closest to your skin. The cover is made from a breathable material. It is wrapped ideally to prevent bunching and sagging that could potentially trap warm air in pockets around you. The top layer of foam is aerated with holes to promote breathability.

The memory foam layer is under this section. Therefore, it keeps the thick material from laying right against you as with traditional memory foam mattresses. The bottom layer of the mattress adds firmness that prevents you from sinking too far where warm air is caught. If you have been searching for a memory foam option with extreme cooling benefits, the Leesa is a great selection.

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cocoon vs puffyThe major drawback of an all-foam mattress is the tendency to retain heat. This can be a problem for the Cocoon Classic mattress. To counterbalance this potential problem, you can choose the firm option. This will allow you to sleep on top of the mattress rather than in it. This allows warm air to escape more readily. If you are a warm sleeper, consider upgrading to the Cocoon Chill. This version uses phase changing material for its cover. It stays cool to the touch and wicks away moisture. Pair this addition with the firm option, and you should have a temperature-neutral mattress.

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Leesa vs Cocoon – Edge Support:

Cocoon Chill by Sealy mattressYou can tell the true value and durability of a mattress from the level of edge support that it provides. While sitting at the side of your Cocoon mattress, you may notice a slight sinking sensation. This will not make for a comfortable position for long periods of time. However, you will have a consistent feel for sleeping across the entire surface. You will not feel like you are going to roll out when you sleep at the edge of this mattress. This is great news for those that share a bed and need to maximize their sleeping area. The firm option may provide a slightly better advantage in this area, but the soft option gives adequate edge support.

Mattresses made entirely from foam are almost always going to lack in edge support for sitting. With the Leesa, you can sit on the side of your bed comfortably for a short while. This will be convenient for getting ready in the mornings and before tucking in at night. You will feel a bit of a sinking feeling with sitting for long periods. The edge support that the Leesa does provide is excellent for sleeping. The high-density foams used in its construction give you a level and consistent feel across every square inch. You will get the same comfort from side to side and top to bottom, no matter where you sleep. You won’t feel like you are going to roll out when sleeping right up at the edge. This makes the Leesa mattress an extraordinary choice for couples who share a bed.

Leesa Mattress – Value:

A queen-sized Leesa mattress can be yours for $940. This includes your shipping service. The mattress arrived roll-packed in a box for set-up convenience. This price also includes a worry-free 100-night sleep trial. If you don’t love the Leesa, you can send it back. They include a 10-year warranty in the price for a protected peace of mind. This is a good value for a mattress company with great customer service that is based in the United States.

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Cocoon by Sealy Mattress – Value:

There are two different options for this mattress: the Cocoon Classic and the Cocoon Chill. You can purchase the Cocoon Classic in a queen size for $799. The price is the same, whether you order the firm or the soft option. This price point includes free shipping. You also get a worry-free 100-night sleep trial and a 10-year warranty.

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Leesa vs Cocoon by Sealy – Our Pick!

cocoon mattressWith this comparison review, we’ve shown you the differences between the Cocoon Classic and Chill as well as the Leesa. These memory foam designs each feature three layers of high-quality foams that stack up to create a 10-inch thick bed. Small differences in the construction and ordering options creates the differentiation between the two.

Are you looking for a mattress that has a layer selected for your comfort level preference? If so, you should go for the Cocoon mattress in either the Classic or Chill style. If you want more of a feel that falls in between, go for the Leesa mattress. The Cocoon Classic is the lowest price of these three choices. If you want to stay within a low budget and don’t sleep warm, this is the way to go. If your partner and you have different sleeping position likings, the Leesa may be a safer bet.

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