Mattress Review Cocoon Chill Hybrid

cocoon chill hybrid mattress

When it comes to online mattresses the options may be overwhelming. Leaving you wondering which one to choose? However, there are a few brands that have been around from the start of this online bedroom boom. They not only have experience, but also a trusted reputation and solid following.

Cocoon by Sealy is one of these brands. Offering their original all foam mattress-in-a-box that gave you a solid memory foam mattress at an affordable price and convenient delivery. Now this brand is offering their latest and greatest model, the Cocoon Chill Hybrid. Taking the best of their pressure relieving memory foam and pairing it with the flexible support of coils for a more balanced and comfortable mattress.

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Cocoon Chill Hybrid: At A Glance

  • cocoon chill hybrid12″ Thick | 4 Layers + Cover
  • Universal Medium-Firm Comfort
  • Minimal Motion Transfer
  • Sleeps Temperature Neutral
  • Offers Solid Edge Support
  • USA Made
  • 100-Night Sleep Trial & 10-Year Warranty
  • Price Before Coupon: $1139- $2310
  • Exclusive 35% OFF Coupon: OSG35

Cocoon Hybrid Video Review

Don’t want to read our review of the Chill Hybrid by Cocoon? We don’t blame you! Which is why we have our detailed video mattress review too. That way you have a chance to see the mattress for yourself and hear our personal opinion too.

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Cocoon Chill Hybrid Mattress Review

If an “at-a-glance” view isn’t enough, no worries, we have plenty of detailed information below. Our in-depth mattress review of the Cocoon Chill Hybrid will take a look at this mattress inside and out and cover every aspect of what you can expect from this new mattress.

To start we will look at what makes up this mattress in the materials. Than we will look at the comfort of this bed and who it will be best suited for. After that we will review additional benefits this mattress provides and than wrap up with the buying basics with Cocoonbysealy.com.

What Is The Cocoon Hybrid Mattress Made Of?

What is the old adage? It’s what’s on the inside that counts. This is a great way to look at buying a new mattress too. Taking a good look at what is on the inside of a mattress gives you a better idea of quality, comfort and durability. As well as allows you to better appreciate why this has made our list of best mattresses.

From top to bottom this mattress combines 4 layers of foam and coils, As well as it’s cover, to create a 12″ thick mattress. Below you will see a list of how the materials are layered from top to bottom.

cocoon chill hybrid materials

Cocoon Hybrid Material Layers: 

  • Cool To The Touch Cover
  • 1″ Perfect Fit Comfort Memory Foam: Initial Soft Comfort Layer
  • 2″ Perfect Fit Transition Memory Foam: Deep Comfort Contouring Memory Foam Layer
  • 8″ Active Support Coil Layer: Quantum Edge Coil Unit with Reinforced Perimeter
  • 1″ Essential Support Layer: Dense Base Support Foam

The layers of the Cocoon Luxury & Cooling Hybrid mattress are ideal to provide an adaptable surface that focuses on creating amazing balance. Between slower responding memory foam layers and more responsive and supportive coils, you get the best of both worlds. Making this mattress one stands out from many others.

cocoon chill cool to the touch coverThe memory foam used in the Cocoon mattresses is thick, dense and a great at relieving pressure. In my opinion this memory foam is more comparable to that found in a Tempurpedic. When you take these layers and add a innerspring support system the mattress suddenly becomes far more appealing. By taking two components that are very distinct in feel and combining them you actually create a feel that is even better than either alone.

To top it off the Cocoon Hybrid wouldn’t be the Chill without it’s amazing cool to the touch cover. This cover is the same cover found in the original Cocoon, but when paired with the heat dissipation of a coil system it gets to shine even brighter. Making the materials of this mattress truly impressive.

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How Firm Is The Cocoon Hybrid by Sealy?

After learning what’s inside the Cocoon hybrid you’ll surely understand why it sounds so appealing from a comfort standpoint. The combination of contouring memory foam with buoyant and precision support springs gives this mattress a feel that many will appreciate. It’s not too firm, not too soft, not to slow responding and not too quick responding feel makes it a great option for every sleeper.

