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Accessory Review Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheets

Tuft & Needle Jersey Knit Sheets Review

You my already know the Tuft & Needle brand from their high-quality mattress, but today we are going to by looking at their sheets. The Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheets to be exact. T&N is all about quality and comfort and these sheets are no exception.

The oh so comfortable Jersey Knit material turns your bed into a cuddle zone, perfect for snuggling up for a cozy night’s sleep. We are going to give you all of the details from what these sheets are made out of, whether or not we think they are worth the price, as well as our personal experience using them. Stick around to learn more about the Jersey Knit sheets by Tuft & Needle.

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Jersey Sheet Material:

material tencel and cotton jersey knit sheets t&nWhen it comes to snuggling up, jersey knit sheets are a great option. Their worn in t-shirt feel is oh so soft and breathable. Tuft & Needle uses a 50-50 blend of Cotton and Tencel Lyocell (made from eucalyptus tree fibers) to create their jersey knit. This combination allows for their sheets to be breathable, wick away moisture, feel extra soft, and have a bit of stretch to them as well.

These Jersey Knit Sheets by Tuft & Needle are Standard 100 certified by OEKO-TEX. This is the most rigorous certification standard they test for. This certification means that these sheets have been tested for over 300 concerning chemicals like formaldehyde and has come back clean. You can rest easy knowing there are not any toxic pesticides or other concerning chemicals lingering on your sheets.

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tuft and needle jersey sheet reviewThe best part about the T&N Jersey Sheets is that they are intended for any type of sleeper. Especially anyone who wants a cozy, soft, bed to snuggle into at night.

We think you will love the natural stretch and durability of the jersey sheets. They are naturally comfortable, specifically they feature:

  • Extra Strong Elastic- keeps your fitted sheet in place the whole night.
  • Extra Deep Pockets- 16-inch pockets for up to a 14-inch mattress.
  • Temperature Regulating- Breathable and moisture-wicking, yet soft and cozy.
  • Standard 100 by OKEO-TEX certified- so you know you’re getting the best stuff around.
  • 1-year Limited Warranty/ 100 Night Sleep Trial/ Free Shipping- because Tuft and Needle stands behind their products and their customers.
  • Pre-washed to avoid shrinkage.

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Are Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheets Comfortable?

review for the T&N jersey sheetsThe best way to describe the feel of a jersey knit sheet set, is to imagine for favorite worn in cotton t-shirt. Slightly more plush or fuzzy than the crisp cool feel of a percale sheet. They also have a natural stretch to the material, allowing it to hug your mattress and allow you to feel the contouring comfort of your cozy mattress. These sheets are irresistibly comfortable and you will want to snuggle up in them all night long, maybe even for a nap or two.

While the Jersey Knit have a slightly warmer feel than a percale cotton sheet, they are still incredibly breathable. This is due to the fact that they are made out of 50% Cotton and 50% Tencel Lyocell. The combination between these two natural fibers allows for these sheets to be very breathable and wick away moisture which helps to keep you a neutral temperature throughout the night.

Colors & Sizes:

colors for jersey knit cotton tencel sheetsLooking for a fun splash of color to add to your bedroom? The Jersey Knit Sheets may be just the thing you’re looking for. These sheets come in five different color options, a charcoal grey, marigold, light grey, robin’s egg blue, and a light pink.

This is a fun combination of color options that suite a number of different styles.

These sheets also come in all of the standard sizes for sheets, from Twin to California King. You won’t have to pay extra for deep pocket sheets, because every set fits up to a 16-inch-thick mattress. The stretchy nature of these sheets will allow these sheets to fit comfortably and lower profile mattresses as well as those that require deep pockets on the fitted sheets.

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Are Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheets Worth The Price?

are these sheets comfortableThese are some of the best value for your money sheets that we have reviewed. They are made out of top-quality cotton and Tencel fabric that is sturdy and washes well. They only get more and more comfortable as you use them.

The price is great for the quality of the sheets you’re getting. Keep in mind that with the purchase price you are also getting free shipping, as well as a 100-night trial period, and a 1-year limited warranty.

If you end up not completely loving your sheets, the return shipping is free. So you can feel comfortable buying online.

Twin or Twin XL: $60
Full or Queen:
King or California King:

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T&N Sheets – Care Instructions:

are tuft and needle sheets worth the priceTuft & Needle suggests washing your sheets before use. These sheets are very easy care, simply machine wash and dry with like colors on a gentle cycle with cool water. Tumble dry on low heat. Tuft and Needle suggests using a mild detergent, and avoiding bleach. All of the T&N Jersey sheets come pre-washed to avoid any shrinkage as well as to make them feel their true soft texture from the get go.

Another great feature of the Jersey Knit material is that they are not crispy sheets. This means that they do not wrinkle easily or show wrinkles. Making these sheets casual and easy to keep looking nice. If you follow care instructions these sheets will also avoid pilling, which is a common problem with knit sheets. It goes to show that these T&N sheets are well made with quality materials.

Tuft and Needle Jersey Sheets – Our Experience:

lily's new sheetsI must admit, the first thing I thought of when we got these sheets is how perfect they would be for my daughter’s bed. Especially since her crib sheets where almost all Jersey cotton. I love the idea of a super soft and cozy, but not too warm material specifically for my little ones.

These sheets certainly were just that and a perfect combination of stretch, strength, softness and breathability. Making them easy to transition through every season. Not only are they perfect for her bed, but would make a great addition to any room in the house. My husband prefers a slightly crisper feeling sheet, but he sleeps warm so that doesn’t surprise me. Personally I love the feel of a cozier, soft sheet, which these are.

Another awesome thing about the Tuft and Needle Jersey sheets is the price point. They come in at just $60 for a full Queen set, including the fitted sheet, flat sheet and two pillow cases. They also come in a array of colors that are fun and bold. Like, the soft and feminine rose pink we went with. Or the more masculine and bold graphite option. As well as the more subtle fog (light gray) and fun marigold or periwinkle colors too.

tuft and needle jersey sheets

Whichever ones you go with I can say you can expect good quality and durability. As well as the plush and supple feel you get with a cotton and TENCEL blend that merges two already great fabrics individually to make an exceptional feel. Our Sleep Guide certainly gives these sheets two thumbs up!

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Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheets – Final Thoughts:

This is a great sheet set for anyone who is looking for quality and comfort. These are easy going sheets that are not only soft and cozy, they are also easy to clean, don’t show wrinkles, and are design to be extra snuggly.

Let’s not forget that the Tuft & Needle Jersey Sheets not only feel exceptional, they also come in at a great price. You’ll want to get a set for the whole family. Be sure to click the button below for the latest deals and coupons!

will these sheets last for a long time?

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