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March 2, 2021

Spring Bedroom Trends

After spending so much time in our homes during 2020, it is more important than ever that they feel like a place of peace. It has also become clear to many that it is time to change up the vibes in order to have a fresh start for 2021 with some amazing Spring bedroom trends.

Our bedrooms should be where we want to spend our time relaxing and sleeping. Making it one of the most important spaces in our homes. Which is why we want to share with you some of the ways your bedroom can be ready with the top Spring 2021 Bedroom Trends. Follow along to see where interior design is heading for the new year.

spring 2021 bedroom trends

Before You Start…

neutral colors are beautiful layered with texturesWe love updating our bedrooms seasonally to make them not only more beautiful but functional, for the specific time of year. Whether that means changing out the sheets for better comfort, adding some blankets or pillows to change the vibe or replacing some scented candles with seasonally appropriate scents, there is room for change.

One of the best ways to do this is by keeping your bedroom more simple with the original design so you can change it up to fit the seasons. We always suggest starting with a design that is more classic and adding to it. This way you can keep or more timeless bedroom that evolves with your and the time of year.

Many of the suggestions for the bedroom design trends of 2021 are great additions that will bring a new sense of life and spirit. If you are looking to overhaul your room we suggest looking at our post Timeless Bedroom Designs first. That way you can create a space that changes with your needs.

House Plants:

updating your bedroom decorThe love of house plants continues to grow in 2021. In the past several years house plants have made a huge comeback in popularity. Not only are houseplants a way to add beautiful color and texture into your home, they are also a fun hobby for many.

Happy, thriving plants not only look beautiful, but they also insinuate that a home is a well cared for and healthy environment. Making your home feel fresh and alive. And who wouldn’t want that to be a spring bedroom trend? The inviting presence of living plants adds a feeling that can only be evoked by healthy greenery.

Curious which plants would be best for your room? Check out our post Best Bedroom Plants & Flowers.

Warmer Color Palette:

interior design trends for 2021For a while everything got as cool as possible. With even neutral wall color preferences leaning toward cool nearly blue grey tones. Whenever the pendulum swings toward one direction, it must swing back the other way.

We are already seeing warmer color palettes begin to come back into style. Less yellowy creams or beiges, and more peachy warm pink based neutrals.

With pops of earthy greens, terracotta and rust accents and more. Making for a beautiful earthy warm and comforting environment that reflects feelings of nature.

Looking to add some art into your bedroom? Check out our post on how to pick the best art that is beautiful and will help you sleep. Choosing Bedroom Art

Natural Materials & Textures:

bedroom trends popular in 2021Textures are are coming into 2021 design in a big way. These textures all have an element of bringing nature into the home.

Jute, Natural finish wood, rattan, cane, wicker, ceramic, stone, etc. All of these materials are very popular this Spring.

Soft and natural looking and feeling fabrics like Velvet, Boucle’, Mohair, Wool, Linen, Faux Fur, etc. are all going to get more attention in 2021. We personally are in love with the Alpaca Throw from Avocado, every bedroom needs one.

Getting back to softer more natural feeling/looking materials adds a level of comfort into a home. With 2020 being such a disruptive year for so many, having that safe environment to come home to is more important than ever.

Wanting to make your space feel elevated, look expensive, and feel great, all without breaking the bank? Check out our post: Creating An Expensive Feeling Bedroom

Dried Grasses and Flora:

spring bedroom trends 2021While pampas grass made a huge waves, it become so popular that it has hit a peak in popularity and is beginning to go out of style. However, other dried textures, grasses, flowers, floral pods and so on are still a trendy way to add in fun natural textures for the perfect Earthy Chic vibe.

Decorative grass, yarrow, protea, bunny ears, ferns, olive branches, eucalyptus, wheat, strawflower, magnolia leaves, scabiosa pods, lotus pods, and so on are all great ways to add fun natural textures that will last a lifetime.

You can buy these through your local florist, etsy shops, and many craft stores. If you are looking for something specific and your local florist does not have any currently on hand, most things can be ordered with some time in advance.

Curves Everywhere:

curved furniture and decorWhether you see this in archways, painted arches, rounded furniture, or in art pieces. Gone are the days of all squared off edges and straight lines. While this was absolutely prevalent in 2020 design, the curves continue to be popular in home décor and are increasing as we move into Spring 2020 bedroom and home design.

