September 23, 2021

Create A Grandmillennial Bedroom On A Budget

Millennials now have their own apartments, houses, townhomes, and are creating their own style of interior design. Grandmillennial. Showing an appreciation for classical design features with a modern clean twist. A blending of the old and the new in a fresh way that is changing the face of interior design. However, the appeal for a feeling of grandeur often comes with a lofty price tag. Which is why we are going to share with you our take on how to design a Grandmillennial Bedroom On A Budget!

grandmillennial bedroom design on a budget

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Stuffy & Outdated Or Cutting Edge Chic?

the grand millennial bedroom

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A main feature of Grandmillennial style is incorporating traditional design features that you may have been more familiar with in your wealthy grandparents home then a chic Brooklyn apartment. If you do not balance these elements well with modern clean lines, you may find yourself feeling more stuffy and outdated then chic and elegant.

Our top tips for achieving this is to feature elements that are modern with an edge of pop couture or modern lines within your grandmillennial bedroom design. This will keep it feeling fresh and modern, without getting too stuffy or outdated. Depending on your personal style, this may only mean that you keep your color palette more neutral. While others it may mean having modern textured upholstery on a traditional wingback chair. Having fun and not taking your style too seriously is the best way to keep your space feeling fresh.

Thrifting Is King:

One amazing benefit to incorporating elements of a style that to some is considered “outdated”. Is that you can pick up stunning pieces while thrifting that won’t break the bank. You can find incredible paintings, brass candelabras, brass sculptures, sconces, and even stunning furniture pieces that will all work beautifully in a Grandmillennial Bedroom Design, or home.

Some great things to look for when thrifting are art pieces. Art is notoriously expensive and for good reason. However, thrifting can be a great place to find gorgeous original painting or prints for extremely low prices. Even if you are not a fan of the art that you find, you can get your hands on gorgeous ornate frames that you can use to add some style to an online art print.

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Wallpaper & Paint:

wallpaper for a big impact

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If you are looking to get the most bang for your buck, a change in wall color and pattern is the way to go. A fresh coat of paint can completely transform your space. Wallpaper is one of those things most millennials remember from their childhood bedrooms and grandparents homes. While wallpaper went seriously out of style for quite some time, there are beautiful wallpapers that you can get for rather reasonable prices. Especially now that technology has changed and made it easier than ever to install it yourself.

Wallpaper is an easy way to make a huge change to your space. You can add a lot of texture or pattern that can add a whole mood to your room without changing any of your furniture or bedding.

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Secondhand Furniture:

We want you to know that anytime we recommend picking out used or vintage furniture that we are never referring to your mattress. For obvious health and hygiene reasons we always recommending purchasing a new clean mattress. However, if you are looking for a bedframe, bedside tables, a little something to put at the end of your bed. In that case, then purchasing your furniture pieces secondhand is a great way to save some cash.

This is especially true if you are looking for traditional style furniture pieces. Because these styles have been popular in the past, you can find a lot of it for reasonable prices when shopping secondhand. Whether you are thrift shopping or going on resale websites like Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, you can find a lot of great stuff for very cheap.

Layer Your Bedding:

muted colors for a more relaxed vibe

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You don’t need to pile on layers and layers of throw pillows to have an elegant Grandmillennial feel to your bedroom. However, layers a few traditional bedding pieces can add that touch of sophistication.

A duvet, topped with a folded light quilt, with a throw blanket on top for texture is a traditional style of making a bed and adds that sense of living in a home of someone who enjoys the finer things.

A tip for making your bed look expensive without spending more is to buy a duvet in a size up from the size you need. Then put it in a cover for the size of your bed.

(Example: If you have a Queen size bed, purchase a Queen duvet cover, and stuff it with a King size duvet.) This will make your duvet cover look extra puffed up and luxurious.

Dishes, Tea Cups, & Vases:

overstock lampYou can get a lot of bang for your buck when it comes to collecting china, dishes, tea cups, vases, lamps, and anything in the porcelain family.

The bright colors and patterns on the typically white or cream base really screams granny chic. If this is the style of grandmillennial you are going for, then the more the better.

If you shop online at places like Etsy, then you could end up paying a premium price to get the exact items you are looking for. However, if you are more about the look then getting the exact patterns of vintage china that you have in mind, you can find a plethora of beautiful ornate china when thrift shopping or at consignment stores.


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Is Grandmillennial Minimalist or Maximalist? 

stunning paint color for beautiful home

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It is really your choice! The fun part of a new design trend is that you have the freedom to make it your own.

If you prefer to decorate your home top to bottom with little details, then you can absolutely do that with the grandmillennial style. However, if you believe less is more you can also have influences of the grandmillennial design trends while staying true to your preferences.

If you believe more is more, then you can layer patterns on patterns and add trinkets to every shelf you own. For our minimalists, you are going to want to find ways to add this style in a more subtle way. Perhaps you start with furniture pieces that have a traditional shape to them. Then you can have a wallpaper instead of trinkets or throw pillows.

You don’t have to have a lot of items to embrace mixing traditional design with a modern twist. In fact, you can save some cash on your grandmillennial bedroom by not having an abundance of stuff.

Gilded & Grand:

When in doubt, touches of grandeur can go a long way. Whether it is a gilding a picture frame, or picking up a bust sculpture from HomeGoods. These classical touches can add a level of elegance to your home without having to redesign your entire aesthetic to fit these new trends. This can be a fun way to elevate your bedroom to have a Grandmillennial feel without having to entirely redesign your look.

In the long run embracing trends in a more modest way with a few touches will save you a lot of money and time. Not only because you are staying on budget by only decorating with a few statements pieces. It also means that you will not have to completely redesign your home when styles or your personal taste changes.

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When in Doubt, Do It Yourself:

diy project will help you save money with grandmillennial styleIf you are looking to add a gilded frame to your floor length mirror, wall paper to your walls, or tassels to your pillows. If there is a way to do it yourself, it will likely save you a lot of money.

As we mentioned earlier a way to add a touch of elegance to cheaper online art prints, is to frame them in ornate frames. These are easily found for cheap at thrift stores.

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Grandmillennial Bedroom On A Budget – Final Thoughts:

Whether you want your home to be full on Granny Chic, with lacey bed skirts and floral wall paper. Or if you prefer to have touches a traditional style with a clean aesthetic. There are ways to do both of these versions of Grandmillennial style on a budget. Even when styles are trending, there are always ways to save some cash.

beautiful grandmillennial style bedroom on a budget

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