February 11, 2020

Puffy vs Nectar Mattress Comparison Review

Whenever you go mattress shopping typically we suggest narrowing down your price range, style of mattress, then getting into further details. With two such similar mattress designs, it can be difficult to tell which mattress to choose from. The all-foam 3 layer Puffy mattress? Or the all-foam 3 layer Nectar mattress? However, just because two mattresses look and sound the same, does not mean that they deliver the same quality comfort. When it comes to Puffy vs Nectar, we have a clear winner. Keep reading to see which mattress we like best and why.

puffy original vs nectar mattress review

When comparing two similar mattresses we like to put them to the test. Try each mattress and test them in different categories from edge support, quality of materials and construction, brand policies on warranties etc, value, and overall comfort. This all helps us determine which mattress is most worth it at it’s given cost. Feel free to watch the video, scan through our comparison snapshot, or read all the way through to get all the details on why we choose the winning mattress.

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Puffy Mattress – Overview:

  • floating puffy mattress comparison review10″ Mattress | 3 Foam Layers
  • All-Foam Construction
  • Made In USA
  • Medium-Firm Feel
  • Stain Resistant Cover
  • Contouring Comfort
  • Great Sleeping Cool
  • 101 Night Trial Period
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Price: $795 – $1,350
  • Puffy Mattress Review

The original 10-inch all foam mattress from Puffy does a great job at creating a responsive cool sleeping memory foam mattress. It’s simple three layer design gives the perfect balance of support and pressure relief.

Typically, memory from mattresses like Nectar are slow to adapt it’s shape when a sleeper changes their position and also sleeps rather warm. The quality open cell gel memory foam that Puffy uses in their beds adapts quickly and stays rather cool overall.

We really like the Puffy line of mattresses. How much do we like them? Well the original Puffy mattress has made in onto our Top 10 Memory Foam Mattresses list while it’s luxury version, the Puffy Lux, has even been featured as number 1 on this list! Definitely worth checking the Puffy brand out.

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Nectar Mattress – Overview:

  • comfortable nectar mattress11″ Mattress | 3 Layers
  • All-Foam Construction
  • Luxury-Firm Feel
  • Memory Foam Quilted Cover
  • Cocooning Sleep Surface
  • Great at Deadening Motion Transfer
  • 365 Night Trial Period
  • Forever Warranty
  • Price: $499 – $999
  • Nectar Mattress Review

The 11” Nectar mattress is similar to the Puffy bed design in that it is roughly the same size, and has an all-foam 3-layer construction. Although you will find if you try these beds out like we have, they have rather different feels to them overall and will suite different people’s needs.

The Nectar has a more traditional memory foam feel to it than the Puffy mattress. The top layer of memory foam in the Nectar mattress gives it a cocooning effect that is slow to adapt. It is a dense foam that gives this bed more of a luxury-firm feel than a medium- firm feel.

One thing sleepers will love about the Nectar mattress is that it excels at limiting motion transfer, something we will get into more detail about later.

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Puffy vs Nectar Mattress – Comparison Snapshot:

This is going to give you a snapshot look at which mattress, the Puffy or Nectar, is better in each of our major categories. Keep reading further down to get all of our details on why we choose which mattress to win for each category.

  • puffy vs nectar mattress comparison snapshot which is betterQuality Materials – Puffy
  • Sleeping Cool – Puffy
  • Edge Support – Puffy
  • Motion Isolation – Tie
  • Comfort – Puffy
  • Support – Puffy
  • Coupons – Tie
  • Price – Nectar
  • Shipping & Delivery – Tie
  • Trial Period – Nectar
  • Warranty & Trial Period – Tie

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Is the Puffy or Nectar Mattress More Comfortable?

How Comfortable Is The Nectar Mattress?

Comfort is technically a matter of opinion. However, for the mass majority of people a medium-firm supportive yet contouring mattress is a good rule of thumb for what a comfortable mattress feels like. There is a large variety of what that looks like and it can come in different forms (all-foam, hybrid, innerspring etc.)

nectar mattress comfort

When trying out the Nectar mattress, we found that it has a very dense, slow adapting memory foam feel that is around a 5.5-7 on the firmness scale, where 1 is the softest and 10 is the firmest. We would say it feels more like a luxury firm than a medium firm feeling mattress. This is because the memory foam is on the stiff side.

While laying on your back you may find that your hips will begin to sink in with time. If you need lots of lumbar support, you may find that the Nectar lacks in this area.

If you switch positions throughout the night, one thing to note is that it will take a bit for the Nectar mattress to adjust. While some may not mind, if you are someone who wants a mattress to provide support in a new position immediately, then the Nectar is not the mattress for you.

Though this mattress may initially feel comfortable when you first lay on it, we question whether it will provide quality support needed for proper spinal alignment over time. Good thing it has a 365 night trial period!

