June 29, 2018

Leesa vs Bear

Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, except a great night’s sleep. Are you getting your great night’s sleep? If the answer is no, it could be your mattress. Let the Leesa or Bear foam mattress be the answer to your great night’s sleep. Both brands have established a strong online name for themselves. And it doesn’t matter which mattress you choose, both are ideal for all sleepers and sleeping positions. Making the Leesa vs Bear mattress comparison both winners.

leesa vs bear

The best part about the Leesa and Bear all foam mattresses? You can feel good about either purchase because both brands give back to the community. The Leesa promises that for every 10 mattresses sold, 1 is donated. Also for every mattress sold, a tree is planted through the Arbor Day Foundation. The Bear partners with Good Sports. This foundation provides children with access to a healthy and active lifestyle. For every Bear mattress sold, 1% of the sale goes to Good Sports.

Now you can sleep great with your Leesa or Bear mattress, and sleep better knowing that you gave back to the community. If you still think your old mattress is the perfect fit, you can stop reading. If you think the Leesa or Bear sounds dreamy, keep reading for an in-depth review of each.

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Leesa Mattress Overview:

leesa vs bearThe Leesa mattress is 10” total with three layers. The first 2” layer is performance foam. This foam provides bounce and airflow. The second 2” layer is a pressure reliving memory foam. The third 6” layer is the dense base foam. This gives the mattress it’s foundation and durability. The goal is for the Leesa to be equally as soft as it is firm. So, you’ll get just as much cradle as you do alignment. The medium-firm mattress is wrapped up in a soft, breathable cover, and voila! You have the Leesa.

This mattress is soft for side sleepers, firm for stomach sleepers, and supportive for back sleepers. It is durable, isolates motion, and is temperature neutral. You can easily say that the Leesa bed is the perfect fit for any sleeper. If you still can’t believe it, use the 100-day sleep trial plus 10-year warranty to convince you. Even if you’re not convinced, the worry-free return and great customer service will wow you otherwise.

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Bear Mattress Overview:

leesa vs bearThe Bear mattress is a unique 10” memory foam mattress with four layers. Overall it is engineer d for performance, and to help you recoup from your daily activities. This mattress has a medium-firm feel, supportive enough for back and stomach sleepers. Each layers pressure reliving and contouring, while not limiting your movement. Finally, the cover uses Celiant. This is a performance-based material meant to help the body recover.

You may have heard 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty before, but the free shipping will make your head turn. The Bear bed is a solid memory foam mattress that won’t let you down and the affordable price is an added bonus too.

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Leesa Mattress Delivery & Off-Gassing:

leesa vs bearOff-gassing is a key component when you ship a bed in a box. Lucky for you, the Leesa mattress is made in the USA, specifically for you, once you purchase it. This means it does not sit in a factory or box for very long. It is roll packaged and delivered to your door within a week. Typically the Leesa is delivered by UPS, but you may upgrade to white glove delivery for a small fee.

Once it is delivered, you may need some help maneuvering the Leesa mattress. But soon after, just open the box, cut the plastic and watch the comfort grow before your eyes. Made in the USA means only the best, certified materials are used. You will notice light odors, mostly from the plastic and less from the mattress. However, if you are sensitive, opening a window will help. The fumes shouldn’t interfere with your best night’s sleep.  But you may want to wait 24 hours for your Leesa mattress to be 100% expanded and comfy.

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Bear Mattress Delivery & Off-Gassing:

bear mattress reviewThe 75 lb. compact box will be delivered to your door in no time. Be sure to have an extra set of hands since the box is somewhat heavy and awkward to maneuver. Once it is in the desired location just open the box, cut the plastic, and watch the Bear come to life. Fortunately the Bear is also made in the USA so off-gassing will be minimal. Once it is unboxed and unrolled there will be some fumes but no noxious gasses. If you are sensitive, you may want to wait up to 12 hours before use.

