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Parachute Mattress ReviewIt is hard to find a mattress that is truly unique and different from what is already out there. With a few exceptions that is. The Parachute Mattress happens to be one of these beds. This foam free mattress gets rid of any use of foam. Only using a combination of coils and wool to create a superior sleeping surface that will have anyone who doesn’t like foam in luck.

The Mattress by Parachute uses 5x more coils than the average mattress. By combining various gauges and sizes of steel coils they are able to make a mattress that is unbelievably supportive and astonishingly comfortable. Similar to other coil on coil builds, like the Oceano mattress and Winkbed mattress, the Parachute bed uses a thicker base coil and smaller, thinner micro coils for flexible comfort. However, unlike these other mattresses the Parachute mattress doesn’t incorporate any type of foam.

Parachute Mattress Best Pricing & FREE Delivery

Parachute Mattress Materials:

So what is the Mattress by Parachute made of? Below we will get into the details and specifics of the construction of this one of a kind bed. Sharing the exact way this mattress still offers support and comfort while eliminating a material most would never expect. Foam.

Coil Layers:

The coils of this mattress are designed to do more than just create the core support. They are also actively part of the comfort, performance and other sleep benefits you’ll get from this bed. The careful design and details that go into each Parachute mattress allow you to never have to worry about the comfort of foams breaking down and changing over time.

parachute mattress materialsThe base of this mattress uses a zoned pocketed coil system with larger, thicker gauge steel to create a solid foundation and support system. Like many other hybrid and innerspring mattresses, these coils create great ergonomics and sleeping posture. They also ensure great support around the edges and a long lasting mattress too.

The comfort coils of this mattress are unlike most any other mattress. By not using just one, but three separate layers of various microcoils, you get a flexible layer of comfort that also provides support, buoyancy and plenty of airflow. The unique layers of mini coils are thinner gauged steel that move with your body. Each one wrapped in order to minimize motion transfer and vibrations.

All together these four different coil systems work together to provide a mattress with the utmost support. That also will create a long lasting comfort unlikely to change over years of use.

Wool Layers and Cover:

When it comes to adding a plush feel to this mattress the use of all natural wool takes the place of any foam. Incorporating this naturally plush and temperature regulating material into a mattress not only gives durable comfort that will outlast foam. But also natural benefits that make the mattress safer and healthier too.

Starting with a base made of thick compressed wool provides an insulator pad. This pad is sustainable, hypoallergenic, and flame resistant. Making it ideal for the coils to rest on. A similar insulator pad layer is found between the base coils and comfort coils too. Creating an ideal barrier between the two carious kinds of coils.

The top layer of wool is for comfort and softness. By using not one, but two sheets of natural New Zealand wool that is naturally temperature regulating for cool and warmth. As well as moisture wicking for dry too. All while adding just enough padding for added comfort and luxury.

All of this is wrapped in a breathable and soft 100% organic cotton cover. For a truly premium feel and look. With the addition of hand tufting you also get a bed that won’t shift or move. And an eye for detail that creates a superior sleep surface. Making the Parachute mattress not only ideally comfortable but also natural and organic too.

parachute mattress layers

Parachute Mattress Best Pricing & FREE Delivery

Parachute Mattress Comfort & Benefits:

So when you eliminate foam completely from a mattress will you still get a comfortable bed? And, will you still get all the benefits you’d expect from a mattress? Simply put, yes and yes!


When it comes to comfort the Parachute mattress comes in one universal feel. A medium-firm that will work great for the majority of sleepers. The coils not only create proper support, but flexible comfort that contours to every sleepers body and needs.

The unique design and use of materials really allows this mattress to offer a universal feel that works for all. While various steel coils move underneath you to adjust and adapt. Making sleeping on your back perfect regardless of size. And stomach sleepers will surely find plenty of support too.

Side sleepers may feel like their isn’t as much cushion and softness as some would prefer. But if you are an average to heavier side sleeper who likes a feeling of support, than you’ll surely enjoy the mattress by parachute. The top layer of wool adds just a touch of softness without adding a thick foam like feel. And the base coils are ideally zoned to allow your shoulder to sink in a bit more.

Heavier individuals will also appreciate the feel of this mattress. Finding it to be plenty supportive as well as comfortable too. And not being too soft or too firm, but really just right. This is easy when you also feature zoned coils that are intended to work with your body for more ideal ergonomics too.

Parachute Mattress Best Pricing & FREE Delivery

Motion Transfer:

You might think that with no foams you’ll surely have a lot of bounce. But, the thoughtfully designed Parachute mattress has taken that into consideration. Ensuring minimized partner disturbance by individually wrapping each coil. Not only giving it added padding, but making sure that they aren’t interconnected thus keeping vibrations from traveling to a minimal.

Sleeping Cool:

parachute mattress reviewThis mattress is inherently a cool bed. By using so many materials that are known for airflow and temperature regulation you’ll certainly have a cool mattress. The abundance of coils create plenty of space for air to dissipate and heat possible heat retained a place to go. And the use of wool is ideal for creating a nice temperature neutral padding that is never too hot or too cold. Making it ideal for everyone. And finally the use of the organic cotton cover creates a naturally soft and breathable surface that surely helps too.

Edge Support:

When you have a mattress that incorporates over 5x more coils than other mattresses you are bound to add to the support of the perimeter too. By using so many strong and durable coils that are reinforced around the edge you will have a mattress with great edge support. And when you add more coils on top of this you create a solid, yet consistent surface that makes for a fully usable sleeping space. As well as an edge that you can easily get in and out of the bed without breaking it down or feeling unsupported. As well as even occasionally sitting on the edge with no worries of breaking down the perimeter.

Parachute Mattress Best Pricing & FREE Delivery

Basics of The Mattress by Parachute:

This mattress is one of the more unique options out there. The amazing benefits of a coil and wool combination make it very appealing, especially for warm sleepers or anyone who likes a solid feeling bed. The price of this mattress ranges from $1299 to $2199 and for this mattress would be a good value. Included with that price you also get the following:

  • FREE Ground Shipping – or – $150 White Glove Delivery Fee
  • Trial Period – 90 Days
  • Warranty – 10 Year Limited Warranty

More Coming Soon!

The full Our Sleep Guide review of the Mattress by Parachute Home is coming up soon! In the meantime learn more at ParachuteHome.com! Also, any questions in the meantime, feel free to contact us, and we’d be happy to help!

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free White Glove Delivery
  • Trial Period 90 Night Sleep Trial
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1299
  • Twin XL $1299
  • Full $1799
  • Queen $1899
  • King $2199
  • Cal King $2199
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