July 2, 2018

Nectar vs Brooklyn Bowery

The only thing better than great sleep, is great sleep that doesn’t cost a fortune. The Brooklyn Bowery and Nectar are proud to present you with 10” and 11” foam mattresses respectively. Both are meant for universal sleepers. So, what’s easy on your back is also easy on your wallet. Although both offer memory foam comfort, one is a more luxurious feel, the other is a more luxurious price. If you’re browsing this site, you know you’re in need of a new mattress. Continue reading below for an in-depth review of the Nectar vs Brooklyn Bowery mattress, and the choice will be clear.

nectar vs brooklyn bowery
Nectar Mattress Overview:

nectar vs brooklyn boweryThe Nectar brand is also a highly popular one that rapidly gained its fan-base in 2017. At one point it was so popular that customers had to play a waiting game. Today, Nectar is more than equipped to meet its demand.

The Nectar gives you three layers of supportive comfort. It is ideal for all sleepers and sleeping positions, so you never have to wake up on the wrong side of the bed. The medium-firm mattress also offers a unique TENCEL cover that makes the mattress soft and breathable. The Nectar will relieve pressure and maintain ergonomic alignment. So, there’s really nothing this mattress can’t do. To top it off, it has limited motion transfer and sleeps cool.

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Brooklyn Bowery Overview:

nectar vs brooklyn boweryIf you haven’t heard of Brooklyn Bedding before, you should have. The online company is US based and has been around for several years.  Brooklyn Bedding is so popular it produces approximately 6,000 mattresses per day. The best part is production is in their own factory. This keeps the materials, processing, and quality in check and cost effective just for you.

Those materials and processing come together to bring you their 10” memory foam mattress the Brooklyn Bowery. This budget friendly bed is one of three mattress options available by Brooklyn Bedding. It takes three layers of foam to create a comfortable universal feel that is easy on the checkbook.  The top layer is their unique, patented Energex foam. It’s uniqueness comes from its combination of contouring, responsiveness, and adaptability. The middle layer is a gentle transition layer that provides deep comfort and even weight distribution. Finally the bottom layer is dense for solid support.

Brooklyn Bedding is so confident in their mattress, they are willing to give you a 120-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty. The only thing that beats those promises is the unbelievable price. And our exclusive 20% OFF coupon with our code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20 making it a STEAL of a deal. It’s like their customer service is giving you that all over hugging feeling that the mattress does.

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Nectar – Delivery & Off Gassing: 

nectar vs tuft and needleThe Nectar brand is committed to your sleep satisfaction. They offer a 365-night sleeping trial and with a whole year to test it out, you’ll be sure this bed is your dream come true. In fact, make it a forever dream because the Nectar mattress comes with a forever warranty. Keep reading to learn more about the Nectar mattress, and believe me, you’re not dreaming.

The good news? With the Nectar or Brooklyn Bowery, shipping is included in the price. However, the Nectar is made overseas while the Brooklyn is made right here in the USA.

Because the Nectar is manufactured in China, packaged and shipped overseas to the US there may be some downfalls to the process. Making the time line typically the same as USA made beds, but in some instances much longer depending on stock at their warehouse locations. Because the overall journey is longer than typical mattresses, it will also take longer to expand and off-gassing may be more of an issue.

Since it is not made in the US, the Nectar will go through a less strict process for certified materials and manufacturing. While it is not a cause for concern, the materials may be less healthy and sustainable. And also have stronger, more hazardous off-gassing. In all, the Nectar will take 24 to 48 hours to be completely sleep-able!

Brooklyn Bowery – Delivery & Off Gassing: 

The Brooklyn Bowery will arrive at your doorstep in a compact 70 lb box. You’ll want an extra set of hands to help you get it where it’s going. But once it’s there, open the box, remove the plastic, and watch your mattress come to life. Lucky for you neither the unboxing nor off-gassing should take long.

Like any boxed mattress, the Brooklyn Bowery may have a slight smell. Since it is made in the US however, this cuts down the noxious odors tremendously. Your mattress should be smell-free within a few up to 12 hours. And suitable for even the most sensitive noses. Opening a window will always speed up this process.

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Nectar – Materials:

The Nectar mattress gives you three layers of memory foam, plus the TENCEL cover and base layer. That’s like five layers of comfort for one price. The TENCEL cover is meant for cooling. It also promotes air circulation, heat wicking, and is bedbug resistant.

