September 3, 2019

Infinity Travel Pillow Review

the infinity travel pillow reviewAirplanes are uncomfortable and traditional travel pillows are awkward and frankly just don’t work for everyone. Now there is a new pillow on the market that is not only completely different but can be used in a many different positions, we are talking about the Infinity Travel Pillow.

Utilitarian enough to please just about everyone, and looks cool enough to be featured on your IG. We are going to dissect every aspect of this pillow from what it is made out of, how to carry it, wash it, and even all the many ways you can use it on the go. Keep reading to learn what the Infinity Pillow is all about.

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silky bamboo travel pillow caseWhen they designed the Infinity pillow, they really knew what they were doing. They needed a filling that would be flexible and have enough buoyancy and push back to have a soft yet supportive pillow. This is why they choose Polyester for the filling. While it isn’t the most luxurious of fillings, it gets the job down rather well and effectively.

They also needed to make sure the outside of the pillow was washable, soft to the touch, and breathable. This is why they chose a bamboo fabric for the outer colored pillow case. This extra breathable bamboo fabric will keep you nice and cool while also being super silky soft.


sleep positions on planes with infinity travel pillowArguable the coolest part of the Infinity Pillow is that there are so many different ways you can use it. So many in fact that it might seem like an infinite amount of ways. Not only is this a super comfortable pillow, but if you cover your ears or eyes it has the added benefit of blocking out light and cancel out noises. We will now go through some of the suggested positions for sleeping, napping or just lounging with your Infinity Pillow.

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Traditional Travel Sleep
nontraditional travel pillow review

This is the position for you if you’re really looking to replace the standard travel pillow shape. The sitting straight in your seat and needing a little neck support when you start to nod off.

In order to get that needed neck support, simply place your Infinity pillow around your head and then loop in back around your neck. Then adjust the loop by pulling to get comfortable.

This will not only support your neck from side to side like a traditional travel pillow but also if your head tends to fall straight forward as well.

Ultimate Neck Support
best nontraditional travel pillow on the market

For the ultimate amount of neck support, simply take the entire pillow and wrap it around the back of your neck. Then tuck one end through the loop of the other. Very similar to wearing a scarf.

This gives you the maximum amount of neck support while also giving you some ear coverage, cutting down on outside noise.

If you suffer from neck or upper back, and shoulder pain, then this is a very good position for you to try out.

Window Sleeper
different kind of travel pillow

If you are stuck by the window, then you are lucky enough to have another surface in which you can lean against. Unfortunately airplane windows are not very comfortable.

Thankfully the Infinity Pillow is here to the rescue. One way to use this pillow against the window is by putting your wrists on the inside of the pillow. Then lay with your hand supporting your head against the window.

This is comfortable and keeps your from smooshing your face against the window, which lets be honest is probably not the cleanest thing you could be putting your face on.

Lap Tray Snoozer
minimalist utilitarian travel pillow

Sometimes it is just nice to get a change to put your head down for a minute. However, the fold out plast airplane trays lack in plush comfort, who would’ve guessed?

For this position, wrap the Infinity Travel Pillow in any kind of supportive twisted ball you please. You can wrap your hands in it.

Or if you want to cover your eyes and ears, you could simply wrap the pillow around your head and lay it down. Your options really are limitless.

Lower Back Support

Airplane seat typically lack severely in lumbar support. While in short periods of time, this isn’t such a big deal. After a while this can really effect your comfort and ability to remain still.

There are a few ways you can go about wrapping this pillow around your back. We like the plain and simple way best. Just put the pillow wrapped around your lower back. While the picture has the arms hooked in, this is not really necessary.

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Ease of Travel

review on the infinite travel pillowWhile an entire duvet and full sized pillow could be very comfortable while sitting in your seat on the plane, it would be a pain in the tush to carry around the airport with you. This is why it is important not only for travel pillows to be comfortable, but that they are also incredibly easy to carry, get out, put away, and don’t take up too much space.

While the Infinity Travel Pillow is long, it coils up rather nicely, allowing you to wrap it up and squeeze it into small spaces like in a bag or carry on. You can also wrap the pillow around your suitcase handle, or simply wear it around your neck.

It comes in such beautiful colors, people will honestly assume you’re wearing a nice winter scarf. The Infinity pillows weighs just over 1lb. While this might seem rather light it is heavier than other commonly used travel pillows. Still it is light enough to comfortably carry or wear around the airport without any trouble.


care for the infinity travel pillowFor most travel pillows, spot treating stains and spills is really the only answer. When you think about how dirty traveling can be and all of the germs floating around in the air, this starts to get a bit concerning.

Thankfully the Infinity is completely washable. The care instructions on the Infinity Pillow say to wash on low temperatures and not to tumble dry. So hang dry it is. We also suggest using gentle detergents that do not contain bleach.

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carrying case for travel pillowThere are options and add ons available for your Infinity Pillow. They come in a range of absolutely adorable colors, including Grey, Pink, Green, Navy, Burgundy, and Khaki. If you want a travel bag for your pillow, no problem they have a canvas drawstring bag that you can purchase to keep your pillow safe.

They also make an adorable thick strapped eye mask that is silky soft and won’t mess up your hair. This eye mask comes in three different colors. It is also made with the same Bamboo fabric as the pillow.


compact travel pillowWhile this pillow is going to set you back a little bit more than the average travel pillow, you are getting a lot more value for your money. It can be used in so many different ways and positions that it add more comfort options to your traveling than a normal pillow would. It is also easily washable, which allows you to comfortably use it for much longer as well.

  • Infinity Pillows – $39
  • Eye Mask – $15
  • Pillow Travel Case – $8.50

All purchases come with free 6-13 day shipping (this is dependent on location and availability) If you would like to get your pillow earlier, you can pay for a rush delivery that will get your pillow to you within 3-4 business days.

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Infinity Travel Pillow Overall:

This is a very unique travel pillow that is unlike anything we have every seen before. It is a simple design that allows its user to decide how to use it for themselves. There is an endless amount of ways you can cuddle up with this travel pillow, which is why we like it so much. Since it is so adjustable, there is bound to be a position of use for just about everyone. If you aren’t sold yet, go ahead and give it a try for yourself. There is only one way to see if the Infinity Travel Pillow is right for you, get yours now at InfinityPillow.com.

perfect comfort from the infinity travel pillow

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