How Comfortable Is The Puffy Mattress?

dog on a puffy bed

If you already looked through our Mattress Comparison Puffy vs Nectar Snapshot, then you already know we believe that the Puffy mattress is more comfortable than the Nectar. But how can this be? They have such similar designs?! It all comes down to the quality and type of materials each brand uses to create the beds.

Puffy makes their mattress in the US with quality aerated and gel infused memory foams. Their open cell technology not only makes their memory foam cooler to sleep on, it also helps to make the mattress more adaptable as well. Which means while you switch positions the mattress will adapt quickly to this new position and give you the support and pressure relief where you need it right away.

The Puffy also has a softer truer medium-firm feel which is the most well-liked firmness level for the average mattress. We rate this mattress at a 5-7 on the comfort scale with 1 being super soft and 10 being extra firm.

Puffy Lux

Which Mattress Has Better Materials? Puffy vs Nectar

Puffy Bed – Materials and Build:

firm core support foam from puffyFirst off we want to note yet again that the Puffy mattress is made in the USA, giving us far more faith in the quality of build and potential longevity of this product as a whole. No matter how comfortable a bed is, if it doesn’t last you simply are not getting enough mattress for your money.

That being said, the materials used in the Puffy mattress play a huge part in why it is so much more comfortable overall than the Nectar bed.

The Puffy starts out with a thick base layer of foam. This foam give the mattress a sturdy foundation for the other comfort layers to work off of. This base layer is made out of their Firm Core Support Foam. It is a 6-inch thick section made out of 1.5 lb. density foam. This layer not only makes the mattress long lasting it also plays into the responsiveness of the bed.

climate comfort foam middle layer puffy mattressNext up is the middle layer of foam. This is often referred to as the transition layer, which means it gives a transition between the main comfort layers and the stiff base layers. It helps provide responsiveness and prevents any “bottoming out” feel. (The feeling when you sink through comfort layers and hit the base layer below.)

Puffy uses two inches of their Climate Comfort Foam for this section. It also has cooling gel in order to keep the mattress cool not only on the surface but throughout the inside of the mattress as well.

top comfort layer foam puffy bedFinally comes the top comfort layer of foam in the Puffy mattress. They use their Cooling Cloud Foam for this section. It is an open cell foam that allows plenty of airflow, and it is infused with a cooling gel in order to keep the memory foam as temperature neutral as possible.

They top it all off with a stretchy ultra soft cover that is both breathable and stain resistant. And it can even be zipped off, removed and washed. What more could you ask for?

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Nectar Bed – Materials and Build:

The main difference between the different materials used in these two mattresses is that the Nectar is made of more traditional non-aerated memory foams. These foams tend to feel firmer and less adaptive than the open cell foams in the Puffy mattress.

The base foam used in the Nectar mattress is a 5lb support foam that is vegetable base. This stiff layer of foam is the foundation for the memory foam above it. Next up is their 9.2 grade transition foam. This also supports the comfort foam above, although it is also a rather dense foam overall.

Finally, there are the top two layers, the final third layer of foam, the comfort layer. This medical grade visco elastic memory foam, is made to slowly sink and provide loads of pressure relief. This is what brings the luxury feel to this luxury-firm mattress.

The cover for the Nectar bed is quilted and contains a thin layer of memory foam as well. This adds yet another layer of comfort to this mattress.

nectar mattress materials and layers

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Is the Nectar or Puffy Mattress better at Isolating Motion?

family on a bed

This is a close call between the Puffy and Nectar mattress. This is because they both do a fabulous job at eliminating motion transfer throughout the bed. Since the Nectar and Puffy bed are both all-foam mattresses with memory foam comfort layers, this is about as good as it gets with it comes to isolating motion and vibrations in a mattress.

At the end of the day if your main concern is motion transfer, then you have absolutely made it to the right comparison review. Because no matter which mattress you go with, you are going to get a bed that is perfect for eliminating motion transfer. An all-foam mattress is going to be your best choice. This is perfect for anyone with partners that wake you in the middle of the night, or anyone who shares a bed with kids or pets.

Which Mattress Sleeps Cooler, the Puffy or Nectar?

General rule of thumb, all-foam mattresses tend to hold onto more heat than hybrid mattresses. This is especially true if the all foam mattress features typically warm sleeping materials like memory foam. Which describes both of the Nectar and the Puffy mattress.

In that light, if you are focusing in on sleeping cool to be one of you most important features in a mattress, then we would point you in the direction of memory foam free hybrid style beds. However, there are precautions at technologies being made now that help to keep all foam and memory foam mattresses cooler than they used to be. Puffy has taken a number of precautions in order to keep  their bed sleeping temperature neutral.