From the top down, the first layer is a quilted gel memory foam. This layer also provides air circulation for extra cooling. It gives the bed loft while contouring to the body for ideal comfort. The next layer is a standard gel memory foam that provides weight distribution and pressure relief. The third foam layer is made of adaptive HI core memory foam. This is a recovery foam that supports the body and provides rebound and bounce. Finally the breathable base layer provides additional contouring and support for all those comfy layers above.

It is easy to appreciate the sleep innovation that goes into a Nectar mattress. The question is, does it out-sleep the Brooklyn Bowery?

nectar mattress review
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Brooklyn Bowery – Materials:

The comfort on the outside of the Brooklyn Bowery is all about what’s on the inside. The first layer is a 3” layer of patented Energex foam. This layer is contouring and hugs the entire body. It also is more responsive so you can move with ease without feeling stuck. This layer is adaptive, by relieving pressure and providing support.

The middle layer is a 2” transition layer. It acts as a gentle cushion between the top layer and base. This is the deep comfort layer. It helps so that you don’t fell like you’re only sleeping on the surface. The final base layer is 5” of dense foam. It provides a sturdy base to support the comfort layers. The foundation layer is important for support, durability, and longevity. All of which you will get with Brooklyn Bowery.

The Brooklyn Bowery is topped with its one of a kind, stretch knit cotton fabric. This cover is tight to the mattress and provides a smooth, breathable, soft surface. Finally, the things you don’t get very often. The mattress is lined with durable blue panel fabric on the sides, to give the mattress a nice feel and finish. Yes, you should already feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

brooklyn bowery

Get more details on the Brooklyn Bowery in the complete Bowery Mattress Review. Or shop and save at BrooklynBedding.com.

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Nectar Mattress – Comfort:

puffy vs nectarThe Nectar has a more medium-firm feel. Depending on your size and sleep level, it will range 5.5-7 in the firmness scale. This makes it less ideal for stomach sleepers. But overall a slow responding foam feel. The many layers of the Nectar will cocoon your body without giving you a stuck in the mud feel

Keep in mind that like any other memory foam, the Nectar will sleep warm. This may change your comfort level as the night goes on. The mattress is also made in China, which questions the longevity of comfort. However, the 365-night trial plus forever warranty takes care of that.

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Brooklyn Bowery Mattress – Comfort:

brooklyn boweryThe Brooklyn Bowery provides luxurious comfort. It’s medium comfort level is ideal for all types of sleepers and sleeping positions, so you can’t go wrong. The Energex layer is hyper-responsive, yet contouring. This creates comfort because it allows you to move easily in different sleeping positions, while maintaining pressure relief.

The transition foam beneath it allows it to adapt to every point on your body. If that doesn’t just sound dreamy, I don’t know what does. The foundation is just a solid base that provides optimal support so that you sleep, not sink, into the mattress.

On a firmness scale of 1-10; 1 soft and 10 firm, the Brooklyn Bowery scores a 5 making it a medium mattress. This makes it the most idea, for back and side sleepers. But stomach sleepers, you’ll still feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud. This mattress compromises contouring comfort and responsive support to give you the best outcome; more sleep.

From our personal review we felt this mattress had a more medium-soft feel, round a 3.5-4. This would make it less ideal for a stomach sleeper or larger person. If you are shopping for functionality, the Brooklyn Bowery is best suited for a guest room, kids room, or dorm room. If you are shopping on a budget, the Brooklyn Bowery is best suited for your wallet.


Nectar vs Brooklyn Bowery – Motion Transfer: 

The best part about foam mattresses is that motion transfer should be minimal. This makes sleeping with a partner, perfect. The Brooklyn Bowery is unique because it’s Energex foam top layer is more responsive. This may create some bounce. But fear not, this does not ruin the integrity of motion transfer. The transition layer plus the foundation are a dense foam that deaden extra vibrations in an instant. If you’re sleeping on a Brooklyn Bowery, chances are you may forget your partner is even there. The mattress is great for limited motion transfer.

brooklyn bowery

Another memory foam perk found in the Nectar is isolating motion. Thanks to its many layers, the Nectar absorbs excess vibrations quickly. For an ultimate sleeping surface for you and your partner. The Nectar is perfect for even sensitive e sleepers because it has excellent movement isolation. Even the toughest toss and turner will not be felt on this mattress. In fact, motion transfer is the Nectar’s best quality in our opinion. Which means more sleep for you.

