July 13, 2018

Purple vs Molecule

Today we are comparing the just introduced Molecule mattress to the more established Purple mattress. Both companies make their products in the USA and ship to your door for free. They both use an interesting mix of technology to achieve their standards of comfort too. With Purple using polymer in their first layer and the Molecule using a uniquely designed middle layer to achieve certain benefits. Below we will put these two beds to the test in our Purple vs Molecule mattress comparison. Seeing which one gets our higher praise as well as analyze the better choice for your sleeping needs.

purple vs molecule
Purple Overview:

purple mattress reviewThe Purple Bed has established itself over the last several years. Between it’s unique properties and design as well as off the cuff marketing, almost everyone has heard of it. Though most people recognize the name as a popular mattress you may not know the details of this foam layered bed.

The Purple mattress uses a polymer grid layer to really stand out amongst its competition. As well as a several layers of purple foams to emphasize it’s name. The combination makes for a mattress focused on pressure relief and cooling. Using one universal comfort to try and attract the majority of sleepers and a price point that is affordable too. This mattress may not be for everyone, but it does have offer several qualities that will appeal to many.

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Molecule Overview:

purple vs moleculeUnlike the Purple mattress the Molecule is brand new and in the process of making a name for itself. By focusing on design and engineering to make something that stands out against the majority of other mattresses. As well as working on a campaign that showcases many athletes that have found great rest on the Molecule.

The Molecule mattress also focuses on using the newest technology to create a comfortable and cool product. This brand targets to have both your body and mind have a restful nights sleep. By using foams from top to bottom that focus on areas that are beneficial to sleeping. Including a layer between the top comfort foam and bottom base foam that is precisely designed for perfect support, comfort and air flow.  Keep reading to see just how the unique aspects of the Purple stack up against the equally unique build of the Molecule.

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Purple vs Molecule – Delivery & Unboxing:

molecule mattress reviewDelivery of either mattress is pretty straight forward. Once ordered the mattresses will be shipped out and arrive at your door step in a matter of several days. The price for shipping is included in the cost of your purchase of either the Purple or Molecule. Adding no extra cost. Once you get your new mattress unboxing it should be fairly simple.

the most difficult part may be getting it form your door to your bedroom. Both of these mattresses are fairly heavy and will take two people to move and maneuver. Once you get it to the final destination the unboxing part will only taka few minutes. Simply remove the rolled mattress from the box. Position on your frame or foundation and cut the plastic with care to ensure you don’t cut the bed. Then, watch as it initially expands.

There will more than likely be a few fumes that are released during this time, so cracking a window and allowing time for either mattress to air out is a good idea. During the unboxing process with the Purple we did notice a stronger off gassing smell, more than likely due to the polymer layer. So letting it fully breathe is necessary before putting any bedding on. The Molecule has a few odors, but very minimal and much more tolerable.

Regardless, it is a good idea to let either bed rest and fully firm up over the first few days. Even though the initial expansion seems quick and full the foams take a good 24 to 48 hours to fully firm up. Giving a slightly skewed feel the first night or so.

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Materials And Layer Comparison:

purple mattress bare foamThe materials of both the Molecule and Purple mattresses are made of an interesting combination. The Purple mattresses op grid based polymer layer has a one of a kind feel to it. Molecule, on the other hand, has MolecularFlo foam that does a wonderful job of keeping the mattress cool at night. Both of these choices are made to have a medium firm feel and dissipate heat easily. The Molecule mattress is a bit thicker than the Purple. Some sleepers may find that the Purples grid feels rather strange to sleep on, pushing them towards the Molecules more consistent and equally appealing mattress.

Purple Materials:

The Purple mattress is made up of a combination of polymer and foam layers. The mattress is 9.5 inches thick and has 3 layers of comfort. The first layer of the Purple mattress is made up of a 2-inch thick hyper-elastic polymer grid. This grid was put as the top layer of the mattress to help with two specific problems. The Polymer grid both helps with pressure relief and alleviating pressure points to let you sink into the mattress while still providing a good amount of support. The second effect of this layer is to help keep the mattress cool at night. The grid helps air to circulate while dispersing trapped heat.  These effects make a comfortable, soft, and supportive first layer.

The second layer of the Purple mattress is 3,5 inches of transitional foam. This layer helps divide between the firmer base layer and the softer grid layer. This helps provide a deep layer of comfort to the mattress while evenly distributing weight. The last layer is 4 inches of a base layer that provides the foundation for the mattress. This layer is made to compliment the top layers while providing durability and support for your bed.

