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Accessory Review Parachute Linen Sheets Review

the linen sheet set of parachute

Parachute has done it again. Their cotton sheets are all loved for their quality and gorgeous neutral color options. Now Parachute has Linen Sheets added to their extensive line of bedding options.

Linen is making a comeback in bedding and clothes, it’s casual look and classic feel is perfect all year round. Keep reading to get all of the details and see what we think about the Linen Sheets from Parachute.

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linen flax plant europeanLinen is a natural material often used for breezy beachy clothing. It has a nice weight to it and a structured feel. Linen is a material made from the flax plant.

The best linen comes from Belgium Flax. Parachute uses European Flax which carries the same quality features of Belgium specific flax, without the high price tag. Which allows Parachute to give a better price for the same quality.

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linen sheets from parachute reviewLinen is a classic material that never goes out of style. It has a natural puckering and textured surface that makes any bedroom look effortlessly chic. It has a lovely weight to it. When you snuggle up underneath linen sheets you can feel the weight of these quality sheets hugging your body.

They work very well for summer as they are nice and breathable. Pair these sheets with a heavy quilt or blanket and they will also keep you comfortably warm in the winter as well. Making these linen sheets wonderful to use all year round.

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sheets made out of linen set reviewThese linen sheets have more colors than the other cotton sheets available at Parachute. Parachute’s linen sheets come in 7 different color options, white, bone, fog, grey, blush, shore, and coal. The blush and shore are a light pink and a light seaglass green color. These are very well with all of the other more neutral colors. The Twin and Twin XL sizes only come in the color white at this time.

After you choose your colors you can determine if you want their standard set of pillow cases and a fitted sheet, add a flat sheet, or mix and match with their custom bedding section. In the custom bedding section you get to pick and choose which items you would like, à La Carte style.


linen sheet review by our sleep guideTypically quality linen sheets cost noticeably more than a set of cotton sheets. However, we find that the linen sheets by Parachute to be very similarly priced to the prices of their cotton sheet sets. Which makes them a pretty great buy.

Parachute is also great at mix and match selection so you only buy the items you really want and you don’t have to purchase a set unless that is what you’re looking to buy. Also, all sheets purchased from Parachute come with free shipping and a 60 day trial period.

  • Twin & Twin XL 2 pc Set: $149 – 1 Fitted Sheet & 1 Pillowcase Set
  • Twin & Twin XL 3pc Set: $239 – 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet & 1 Pillowcase Set
  • Full & Queen 2 pc Set: $169 – 1 Fitted Sheet & 1 Pillowcase Set
  • Full & Queen 3 pc Set: $279 – 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet & 1 Pillowcase Set
  • King & Cali King 2 pc Set: $189 – 1 Fitted Sheet & 1 Pillowcase Set
  • King & Cali King 2 pc Set: $309 – 1 Flat Sheet, 1 Fitted Sheet & 1 Pillowcase Set

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Care Instructions:

European flax linen sheetsWhile linen is thought of as being a high end material, it is not high maintenance. Parachute in fact suggests the same exact care instructions for their linen sheets as they do for their cotton sheet sets. Wash these sheets on cool setting with gentle detergents. Avoid bleach or detergent containing bleach. Parachute then suggests tumble crying on a low heat with wool dryer balls.

We also prefer and suggest using wool dryer balls. However, they are not absolutely necessary in order to get lovely dry soft sheets. You can also hang dry your sheets though you may find that need rustling up after to have them feel nice and soft.

Learn why we love wool dryer balls in our post all about washing your sheets, A Guide To Changing and Washing Your Sheets.

Parachute Linen Sheets Review

mix and match your custom linen sheets with parachuteThese sheets are lovely and when compared to other’s like it, they are rather reasonably priced. The colors available are stunning and make for a great looking bed. We think you will loved the casual yet oh so comfortable breezy feel of the linen.

If you are wanting to mix and match your colors and materials, head to Parachute’s custom bedding section. Give these sheets a try and Contact Us to let us know if you love them as much as we do.

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stunning sheets reviewed by our sleep guide for linen sheets