November 21, 2019

Puffy vs Leesa

When you put together the stats of these two mattresses they are very similar. However, they do have their own strengths and weaknesses. We are going to take a side by side look at the Leesa and Puffy mattresses to see which one rises to the top. You can take a glance at the reasons why to purchase or keep reading to get all of the details to help you decide for yourself which mattress is better for you.

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puffy vs leesa original mattress review

puffy mattress comparison reviewWhy Choose Puffy

  • 10” – 3 Layers of Foam
  • Great Pressure Relief
  • True Medium Feel
  • Memory Foam Feel
  • Materials and Mattress made 100% in USA
  • Sleeps Cool & Dry
  • Solid Edge Support
  • Trial Period: 101 Nights
  • Warranty: Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $795 – $1350

Check out the full review at Original Puffy Review.

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leesa mattress comparison reviewWhy Choose Leesa

  • 10” – 3 Layers of Foam
  • Medium/Soft Feel
  • Responsive Foam Feel
  • Made in the USA:  With domestic and imported materials
  • Trial Period: 100 Nights
  • Warranty: 10 Year Warranty
  • Price: $499 – $1199

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The Winner

puffy vs leesa winnerSleeping Cool: Puffy
Edge Support: Puffy
Motion Transfer: Tie
Soft Comfort: Leesa
Pressure Relief: Puffy
Delivery & Unboxing: Puffy
Value : Tie
Overall Winner: Puffy!

Just because we love the Puffy doesn’t necessarily mean the Leesa isn’t the right fit for you. Keep reading to get all the details on each mattress to better determine which mattress is the right fit for you.

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Puffy vs Leesa Review:

Below we will be briefly comparing Leesa vs Puffy in a combined review. We will go over how they favor in delivery and off-gassing, comfort and materials. As well as what to expect from motion isolation, temperature regulation and perimeter support. As well as go through some of the basic information like value, trial period and warranties too. Keep reading to see which of these mattresses is the right choice for you. And, if you don’t want to read, no problem! Check out our mattress review videos.


Puffy vs Leesa – Materials

Puffy: Materials & Construction

All of the materials used in the Puffy mattress are made in the US. Puffy does this to ensure quality of all of their materials hold up to their high standards. All of these materials are then sent to the Puffy factory where they are assembled to order and shipped out.

The Puffy is a 10” thick foam mattress made up of three different layers of foam. The first being the Cooling Cloud Memory Foam. This 2” section of foam is infused with gel to increase air flow by 8x. This helps to keep the mattress temperature neutral.

The middle layer is 2″ of ClimateComfort Foam. This deep comfort layer provides even greater weight distribution as well as better contour for larger people and side sleepers. This layer is also humidity resistant and temperature regulating, making it another layer for a cool mattress.

Finally, the 6” base layer of Firm Core Support Foam provides a solid foundation. With 4x the support of traditional base foam and 99% better response the support foam of the Puffy will make this mattress more durable, longer lasting and more comfortable than most other 10″ all foam mattresses.

the puffy mattress materials

Compare all of the different mattress models made by Puffy in our full Puffy Mattresses Review: Puffy, Puffy Lux & Puffy Royal.

Leesa: Materials & Construction

Like the Puffy, the Leesa is also a 10” mattress made out of three different foam layers. However, the 2” top comfort layer of foam in the Leesa has a much more adaptive and bouncier feel than the cushy memory foam feel of the Puffy mattress. The middle layer is made out of 2” Memory Foam which adds countering and relief for pressure points.

Then they have the final 6” of supportive base foam. This foam gives support to the other comfort layers allowing them to better contour and adapt to the shape of the sleeper.

the leesa bed materials

The Leesa Mattress Brand also makes a hybrid mattress. Check out the full review at Leesa Hybrid Mattress.

Puffy vs Leesa: Mattress Comfort

Sleeping Cool 

which bed sleeps coolerIn general terms all-foam mattresses tend to stay more warm than hybrid mattresses that have coil systems. Which means mattress brands creating foam beds have to work a bit harder to keep their beds cool. Leesa and Puffy have both put integrated special materials into their beds to try to keep their sleepers as cool as possible.

Leesa has put a responsive breathable foam as their top layer in their bed. This aerated foam helps to keep the be temperature neutral by allows air a place to leave the mattress, taking any excess heat with it. Their twill cover is also great at wicking away any extra moisture or sweat that may reach the mattress.

Puffy has gone even further to ensure their sleepers stay cool. Their first layer of foam is called Cooling Cloud Foam. This foam is made out of a gel infused visco polyurethane. This foam does a great job at pulling heat away from the body allowing you to sleep cool. It also has a memory foam type feel to it that adapts to your pressure points nicely.

The next layer of the Puffy also helps to draw heat away from the body with it’s Climate Comfort Foam. This foam has two jobs, to regulate the mattress temperature and add plenty of deep pressure relief. We find that the Puffy stays slightly cooler than the Leesa and it takes the Win in the Sleeping Cool category.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Motion Transfer

motion transfer comparing leesa and the puffy bedsIf you’re looking for a mattress that will keep you sleeping comfortably even when your partner is tossing and turning, then you have come to the right place. All-Foam mattresses tend to do a wonderful job at limiting motion transfer. The Leesa and Puffy are no exception to this rule.

