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Buffy Hemp Sheets Review Our Sleep Guide

Finally hemp is making its way into the world of bedding. This eco friendly material looks and feel like luxury linen, all while being more eco-friendly than flax. Buffy bedding brand has come up with their very own version of an eco0friendly linen sheet set. We think you are going to love the easy breezy look and feel of these sheets.  Keep reading to learn about the Buffy Hemp Sheets and whether or not we would recommend them to you.

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Buffy Hemp Linen Sheets – At A Glance

  • 100% Hemp Linen
  • 102TC
  • Sizes: Full, Queen, King, California King
  • UV Fade Resistant
  • 7-Night Trial Period
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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why hemp sheets?Traditionally, linen sheets are made out of flax seeds. If you are buying a high-end linen sheet it is likely made out of European flax. However, Buffy has gone a completely alternative route in order to create a more eco-friendly linen option. They made their linen sheets out of hemp.

Hemp has a higher tensile strength than cotton and it is highly absorbent and lightweight. making it a great option to use for bedding. It also takes less time to grow than other materials like cotton, which makes it more earth friendly and renewable.

Worried about THC? Don’t be! These sheets are made purely from cellulose fiber pulp and does not contain any THC. So have no fear, you are sleeping on bedding as THC free as cotton.

Are the Buffy Hemp Sheets Comfortable?

thc free hemp linen bedding soft breathableWhen you are shopping for linen sheets, typically you are on the hunt for relaxed bedding that is breathable. The Buffy Hemp Linen Sheets are exactly that. They have the rustic textured look and feel that traditional flax linen has. Hemp linen is breathable, wicks away moisture, and is surprisingly soft. This is because Buffy washes and tumbles their hemp linen in order to get optimal softness.

These sheets are going to be comfortable for anyone who is looking for breathable sheets. If you are looking for a silky smooth feel, then look elsewhere. These sheets are all about feeling cool and looking great.

Buffy Hemp Linen Sheets – Value:

soft breathable sheets from buffyLinen sheets often come with a hefty price tag. With these sheets being an eco-friendly alternative to European Flax, there is added value in that. There are not many hemp linen sheets to compare this price point to, which makes determining the value solely dependent on your own perspective for what they are worth.

Overall, the comfort, durability, and appearance of these sheets can compete with high quality flax linen bedding, which makes these sheets well priced in comparison.

Although this price point is high, it is comparable to flax linen sheets. You do get a 7 day trial to test out whether they are truly worth the price.

Full: $279
Queen: $279
King: $299
California King: $299

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Care Instructions:

is it easy to wash hemp bedding?Often times, specialty materials require special care instructions. Thankfully, the Buffy Hemp Linen Sheets are rather simple to care for. They recommend machine washing on a cold cycle. To dry, they suggest hang drying when possible or you can also tumble dry on low.

Linen sheets have a natural care free look that embraces the wrinkles. However, if you prefer crisp feel or tidy appearance these sheets can be ironed on low. We are happy to report that even though these sheets are made with a unique material, they are simple to care for.

Buffy Hemp Linen Sheets – Final Thoughts:

Linen sheets that are more earth friendly than flax linen? Sounds like a plan to us. We love that the Buffy Hemp Linen Sheets have the look and feel of traditional linen, but Buffy put their own spin on it. As breathable and moisture wicking as cotton, and they come in a selection of earth tones. Overall we think these sheets are going to look gorgeous on your bed. While they are more expensive than your average sheet set, they are comparable to other linen sheets. Click the button below to shop now!

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earth tone sheets hemp linen earth friendly

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