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the original purple sheets review

A lot of standard run of the mill sheets out there are stiff and prevent you from getting the maximum amount of comfort out of your mattress. Purple saw this problem and wanted to shake things up, as they tend to do.

Purple took cool breathable bamboo viscose, added some extra stretch and POOF! The Purple Sheets were born. Stick around to learn more about how these sheets work and what we think about them in our Purple Sheets Review.

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Original Purple Sheets – At A Glance

  • 10% Spandex
  • 90% Bamboo-Derived Viscose
  • Sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, King/CA King, Split King
  • Hypoallergenic
  • 1-Year Warranty 
  • Trial Period
  • Free Shipping
  • Latest Pricing Found Here!

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bambooTo maximize the comfort of your mattress, Purple design their sheets to have plenty of stretch. They did this by creating a blend of 90% viscose from bamboo, and 10% spandex. This blend makes for a lightweight, breathable, soft fabric that is ideal for snuggling up and heading off to sleep.

Bamboo viscose is a great material for bedding because it is very breathable. In fact, the Purple Sheets are about 83% more breathable than Egyptian cotton sheets. The combination of breathable viscose and stretchy spandex allows these sheets to maximize the comfort of your mattress. This is especially true if you are sleeping on a Purple mattress. Purple specializes in mattresses that allow for extra airflow and pressure relief. These sheets allow the mattress to perform at its best.

Are the Purple Sheets Comfortable?

comfortable soft stretchy purple sheets When traditional sheets are pulled tight, they often cause a lot of tension over the top of the mattress. This provides a stiff feeling as you lay on it and prevents you from getting pressure relief needed from the top few layers of your mattress. Instead it causes discomfort and pressure points. Which is the entire reason Purple created their own sheets.

They added spandex to their bamboo viscose sheets to give it plenty of stretch. This allows your sheets to fit over your mattress while also allowing for pressure relief. This allows you to benefit fully from the comfort layers created in your mattress beneath. The Purple Sheets work especially nicely with the Purple Mattresses, however they also pair beautifully with just about every mattress you put them on.

The viscose from bamboo is a very breathable fabric. It has a smooth finish to the sheets that is very comfortable and does a great job at staying cool. They lightweight breathable sheets are ideal for allows lots of airflow in order to stay cool throughout the night.

Original Purple Sheets – Value:

purple sheets price are they worth it?

Yet another reason to love the Purple Sheets, is that they come in at such a great price point. In almost ever size you can take home a Purple Sheet Set for under $100. This is a great deal and much lower in price than most of the sheets we review.

The Purple Sheets are stretchy, soft, durable, and more importantly they maximize the comfort of your mattress. Making these sheets a great investment. We think they are well worth the price. You also get a 1-year warranty for these sheets.

Twin/Twin XL: $89
Full/Queen: $99
King/California King: $99
Split King: $119

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Care Instructions:

stretchy bamboo sheets Worried that these sheets might be fussy or need special care instructions? Well you can stop worrying, the Purple Sheets are very simple to keep clean.

Purple recommends that you wash on a cold cycle with gentle detergent. Then to dry the first recommend hang drying, although you can tumble dry on low if you prefer.

Purple does not recommend ironing these sheets. However, this should not be much of an issue as the blend makes these sheets rather wrinkle resistant.

Original Purple Sheets – Final Thoughts:

The Purple sheets are just as unique as the mattress they were created for to top. Designed for cool comfort in mind, you will be able to sleep extra snuggly with this sheet set. The price is pretty standard compared to other sheet sets on the market.

These are a great companion to the Purple Mattress, but can also be a great addition to any bed. If you have a thicker mattress be sure to measure before you order. These sheets are 16 inches deep, which will fit many sheets but might not fit if you have an extra topper or a thicker mattress. These Purple Sheets are a great option if you are looking for a way to stay cooler at night. Definitely worth a try.

comfortable purple stretchy sheets

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