August 31, 2019

Purple Seat Cushion Review

You probably know Purple for their quirky advertising and unique Smart Comfort Grid mattresses. Now they use that same technology to make sitting a more comfortable experience for your posterior. After trying out all of the awesome Purple Mattresses, we wanted to find out for ourselves just how comfortable the Purple Seat Cushion is.

So we decided it was about time the Our Sleep Guide team gave the Purple Seat Cushion a try. As I write this review, I am currently sat upon their Royal Purple Cushion, and feeling like a Queen. If you want to know all about their different cushion options along with whether or not we think it is worth it, keep reading.

purple seat cushion

Purple Seat Cushions – Options & Pricing

  • Purple Back Cushion ($39)

the purple back cushion reviewStarting off with probably the most unique of all the Purple Cushion options, the Back Cushion is made to sit on the back of your chair and provide lumbar support. This cushion is all about giving your back the proper support it needs in order to keep you comfortable all day long. So whether you’re in the office or on a road trip, this is a good option for back support. Especially if you suffer from pain or are sitting for longer than normal.

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  • Purple Everywhere Cushion ($39)

the everywhere purple seat cushionA thin cushion that is easy to fold and take with you. It is shaped specifically to provide optimal cushioning under your hip bones. Also designed to be easy to fold in half so it is extra easy and simple to transport. Best used on the go and in short bursts. We would typically think to use this seat cushion for situations like going to a football stadium. Sitting on those hard stadium stands, even if just for a couple hours can be uncomfortable at best.

  • Purple Portable Cushion ($39)

the protable purple seat cushion reviewA lightweight 2.7lbs, the Portable Cushion is perfect for just that. Carrying with you and using on the go. Making this the perfect way to add a little bit of comfort wherever you choose to take a seat. If you’re looking for a cushion to take with you on flights, this is the cushion for you. Large enough to supply plenty of support while still being light and easy to carry with you.

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  • Purple Simply Cushion ($59)

the simple cushion review for purpleComing in at 4lbs, this option is rather straight forward and cheaper than some of the upcoming options. If you are looking to try out the comfort of Purple Comfort Grid designs, this is a great place to start. Great for the office and so much more. If you want the comfort of a luxury cushion without the added height. (Like if you’re already rather tall and nearly hitting your head on the roof of your car) Then this is a great way to get that luxury feel without the added boost in height.

  • Purple Royal Cushion ($79)

purple royal seat cushionThe Royal is our cushion of choice and the one the following review is over. We picked this one because it best suited our needs of long sitting hours on harder surfaces. It weighs a total of 6lbs, making it doable but slightly more clumsy to travel with than the other lighter weight options. It is 1.25″ thick and very comfortable.

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  • Purple Double Cushion ($99)

the double duty purple seat cushionThis is a great cushion for long term use, truckers and people pulling double shifts, listen up this guy is for you. Comes with two levels of comfort grid, one side is slightly more supportive than the other. Allowing you to choose your comfort as you please. They say you can sit on this cushion for over 8 hours and still get optimal comfort.

  • Purple Ultimate Cushion ($129)

the ultimate purple seat cushion reviewThe largest, thickest, and most supportive out of all over the Purple Cushions, the Ultimate Cushion is the mother of seat cushion. Coming in at 7.3 lbs, this behemoth can seat you comfortably for longer than you ever imagined possible. If you sit for the mass majority of your day, this is a great option for you. Because it is so large, it won’t be the most convenient to carry around with you, but you could if you really wanted to with the help from the handled cover.

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Pressure Relief of the Purple Seat Cushion

sit for extended periods of timeOne of the big pain points (literally) with sitting for the majority of the day, it in the tail and sit bones. I also personally experienced the urge to constantly change positions and lower back pain. After using this cushion, I can confidently say that the majority of all my ache and pains are gone. Now if you have been sitting in the same position for decades, keep in mind that it might take more than a seat cushion to bring relief to your aches and pains.

My posture is about the same as it was previously, but I do catch myself sitting with better posture every once and a while. I believe this is because it is now more comfortable to sit with proper sign alignment, when before it would put too much pressure on my sit bones. Which would then cause me to hunch over in search of relieving those pressure points.

Sitting Cool on the Purple Seat Cushion

cooling seat cushion by purpleThe same Smart Comfort Grid pattern that Purple uses on the top of their mattresses can be found in these seat cushions.

The idea behind it not only allows pressure relief but it also encourages airflow while you’re sleeping and as you adjust. This mean whenever you move a little, your tush get a little bit of fresh air, helping you sit cool all day long.