The Bear should be on a flat, even surface to support the weight and be at the right height. You may choose to put the Bear on a box spring, with or without a frame. You may also choose a platform bed, adjustable frame, or slatted bed.

If the Bear is more of an interest learn more and shop at Bearmattress.com.

Leesa Mattress Materials:

Each layer of the Leesa mattress has a unique purpose. The first layer with performance foam is meant to be cooling. It is aerated to decrease heat retention. And this layer has latex qualities that make movement easy without sinking.

The middle layer is the recovery layer has 2″ of memory foam. This layer relieves body pressure and evenly distributes body weight. It will give you just enough hug without sinking

The third layer is the 6″ of dense core foam. This layer gives support, strength, and durability to last a lifetime. The Leesa is wrapped up in a tight, gray, soft, breathable, fitted cover. This cover is iconic to the brand and features four white stripes. So you’re getting a mattress that is both trendy and comfortable.

leesa mattress materials

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Bear Mattress Materials:

The only thing better than 3 layers is 4, plus a Celiant woven cover. That’s 5 unique elements to give you your perfect sleep. Beneath the Celiant cover is a 1” graphite gel memory foam. Next is the 2” response foam. After is the 2” transition foam. And finally the 5” high density support foam. Each layer acts as it is named to create the ultimate memory foam sleeping experience. The Bear is highly thoughtful in its design, keeping you, the sleeper, in mind.

bear mattress review

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Leesa Mattress Comfort:

leesa mattress reviewThe #1 thing you buy a mattress for is comfort, and the Leesa will not disappoint. The Leesa strategically uses two performance foams with different properties to compliment each other. The performance foam cools it off and the contouring foam relieves pressure. This is the ultimate sleep experience for anyone.

On a scale of 1-10, soft to firm, the Leesa scores a 6, medium-firm. The solid, dense base foam provides all the support while the other layers work in harmony to provide spinal alignment. The Leesa gives you the desired feel of hugging, while still being able to move around. Stomach sleepers will find it supportive and their backs will not bow. Side sleepers will find it soft for their shoulders and hips to sink in. And back sleepers will find a good lumbar support to sink ratio. If you are a heavier person, you should still find the Leesa comfortable, although it will feel more medium than firm.

The firmness is true to its word and the temperature stays cool. There was plenty of pressure relief without feeling stuck in one position. The Leesa mattress is versatile for various sleepers and their sizes. 

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Bear Mattress Comfort:

bear mattress reviewYou can never have too much comfort. From the top-down the Bear strives to provide comfort. The first layer is infused with graphite gel. This gel easily adapts to the comfort of the sleeper and helps regulate temperature. The next response and transition layer gives the right bounce and pressure relief. This layer helps with spinal alignment as well.

The Bear is ideal for back sleepers because it cradles the lumbar and shoulders. Side sleepers would enjoy the Bear because the conforming and springy foam allows the shoulders and hips to sink in. Even stomach sleepers will feel supported throughout the night. The Bear was suitable for all sleepers.

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Leesa vs Bear Motion Transfer:

leesa mattress reviewThe only thing worse than uncomfortable sleep is interrupted sleep. And if you’re sleeping with a partner on your old mattress, chances are you can feel them get in and out of bed. Save the sleep! With the Leesa mattress. While most memory foam mattresses have limited motion transfer, the performance foam top is an added bonus. This layer keeps vibrations soft. It also has ease of movement in the first place, so you or your partner won’t struggle to get out of bed.

If that’s not enough, the layer beneath the performance foam top deadens movement. And finally, if movement gets to the base, it isolated movement completely. The Leesa memory foam mattress is ideal for all sleepy couples. The light as a feather sleeper, and the nighttime soccer star.

You will easily sleep like a bear on the Bear mattress. The top and base layers quickly absorb vibrations so you will feel little to no movement. The Bear is perfect for couples or families because it fights sleep disturbance. You won’t feel your partner get up to go to the bathroom. And you won’t feel your toddler sneak into bed with you; which may be an added bonus for them.

