April 28, 2022

Purple vs Nolah: Which Foam Mattress Is Best For You?

purple vs nolah mattress review

Are you in the market for a new mattress? Have you come down to your final two choices? If it happens to be a toss up between Purple and Nolah we are hoping to help you pick the right mattress for you. Keep reading our comparison review of the original Purple vs Nolah mattresses to see which will best suit your sleeping needs.

Original Purple Mattress At-A-Glance

  • purple vs nolah mattress reviewUnique Properties: Polymer Grid Top Layer + SoftFlex Cover
  • 9.25″ Thick | 3 Layers All Foam Build
  • Universal Medium-Firm Comfort
  • Some Motion Transfer
  • Very Cool Sleeping
  • Good Edge Support
  • USA Made
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial & 10-Year Warranty
  • Price Before Coupon: $799 – $1998

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Original Nolah Mattress At-A-Glance

  • nolah vs purple mattress reviewUnique Properties: New Age Cooling Memory Foams + Tencel Cover
  • 10″ Thick | 3 Layers All Foam Build
  • Universal Medium Comfort
  • Minimal Motion Transfer
  • Temperature Neutral Foams
  • Solid Edge Support
  • USA Made
  • 120-Night Sleep Trial & Lifetime Warranty
  • Price Before Coupon: $699 – $1798

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Purple vs Nolah: Which To Choose?

purple vs nolah materials and buildYou have probably done your fair amount of research on both of these beds by this point. So there might not be much you don’t know.

Both of these beds are all foam. Meaning they don’t have any springs in them. They are both offered in one universal feel. So no need to choose your level of firmness. And they are both the original models offered by their respective companies. Meaning these are the beds that put both of these brands on the map.

While both mattresses have plenty to offer why your here is because you want to know which is going to be best for you. So we are going to jump into what is unique about both of the Purple and Nolah. In other words, what sets them apart from each other? Maybe one of these factors will tip the scale in your final decision.

We are also going to give our recommendation on who these mattresses will work best for too. Helping you to see if one of these beds will check all the boxes on your needs and wants list. So lets see what makes the original Purple and Nolah mattresses special.

What Makes Purple Unique?

purple mattress polymer gridIn my opinion Purple is one of the most unique mattresses on the market. While it is certainly memorable, are these features that make it so unique beneficial for your sleep?

Purple’s biggest differentiating factor is the top layer of Purple Polymer Flex Grid. This comfort layer is not one solid piece and is a grid that offers some great pluses, but distinct characteristics as well. This springy and hollow material forms a crisscross pattern to optimize pressure relief and amplify air flow for cooler sleep. It also responds to your movements immediately while still not creating movement throughout.

While the grid certainly does hold true for these qualities the feel of the gird itself can be felt if you are more sensitive. If you like a more consistent feeling foam under you than the Purple grid may not appeal. The grid also does flatten under pressure, especially over time or under more weight. Creating less breathability and support. Making this bed one with several pros, but a few cons too.

The Purple mattress’ top three benefits are: Pressure Relief, Instant Response & Sleeping Cool.

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What Makes Nolah Unique?

nolah mattress delivery Nolah is a 10″ all foam mattress that was designed specifically for side sleepers. Creating the most ideal comfort for those who need it most. By using a new generation memory foams the idea of this mattress is to have all the benefits of memory foam as well as eliminating some of the downsides of this material, such as heat retention and slow response. Making it comfy and supportive but also cool and airy.

Nolah has created a mattress that does do a great job of being supportive while still offering plenty of cushion and pressure relief to accommodate side sleepers and combination sleepers. The foams gently contour to the body, but also allow you to move more freely making it easier to switch from side to side and not feel stuck.

The foams do a better than average job of keeping heat at bay as well. While any all foam mattress will hold more heat than a hybrid, these foams are less effected by body heat. While this doesn’t make our list for top cooling mattresses it does fine for a standard all foam bed.

Another area Nolah prides itself on is the durability. The materials of this mattress claim to be 300% more durable than standard memory foam. Making the comfort and support longer lasting. While almost all mattress have a shelf life of 5-10 years, you should expect that the feel of this mattress to stay more consistent during its life.

The Nolah mattress’ top three benefits are: Pressure Relief for Side Sleepers, Cooler Sleep & Durability.

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Who Should Choose The Original Purple Mattress?

You should choose the Original Purple Mattress if you are a…

  • Side or Combination Sleeper
  • Sleep Warm or Hot
  • Smaller to Average in Size

original purple mattress

If you are a combination sleeper who is warm sleeper and who is more average to smaller sized than I would choose the Purple mattress. This mattress is amazing at relieving pressure, and truly does sleep cool.

However, the flexible grid while it moves with your body it does have a tendency of folding down over time. As well as offering a little less stable edge support. Meaning that if you are on the larger side or share the mattress and want utilize the full sleeping surface it may not be the best of options.

Of the Purple mattresses this is the most cost conscious. So it will be the best option if you have a tighter budget but still like the appeal of this unique and cooling build. However, if you have room in your budget and have decided Purple is the bed for you, than we would suggest the Purple Hybrid Premier 3. This mattress is a great step up in comfort and support and even more ideal for couples. And if you are on the larger side check out the Purple Plus, a good fit for the plus size crowd.

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Who Should Choose The Original Nolah Mattress?

You should choose the Original 10″ Nolah Mattress if you are a…

  • Dominate Side Sleeper
  • Like A Consistent Feel
  • Average in Size

original Nolah 10" mattressIf you are a strict side sleeper who likes a consistent feeling foam and is average in size than the original Nolah would be a good option for you. While this mattress doesn’t sleep particularly hot it also isn’t super cooling, but great for keeping a neutral feel. the all foam build offers a slightly more solid edge than the Purple, but still would lack the solid edge support couples may prefer as well as a larger sleeper.

This Original 10″ Nolah is also the most inexpensive option for the Nolah mattresses. So again this would make a good option for someone who is on a tighter budget but still looking for a quality bed. This brand also offers a few upgrades if you want a Nolah but with a little more. The Nolah Evolution 15″ Mattress is a great hybrid build that offers a more substantial feel for couples and larger build sleepers.

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Which Will It Be? Purple vs Nolah

The greatest test will certainly be once you are able to sleep on your new bed. However, making sure that you choose the right mattress the first time will make the online buying process much easier. Luckily both of these beds do come with a in-home trial period that allows you to test them out first hand. And if for some reason you can’t sleep on your new bed you have the option to return either as well.

purple vs nolah mattress review

Overall the online buying process is quite easy with both companies. They both are reputable brands with solid customer service and years of brand loyalty. Both the original Purple and Nolah mattresses are the more basic offerings of both brands, but still offer good quality at an affordable price. When all is said and done it really comes down to two deciding factors.

If you are a combination or side sleeper and also a warm/hot sleeper than the Purple is for you.

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And if you are a dominate side sleeper who sleeps more temperature neutral but likes a more consistent feel than the Nolah is for you.

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If you need some more help choosing between these beds feel free to contact us. We will help you assess which may help you on your journey to better sleep. Or also check out the full reviews of each mattress too: Purple Mattress Review | Nolah 10″ Mattress Review