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Accessory Review Parachute Percale Sheets

parachute percale cotton sheets review

Parachute is all about creating the basics for your home even better. Their sheets come in many different set sizes and are easy to customize. They are not about fancy designs, tassels, and all of those bells and whistles. They make simple products with great design at reasonable prices. Which is why we wanted to take a closer look at their Parachute Percale Sheet Set. Keep reading to get all the details and our thoughts on them to see whether or not they are the right set of sheets for you.

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eqyptian cotton sheets review from parachutePercale sheets are almost always made out of cotton. Although there are all sorts of different types of cotton you could use. Percale wanted to use some of the best cotton around, 100% premium certified long-staple Egyptian cotton.

People know Egyptian cotton for it’s long fibers and superior strength. People commonly view Egyptian cotton as being the cream of the crop when it comes to cotton. All of their Percale Sheets are made in Portugal.


comfortable sheets from parachute all cottonThe luxury Percale finish by Parachute, give these sheets a crisp, cool, and breezy feel. These are great sheets for anyone who tends to heat up throughout the night. The cotton of the percale sheets feels cool to the touch and wick away extra moisture away from the body.

This keeps the sleeper a more neutral temperature while they sleep. While these sheets would work well throughout the whole year, we especially love this finish for sheets during the summer. They have such a refreshing feel to them.

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100% egyptian cotton sheets affordable reviewParachute has some of the most extensive sheet set options we have seen. While all of the colors are comforting and neutral, there are many different versions of sets. Whether you are looking to purchase a few separate flat sheets, pillow cases, or if you want their Supreme Bedroom Bundle which includes everything you could possibly need, including a new mattress.

As far as our standard Percale Sheet Set, these sheets come in five different colors to choose from. A white, sand, light gray, slate, and blush. All of which are a stunning neutral that will look lovely in any bedroom. You also get the choice to add on a flat sheet for an additional cost or not. (We will get to those price differences in the next section.)

We like that Parachute is very customize-able and allows you to pick and choose what you would like to purchase for your bedroom. They sell a lot of pieces separately from the sets. This way you don’t have to pay for a piece you don’t want or need. Don’t want to match your pillow cases to the other sheets on your bed? You can even mix and match your set. Everything is custom and we love this about Parachute.


blush percale cotton sheet set customizable The first price you see below are for the regular sheet set of Percale sheets from Parachute. Which means you get a fitted sheet and a pillowcase set. If you would like to have a flat sheet as well, you can add that on for an additional cost. The second price you see in parenthesis is the price of the set with an added flat sheet.

  • Twin: $109 ($169 w/ flat sheet)
  • Twin XL: $109  ($169 w/ flat sheet)
  • Full: $129  ($209 w/ flat sheet)
  • Queen: $129  ($209 w/ flat sheet)
  • King: $149  ($239 w/ flat sheet)
  • California King: $149  ($239 w/ flat sheet)

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As you can see the price goes up rather dramatically when you add on that flat sheet. Now it is nice to have to option to not get a flat sheet, especially if you like to use a duvet cover in place of a flat sheet. Although the original price is already pricey for a simple cotton sheet set without a flat sheet. We would consider these prices to be on the high side for what you are getting. Although some of their larger sheet sets would come in at a better value than this basic set.

Care Instructions:

custom cotton sheet set percaleThe care and keeping of your Percale Sheets is rather simple. According to Parachute, all you need to do is wash your sheets with liquid detergent, and either line dry or tumble dry with wool dryer balls. The wool dryer are a great substitute to dryer sheets and help to keep the natural fibers soft and breathable.

Sometimes fabric softeners can clog the fibers of natural materials, making them less breathable. We always suggest following the care instructions direct from the manufacturers first and foremost. Although we cannot imagine skipping the wool dryer balls would make too much of a difference to the overall feel of your sheets.

Parachute Percale Sheets Review

Overall these are quality sheets that we have faith many of our sleepers would adore. The price may scare some off as they are on the pricier side of things. However, you are getting the real deal with these sheets. You also get the capability to completely customize your own sheet set which is a true money saver if you enjoy a different combination sheet set than the average matching traditional set. If you want a crisp cotton sheet set, then you are going to love these Egyptian cotton percale sheets from Parachute.

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review over the percale sheets by parachute

Parachute also offers several other amazing sheet sets. Check out the Parachute Sateen Sheets, the Parachute Brushed Cotton Sheets and the Parachute Linen Sheets. Each pair compliments the Parachute Mattress very nicely.