The mattress is completely enclosed in a breathable polyester-blend zipped cover. It is also machine washable, this makes it easier to clean your bed without having to purchase an additional mattress protector. The cover even has a white design with the Purple branding covering it, it also uses a diamond pattern to look more aesthetically pleasing.

purple materials

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Molecule Materials:

purple vs moleculeThe Molecule mattress is made of foam layers. The mattress is 12 inches thick and has 3 layers to help create a comfortable feel. The first layer is made up of 3 inches of MolecularFlo foam. The foam is made to help keep the mattress from heating up while you sleep. It uses open cell technology and an airy design to help keep heat from building up. This layer is supportive while still giving you a bit of sink.

The middle layer is 2 inches thick and ergonomically engineered. This layer has a hexagon and diamond pattern that helps create airflow. This helps to keep the mattress cool while also providing pressure relief. The final layer is made of 7-inch thick base foam. This layer is made to be dense and sturdy to provide the ideal amount of core support. These all work together to make the Molecule a supportive and comfortable mattress to sleep on.

The next layer is a unique foam that is 2″ thick. It is ergonomically engineered and features a hexagon and diamond channeled pattern. This creates airflow as well as precise pressure relief. Under this is the base foam. This 7″ layer is dense and sturdy to provide ideal core support and foundation. All of these work together for better sleep than ever.

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Purple Comfort and Firmness:

trying purpleThe Purple mattresses grid gives it a unique feeling and the medium feel makes this a great choice for a large majority of sleepers. The medium feel is the only comfort level for the Purple mattress made so far. The mattress falls around a 5.5 out of ten on the firmness scale putting it almost completely in the center. When we tried out the Purple mattress ourselves we found that it would, in fact, work for most people. The only problem is that the grid layer of the Purple mattress does take a bit of getting used to and may not work for everyone.

Back Sleepers will find that the Purple mattress provides both pressure relief and a good amount of lumbar support. If you are a side sleeper then you will be pleased to know that the Purple lets your shoulder and hip sink into the bed while still giving you plenty of support. Stomach sleepers may not be the biggest fan of the Purple mattress. Stomach sleepers will find that the mattress isn’t firm enough to comfortably support them during the night and that there back will bow when trying to rest on the mattress.

For heavier sleepers, the Purple mattress may not be what you’re looking for either. Since the mattress doesn’t have a lot of support to it, you will find that it will feel soft. The Purple mattress is great for back and side sleeping, but other types of sleepers may want to avoid this one altogether. The polymer grid layer in the mattress is rather unique, but many sleepers may find it hard to get used too.

Molecule Comfort and Firmness:

molecule mattress reviewThe Molecule mattress is made to have a universal feel that appeals to most sleepers. The foam layers in the Molecule are designed to give it a medium firm feel. The Molecule mattress comes in at a 6.5 on the firmness scale. This rating makes it perfect for a large majority of sleepers and helps it cater to most sleeping positions.

The layers in the Molecule focus on giving the sleepers a recovery focused sleep. The mattress is engineered for both support and comfort while having properties to keep itself cool at night. The middle layer helps the mattress to respond to your movement with its unique shape. This layer also helps with pressure relief while not holding on to any extra heat.

The Molecules middle foam layer is the most interesting part of this mattress. This layer is made into a precisely shaped hexagon and diamond channels to help with superior pressure relief. These shapes also help create proper spinal alignment along with ergonomic comfort to give you a better nights sleep.

This layer also provides the mattress with the ability to adapt to all types of sleepers and sleeping positions. When this layer combines with the top layer, you get a dense and durable mattress that provides a great night’s rest.

The foam in the Molecule mattress is easy to move on and contours to your body perfectly. The layers add a bit of needed response that makes sleeping on our side ideal. This mattress easily relieves pressure in your shoulders and hips while still giving ample support. Stomach and back sleeping is also comfortable. Creating an overall experience that is very balanced and accommodating.

Purple vs Molecule – Motion Transfer:

molecule mattress reviewThe motion transfer in most all foam beds is quite low. Creating little to no vibrations or partner disturbance. The polymer layer of the Purple does have quite a responsive feel to it though. Though not necessarily greatly contributing to extra movement it also doesn’t eliminate it as easily as the more absorbing foams of the Molecule.

Giving the edge in isolating motion to the Molecule over the Purple. So if you are a more sensitive or lighter sleeper or happen to be lying next to a tosser and turner the Molecule will work in your favor.

