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Accessory Review Purple SoftStretch Sheets

softstretch purple sheets review

The Purple Grid is part of what makes the Purple Mattress brand so unique. The grid helps give plenty of pressure relief and cool comfort. However, traditional stiff cotton sheets can limit these wonderful benefits of Purple mattresses. Which is why they have created the SoftStretch Purple Sheets.

In order to get the most out of a Purple mattress your sheets need to be stretchy and breathable which these sheets are both plus so much more. Keep reading to see what makes these sheets unique and the perfect pair for your mattress.

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SoftStretch Material:

soft stretch sheets by purple review When it comes to sheets, the material is obviously the most important part. The Purple SoftStretch Sheets are made to be extra soft, super stretchy, and stay cool. Which is why Purple created their SoftStretch Sheets out of a combination of 67% Rayon from Bamboo Viscose, 23% Polyester, and 10% Spandex.

The bamboo derived rayon helps keep these sheets cool and breathable. While the polyester and spandex make them soft and stretchy. Making these sheets the perfect match for the Purple mattress as well as any other mattress out there.


our review over the new purple sheets The original sheets by Purple are stretchy and breathable. However, the SoftStretch Purple Sheets are extra soft, stretchy, and sleeps cool. The Purple Mattress is made to mold to the shape of your body while keeping you cool and supported. However, without the right sheets you won’t experience these wonderful benefits of the mattress. Which is why Purple created these sheets. They stretch to allow the mattress underneath to contour to your shape. While the bamboo derived viscose keeps it breathable and soft.

These sheets work wonderfully on all mattresses. They are oh so soft and cool to sleep on which makes then comfortable on just about any mattress. You also get the added benefits of the extra stretch for a great fit on any dress whether it is thin or extra lofty.

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our sleep guide what we think og the softstretch sheets by purple These sheets come in 6 different stunning shades for you to choose from. Varying from white, light blue, light purple, and different shades of grey. There is a little something for everyone. The Purple SoftStretch Sheets come in three different sizes.

However, the five sizes work for Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, California King, and Split King. This is one of the many benefits to having sheets with lots of stretch. So you get to choose from those three sizes for your sheets.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets – Value:

stretchy extra soft sheets by purple This Purple SoftStretch sheet set is rather unique. They truly are made to maximize the comfort features of the Purple Mattress designs. Which is why they are so stretchy and cool to sleep on. For such a unique sheet set, we think these prices are rather reasonable.

A set will run you around a hundred dollars however, they are much more reasonably priced when compared to other luxury brands. They are available in three different size options that will work for 6 different mattresses sizes. Below find the pricing for each size:

Twin/Twin XL – $119
Full – $129
– $149
King/California King – $169
Split King – $169

If you are purchasing a mattress from Purple as well, keep an eye out for special deals and price reductions. Click the link below to start shopping now!

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Care Instructions:

what is the benefit of buying stretchy sheets? One of the best parts of the SoftStretch Sheets by Purple, is that they are incredibly easy to take care of. Simply wash on cold with like colors and a gentle detergent (ie. no bleach or chlorine). Then either air dry your sheets, or tumble dry on low heat setting. Be sure you do not use an iron on these sheets as it will damage them. The great news is that they do not wrinkly easily so you won’t need to worry about ironing anyway. So easy to use and take care of.

Purple SoftStretch Sheets Overview

The SoftStretch Sheets by Purple are made to enhance the comfort of your mattress. They are silky soft to the touch and make to stretch so your bed can conform to the shape of your body. Allowing you to feel more comfortable than ever if your own bed. These sheets are a perfect fit with the Purple mattress designs. Although they will also suite just about any other mattress out there.

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what we love about the purple softstretch sheets