March 17, 2024

Our Sleep Guide: Spring Favorites

our sleep guide spring favorites

While we enjoy the coziness of the colder months we can’t help but love the longer days and pastel palette that comes with spring. Not only that but warmer days and a feeling of starting anew also comes this time of year. Which is why it is time to get your bedroom ready with our spring favorites that will keep you warm or cool, depending on whatever the weather has in store for you.

Before You Start, Spring Clean

While most of us feel ready to jump right into seasonally changing out our décor and bedding we should first make sure to take the opportunity for a good thorough spring cleaning. Giving your room a deep clean feel will give you the perfect canvas to start on your spring updates. As well as remove any excess dust, dirt and debris.

spring cleaningFirst thing first, tidy up and put away any of the winter décor and bedding you will no longer be needing. By getting rid of any clutter or excess items it makes the deep cleaning part a lot easier.

For a deep cleaning we suggest starting from the top and working to the bottom. By washing windows and dusting surfaces and getting any linens you’ll be using into the laundry. And ending with a thorough floor cleaning by vacuuming, sweeping and washing.

Now some of us are more ambitious than others. If you want to really up your spring cleaning game now would also be a good time to wash your pillows and clean your mattress, if you are feeling especially motivated.

Now that your room is ready and clean you can start putting your bedroom back together. As well as add your spring favorites into your bedding rotation.

For more details on cleaning your room follow the link to: Bedroom Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Favorites: It’s All About Layers

Spring might still seem so far off. However, preparing for the warmer weather does make it easier to cope with the lingering winter. It also means that preparing for spring sooner than later means you’ll surely have everything on hand when the weather does start to warm up.

We know spring weather has a tendency of being all over the board. You may have more sunshine and warmth during the day, but you still have chilly, damp nights. Making it necessary to have layers not only in your wardrobe but also for your bedding. Having a well layered bed  makes it easy to adjust to your comfort needs, regardless of the weather.

Start With The Sheets

Good quality sheets are the staple that we think are worth investing in. Not only do your sheets touch your body directly, but they also are washed the most. Meaning you want high quality sheets that only feel better with time and wear.

best spring sheet set

You also want to make sure that whatever sheets you are investing into offer a feel that you prefer. While some sheets are crisp and heavy others offer a light and silky feel. And than there are some that are more in between, offering a solid yet soft and cozy feel. We know that some like to switch up the material of their sheets depending on the season, others like the same feel regardless of time of year. Well, luckily there is something for everybody and every season.

If you are looking for a crisp and heavier sheet set that only gets softer with time we love the Organic Suvin Cotton Sheets from Avocado. This luxury sheets offer a thicker yet comfy feel that gets softer with use. These sheets use extra long cotton fibers to ensure their not only very durable but also very silky. Offering one of the best cotton sheet sets available.

While if thinner and silky sheets are your favorite than you’ll love the feel of Tencel sheets. The Luxury Tencel sheet set from Nest Bedding make for a perfect pair of lighter yet super durable sheets that easily transition from spring to summer.

If you like sheets that aren’t super thick but still cut out the chill, than you will love the feel of Jersey Cotton sheets from Tuft & Needle. These sheets offer the coziness of flannel without being as heavy. The T&N Jersey Sheets are a favorite of ours anytime of year. Especially with their array of bright colors to make any room a cheery retreat.

To learn more or buy your new spring sheets, just follow the links below!

Add A Cozy Quilt

our spring favorites quiltWhen it comes to adding the layers for spring we like to start with a nice quilt over our sheets. Having a quilt that is the right thickness will help to keep you warm without being hot. It is ideal on those slightly warmer nights and doesn’t add a lot of bulk to your bed. A quilted blanket also adds a great pop of color and texture too.

Most quilts add a bit more personality to a room and are a great way to add layers that are unique. This is a fun way to not only add warmth but also integrate seasonal colors and style too. Now we know when you think of “quilt” you may think of a hand crafted item your grandmother made. We love those too, but the quilts we have in mind are a bit more modern and stylish. A few of our favorites include the following:

Have A Comforter On Standby

wool comforter perfect for cold spring nights

Spring may bring warmer weather, however there is still plenty of cool and downright cold nights during this time of year. Which is why sometimes a blanket or quilt doesn’t quite cut it when it comes to staying warm. Hence our recommendation for having a cozy comforter. Sometimes a comforter is great to replace your quilt and sometimes you may need with your quilt. Either way one that isn’t too heavy and still breathable is best.