Purple vs Molecule – Temperature Regulation:

purple mattressWith most all foam mattresses sleeping warmer is part of the territory. With layers on top of layers of foam there is no space for heat to escape and dissipate. Leaving most beds in this category less ideal for sleeping cool. However, the Purple and Molecule both have specifically created designs to help with just this.

The Molecule mattress puts a focus on keeping things neutral while you sleep. Every layer in the Molecule plays a part in keeping the mattress for running hot including the cover. The cover of the Molecule is made to evaporate any moisture that gets onto it while also cooling you down. This works with the first layer of the Molecule which features an open cell design to help airflow and dissipate heat. The middle layer of the mattress has channels cut into it to help heat escape while providing you a higher standard of comfort during the night. These channels even can function under pressure to let air easily flow through them too.

The Purple mattress is very focused on making sure that heat is not trapped, especially in the top layer. The grid of polymer uses a fairly large spacing to ensure plenty of circulation and air flow. On top of that the polymer is a materials that absorbs less heat than most foams. The cover for this mattress is also made of a breathable cotton that doesn’t trap body heat while you sleep. Thanks to these two layers and the fact that the grid layer allows for plenty of space in its design make the Purple mattress a great pick for anyone who hates to sleep warm at night.

Purple vs Molecule – Edge Support:

molecule mattress reviewEdge support is a good indicator of a few things. Including durability, longevity and full use of your mattress. Having proper edge support allows a fully usable edge to edge sleeping surface. While mattresses with a focus on materials on the edge even create a perimeter suitable for sitting.

Unfortunately the Purple mattress doesn’t do the best with edge support. It offers a very ok amount of support for edge sleepers. The mattress has a mostly consistent feel all the way across, but keep in mind that the Purple is a little bit soft. And the gird has a slightly collapsible feel beneath you. You may find that you sink in just a bit too much on the edge to fully use the bed. Edge sitting for this mattress is pretty much non-existent too. Giving a slightly ejecting feel beneath you.

The Molecule mattress on the other hand does rather well where edge support is concerned. The mattress is supportive from side to side and has a constant feeling no matter where you decide to rest. Thanks to this you can easily sleep on the edge of the Molecule without sinking into the mattress too much.

The bed won’t be the best if you want a surface to sit and watch Tv on though. Minimal sitting works fine, but than again a mattress is for sleeping. As far as edge support goes, the winner here is definitely the Molecule. It provides a consistent and sturdy feel, especially for sleeping.

Purple Mattress Value:

The Purple mattress comes delivered to your home complete with free shipping and has a 10-year warranty. The Following prices and sizes are available for the Purple mattress:

  • Twin – $699
  • Queen – $999
  • King – $1299
  • Cal King – $1299

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Molecule Mattress Value:

The Molecule Mattress is shipped to your home completely for free with a 10-year warranty. The Molecule mattress is available at the following price points and sizes:

  • Twin – $899
  • Twin XL – $899
  • Full – $1049
  • Queen – $1149
  • King – $1349
  • Cal King – $1349

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Purple vs Molecule – Value:

The Molecule mattresses initial price may seem higher, however, after the current coupon the Molecule ends up being LESS than the Purple. Giving it an even better value and bang for your buck. The Molecule mattress also comes in all size options while the Purple mattress is more limited. This makes it easier to find a Molecule mattress in the bedding size that you need . The mattresses also both feature the same 10-year warranty and are delivered to your home completely for free. Giving the ultimate edge to the Molecule in yet another category.

purple vs molecule
Purple vs Molecule – Additional Information:

The Purple and Molecule companies are trusted and will get there product to you fast. Both of these companies work hard to give you easy returns and the best customer support they can. They also provide sleep trials so you can get a feel for the products without being stuck with them. Both the Purple and Molecule come with a 100-night sleep trial to try out the brands.

Purple vs Molecule – Summary:

The Purple and Molecule mattresses are quite different from each other. But have similar focuses too. They do both ships to your home for free, However, the Purple also has more off-gassing to it and will need more time to air out. Both companies make their mattresses in the USA. This helps get them to you faster and with less annoying odors.

molecule mattress reviewThe firmness of these universal feeling beds are right on par. But the Purple is made with the unique polymer grid in it.This offers not only a different type of feel but has its own unique characteristics. Including sleeping cool as well as pressure relief.

Luckily the Molecule also is great in these areas. As well as offers a more consistent feel and great support. It also shines in some of the other categories that the Purple was lacking in. Including motion transfer, edge support and the value. Making both of these beds great options, but the Molecule did check a few more boxes.

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