Nectar vs Brooklyn Bowery – Sleeping Cool:

If you are a warm sleeper than both of these all foam options aren’t going to be our suggestions for you. For anyone looking to sleep as cool as possible the mattresses featured in our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers is where you should look. However, between these two, we can give you insight into which will be better between the two.

nectar mattress reviewTypical memory foams sleep warmer, that just the way it is. But Brooklyn Bowery does it’s best to throw you off and create coolness throughout. The number one issue is that mattresses don’t have enough room for heat to dissipate. The Brooklyn Bowery on the other hand uses materials that increase heat dissipation. For example, the top layer is infused with cooling gel, this increases airflow and circulation. All foams also use an open cell structure for less heat retention. Lastly the mattress has a smooth top weave cover that maximizes breathability. Overall the Brooklyn Bowery wins for sleeping cool.

 If you are an above average warm sleeper, you may not want to try a memory foam mattress at all. It is tricky to stay cool on a memory foam. But if you do insist, the Nectar has two qualities; firmness level and cover. Because it is medium firm, you will sleep towards the top and not sink, creating less space for heat. The TENCEL cover is also a soft breathable fabric that helps wick away moisture. You will sleep cooler on the Nectar mattress than other memory foams. But in this category, the Brooklyn Bowery goes for gold.

Nectar vs Brooklyn Bowery – Edge Support:

brooklyn boweryEdge support is an important category that is often forgotten. For sleeping surface, the Nectar gives you plenty to use. There is little difference from middle to edge and you can use the entire mattress for sleep. There is not a sliding feeling near the edge, which gives you more surface area to move around and get comfy. In terms of sitting, the Nectar performs as expected. You do sink sitting in the edge and can not sit there for long periods of time. Fortunately, it’s nice to know, but we don’t use mattresses for siting anyway.

Edge support means two things: sleeping surface and sitting. The Brooklyn Bowery uses a supportive dense foam that every inch of the mattress should be usable sleeping service. And this is true. There is no difference when you are sleeping on the edge. This is great so that you do not get that falling off the edge feeling in the middle of the night. On the other hand, you will feel like you’re falling off the edge if you sit for a prolonged period of time. The Brooklyn Bowery is average when it comes to sitting support,  it surely this won’t stop you from purchasing this heavenly mattress.

When it comes to edge support neither of these beds are going to have the best. If that is what you want and a memory foam mattress too than find the best in our Best Memory Foam Mattresses page. All of these beds offer ample and supportive sleeping surfaces and solid edge support to boot. 

Nectar vs Brooklyn Bowery – Value: 

A queen size Brooklyn Bowery comes in at $699. Pair this with a 120-night sleep trial, 10- year warranty. And make sure to add on our 3xclusive 20% OFF coupon with code: OURSLEEPGUIDE20, what more could you ask for? The icing on the cake however, is the Brooklyn Bowery’s trusted brand, materials, and manufacturing. Made in the US, you know you are getting a mattress built to last. And that is an unbeatable value. Get your Brooklyn Bowery at BrooklynBedding.com or click the link below too!

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It is difficult to compete with the Brooklyn Bowery. The Nectar comes in at $850 for a queen size. While it’s sleeping trial and warranty are longer; 365 nights and forever warranty, it’s quality pales in comparison. Just because you have the warranty forever does not mean you want to replace it forever.

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Nectar vs Brooklyn Bowery – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialThe question is: 120 nights or 365? But in reality, you should know if your mattress is suitable in no more than 100 days, so what’s the difference? If you’re seeking the piece of mind that you can always return the mattress, the Nectar is the way to go with 365 night trial. Or if you’re highly indecisive, the Nectar gives you more time to think. Both brands will provide you a full refund during the trial period, so there is no hassle there.

Once again, it is a numbers game 10 years vs forever. The Brooklyn Bowery offers 10 years while the Nectar offers forever. But if you buy a quality mattress, you won’t have to replace it forever. With the Bowery you are getting a better quality for actually a lower price than the Nectar, and who doesn’t want that?

Nectar vs Brooklyn Bowery – Our Pick!

Its no wonder that Brooklyn Bedding has become a mattress guru. No matter which category they compete in, even online mattresses. They uphold their trusted brand and name. If you choose a Brooklyn Bowery, you will truly sleep easy. Though the Nectar offers a bed at an affordable price you may be wishing you stuck with a USA made brand, especially over time. Both offer many benefits, but at the end of the day we would have to lean towards the Brooklyn Bowery.

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