Puffy Mattress – Sleeping Cool:

puffy mattress sleeping coolThe top layer of memory foam in the Puffy mattress is called their Cooling Cloud™ Foam which they have had infused with a cooling gel. This gel helps to draw heat away from the body. Puffy claims that their open cell technology in this foam increases the airflow by 8 times. As we all know, the more airflow there is within a mattress the more cool it will stay. Airflow means there is a place for trapped heat to escape.

Although Puffy didn’t stop there, they also added a gel infusion to the transition Climate Comfort layer of foam. This helps disperse heat even at the center of the Puffy mattress. The final step that gives Puffy the overall win for sleeping cool is that it has a way of keeping its sleeper from sinking into it. Since you sleep more on top of the Puffy mattress than in it, allows for more airflow around the body allowing you to temperature regulate more easily.

Puffy Lux

Nectar Mattress – Sleeping Cool:

nectar comfort sleeping coolIn all honesty, the Nectar mattress has a hard time keeping up with Puffy when it comes to sleeping cool. Although, Nectar has made a few adjustments to their mattress in order to keep it more temperature neutral.

First of all their final comfort layer now is infused with gel in order to help draw heat away from the sleeper. This is a great addition, while their memory foam quilted cover is aerated in order to create some airflow in between you and the comfort layer of foam.

Unfortunately, since the Nectar does allow that traditional memory foam feel of sinking into your mattress, we found that it did allow for more heat to be trapped within the bed and that it slept warmer than the Puffy did.

If sleeping cool is a concern to you make sure you check out our Best Mattresses for Hot Sleepers.

Puffy vs Nectar – Which Mattress Has Better Edge Support?

puffy mattress

Looking at Edge Support between these two mattresses, you may not notice a huge difference at first. They have rather similar support with the Puffy’s supportiveness and the firmness level of the Nectar mattress. At the end of the day what gives the Puffy mattress it’s win in the Edge Support category is it’s quality and longevity.

Because of the quality of materials and build that the Puffy has over the Nectar mattress, we believe it with retain it’s durability over time better. Which plays directly into how supportive a mattress will be especially around the edges of a mattress which is one of the most common areas for a mattress to begin to break down over time.

Puffy vs Nectar Mattress – Price and Value

Puffy – Price & Value:

puffy original mattress price value worth it

We run into a lot of overpriced uncomfortable mattresses that start at over $1,000. What we love about the Puffy mattress is that with our coupons you can get a Queen Puffy mattress for under $1,000 bucks and it is oh so comfortable with reliable quality.We have faith that the American made Puffy mattresses are going to last and bring loads of comfort to many different types of sleepers. With the original Puffy, you are getting a good price for the mattress you are getting.

Puffy Pricing Before Coupon:

  • Twin: $795
  • Twin XL: $825
  • Full: $995
  • Queen: $1150
  • King: $1350
  • California King: $1350

Don’t forget! Your new Puffy Mattress comes with an 101-night sleep trial and a lifetime warranty as well. Giving you more reason to invest in your sleep with this amazingly adaptable and pressure relieving memory foam mattress.

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Nectar – Price & Value:

nectar mattress value

There is no arguing over the fact that the Nectar mattress comes in at a much lower price point than the Puffy bed. Although, if you have the ability to purchase a higher quality more comfortable mattress, that is always the route that we suggest.

We love that the Nectar comes in at such an accessible price point because we believe it is priced appropriately for the quality of mattress you will be getting. Let’s just say this is not a bad bed, we simply prefer the Puffy. If you are wanting an affordable mattress that has a luxury firm feel and you are okay with potential downfalls of traditional memory foam. Then this is a great choice for you.

  • Twin: $499
  • Twin XL: $569
  • Full: $699
  • Queen: $799
  • King: $999
  • California King: $999

Still not sure whether or not the Nectar is right for you? No problem! You get a 365-night sleep trail with your purchase. As well as a lifetime warranty to seal the deal. If you are on a tighter budget and think the answer to great sleep is the memory foam Nectar than you have a plenty of time to truly test it out and see if it is for you.

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Which Mattress is Better The Puffy or Nectar?!

dog on a mattress

If you’re on the hunt for a well-priced all-foam mattress and you enjoy the contouring feel of memory foam. Then you have come to the right place. These are both big contenders when it comes to this variety of mattress.

Nectar does have it’s own appeal and there are plenty of sleepers who have picked the Nectar mattress as their bed of choice and are very happy with it. Which is simply fabulous considering it’s price point.

Although overall if we were to pick a winner that not only is our personal favorite between the two after having slept on both, but also that we believe will provide the most comfort for most people. Then we would have to pick the Puffy mattress. We love how supportive and adaptive it is. Puffy also has done such a great job at choosing cool and durable materials that will last for a very long time.

Puffy Lux

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