September 3, 2019

JJWinks Sleepwear & Loungewear Review

jjwinks sleepwear reviewThe creators of JJWinks, Lisa & Kelly, set out on a mission to fill a gap in the world of pajama and loungewear. They realized that comfortable pajamas often consisted of old worn out t-shirts and sweat pants. And if you look for a cuter option you’re left with lingerie. Often so uncomfortable that the idea of sleeping in it is unthinkable. So they decided to fill this gap with their buttery soft, superbly modest, and oh so adorable pj’s and lounge wear. Introducing the JJWinks Sleepwear & Loungewear collection for women.

You not only get discreet, quality and super cute options. They also insist on using high quality, eco-friendly fabrics made in America. As well as USA production and labor. Learn more about this amazing brand that every woman would appreciate and love below.

jj winks pajamas review

Not Your Average Pajamas:

built in bra comfortable pajamas reviewPajamas and loungewear in one! Both comfortable and adorable. The creators of JJWinks wanted pajamas that have the feel of your favorite cotton t-shirt, but the delicate and feminine appeal of lingerie. But, it seemed to them that what was available on the market was all or nothing. You had to choose between cute or comfort. Which is where their vision to combine those two worlds began.

They did just that! Their adorable pajamas are silky soft and breathable, making them perfect for sleeping. While also being so stylish and modest that you will want to show them off to your friends and house guests. And even out of the house if you wanted too. With their classy, yet completely modest design they invented a line of functional and stylish sleep and lounge wear that goes beyond the bedroom.

What is Special About The Light Hug Collection?

jjwink light hug collection

JJ’s trademarked Light Hug collection is made specifically to enhance modesty. No one wants to wear a bra at night, but sometimes you want that little extra coverage so you don’t feel exposed. That is what their Light Hug collection does for you.

It is not quite a built in bra, it is not made to lift or support cleavage. What it is – a material that gently hugs around your breasts, providing a little extra coverage and modesty. All while being super comfortable and providing just enough extra coverage your favorite t-shirt would certainly not have.

The addition and design of the shearing in the front is intentional. This not only adds a super cute and feminine flare, but also acts as a delicate camouflage for your nipples as well.

Making the slumber party top, moonlighting top, sweet dreams top and the girl trip nightgown the perfect combination of discreet and cute loungewear with ample coverage and simple, yet comfy sleepwear too.

jjwinks light hug collection

Where Do They Make Them?

JJWinks is based out of LA and they do just about everything in Los Angeles, California. From production to shipping, and everything in between, your new sleep and loungewear is carefully crafted right in the USA. Even all their fabrics are made only by US fabric makers. Ensuring only the best and finest materials are put into each garment. With each piece carefully sewn in California, it is safe to say goodbye to foreign sweatshop labor.


natural fibers eco ethical friendly pajamas reviewJJWinks wanted their pajamas to be made out of a soft, natural, and breathable material. This is why all of their products are made out of a 95% Modal and 5% Spandex blend. The spandex adds a stretch for extra comfort and support. While the Modal fibers our made out of tree cellulose. The process of making Modal fabric is more gentle on the environment than the process to make other synthetic fibers. And results in a impressive material that is perfect for lounge and sleepwear.

The combination of modal and spandex creates a truly smooth and silky feel that also drapes perfectly. While still being light and breathable and ideally comfortable, especially for pajamas. As well as just stretchy enough to fit perfectly. Their fabric blend is one of the ways they are able to create the perfect fabric that lends itself to discretion while not sacrificing comfort or cuteness.

JJWinks Sleepwear Options:

JJ’s is certainly most known for their “Light Hug” collection, but that’s not all they offer. While their comfortable yet discreet tops and nightgowns offer something for everyone they also have a variety of bottoms and robes too. Giving you mix and match pieces that you can use all year long.

JJWinks Tops & Nightgowns

jjwinks nightgown and topsEach of their tops and nightgowns feature their clever light hug design that gives you just enough coverage without taking away from the soft feel. Their most popular top is their tank, also called the Slumber Party Top and it currently comes in 13 colors. They also offer a t-shirt option, the Sweet Dreams Top, that is available in 3 colors while their long sleeve tee, the Moonlighting Top, is available in 4 colors. Each top uses the same cute draped design over the front, and features cutout details in the back.

When it comes to the nightgowns you also have three options. They most popular of these is the short, tank option also know as the Girl Trip Nightgown. While there is a slightly longer tank option called the Room Service Maxi Nightgown. And lastly the Pillow Talk Nightgown that is short but offers a flutter cap sleeve. Each coming in a variety of colors too. Each robe and top is available in Extra Small, Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Providing ideal options for almost any women looking for comfy, cute sleepwear.

JJWinks Bottoms & Robes

jjwinks robe and pantsWhen it comes to bottoms you have several options to choose from yet again. Between two styles of shorts and two styles of pants, you’recovered. Their most popular pant is the yoga style Happy Hour Pant that comes in 11 colors. But, if you’re more of a leggings lady than your also have the Cloud 9 Legging too that comes in 4 color options.

If pants aren’t your thing and you’d prefer shorts than you are in luck. The Walk of Fame short is a flattering pair of sleep shorts that fit ideally for comfort and function. Offered in 7 colors with a 3″ inseam you’ll surely love these shorts for sleep or for lounging. Each of the bottom options is made of the same soft and comfortable fabric modal and spandex blend and all perfectly compliment the tops.

Lastly is the JJWinks sleepwear robes. They offer one classic style known as the Hygge robe that comes in 5 colors. This robe is great for layering and is not too short or too long. Giving you a soft cover up that is perfect for lounging.


You can get cheap pajamas anywhere. In fact you probably have a handful of t-shirts in your pajama drawer that you got for free from different organizations or events throughout the years.

modest pajamas and lounge wear by JJ Winks Review

However, JJWinks does not make your standard pajamas. With JJWinks sleepwear and loungewear you are going to want to wear these out of the house. Their patented Light Hug technology gives you the modesty you need with plenty of adorable styles that we all want. And the comfort that makes them feel amazing and just sexy enough. These pajamas go far beyond the bedroom, unlike most other options. Giving them far more value than your typical women’s sleepwear.

Their pieces range from $49 – $110, depending on which styles you choose. Also, the colors do change out from time to time, allowing for some of the older colors to come in at a more affordable price point in their “last few” section. And every JJWinks Pajama Set is made in the USA with the highest quality of materials and standards. They also come with free shipping and free returns, giving you another perk.

jjwinks sleepwear review


Per the suggested care instructions from JJWinks, wash your JJWinks sleepwear or loungewear on a cold water setting. You can then tumble dry on low or hang dry. However, if you decide to hang dry be sure that you do not hang from the straps.

This is because when the garment is wet it will add more weight than the straps are designed to hold. Which means hanging from the strap may stretch out your shirt or nightgown. If you want to hang dry, we suggest laying it out instead.

JJWinks Sleepwear & Loungewear Overview

Overall, these are adorable pieces that are definitely worth giving a try if you’re looking to up your pajama game. These pajamas really are the best of both worlds. They are incredibly comfortable to sleep in while also being so cute that you’re going to want to show them off. And with their Light Hug, you will be modest enough that you actually can wear them around friends, family, and house guests without hesitation.

review of the JJ Winks Louge Wear

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