November 15, 2019

DIY Natural Linen Spray

make your own linen spray diy project

We love fresh smelling linens, but we don’t always have enough time to wash and dry our sheets to get them as fresh as possible. So for those times in between washes, it is nice to have a little something to freshen up your sheets, make them smell nice and maybe even knock out a wrinkle or two.

However, fabric fresheners often found in stores are typically overly scented with synthetic scents and overpriced. So we have a solution! Save money and make your own DIY natural linen spray instead. Follow along to learn how we made this simple yet effective linen and room spray.

diy linen spray

What You’ll Need:

Our Preferred Blend of Oils:

A linen spray for your bed simply isn’t complete without Lavender. This calming and sleep inducing scent is almost mandatory. Which is why we knew right away that we wanted to give our DIY natural linen spray a base of Lavender Essential Oils.

what to look for when buying essential oilsThen, we added Bergamot, not only another great bedtime scent but a personal favorite too. This essential oil is wonderful for soothing the soul and gently lifting your spirit when you’re feeling down.

Lastly we added a touch of Orange to brighten up this scent a little and give it a fresh and clean finish. We chose Orange because it is a less invigorating citrus scent than a grapefruit, lime, or lemon would be. Making Orange Essential Oils better suited to use on bed linens.

This recipe is absolutely adaptable to different scent preferences. If you would rather have your linens smell of rosemary and lemon, then change the essential oils as you wish. Continue reading past the “How To” section for some of our favorite essential oil blends.

Some essential oils and certain fragrances should be avoided before bed. We make it easy to find the best scents for sleep and to use in your bedroom in our post the Best Bedroom Fragrances

How To DIY Linen Spray

Step 1:

Put your 4 ounces of Witch Hazel into your measuring cup. When selecting your witch hazel make sure it contains only witch hazel and alcohol and that it does not contain other ingredients like glycerin, aloe, or synthetic scents, which is often found in facial toners. We used this Witch Hazel which you can find on Amazon.

diy essential oil linen spray
Step 2:

Add the essential oils of your choice to the Witch Hazel and stir. The Witch Hazel will act as an emulsifying agent to the essential oils so they mix properly with the water. We picked Lavender, Bergamot, and Orange for a calming mix of soothing and refreshing scents.

diy essential oil projects
Step 3:

Add your distilled water to mixing cup and stir. Note: You could use tap or filtered water for this project, however the distilled water will ensure that your spray will be long lasting and limit any mold growth or mineral build up.

pillow spray you make yourself
Step 4:

Pour mixture into the spray bottle using the small funnel as needed. Close the spray bottle and shake thoroughly. Then you are ready to spray away and freshen up all of the linens in your home. Be sure to shake between uses and store in a cool dry place. (Like your linen closet)

easy fun essential oil project
Step 5:

Put the spray cap back onto the bottle and shake before use. We love how this combination of scents makes the room and linens smells so fresh and cozy. We do suggest giving this linen spray a good mix before using every time just to ensure the essential oils are well blended before each use.

make linen spray with easy instructions


all natural essential oil pillow sprayYou can use this spray in a number of different ways to freshen your home and life. We of course love to use this spray on our bed between washes simply to add a clean relaxing scent. However, you can also spray this on fabric furniture, rugs, throw blankets, or on throw pillows. This can also be sprayed in the air as an air freshener if you like.

One of my favorite uses is in my car on my fabric seats to give them a nice soothing scent to my car. If you use essential oils that are safe for pets, you can even use it on pet beds. Although if you go this route we suggest doing your research and lowering the amount of essential oils you add to your spray. Dogs can be especially sensitive to essential oils and we don’t want any pups getting sick.

Other Essential Oil Blends

types of essential oils that are good for restingWe love the mix of Lavender, Bergamot, and Orange for bed linens, it is soothing and lightly refreshing. However, here are a few other blends that you may love even more.

Lavender & Lemon: This is a great scent for all of your linens, great for refreshing towels that have been sitting in the linen closet for a little while. This blend is a favorite of Joanna Gaines.

Lime, Tea Tree, & Peppermint: To clean and refresh stubborn scents and fight bacteria.

Rose & Sandalwood: For a chic feminine feel with a cozy wood undertones. Great way to make you bedroom feel like a boutique hotel.

Cedar wood, Lavender, & Lime: For a soothing yet surprisingly masculine blend of essential oils.

Looking for a great starter kit with 18 ideal essential oils? The Radha Collection of natural essential oils offers just that. Offering 18 amazing smelling essential oils perfect for making your own blends. This kit has a wonderful variety and is perfect for pairing and creating so many combinations. Get yours HERE!


We specifically chose an Amber Glass bottle for this linen spray, not only because it looks lovely, but because it also protects the essential oils from going bad due to exposure to the sun. This is the one we used from Amazon. We suggest storing your linen spray in a cool dark location, conveniently similar to the conditions of most linen closets.

By using the amber glass, distilled water, and witch hazel that is pure (without added ingredients like glycerin or aloe) your linen spray will last much longer. You should be able to expect your linen spray to be good for 6 months to a year. Although, if you are anything like us, then you will likely use it all up before then.

As much as we love using linen spray between washes, you really should be washing or changing your sheets every 1-2 weeks. Sound like a lot? Click the link to read more and find out what else you should be doing to keep your bed clean and keep you healthy. 

DIY Natural Linen Spray: Final Thoughts

This DIY is so straight forward, easy to do, and inexpensive. Whether you are a DIY Pro or you are just starting out, this is a great DIY project for everyone. The hardest part of this DIY project is having enough patience to buy the materials (if you don’t already have them on hand) Otherwise, if you can shake it, you can make it.

We hope you have fun making your own linen spray and experimenting with a scent you love. If you make your own spray, tell us about it! You can email us through our Contact Us page or tag us on Facebook or Instagram @OurSleepGuide. We would love to see you enjoying your new linen spray.

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