Besides the ideal combination of materials, the universal comfort comes in at an almost perfect “sweet spot” of firmness. On a scale of 1 to 10, this bed comes in at 6 out of a 10. Making it just a tad firmer than a true medium. The most popular and complimentary firmness level desired in a new mattress.

cocoon hybrid comfort

Who Will Like The Cocoon Chill Hybrid?

cocoon chill hybrid mattress reviewThe firmness, or comfort level of the Cocoon Hybrid mattress, will appeal to most every sleeper. By being in the firmness range that is just a tad firmer than a medium you really cover the entire spectrum of sleepers who will be comfortable. Meaning that whether you sleep on your side, back or stomach this bed will mold to your bodies needs.

While many people like the idea of a memory foam mattress they often find themselves disappointed with how little give it has and sometimes a feeling of being stuck. But, when you add a coil system that allows for more flexible support that moves with you it balances the feel of the mattress without taking away the benefits of dense memory foam. Giving you a win-win.

Basically this mattress will appeal to anyone who likes the pressure relief of memory foam but dislikes feeling stuck and hot. The design really allows for you to have the best of both worlds and the materials lend themselves to finding a compromise almost any sleeper can agree upon.

We also love how this mattress feels right from the start. Most new mattresses have a tendency of being a little too firm right out of the gate. The Cocoon Hybrid’s materials allow you to have optimal support but also comfortable right away. Most beds feel like you need to give them a generous “break in” time period, but this mattress isn’t like that. Which definitely helps give you that true medium feel right away.

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How Will The Cocoon Hybrid Bed Perform?

Clearly comfort and materials are high on the priorities list of buying a new mattress. However, there are a few other categories to consider when getting a new bed. We like to look at how well a mattress will do at isolating motion, sleeping temperature neutral and its ability to hold up around the perimeter. Below is our opinion on how the Cocoon Chill Hybrid does in these categories.

new cocoon chill hybrid

Motion Isolation:

cocoon hybrid motion transferOne thing we loved about the original Cocoon Mattress is how well it performed in motion isolation. The dense layers of foam do an outstanding job of minimizing any partner disturbance. The great thing with the new Cocoon Hybrid is that they use the same solid memory foams and partnered them with a coil system that uses individually encased coils. Meaning that you can have your cake and eat it too.

We always appreciate a mattress that minimizes motion transfer, but most often an all foam outperforms a hybrid. But, this mattress really goes above and beyond compared to other hybrids when it comes to motion isolation. The foams used in this mattress feel like shock absorbers that allow for little give. While the coils move directly up and down without creating vibration that spreads throughout the bed.

Together these materials do a great job of making this a great option for sleepers who are more sensitive to movement. Making it an ideal option for couples and anyone who shares a mattress looking for the pros of a hybrid and the pros of an all foam mattress.

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Sleeping Cool:

While memory foam is great for motion isolation it usually gets a bad rap for it’s ability to sleep cool, or even temperature neutral. However several aspects of the Cocoon Chill Hybrid take this into account and create a much more cool sleeping memory foam hybrid mattress. How can it not? It has Chill right in the name!

cocoon hybrid sleeping coolFirst of all, the design of a hybrid is crucial for ensuring there is a place for heat to dissipate. With plenty of airflow between the coils heat is reduced by natural dissipation.

Secondly, the cool to the touch cover of this bed goes above and beyond of not only it’s initial cooling factor but helps regulate and pull heat away from the body all night. This helps keep the surface more neutral which keeps your body heat from getting trapped into the memory foam below.

Lastly, the firmness of this bed also helps keep overheating at bay. By allowing you to be comfortable but still on top of a solid smooth surface means that you sink in less and thus less heat is trapped around you. All of these attributes make the Cocoon Chill truly chill and great for hot sleepers looking for the benefits of memory foam without the downsides.

Edge Support:

cocoon hybrid edge supportA mattress with a solid, fully usable perimeter is not only key for better sleep, but also for determining the overall quality of the bed. The Cocoon Hybrid is a very well made, durable mattress with materials that offer a solid feel throughout.