Whether you are loving 60s retro vibes, or art deco architectural details curves can be a beautiful part of home design. Feng Shui encourages the use of round and curved edges in bedrooms as they are softer and not as aggressive. Curved ages allow energy to flow naturally through the room instead of hard corners sharply directly energy.

Learn more about utilizing Feng Shui in your bedroom design in our post: Guide to Bedroom Feng Shui

Arches & Archways:

spring bedroom trends 2021Expanding on the curves, arches are especially trending at the moment. Luxurious tall arched entryways, doors, and windows have been popping up all over Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and just about anywhere else you see home décor trends.

If you want to embrace this trend without the ability to create literal arched entryways, there are lots of ways you can do so. Arched mirrors, headboards, vases, décor pieces, or even painted arch murals can be a fun an inexpensive way to embrace this trend.

DIY Murals:

diy painted murals and headboards As many of us have been staying at home more for the past year, DIY home updates have been a fun pass time for many. Painting your own abstract murals has become a popular way to customize your home.

We see more murals both DIY and professionally done to continue trending in bedrooms and throughout the home in Spring 2021. Whether you love a retro 60s curving lines in fun colors, or a muted arch behind your coffee station, or perhaps a large graphic design. All of these have been seen and we see becoming more popular during Spring 2021. Especially fun to use as a feature wall or in lieu of a bedframe.

Learn more about how to choose paint colors for your bedroom in our post: Best Bedroom Colors for Sleep

Multifunctional Spaces:

multifunctional spacesWith more people working from home, and children taking classes online. Our homes are being used for more things than ever. Making your home as functional as possible allows you to use your space in all the many ways you need it to work for you. If you are limited on space, then bedrooms may also need to serve as work spaces as well as sleeping spaces.

While we typically recommend keeping work out of the bedroom, sometimes we have to make adjustments as life throws curveballs. Multifunctional furniture and spaces in the home are predicted to become more popular as people continue to work and learn from home.

Learn more about how working in your bedroom can disrupt your sleep in our post: Separate Work From Your Bedroom

Japandi Style for 2021 Bedrooms:

japandi bedroom designModern clean lines are as popular as ever, however they are taking a new fresh direction for 2021. Instead of only taking inspiration from midcentury modern design, Japanese and Scandinavian interior design styles have started to really take a lot of the attention for modern design.

Commonly merged together to make something new, a style called Japandi has emerged. Creating an interior design style that uses clean lines, natural shapes, and neutral color palettes. The influences from nature, curved clean lines, warm neutral colors all blend perfectly with all of the rest of the design trends happening this year.

If you have an affinity for Japanese interior design style, then you may also enjoy our post: How to Design a Zen Bedroom on a Budget

Eco-Friendly Materials, Mattresses, and Furniture:

eco friendly materials and mattresses for 2021More than ever people are becoming aware of the affect our choices make on our environment. Which is making furniture, materials, mattresses, and so on that are created in an eco-friendly fashion are becoming more and more popular. People are choosing to buy items that are made with the keeping our planet in mind.

Companies like Avocado, Brentwood Home, Spindle, and Latex for Less. All make environmentally friendly latex mattresses. Brands like these are getting more attention than ever for their mattresses made with natural eco-friendly materials. Avocado even has an entire line of bedroom furniture made out of recycled and reused lumber.

Learn more about how you can design an eco-friendly bedroom in our post: How To Create a 100% Sustainable Bedroom

Spring 2021 Bedroom Trends – Final Thoughts:

If we could sum it all up into a succinct thought on what the overall feel of 2021 Bedroom Décor trends are it would be Earthy Chic. A peaceful, clean space with minimal clutter and lots of touches of nature. A warm and calming space that is both inviting, intimate, casual and yet completely Instagram worthy. We hope sharing these Spring bedroom trends is a fun way for you to get a feel where we see interior design to be heading this Spring.

creating a sleek modern bedroom décor for spring

Where do you think design trends are heading this year? Send us a message through our Contact Us page. We would love to hear from you. This is also a great way to get answers to any questions you may have on trends or products we recommend.