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Accessory Review Buffy Hemp Sheets

buffy hemp sheets review

Step aside cotton, there is a new cool kid in town hemp! Buffy has come out with a new line of Soft Hemp Linen bedding. This bedding set is breezy, cool, and oh so soft.

Hemp has been used to create fabric for thousands of years, and it has recently made a huge come back. We now have ways to make hemp fabric extra soft and comfortable, making them perfect for sheets. Keep reading to get more details about these new exciting sheets from Buffy.

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what is hemp linen?These new sheets from Buffy are made out of linen. However this isn’t your standard linen made out of flax seed. Buffy’s linen is made out of Hemp. Now while many consider flax to be a determining factor in whether or not a fabric is considered linen or not, Buffy uses the style in which the fabric is weaved and created. These soft hemp linen sheets have a very similar look an feel to traditional linen. Although they are actually more earth-friendly, because it is so much easier to grow and turn into fabric.

The Hemp used in these sheets by Buffy, is made out of the long fibers in the stems of the plant. This is not where any THC lives within the plant. So no worries here, while these sheets are super chill and relaxed, they will not get you high.

Why Hemp?

Hemp has three times the tensile strength of cotton, it is very absorbent, and lightweight. All great features to have for sheets. Hemp is also a rather earth friendly material. It can be produce 5 to 10 tons of cellulose fiber pulp per acre, in just 4 month. This is much more material grown in a much smaller plot of land than cotton, while also using less pesticides.

are hemp sheets comfortable?

Combine all of these amazing features of Hemp based fabrics along with the fact that they are crazy soft and comfortable. Why would you not choose hemp as your go to material for sheets? We also love that these sheets give you the laid back chic look and feel of flax linen, without the super hefty price tag. But we will get into value later in the review.

For anyone who is an earth friendly junky, looking at the full lifespan of a product is important. Not only what it takes to create, use, and care for a product, but also what happens to it at the end of it’s life. These Hemp sheets are tough and durable and will last just as long as any other sheet set. However, unlike sheets with plastic elastic, the Buffy Hemp sheets are completely compostable.

Are Buffy Hemp Sheets Comfortable?

Hemp fibers are very string and versatile, although when they are raw they can be rather stiff and itchy. Making it hard to imagine that they would make great sheets. However, they are washed and tumbled for supreme softness. These sheets will also continue to get more and more soft as you use them.

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Colors & Sizes:

tan and off white beddingThese lovely hemp sheets from Buffy come in three different color options, an off white, natural tan, and a two-toned natural tan color.

All of which feel easy breezy and oh so chill. These colors go well with the classic relaxed elegance of the linen weave of these sheets.

You really can’t go wrong with such staple colors. These Buffy Hemp Sheets currently are only available in sizes Full, Queen, King, and California King.

The Buffy Hemp Bedding line has pillow cases, flat sheet, and a  fitted sheet.

Care Instructions:

hemp bedding is more eco-friendlySoft Hemp is a very durable material that gets more and more soft as you wear them in. According to Buffy’s care instruction these sheets are machine washable. Just be sure to use on a cool cycle with a gentle detergent for the best results.

They also suggest hang drying Buffy sheets to keep them lasting extra long. The great news is that the hemp material drys very quickly, making hang drying a breeze. (Pun absolutely intended there.) So you can rest easy knowing that these sheets are nice and easy to care for.


hemp sheet set from Buffy two-tonedThe Hemp Sheet Set comes with a fitted sheet, flat sheet, and two pillow cases. While the price tag on these sheets is high compared to some sheet sets, it is actually rather low when compared to any other kind of linen sheets.

Buffy also offers a free trial period on these sheets so you can really try out these sheets to ensure you really love them.

Full or Queen: $249
King or California King: $279

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Other Buffy Products:

eucalyptus material pillow recycledThe Buffy Hemp sheets are the latest addition to a well established line of Buffy bedding accessories. Beyond these natural sheets there is also the original Buffy Cloud Comforter. As well as the best comforter for hot sleepers, the Buffy Breeze Comforter.

They also offer an amazing pair of green sheets with their Buffy Eucalyptus Sheets. Along with their affordable yet very comfort Buffy Cloud Pillows. All of which we can say offer great products at a great price.

Buffy Hemp Sheets – Final Thoughts:

These new Soft Hemp sheets from Buffy is the bedding we all didn’t know we needed. They are very eco-friendly, and have the look and feel of much more expensive flax linen sheets. Yet they are more earth-friendly to produce and can even be composted at the end of their life as sheets. Making these some of the most eco-friendly sheets we have come across. We think you will really enjoy these Hemp Sheets by Buffy. Click the button below to shop now.

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buffy soft hemp linen sheets