September 23, 2021

Columbus Day 2021: Mattress Coupons, Discounts & Sales

columbus day online mattress deals and couponsColumbus Day may or may not be on your radar. If you work for a bank or have school aged kids than you probably notice it. But being one of the lesser known “holidays” you may not even think much of it. Regardless, the furniture and mattress industry certainly use this beautiful fall day to promote their sales and added discounts.

We always love being able to promote buying a mattress when you might save a little more or have additional perks. Columbus Day is no exception. Below we are going to highlight some of the best Columbus Day mattress sales, promotions and deals. these not only give you access to great savings but also our top rated and recommended beds and brands.

BEST Columbus Day Mattress Coupons

Already know which mattress or brand you want to purchase? Great! We have the best coupons you’ll find this Columbus Day below. All you need to do is follow the link and use our coupon codes for the best price. There are also several without codes, which makes it even easier because they are automatically applied! Happy Shopping!

WinkBeds Mattress $300 OFF Coupon HERE! Brentwood Home 10% OFF Code: OSG10 Helix Mattress 25% OFF Coupon Avocado Mattress 10% OFF Coupon HERE!

$600 OFF Saatva Mattress Coupon HERE! Brooklyn Bedding 25% OFF Coupon Bear Mattress 35% OFF Coupon Nest Bedding 20% OFF Coupon

Tuft & Needle Up to $800 OFF Mattress Coupon LuuF Mattress Coupon Code HERE! Layla Mattress $200 OFF Coupon Birch Mattress 25% OFF Coupon

35% OFF Nolah Mattresses Coupon Purple Mattress $900 OFF Coupon HERE Cocoon Mattress 35% OFF Coupon Tempur-Pedic Latest Coupon

Big Fig Mattress $450 OFF Coupon Molecule Mattress 25% OFF Coupon Casper Mattress Latest Coupon Leesa Mattress $700 OFF Coupon

Shh.. It’s A Secret: Exclusive Savings

If you have a few extra minutes and want to save even more, give us a call! The Our Sleep Guide showrooms offer added savings to our in-store and phone guests on our top brands. Save up to an additional $50 just by a quick phone call!

Our Austin location can be reached at 512-465-2714 and our Houston location at 832-653-6587. Otherwise if you’re in the area, stop in. We have the BEST savings you’ll find anywhere and can help answer any question you may have too. Give us a call or visit today!

Austin Showroom: 512-465-2714

Houston Showroom: 832-653-6587

Which Bed We’d Choose…

When it comes to the Best Mattresses we have plenty we’d recommend. So many online beds offer unique qualities that set them apart. Not only from each other but also how they work for specific sleepers. Below we will go through our favorite beds and recommend which sleepers they work ideally for.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, or if you ever have any questions, you can always contact us for personalized help!

If I’m a Side Sleeper… Helix Luxe 

helix luxe mattress for couples We love the Helix Luxe for EVERY sleeper, but if you are a dominate side sleeper you will truly be impressed. The Helix Luxe offers six distinct options as far as comfort goes. However, 3 of the 6 are designed for ideal pressure relief for side sleepers. Offering a softer feeling side sleeper mattress, a medium feeling side sleeper mattress and a firmer feeling side sleeper mattress.

This creates the perfect feel and support for your exact needs as a side sleeper. While the medium, also known as the Midnight may be the most popular and great for couples and average size sleepers there are still two more choices. The Sunset is the softer option and great for anyone wanting a plusher feel, or for someone on the smaller side. While the Twilight, the firmer feel, is great for anyone who sleeps on their side but still wants a firm bed.

Want to learn more? Check out our full review of the Helix Luxe HERE! Or to buy yours click the link below!

25% OFF Helix Mattresses Coupon HERE!

If I’m a Back Sleeper… WinkBed 

winkbed mattress memorial day coupon If you are a back sleeper finding a mattress that offers solid and precision support with just enough comfort is key. The original WinkBed is just that and than some. This hybrid style mattress uses a zoned coil system for better lumbar and back support. While the comfort layers are dense yet pressure relieving.

Available in three comfort levels ensures this bed has something for everyone. While we love the luxury firm for back and combination sleepers the firm option is even better for dominate back sleepers. Even the softer feeling option works well for back sleepers that like a little more sink. All and all you can’t go wrong with the durability and quality this bed offers.

Find out more in our full WinkBed review HERE. And click below to purchase your new bed now!

$300 WinkBeds Mattress Coupon HERE!

