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Accessory Review Tuft & Needle Linen Sheets

Tuft & Needle now has a gorgeous set of Linen Sheets available on their website. If you are looking for a sheet set that will look oh so chic and relaxed, while providing luxury comfort. Then these are the sheets to look at. Keep reading to get all of the details on what these Tuft and Needle Linen Sheets are all about.

With natural fibers and spa like vibes, these linen sheets by Tuft & Needle are sure to by a hit. The natural look and feel of the linen works so well for just about any bedroom. It’s ability to stay breezy and cool in the summer while also working well to keep you warm in the winter, linen is a great material to make your sheets out of. Which is why we so highly recommend them. And considering the very affordable price of the T&N Linen sheets, we especially have high praise for this sheet set.

the tuft and needle linen sheets review

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Synthetic man-made materials were on the rise for quite some time for all of their different benefits. Polyester, spandex, and so on have different and sometimes beneficial qualities to fabrics. However, with so many coming to realize that they are one of the leading pollutants to our planet, many are turning back to all natural and sustainable materials like real silk, cotton, and linen.

With the come back of all of these natural materials, we are getting reminded of what made them all so great in the first place. Linen is soft and has such a relaxed look, while also working well in the summer and winter. The linen for these sheets are certified Standard 100 by OEKO-TEX. They used European Flax in order to produce their Linen.


great sheets for cloud linen sheetsLinen tends to be on the crisper side when they are new, they are somewhat similar to cotton percale sheets in this way. However, through time they will become softer and softer. Linen tends to weight more and be stronger than cotton on the whole, meaning they feel a bit more luxurious while also lasting longer overall.

If you are looking for a sheet set that will work well with all of the different seasons, then you’re in luck. Linen has lots of breathability to keep you cool, but when paired with winter bedding it will also help to keep you warm.

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linen sheets by tuft and needle set reviewTuft & Needle offers all of the standard sheet sizes, from a Twin to a California King and everything in between.

The hardest decision for you to make is to select one of the five beautiful colors these dreamy sheets are offered in.

Chose between Sand (a soft taupe), Charcoal (nearly black), Dusty Rose (natural light pink), Cloud (crisp white), and Slate (dark navy grey). All of these color options all look stunning in this linen sheet collection and won’t alter color with wear or time.

They also have matching linen duvet covers and linen pillow case sets. However, those are sold separately from the set. But are also very affordable and really make your bedding out to be truly fabulous. Giving you a luxury hotel feel that you get night after night and only gets better with time.

If you are curious about the other Tuft and Needle Sheets check out our reviews for the T&N Jersey Sheets & T&N Percale Sheets.


blush linen sheets from tuft&needleThese are the most luxurious sheets sold by Tuft & Needle and therefore they are the most expensive from the brand as well.

However, Tuft & Needle has a way of creating quality products that are made to last, with fair prices. For a full set of quality Linen sheets, we would say that the price for these sheets is rather reasonable. Making them a fantastic value. Especially if you compare them to other linen sheets available.

  • Twin & Twin XL – $175
  • Full & Queen – $200
  • King & Cal King – $225

Not only are these sheets priced right, but like the other sheets by Tuft and Needle, the Linen set comes with a 100-Night Trial Period and a 2-Year Warranty. Which is uncommon to find from other companies when it comes to bedding accessories. Giving these sheets another checked box.

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Care Instructions:

benefits to linen sheets reviewedTuft & Needle suggest washing your sheets first thing before using them. They also suggest using cool water and a mild detergent. For drying, Tuft and Needle gives the options to either line dry, or tumble dry on low heat.

While they do not mention this on their Care Instructions. Something to note about natural fibers is that if you would like them to remain as absorbent as possible to keep you sleeping sweat free throughout the night.

We suggest NOT using any fabric softeners as they can actually decrease the materials natural ability to absorb moisture.

Tuft & Needle Linen Sheets – Overall:

These sheets are giving us such relaxed cozy bedroom vibes. We love that they are natural, durable, and just keeping getting more and more comfortable with times and use. The colors the have are all simple and beautiful, we also like that you can purchase extra pillow cases separately. This price is spot on for what we would expect for a nice set of Linen Sheets, and they are really a great buy.

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tuft and needle sheets linen reviewed

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