Leesa vs Bear Sleeping Cool:

leesa vs puffyIt is way cool to sleep cool. Most memory foams sleep slightly warmer, but not the Leesa! It’s innovative design has several properties that will help you beat the heat. First, the performance foam is designed to stay cool.

Second, the Leesa does use a typically warm memory foam. But since this is beneath the performance foam, there is no direct contact from the warm foam to the sleeper. Genius! The Leesa also uses a dense base that doesn’t allow you to sink too far into the mattress. Sleeping toward the top will generate more air flow to keep you cool. Lastly the Leesa cover is a soft, breathable fabric that doesn’t retain too much heat.

Get more details on the Leesa in our complete Leesa Mattress Review. Or shop the mattress now at Leesa.com.

bear mattress reviewWhile a bear may sound warm and fuzzy, the Bear mattress is far from it. Their main focus is on comfort and maintaining a neutral temperature. The answer? A top layer infused with cooling graphite gel. The gel dissipates heat, while allowing air circulation and breathability.

The middle layer is also expertly designed. It has open cells to increase cooling up to 7x more than other memory foams. Finally, the solid, dense base of the Bear mattress keeps you cool because you won’t sink. This means less surface area for your body to touch, and less heat generated. So, you can sleep like a bear, but not as warm as one.

Get more details on the Bear in our complete Bear Mattress Review. Or shop the mattress now at Bearmattress.com.

Leesa vs Bear – Edge Support:

bear mattress reviewAlthough edge support can be used for sleeping and sitting, sleeping is more desired. The Leesa uses various dense foams. These foams create an even, level sleeping surface throughout. Overall the Leesa can be used functionally from middle to edge. The mattress is consistent and comfortable for sleeping throughout. However, the Leesa is no superstar when it comes to sitting. There is no heavy duty support for sitting, especially for long periods of time. With the Leesa, just sleep not sit.

The Bear bed competes well when it comes to edge support. It also provides a comfortable, consistent sleeping surface throughout. This mattress does not give you that sliding off the edge feel. Like the Leesa, sitting on the edge is less supportive, although may be slightly sturdier for a short while longer.

Leesa vs Bear – Value:

Typically you cannot go wrong with an online mattress. The value is unbeatable. With the Leesa, a queen mattress is priced at $940. That price includes free delivery, 100-night sleeping trial, and 10-year warranty. When it comes to value, you’re measuring the quality of the mattress to the quality service of the company.

The Leesa offers both. A durable, comfortable mattress. And a company dedicated to your best sleep guaranteed. Shown by their generous warranty and sleep trial.

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The Bears queen is priced at $840 and only $790 with coupon. It also includes the same 100-night sleep trial and 10-year warranty. The Bear also offers free shipping. This means you can sleep easy with the Bear knowing that you got a good quality mattress from a brand you can trust.


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Leesa vs Bear – Trial Period & Warranty:

mattress warranty & sleep trialThe Leesa and Bear mattresses are evenly matched when it comes to trial period. Both offer 100-night sleeping period. While this is ample time to test your new mattress, it is recommended to allow several weeks for your body to adjust. This means, try not to sleep on it for one week and say you’re dissatisfied (big surprise). If you finally have decided the mattress isn’t your perfect fit, both companies offer excellent customer service to help the return.

Once again, there is no difference in the Leesa and Bear warranty. Both are 10-years which naturally coincides with the natural wear and tear of a mattress. You can trust that both companies are committed to you getting the most sleep possible out of your mattress.

Can You Bare to Choose?

Although the Leesa has a little more to offer in quality and comfort, the choice is yours. The similarities are vast and the differences are slim. You can trust in both brands to be committed to your comfort and they are both made in the USA. There is no doubt that both options are better than your old mattress. So make your pick and rest easy.

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