If I’m a Stomach Sleeper… Birch

which mattress is better the birch or eco cloudWhen it comes to stomach sleeping finding the right support and push back works best. Stomach sleepers need a mattress that offers great support but also offers foam that pushes back instead of sinking in. Which is why a latex hybrid mattress is an awesome option for anyone who sleeps on their stomach. The Birch mattress is a latex hybrid that uses smooth and responsive Talalay latex. This latex is durable while being comfortable too.

The medium to medium-firm comfort level creates the ideal comfort and support for stomach sleepers. Creating support that doesn’t strain your lower back. The natural materials of this mattress make it extra special. And the fact it also works for any sleeper helps ensure a great fit for stomach sleepers and any sleeper they share the mattress with. This mattress is a favorite of ours and our showroom guests too!

Get all the details of this bed in our Birch review found HERE. Also, save $400 instantly by clicking the link below!

$400 Birch Mattress Coupon Automatically Applied HERE!

If I’m a Combination Sleeper… LuuF

luuf mattress coupon Another great mattress option that is less popular is the LuuF mattress. This bed may stand out from its sky blue cover, but underneath it also stands out with its impressive materials and solid yet conforming comfort. While this mattress is available in three optimal firmness levels we love the more medium to medium-firm feel that the luxury firm model offers.

Not only is this a great balance of soft and firm, but is perfect for combination sleepers that need something to accommodate all sleeping position needs. This bed truly works with you instead of you adjusting to the bed. Giving you a solid supportive base that compliments the comfort layers to work great for side, back and stomach sleeping.

Find out what else makes this bed special in our LuuF review HERE. And take advantage of the HUGE savings found below!

Latest LuuF Mattress Coupon HERE!

If I Sleep Hot… Cocoon Chill Hybrid

cocoon hybrid mattress reviewIf you’re a hot sleeper what’s better than a mattress that feels cool? A mattress that keeps you cool all night long. The Cocoon Chill Hybrid is exactly what it’s name states, chill. However, this hybrid bed paired with amazing pressure relieving memory foam takes is a step further by offering an “extra chill” option for a downright cold bed.

While hybrids always do better when it comes to sleeping cooler, this mattress uses amazing technology to partner with the more natural effects of the coil system to give you a cool-to-the-touch feel that literally pulls heat away from your body all night long. Giving you the amazing and true feel of memory foam without the typical heat trapping properties. Oh, and the price…. AMAZING!

Want to learn more? Check out our Cocoon Chill Hybrid review HERE. And save BIG by clicking the link below!

35% OFF Cocoon Mattresses Coupon HERE!

If I’m a Larger Sleeper… WinkBed Plus

best mattress for large people winkbed plusIf you are a little bigger, or you just like a very durable and solid bed, the WinkBed Plus is one of our absolute favorite for any sleeper. While this bed may be marketed towards a heavy person the comfort and support really works for anyone just wants a long lasting, well made bed. While we love the WinkBed original too, the Plus’ extra materials do set it apart.

Giving you a more resilient feel but still uber comfortable for a great night sleep night after night. This mattress is certainly going to appeal to anyone who is larger, or shares a mattress with a bigger person. The best part is that it still is awesome if you aren’t a big person too. With all the added extras, like added lumbar support, anti-sag foams, reinforced coils and many more, you can’t go wrong. Giving you a mattress that will hold up for the long haul.

Find out what sets this bed apart in our WinkBed Plus review HERE. And make sure to click the link to save now!

$300 WinkBeds Mattress Coupon HERE!

If I Want Affordable Luxury… Oceano by Brentwood Home

oceano luxury hybrid reviewWho doesn’t like luxury? And, who doesn’t like affordable? If that is you, than you’ll surely love the Oceano mattress by Brentwood Home. This mattress has been a fan favorite for years. And ironically, when most other mattresses are consistently getting more and more expensive, the Oceano hasn’t. Making it still a truly amazing bed that is even more of a steal when other options are on the rise.

This dual coil bed offers a unique build that offers a solid support coil system, as well as a more flexible comfort coil system. Paired with ample layers of foams and a pillow-top made of memory foam and wool, you get a hotel style mattress at a bargain of a price. Making this mattress hard to pass up if you like luxury. While this mattress may be a little more on the medium-soft side, it still offers great support and durability.

Read our full review of the Oceano HERE. And take advantage of our exclusive coupon by clicking the link below. 

10% OFF Brentwood Home With Code: OSG10

If Me & My Partner Can’t Decide… Bear Hybrid

brooklyn aurora vs bear hybridWith so many great options you and your bed mate might not be on the same page when time comes to choose. Which is why we have a great suggestion for couples looking for the perfect compromise. The Bear Hybrid. This bed offers one feel, but it happens to offer one feel that is actually one of the most truly universal comfort options out there.

