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Accessory Review Purple Sheets Review

bamboo purple sheets

Two words: Purple bamboo. Surely you’ve never heard anything like it, because there is nothing else like it. Forget about thread count, and make purple bamboo sheets the topper to your sleep experience, literally.

Purple bamboo sheets are known for being crazy-soft, super stretchy, and so comfortable, you’ll never want to get out of bed.

The heavy duty elastic creates a snug fit on any mattress and is stretchy enough to wrap your body in any sleeping position.

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bambooStarchy rigid sheets are the bane of sleeping comfy, but Purple bamboo ultra flex sheets make sure it stays comfy, just like the science intended.

Forget Egyptian Cotton and thread counts, Purple sheets are 83% more breathable. These sheets are 10% Spandex and 90% bamboo-derived Viscose. This combination creates a stretchy and extra breathable sheet.

Why the added stretch you ask? The spandex in these sheets are perfect for getting the maximum benefits out of the Purple Mattress.

And the viscose from bamboo creates a sheet that is softer and more durable. Not to mention cooler; thick, tight-knit sheets can trap your body heat. But the naturally breathable bamboo used in Purple sheets allows you to sleep cool all night long.

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purple sheet setAverage sheets tend to stiffen and snag wash after wash. But Purple bamboo sheets are made from natural bamboo. They stay smooth no matter how many times you wash them.

You can rest assured and sleep happy that Purple sheets are eco-friendly. Which means no pandas or plants are hurt in the making of them. Bamboo grows quickly and with less water than other materials. This is due to that bamboo is technically a grass and not a tree. This means it is economically friendly to grow and is easily renewable. The antimicrobial hypoallergenic fibers help you feel great inside and out.

The added stretch in these sheets are the perfect companion to any Purple Mattress. Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid design helps relieve pressure points and gives heat a chance to escape. These sheets are specifically designed to give you the maximum benefits. The stretch allows you to sink into the mattress where you need to most.

They are also great for other mattresses, the breathability and stretch is going to help keep you cool and comfortable with any mattress you put them on.

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purple sheets colorsThe Purple sheets come in a variety of colors: Purple (of course), White, Slate, and Sand. So the sheets you choose can match any style. They are available in all sizes including Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen , King, California King, and even a Split King.

Which means size won’t stop you from sleeping like royalty. The sheets have a pocket depth of 16” which is perfect for Purple but might be a little snug for anyone with a thicker mattress, if you have a mattress topper, or a pillow top mattress.

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You won’t stumble upon a sheet set like this everyday. These are a great purchase, especially if you are looking for a sheet set to compliment your Purple Mattress or New Purple Hybrid Mattress. They are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Below find the pricing for each size:

  • Twin/Twin XL – $89
  • Full/Full XL/Queen – $99
  • King/California King – $119
  • Split King – $119

These prices are comparable to many quality sheet sets on the market today. Purple gives you a 30 day trial period to test out your mattress. If for some reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase you can return within those 30 days following delivery, and get a full refund back. These sheets come with a 1-Year warranty, if for any reason your sheets don’t stand the test of time, they cover you for a full year of use.

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On top of everything these sheets are easy to care for as well. Purple suggests you wash on cold and hang dry when you can. If you are in a hurry you can tumble dry on low heat. Great news, the breathability and antimicrobial properties of the Bamboo Viscose mean you can likely get away with washing your sheets less often. That is a bonus for sure.


purple sheet set lifestyleThe Purple sheets are just as unique as the mattress they were created for to top. Designed for cool comfort in mind, you will be able to sleep extra snuggly with this sheet set. The price is pretty standard compared to other sheet sets on the market.

These are a great companion to the Purple Mattress, but can also be a great addition to any bed. If you have a thicker mattress be sure to measure before you order. These sheets are 16 inches deep, which will fit many sheets but might not fit if you have an extra topper or a thicker mattress. These Purple Sheets are a great option if you are looking for a way to stay cooler at night. Definitely worth a try.

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