February 28, 2022

Spring Bedroom Trends 2023

Trends can be such a fun way to update your personal style and the interior design of your home! We are going to share with you some different design trends we see coming for the bedroom and home as a whole. Stick around to see what we predict to be popular in the coming year.

Minimalism vs Maximalism

maxamalist vs minimalist stylesFor many years now there has been a trend in both lifestyles and home décor that has taken the world by storm and that is Minimalism. Living with less is not only about taking away clutter but it can also be about creating a zen clean space in the style of your home or bedroom.

In stark contrast there has been a counter to this design trend that embraces all the beauty and personality that décor can bring. People often call this Maximalism. This is when your interior design style features a lot of personality and story telling. This often features a lot of color, pattern, decorative knick knacks, wall art, collages and much much more. For all those that think minimalism style lacks fun or personality, you will likely enjoy the maximalism spring trend for 2022.

That being said, as a design trend it is not about having a bunch of junk or clutter and calling it a day. It is still a design trend when a room or home is curated and designed with intention. (Otherwise you might just be a hoarder.)

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Warmer Neutral Color Palette

warm tones 2022 For a few years, cool neutrals were dominating interior design trends. With cool white walls, grey floors, and accent colors that all had cool undertones.

Anytime you see a trend go hard for a long time, you can bet your buttons that you will see the pendulum begin to swing the other directions sooner rather than later.

When you look into Feng Shui, they often recommend using warm skin tones in the home because they make us feel comfortable and relaxed. Unlike cool tones which can often feel stark and cold.

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Modern Classic – Grand Millennial Style

Photo Credit: Southern Home Magazine

Photo Credit: Southern Home Magazine

As millennials are getting into adulthood and able to design their own homes, there has been a sudden resurgence into a more traditional design style. We are talking dark polished wood furniture, curtains, lots of vintage pieces, a taste for fine china and so much more. Some are going more toward “granny chic” while others are staying more minimalist. Either way it is a nod to a more traditional style of interior design with some modern twists.

What does this mean for bedroom design this spring? Lots of classic linen designs, curtains, perhaps some vintage wall art or furniture pieces. This style often makes a home feel like a modern upscale traditional style home. Think Grandma’s furniture meets modern loft.

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Post Modern Resurgence

post modern bedroom 2022

Photo Credit: Urban Outfitters

Another style trend coming in early 2022 for home décor and bedroom styling is a resurgence of Post Modern. Unlike Mid-Century Modern design style where function dictates form, Post Modern style adds a lot of color, pattern, and style to take a lead with function following behind.

As far as aesthetics we are seeing a lot of throwback vibes from the 80s and 90s with a lot of vivid color palettes and fun geometric shapes. This is also specifically nostalgic in nature and really is influenced by pop culture. This style is very young and fun in nature that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

For the bedroom we are seeing a lot of squiggly frames, fun shaped mirrors, lots of rounded funky shaped furniture, with a lot of youthful textures and colors mixed in.

Japandi Style Bedrooms

japandi style bedroom 2022

The Japandi style is a combination of Traditionally Japanese interior design mixed with Scandinavian style. Creating an overall very minimalist design style that uses warm neutrals to keep the home feeling clean yet approachable and comforting.

This is not a trend the maximalists will be drawn to. Instead, this is a specific spin on minimalism that creates a wonderful setting for a bedroom. This style trend is big for bedrooms during spring 2022 because it is so relaxing and not distracting from sleep.

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Best Bedding & More – Spring 2023:

Linen & Natural Textures:

hemp linen sheets from buffy beddingBedding trends do not tend to change all that often. We are still seeing a great love for natural textures in bedding. Materials like Linen create an upscale yet relaxed feel into the bedroom.

There are also some trending furniture upholsteries with plenty of added texture like Bouclé. This adds a modern chic texture to furniture that works very well in a bedroom setting.

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Classic Materials & Layers:

classic percale cotton sheets white beddingIf you love some of the more minimalist or traditional styles that are trending then you may want to go with extra traditional simple materials for your bed.

Percale sheets and knit throws are a classic pairing that will look gorgeous in homes from minimalistic style, to traditional, grandmillennial and more. Having classic materials in your bedding can allow you to change the style of your bedroom without having to buy brand new bedding every time.

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Time For a Lighter Duvet:

lightweight breathable buffy duvet insertDepending on where you live will greatly impact whether it is time to switch over to a lighter duvet or not. If spring is still rather chilly at night where you are, then you will likely want to keep holding on to that heavy winter duvet.

However, if it is beginning to get warm then you can probably switch over to a lighter blanket option instead like an all-season duvet insert.

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Lightweight Layers:

lightweight layers top quiltDuring spring, often the weather is still going back and forth between remaining rather chilly and slowly warming up.

This means that layers are going to be a great option for bedding. Allowing you to bundle up when need be, or shed a few layers if you become warm.

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Bedroom Colors for 2023:

Typically, we recommend using soft natural colors in the bedroom that evoke a sense of peace and calm. One color that is becoming rather popular in the paint industry for the upcoming year is green. Like any color the wrong shade of green can be jarring. However, the right shade of green can make a space feel peaceful and natural. To stick with the other themes going on with color, a warm natural green that is not overly pigmented will look gorgeous on your walls.

For accent colors you can pair with cream, tan, pinks, even terracotta rustic reds and oranges. The options are nearly limitless and range from neutral to eccentric. It is all up to your personal style. What is currently in style definitely stays more natural and soothing. This is great for a bedroom space.

Spring Bedroom Trends 2023 – Final Thoughts:

Trends come and go but the feeling of home is timeless. We love how fun design trends can be, and they are a fun way to update your bedroom or home to make it feel up to date. However, the most important thing to consider when doing interior design is to make your bedroom feel like home. As long as you feel comfortable and peaceful in your bedroom, then it will be perfect for you and your home.

creating a sleek modern bedroom décor for spring

Where do you think design trends are heading this year? Send us a message through our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you. This is also a great way to get answers to any questions you may have on trends or products we recommend.