The hybrid style build offers a solid coil system with a combination of dense yet pliable foams. The medium-firm feel with a slightly plush top really accommodates all sizes, shapes and sleeping styles. Making it one of the best options for couples we’ve seen. Not only that but the unique cover has some added features that help your body recover faster while you rest. Making it an awesome choice for athletes or anyone needing some added healing while they sleep.

Check out more about this unique bed in the Bear Hybrid review HERE. And purchase yours by clicking the link!

35% OFF Bear Mattresses HERE!

If I Want a Natural Mattress… Avocado 

avocado mattress columbus day saleSo many of us are taking more action and accountability about not only what we put into our body, but also on and around our body. Mattresses being no exception. The Avocado mattress is one of the truly 100% organic mattresses on the market. This unique mattress is accompanied by a brand that takes the initiative in several ways when it comes to sustainability and quality products.

Not only is this bed Earth friendly and handmade in SoCal, it also is one of the most durable and well made options out there. Which just goes to show, mother nature knows a thing or two that man-made can’t quite live up to. This bed is a latex hybrid that offers recycled steel coils covered in Dunlop latex. Topped off with either a vegan cotton or natural wool for added plushness and finished with a natural cotton cover. This multi-certified mattress is no joke for the true naturalist.

See what else makes this bed green in our Avocado review HERE. And get the best savings by clicking below!

Avocado Mattresses Coupon | $800 OFF

If I Can’t Pick Just One… Crystal Cove by Brentwood Home

cedar vs crystal cove reviewSometimes it is hard to decide. Do you want the memory foam or latex hybrid bed? Both sounds appealing. Both have tons of benefits. But, you can only pick one… or can you?! The Crystal Cove flippable mattress by Brentwood Home actually gives you the best of both by offering a unique two sided mattress.

The special thing about the Crystal Cove is the fact that it may have a solid steel coil system in the center, but it is sandwiched between a latex foam and a memory foam. This means you can have your cake and eat it too. By way of sleep. While both sides are great for accommodating most sleeping styles the latex will be slightly firmer and more responsive. While the natural contour of the memory foams gives it a slightly softer feel. Giving you two great beds in one.

Learn more about this bed in the Crystal Cove review HERE. And save 15% with our exclusive coupon below. 

10% OFF Brentwood Home With Code: OSG10

If I Want An All Foam Bed… Loom & Leaf

loom & leaf mattress comfort If you haven’t already noticed a trend I will point it out. Every mattress we have recommended thus far is a hybrid. Mostly because these beds offer the best of an all foam and the best of a innerspring mattress. Making an all foam sometimes less appealing. However, there are still a few memory foam beds out there that make the cut of truly amazing options. One such bed is the Loom & Leaf by Saatva.

This memory foam bed takes this style to the next level. While we all would love to be able to afford the luxury Tempur-Pedic memory foam mattress the price tags are sometimes a little daunting. Which is why having an alternative option that is a little easier on the bank account is appreciated. This mattress offers a pressure relieving feel that is still easy to move on. It also offers solid support and two comfort options.

Get all the details in our Loom and Leaf review HERE. And click below to ensure the most savings! 

Latest Loom & Leaf Mattress Coupon Automatically Applied HERE!

If I Need An Affordable Mattress… Cocoon Chill

Cocoon mattress is better than the casper mattress find out whySome of us need to sleep well but not spend a small fortune on a new mattress. We get it and that is why we have a great option for you! The Cocoon Chill by Sealy is a solid and well made all foam bed that comes in at a great price. Especially when you add our amazing coupon to the already affordable price too.

While we have noticed many affordable beds to use cheaper materials or not be as comfortable the Cocoon mattress is far from that. With solid foams and plenty of pressure relief you get a great mattress for the price. This bed is ideal for guest rooms or kids rooms as well. But, it is still a great buy even for two adults sharing a mattress. A truly great find for under a $1000.

35% OFF Cocoon Mattresses Coupon HERE!

If I Want The Tried & True… Tempur-Pedic

Most of us already know that when it comes to mattresses TempurPedic is one of the best. Between their NASA engineered foams to their super cooling covers to their almost magical bases you get a unique experience with any mattress you buy. Offering a full line-up of affordable to expensive and everything in between you can get exactly what you want.

While in years past you would have to visit your local mattress retailer to purchase a Tempur-Pedic you can now try it out for yourself in home. With a 90-day trial and free delivery your new Tempur mattress is closer than you think. They have a variety of options from all foam to hybrids. All featuring various types of their patented memory foam that relieves pressure like no other. If you truly want the best of the best, a Tempurpedic doesn’t disappoint.

See which TempurPedic is best for you in our review HERE. or click the button below to check out the full line up and get access to the best savings!

Tempur-Pedic Latest Coupons & Savings