We love comforters that add warmth without being super hot and heavy. We also love materials that are more breathable and naturally moisture wicking, like wool. Sometimes the idea of a comforter only feels necessary in the cold winter months. But we are sure that the comforters we have suggested are perfect additions on those cool and cold spring nights.

You Can Never Have Too Many Throws & Blankets

spring favorites puffer blanket by buffy

Whether it is to curl up with on the couch or add to your bed on a cool night we love throws. We see the only negative about having a variety of blankets is the storage they necessitate. But, similar to throw pillows they not only add color, texture and a quick seasonal change but also come in a variety of sizes and thicknesses to have the perfect level of warmth.

The great thing about throws and blankets is that they are more for individual use. Meaning that if you share a bed and the bedding you and your partner may not agree on whether or not it is warm or cool enough. Which is why having a throw blanket or two on hand can help you both get the perfect level of warmth why you sleep.

I personally sleep cooler and often times have an added throw blanket just over my side of the bed. This allows the cute throw at the end of the bed to get some actual use. And both of us are happy with level of comfort our bedding provides. It also gives me another excuse to add to my throw blanket collection.

Looking for more spring décor inspiration? Check out our Spring Bedroom Trends to get the latest finds for your bedroom this season.

Year Round Bedding Essentials

While we may change a few things out seasonally, including our bedding, there are other things in our bedroom that are essentials. Meaning they aren’t something we change out, but use every day of the year, regardless of season. Which is why we want to make sure that before you focus too much on the fun spring favorites that you have the best bedroom essentials.

Find The Best Mattress For YOU!

sleeping on a winkbed mattress When it comes to mattresses we are here to help! We have reviewed, and personally tried, over a hundred online mattresses over the last several years. We have seen them come and go and several update and change. If you are looking to update your bed we have several top recommendations for you.

We actively update and keep track of the best options in our Best Mattress list. This list not only offers a variety of great beds, but also has our stamp of approval to make sure you’re getting the best quality and price.

If you need help finding the perfect new mattress you can either email us HERE. Or you can call one of our Texas stores speak to one of our mattress experts. They will be able to ask you a few questions to really uncover which mattress would be the best fit. Our Houston store can be reached at 832-653-6587 and our Austin store can be reached at 512-465-2714.

Our Sleep Guide’s Top 10 Best Mattresses Page

Top Pillows For All Sleepers

tempurpedic cloud adjustable pillow

When it comes to pillows we like ones that work for a large variety of sleepers. Whether it is for you or a guest room these ones are great options that give you great support but also just soft enough.

If you like a memory foam but don’t like one solid piece than you’ll love the Tempur-Pedic Cloud Adjustable Pillow. With a similar build to the MyPillow but with the durable and unique memory foam only Tempur can offer. Also, this pillow comes in at a great price point, and getting 2 at once increases the savings!

Another awesome option and great priced pillow is the Tuft and Needle Original Foam Pillow. This pillow is solid, but pliable and more easily molds to your head and shoulders. Making it great for a large variety of sizes, shapes and sleeping styles. It also comes in at a great price point, making it easy to get a set for every bed in your house.

The #1 Essential Mattress Protector

tuft & needle mattress protectorWhen it comes to protecting your mattress investment we ALWAYS recommend having every bed in your house outfitted with a 5-sided waterproof mattress protector. Making sure your mattress is clean of spills, accidents, pets, sweat and dust and so much more is a no brainer. Especially when it is as easy as putting a mattress protector on.

The Tuft and Needle mattress protector is certainly an essential and a great option when it comes to finding a reliable yet affordable mattress protector. This protector ensures 5-sided protection against just about everything. It also fits the mattress great and is easy to clean. Like sheets, we like having at least 2 for every mattress in the house.

Buy Your Tuft & Needle Essential Mattress Protector HERE!

Renewing Spring Extras

When we think spring we think of renewal. All the trees and flowers are just starting to bloom. The day is longer and the grass is turning green again. Which also makes us think of our own renewal and taking care of ourselves. Below are a few items to not only help you feel renewed as well as ready for warmer spring weather. A little pampering can also help get through the remaining lingering days of winter too.

spring favorites

Get Ready With Our Spring Favorites

While spring may still seem a little out of sight there is no doubt you will be ready with our spring favorites when it does get here. We are certain that with several of our recommendations you’ll be able to sleep comfortably whether cool or warm. As well as ensure your bedroom essentials are perfect too. Enjoy the longer, sunnier days and the renewing vibe spring has to offer and make sure to spread a little of that into your bedroom too.