I personally found that it would warm up a little as I sat still, but if I shifted around I would quickly find relief from the warmth as fresh air shifted underneath me.

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materials for seat cushionEach of the seat cushions are made out of the same Hyper-Elastic Polymer that the top comfort layer on the Purple Mattresses. The cover is made out of an extra stretchy and breathable polyester fabric.

This fabric really allows you to get the best out of your seat cushion. All the materials used to make these seat cushions are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and ultra-durable. Purple makes all of their cushions right here in the USA.


purple seat cushion comfortI found using the Purple Royal Seat Cushion to be incredibly comfortable overall. It feels like I can sit in just about any position I choose with comfort.

Whether I am sitting up straight, crossing my legs, or even if I slip into the bad habit of sinking forward and crouching over my keyboard, I still feel comfortable. As well as experience less back pain as a whole. I have also experienced less pain in the rear end as well.

Before using my Purple seat cushion I used to go to be with small aches and pains. I know go to bed comfortably, even on days when I am sitting for longer periods of time than usual. Specifically because of the pressure it relieves in every seated position.

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Ease of Transport:

The purple seat cushion reviewWhile ease of transport definitely varies between sizes and which cushion you purchase. I was surprised at the weight and density of the Royal Seat Cushion. It weighs 6 pounds, however it comes with a lightweight and comfortable black case.

This case also has a convenient handle. I found this handle made it very easy to bring the cushion from the office to the car and back again.

For those wanting a cushion for driving, I will say that it is good to take note of the thickness of the seat cushion you are looking for. I found that I needed to adjust my mirrors with the added height from the cushion. It did take some getting used to using while driving. If you’re especially tall, you might want to ensure you have enough head room before purchasing one of the thicker options.

If you are wanting to take your seat cushion with you wherever you go, you may find that their Everywhere Cushion, or Portable Cushion will suit your needs better, as they are much smaller and easier to place in a large purse, backpack, or even briefcase.


Yes, you read that right. This seat cushion actually has a bit of noise to it when you sit and adjust. The pockets make slight suction plastic sounds when they collapse under pressure or when they pop back up to provide support.

While the noise is very soft and not overly distracting, I believe it is good to mention encase you are planning on using this cushion somewhere you need to be extra quiet, then you might notice the noise more. However, as long as you are not needing to be completely silent, the sound of everyday life will easily overpower it.

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Staying Put:

sit for extended periods of timeThe lightweight case that goes on top of the cushion does have non slip nubs in order to prevent any slippage as you move in your seat. These do help immensely with keeping your cushion in place. However, I did find as I would get in and out of my chair after several hours, it might bunch up slightly toward the back on the chair.

It was easy to readjust and I did not find this to be consistent enough to feel like I needed to find another way to keep it still. (Like non slip pads to go underneath.) This may also be because I used this on a slick hard chair. You may find traditional office chairs will supply more grip and cause less movement overall.

Care Instruction:

For the black cover, which I prefer to use both when transporting and for use, can simply be machine washed on cold and tumble dry on low. I hung my cover to dry and it did very well. Overtime dust, fabric particles, and dirt may stick to your purple cushion. Purple suggests simply washing by hand with warm water and gentle detergent. Lay out to air dry, do not put your cushion in the dryer.

Shipping & Warranty:

shipping and warranty for seat cushion by purpleShipping for any of these cushions comes free! With price of purchase you will also get a 30-Day Trial from date of delivery and a 1-Year Warranty. This give you plenty of time to try out your seat cushion and shows that they believe in the longevity of their product and it’s materials.

So you can feel comfortable that your cushion will last you a long time. If for any reason within the 30 day trial period you decide that your Purple Cushion wasn’t right for you. No worries, you can ship it back for free and get your money back.

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Purple Seat Cushion Overall

At the end of the day I am incredibly happy with the Royal Purple Seat Cushion. It makes sitting throughout the day much more enjoyable and comfortable. The cover is a great addition and I love that it comes with a convenient handle, which makes it much easier to move as I please.

I must confess that I have been known to take it away from the office and into the kitchen for dinner or sitting at our kitchen table, just because. Even if I am not sitting for very long, I really enjoy sitting on the Purple cushion. With so many options available there is bound to be one that will work for you and your needs as well.

sit comfortably with the purple cusion

If you have any questions regarding Purple Cushions or any of their other products, let us know! Simply send us email us through our Contact Us page and we will be happy to get back to you as soon as we can.