There is one main difference between these two beds. The Leesa has a more responsive foam that helps you from feeling stuck in your mattress. Which is great, however it will be slightly bouncy for a foam. Meaning you will experience slightly more motion transfer in this bed than the Puffy. (It is still far better at limiting movement and vibration than nearly any hybrid mattress.)

Puffy has a memory foam at the top of their mattress. This is the best foam for deadening motion transfer and it really shows in the performance of this mattress. Puffy takes the win for Motion Transfer.

Edge Support 

edge support for all foam mattress comparesThis is one area in which we believe there is a significant difference between the Leesa and Puffy beds. If you’re looking for an All-Foam mattress and you are really hoping to get plenty of edge support, then the Puffy is absolutely the way to go. Leesa has rather standard edge support for an All-Foam mattress, it has decent surface sleeping edge support. However, Leesa lacks the support needed for long term sitting.

On the other hand, Puffy has a surprising amount of support for an all foam mattress. While many hybrid beds will have much more edge support, the Original Puffy is a great option if you want a bit of extra edge support out of an all-foam bed. Which is why Puffy takes the win for Edge Support.

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Overall Comfort:

overall comfort comparison leesa puffyWhen it comes to the Puffy and Leesa mattress you really can’t go wrong with either. However, though both offer a great universal medium-firm feel the contour, pressure relief and more durable feeling support of the Puffy mattress just barely push it over the edge for better comfort. It offers everything you would expect from a cool gel memory foam mattress, and than some. Making it hard to beat when it comes to all foam beds.

At the end of the day, both of these beds will be a solid choice. But, if you want a memory foam feel that will last for years the Puffy is for you. And if you like something a little softer that is just a tad more responsive, than we’d suggest the Leesa.

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Puffy & Leesa Giving Back:

donations giving backOne important and unique factor is that both Leesa and Puffy offer their community involvement. When you purchase either of these mattresses there are contributions made to various organizations.

Leesa have made a promise that for every mattress sold they donate a mattress to a child living in poverty. So far, they have donated over 36,000 beds. They also are changing their practices to be more sustainable to the environment by using recycled materials and packaging. Every little bit makes a difference.

Puffy also has a donation program where they donate beds for children in need. However, their program works a bit differently. Instead of basing their donations off of sales. They donate a mattress for every 10 social media pictures and posts that they are tagged in and that use the hashtag #puffydonation.

When it comes to giving back, it is no competition. Everyone Wins!

Learn more about the impact these two companies are making at their websites. Leesa Impact Report and Puffy Donations.

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Leesa vs Puffy Mattress Basics

Delivery & Unboxing

battle of the beds puffy vs leesa deliveryThe delivery process is very similar for both of these brands. When you place your order online your mattress will be shipped to your door within a few weeks. In the box a queen sized mattress will weigh around 70 lbs for either the Leesa or the Puffy. Making both of these mattresses rather easy for two people to move throughout your home to set up.

Whenever you order a Puffy mattress that is when they put together your bed in their factory. Then it is compacted and shipped out right away. This means your mattress is freshly put together and has not been sitting compressed in a box for an extended period of time.

This process has a few different side effects. While it may take slightly longer for your mattress to get to you, you will experience a significantly less amount of “new mattress smell”. This is a big plus for anyone worried about off gassing or is sensitive to smells.

Leesa is also constructed in America with some domestic materials and other imported materials. On the whole Leesa has very little scent when compared to other mattress brands. However, the Puffy had significantly less.

Value & Financing

A Queen size Leesa Bed will run your around $999 without any of our coupons. While a Puffy Queen runs around $1150. The prices on these beds are not too far apart, although the Puffy is typically more expensive in all sizes.

When it comes to true value of a bed, we actually believe you are getting more mattress for your money with the Puffy. If you want to save a few bucks and get the Leesa, you will also get getting a great bed at a great price. However, if you spend the extra money for the Puffy you will feel the difference for sure.

Both Puffy and Leesa now offer financing options through other companies. Which means you can order your mattress and make monthly payments instead of having to pay for it in full right away. This way you can get your mattress when you need it.

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Trial Period & Warranty

Leesa has a standard 100 night trial period and a 10 year warranty which is really all you need out of a mattress company. Within 30 days of using your new mattress, you should be able to fully vet out whether or not you have purchased the right mattress for you or not.

Puffy has a 101 night trial period and a lifetime warranty. Keep in mind that all warranties take into account normal wear and tear of using a mattress with time.

Leesa vs Puffy Mattress – Our Verdict:

You really can’t go wrong with either of these mattresses. The Leesa has a great adaptive feeling foam and plenty of pressure relief. While the Puffy has a lovely soft memory foam feel, sleeps cool, and offers plenty of edge support. Both have a great All-Foam feel for anyone who really loves that feel over a hybrid mattress. While it truly comes down to personal preference, if we have to pick a winner it is the Puffy.

puffy vs leesa original mattress review
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