This mattress uses several materials that create not only great consistency, but stronger edges too. With reinforced steel coils that run around the edge you can add more pressure without it breaking down. Top that off with dense memory foam and you have a combination of materials that will provide plenty of stability from edge to edge.

This makes for a mattress that has great edge support and a surface that can be fully used and feel the same regardless of where you sleep. This durable perimeter not only creates an ideal sleeping surface but also a more usable edge for sitting. All around, this thick, well made mattress will be a great bed that will hold up, literally, from edge to edge very well.

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Ready To Buy A Cocoon by Sealy Mattress?

cocoon hybrid mattress reviewNow that you know all the facts about the newest Coccon by Sealy mattress, the Chill Hybrid, now it’s time to learn how to go about buying one for yourself. Ordering an online mattress has never been easier.

Not only is the actual checkout process super simple, but you get a great product delivered right to your door. Included you also get great customer service, an amazing trial periods and warranties as well as an outstanding price. Learn how the ordering, shipping and unboxing process works below.


cocoon hybrid adjustable baseOne thing we love about all the Cocoon mattresses is their very affordable price. Even though each mattress is well made, offers amazing materials and is ideally comfortable you don’t have to overpay. Each Cocoon hybrid bed is made in the USA with great materials and quality that will last. Though it might feel like an investment up front, this mattress will last and not disappoint.

The Cocoon Hybrid starts at $999 for a Twin, and in the most popular size, a queen, comes in at $1,499, and that’s before the latest savings. Depending on the size you need the prices will adjust accordingly. Offering every size from a Twin to a California King, and every size in between. With that price also comes a 100 night trial period, a 10 year warranty and FREE shipping.

Cocoon Chill Hybrid Coupon:

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Not only making the price better, but also the value. Make sure you save 35% on not only this mattress but also the original Cocoon mattress too! Make sure you click the link below and use our code to save.

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Just because a mattress is a great value it doesn’t mean that we all have $1000 sitting around to buy one. Which is why Cocoon also offer financing options to ensure you get your mattress sooner than later. Cocoon offers their own credit card that allows you to make monthly payments on your new bed. For more details learn more at CocoonbySealy.com.

Delivery & Set-Up:

cocoon by sealy chill hybrid boxWhen it comes to buying a bed-in-a-box mattress the delivery and set-up is a little different than buying from a traditional store. After you order you mattress online it will ship to you for free. It will be compressed, sealed in plastic and show up right at your door via Fed-Ex or UPS in a reasonably sized box.

The hardest part of the set-up process may be from getting it from your doorstep to your room. But, with two sets of hands it isn’t difficult at all. Once you get your boxed mattress to your remove all you need to do is remove it from the box, unroll it and cut the plastic away. It will quickly expand and initially come to life in less than a minute.

However, because of how this mattress is compressed you do want to give it plenty of time before sleeping on it. By allowing the mattress to not only fully expand but also air out any new mattress smells. We like to recommend giving it at least 8+ hours before sleeping on it. However, once it is ready all you need to do is enjoy your new mattress!

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Cocoon In Home Trial Period & Warranty:

With your new Cocoon Hybrid mattress you’ll get a 100 night trial period. This is a full 3+ months to ensure that you love your new bed. We always suggest giving your mattress a minimum of 30 days to “break in” and fully allow your body to adjust to the new comfort and support. However, if you aren’t finding this mattress to be a good fit, no problem. Returns are FREE and easy.

Also included is a 10 year warranty. This is not only a testament to the quality of materials and construction of each Cocoon bed, but also the companies confidence in their product. The warranty covers any manufacturing flaws or defects as well as any abnormal ware that occurs with normal use. Giving you the reassurance that you will have a high quality mattress that will last you for many years.

cocoon hybrid mattress review

Manufacturer Promises

  • Shipping Free Shipping
  • Trial Period 100 Night Trial
  • Warranty 10 Year Warranty

Current Pricing

  • Twin $1139
  • Twin XL $1309
  • Full $1469
  • Queen $1699
  • King $1999
  • Cal King $1999
Also, remember Our Sleep Guide is here to help and make sure you find the best mattress for you! Contact Us. We would love to help you in any way we can.